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UPDATE! Want to write for Wrestling Recaps?

UPDATED 3/2/2011:
– WCW Nitro 1/5/1998 (Luger/Savage)
– WCW Nitro 7/15/1996 (Benoit/Guerrero)
– WCW Nitro 7/22/1996 (Six Man Tag)
– WCW Nitro 7/29/1996 (Giant/Valentine)
– WCW Nitro 8/5/1996 (Nasty Boys/Sting & Luger)
– WCW Hog Wild 1996
– PWG Taste the Radness 2/22/2004 (Pearce/Kazarian)
– PWG 88 Miles Per Hour 3/7/2004 (Ten Man Tag)
– PWG Kee_ The _ee Out Of Our _ool 3/27/2004 (Dragon/Scorpio)
– PWG The Musical 4/17/2004 (Danielson/Joe)
– PWG Roctoberfest 6/19/2004 (Joe/Boy)
– WWE New Years Revolution 2006
– WWE Royal Rumble 2006
– WWE No Way Out 2006
– WWE Wrestle Mania XXII 2006
– WWE Backlash 2006
– ROH Honor Nation 2007
– ROH Undeniable 2007
– ROH Survival of the Fittest 2007

If you have reviews or recaps of any shows that are not posted and would like them to be added to the site, e-mail me at I am always looking for new writers as I try to get I’m trying to get as many shows as possible posted on here!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the reviews!

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