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WWF RAW 4/22/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: San Bernadino, CA

RAW opens up with Goldust making his way down to the ring to wrestle Savio Vega for the vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Footage from last weeks show highlighting the controversy centered around Vega and Goldust.

Backstage, Savio Vega talks to the announcers but says what he had to say in Spanish.

Opening Contest: Goldust defeated Savio Vega to win the vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship: They trade punches until Vega clotheslines Goldust. Snap power slam by Vega gets him a near fall in the opening moments of the match: Vega punches Goldust and Goldust rolls to the floor and up the aisle way. Vega follows Goldust and chops Goldust a few times. Goldust uppercuts Vega back in the ring a few times to gain control of the match. Body splash in the corner by Goldust and hammers away on Vega. Vega is able to avoid a second splash in the corner but Goldust low blows Vega to keep the advantage. Goldust taunts the fans as he hammers away on Vega. Goldust grabs Vega’s foot but Vega is able to kick Goldust on the side of the head with his free leg as RAW goes to commercial. Back from commercial, Goldust has regained control of the match and is controlling Vega’s left knee with a leg lock. Goldust splashes down onto the knee to keep the advantage. Goldust yanks Vega’s knee down across the apron and has a rear chin lock on Vega back in the ring. Vega moves around until Goldust splashes down onto Vega’s back. Ultimate Warrior’s pre-recorded promo is aired. Goldust attempts a second splash but Vega gets his knees up. Vega knee gives out and Goldust leg drops Vega for a two count. Vega is able to use his legs to ram Goldust face first into the ring post as Goldust stood on the ring steps. Steve Austin and Ted DiBiase have came down to ringside. Goldust with a series of right hands in the corner. Vega clotheslines Goldust and comes off the ropes looking for a big splash but Goldust gets his knees up as RAW goes to commercial. Vega gets a near fall with a inside cradle. Goldust sends Vega chest first into the corner. Vega gets out of the Curtain Call and sidekicks Goldust for a two count. Goldust misses a splash in the corner and Vega gets a near fall with a rollup. Vega goes for a backdrop but Goldust drives Vega face first down to the mat. Goldust kicks out of a rollup and as the referee is distracted by Marlena, Steve Austin nails Vega with the Million Dollar Championship. Goldust covers and picks up the win to regain the championship.
After the match, Goldust celebrates his win with Marlena.

A video package promoting Michaels vs. Diesel on April 28th is aired.

Footage of the damage Vader has done since his debut at the Royal Rumble.

Second Contest: Vader defeated Fatu: Vader with several quick strikes to control Fatu. Fatu avoids a splash as he sunset flipped Vader. Fatu with a few clotheslines and connects with a running ace crusher. Fatu comes off the top rope with a big splash but Vader quickly gets up and clotheslines Fatu. Vader follows up with a top rope moonsault and picks up the win. *

Footage from the Germany tour is shown. Clips of Jake Roberts dropping Owen Hart with a DDT but being attacked by British Bulldog is featured. Roberts was beaten down by Bulldog until Roberts came back and was able to put his snake onto Bulldog. Vince McMahon mentioned that British Bulldog will wrestle Jake Roberts on April 28th.

Third Contest: The Godwinns defeated Tajiri/Tim Peterson: During the segment, Sunny cuts a promo saying she has a surprise for the Godwinns. Henry Godwinn pins Peterson following the Slop Drop to win the squash match. NR
After the match, the Bodydonnas attacked the Godwinns. They rub slop into Phineas’s face

Main Event: Mankind defeated Aldo Montoya: Montoya with a dropkick and a few stomps to get the upper hand. Mankind quickly comes back with a few boots and right hands in the corner. Back elbow by Mankind and delivers a running knee strike in the corner with a seated Montoya. Mankind leg drops Montoya on the apron as RAW goes to commercial. Montoya with several right hands and dropkicks Mankind in the corner. Montoya comes off the top rope but is punched in midair. Mankind sets Montoya up in a tree of woe and double axe handles Montoya. Pile driver by Mankind and he shoves his fingers down Montoya’s throat to win the match. ½*

A video package promoting Michaels vs. Diesel on April 28th is shown. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler go over the history between Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

Diesel cuts a promo from Germany to close out the show. Diesel doesn’t want the title because he had it for a year and it was the worst year of his life. Diesel says that Vince McMahon tried to turn him into something he wasn’t (a good guy). Diesel claims that he is the real leader for the New Generation and that there is only one Diesel. Diesel threatens Vince McMahon saying that McMahon better be on notice at the pay per view in six days.

End of show.

My Take: Well, I didn’t enjoy Goldust vs. Vega as much as I did the previous week. The finish didn’t make much sense to me. The whole point of the match was because Goldust cheated. Now, he didn’t exactly cheat here but Steve Austin helped him out. Why wouldn’t Vega get a fair shot but WWF officials who obviously would have seen what happened. That is why the finish last week was just stupid. It takes away the possibility of the heel cheating.

I was actually surprised that Fatu got some decent amount of offense in against Vader. Vader should have just dominated and won in under thirty seconds so he looked like the monster he is.

Why is Jake Roberts going to face British Bulldog on April 28th? The buildup had clearly been for a Ahmed Johnson vs. British Bulldog match. I must not get the booking logic in the WWF.

I should note that Tajiri in the Godwinns match is the Tajiri that would later appear in ECW and WWF in the 2000s.

My biggest gripe with this show is making the championships seem non-important and not the main reason for why people are competing. On this show alone, the Ultimate Warrior and Diesel both stated that they didn’t care about winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship or the WWF World Championship, respectively. Are you kidding me? That tells the viewer that the championships mean nothing in the company and make them look worthless. Bad job on people allowing those promos to be aired.

Also, why are we supposed to be shocked by Diesel turning on Shawn Michaels? Michaels turned on Diesel just about two years earlier. They even mentioned it, but we are supposed to be shocked by a betrayal that already happened once? I don’t get it.

Overall, I didn’t like the show. The featured match was just boring and the finish made zero sense to me. The other matches were just squashes and the show was mainly promoting the Diesel/Michaels match. Not a good lead in show for the pay per view in six days.


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