183 ROH Injustice 4/12/2008

ROH 183 – Injustice – 12th April 2008

I have officially fallen over two years behind with ROH reviews, which is frightening. The stack of unwatched DVD’s frankly massive now! That said, I am enjoying 2008 thus far. January was solid, the 6th Anniversary and Wrestlemania weekend shows were memorable, there have been some outstanding matches, new stars being elevated further up the card plus debuts in new markets, more ppv’s and moving into the Hammerstein Ballroom all to come in the near future. Looking at this card on paper it looks very top heavy. The bottom of the card is loaded with filler that looks set to be a skip-fest, but on top we’ve got the NRC defending the Tag Titles against the Briscoes, Nigel McGuinness defending the World Title against Kevin Steen, another Kota Ibushi outing and anyone that remembers the FIP Title Match from the 6YA show should have high hopes for Strong/Necro too. We’re in Edison, NJ

ROH VIDEO WIRE (02/04/2008) – See Bedlam In Beantown (ROH182) review for details

El Generico vs Jack Evans

Admittedly I completely overlooked this match when I said the bottom of this card looks rubbish a mere paragraph ago. Not a lot more than personal pride on the line here but it has a lot of potential to an exciting contest if both guys are on their game.

Bell rings…wrestlers Rock/Paper/Scissors to decide who goes first in a dance contest. Generico complaining to the official during Jack’s dance was probably my favourite part of the subsequent contest. Much to Dave Prazak’s surprise, both men remain very grounded in the early going and look to work the mat. Lenny Leonard chalks it up to Evans’ growing maturity as a wrestler. Prazak loosely comparing him to Jushin Liger might be a tad overblown though. Generico strikes first with a jumping heel kick then a big slam. After all the hyping of Jack’s new wrestling ability, his first major offence is a headscissors after diving from the top rope. Generico snaps him down again with a backbreaker. Jack BACKFLIPS under a Yakuza Kick then nails a handspring elbow which causes both men to fall out of the ring. PHOENIX FLYING HEADSCISSORS FROM THE RING APRON! That was awesome, and Evans comes back into the ring with a corkscrew enzi then a standing corkscrew SSP for 2. REVERSE RANA SCORES! Generico still gets a shoulder up. He rolls under another handspring elbow attempt and delivers two Yakuza kicks in the corner. BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAH! It’s over at 10:04

Rating – *** –
Really fun opening match there. It started out slow and I was a tad concerned, but once they went through the gears it got very interesting. It helped that Jack was ON tonight and was hitting all his complex high spots as clean as can be. That flipping headscissors from the ring apron was an unbelievable spot. And Generico actually did a really good job of selling Jack’s moves and making them look realistic and painful, as opposed to video game like some of his stuff can do. It also helps when you’re finishing the match with a rare sighting of Generico’s turnbuckle Brainbuster, surely one of the most feared finishing moves in independent wrestling.

Generico doesn’t get to celebrate for long before he’s interrupted by Nigel McGuinness. He locks in the London Dungeon on Generico as a ‘message’ for Steen. Mr Wrestling comes out to help his partner and says he’s going to leave as Ring Of Honor’s most unlikely champion ever. To which I say, more unlikely than Xavier?? Seriously?? Watch out for Steen leaving the ring and running into a small child on the entrance ramp. It’s comedy gold…

Time for a Briscoes promo. The usual angry, ranting, toothless, completely inaudible redneck jibberish from them. I guess the gist is that they’re winning the Tag Titles tonight.

Mitch Franklin vs Jigsaw

As with Blade/Bennett yesterday, why the hell isn’t this on the preshow? I’d much rather have seen an additional 5-10 minutes of DVD time split between the Generico/Evans match we just saw and all the main event level matches than watch this. Remember a few shows ago when Jigsaw was ALMOST relevant thanks to Eddie Kingston and BLK OUT invading?

Both guys keep it relatively crisp during the faux-lucha opening exchanges. Jigsaw gets 2 after a low dropkick to Franklin’s face. He pendulum swings Mitch into the bottom turnbuckle then hits a backbreaker as the ROH Academy graduate tries to mount a comeback. Finally Franklin avoids a Shotei and hits a tornado snap suplex. Jig with a double stomp from the second rope then Jig’n’Tonic to win it at 04:16 of wasted DVD time (probably more like 7 if you’re including ring entrances).

Rating – * –
To be fair, it was actually more entertaining than Blade/Bennett from last night. But still, who really cares about this? I admit ROH is working with a depleted roster this weekend with no Danielson, Aries, Black, Jacobs and probably more that I’m forgetting, but seriously, have some confidence in guys like Steen, Generico, Nigel, Claudio, Roderick, the Briscoes etc and let them have the additional ring time. Again, ROH live events around this time had been criticised for running way long, having too many matches and killing live crowds before the main event. This was needless…

Before our next match Sweet’n’Sour Inc. arrive in the ring to cut the obligatory promo. Except tonight seems different. Hero announces that he’s tired of being an entertainer and sick of the laughter and comic relief his group have provided. To that end he punts his scheduled partner Bobby Dempsey in the mouth. Eddie Edwards is taking his place tonight…

Chris Hero/Eddie Edwards vs Erick Stevens/Pelle Primeau

I actually like the idea of Hero and S’n’S Inc. getting serious. We’ve all been entertained by them for the past year, but behind all the silly backflips and bizarre backstage skits Chris Hero is one of the most talented independent wrestlers going. People seem to have lost sight of that in recent times, largely because he hasn’t had as many sit-up and take notice, high quality bouts as he should’ve done, as he’s been fulfilling the role of, in his own words, ‘comic relief’ for ROH. I hope this serious attitude leads to more serious, main event level bouts for him because performance-wise, on his day, he can be in the same league as an Austin Aries, a Nigel McGuinness, a Bryan Danielson etc. His wrestling skill and natural charisma give him far more of an upside than guys like Roderick Strong, Tyler Black or Erick Stevens, who have all been pushed far harder than him over the course of his tenure. I’m also interested to see how Edwards does. He’s always looked good in the random local guy filler spot. Now he’s stepped onto the main roster and has a chance to show what he can do.

Edwards tosses Pelle around then brashly demands Stevens get into the ring to face him. Erick hits him with a Samoan drop then powerbombs Primeau into a senton onto his opponent for 2. The babyface team work Hero’s arm until Chris knocks Pelle clean off his feet with a big forearm smash. Atomic drop out of the rafters before he boots Primeau in the mouth. Release vertical suplex OVER Edwards’ knees gets 2. Edwards kicks Pelle hard in the chest but, after a game of cat and mouse around the ring, Primeau hits a swinging DDT then finally gets the hot tag to Stevens. Springboard somersault INTO A HEADSCISSORS ON THE FLOOR by Pelle. Stevens hits the Choo Choo on Hero then gets 2 with the Oklahoma Stampede on Edwards. Vicious missile dropkick in response by Eddie. Hero knocks Pelle out with a Roaring Elbow and that’s enough to win at 08:53.

Rating – ** –
Completely forgettable as a match, but it was only there as a storyboard for the major headline – that being the new attitude of Chris Hero and Sweet’n’Sour Inc. I’m down with it so I can look past a slightly dull encounter.

Brent Albright vs Delirious

I was promised that the boring Hangm3n/Delirious feud was over. Not sure it’s time to be revisiting it quite yet (if ever). Hopefully this is just tying off a final loose end and having these two work one more singles match to round out an underwhelming midcard.

Albright continues to show his reluctance at being a part of S’n’S Inc. by sending Larry Sweeney to the back and coming to the ring by himself ahead of the match. Delirious works headlocks early – a slight departure from his usual manic silliness that seems to throw Brent completely off his game. Finally he goes for one headlock too many and gets thrown all the way to the floor by Albright. That puts the bigger man in the ascendancy for the next period of the contest. Albright falls on his ass but still manages to lift Delirious for a belly to belly into the turnbuckles for 2. He cuts off another Delirious comeback attempt with a snap powerslam. Panic Attack buys the lizard man some time. He kicks Albright out of the ring then climbs to the top for a SUICIDE FLIP to the floor! Back in the ring he goes for the Cobra Stretch. Brent COUNTERS to the Crowbar. 61-Knee nailed but Delirious nearly steals another victory over Albright with a small package. Albright gets 2 with an Air Raid Crash. Sunset flip powerbomb out of the corner from Delirious as the momentum flips one way then another. Shadows Over Hell COUNTERED TO THE CROWBAR AGAIN! Delirious rolls out so Albright goes to another armbar. Cobra Stretch from Delirious as the two trade submissions in a big sweaty mess on the canvas. Crowbar again…and Delirious finally taps at 11:59.

Rating – *** –
I’m going to hold my hands up and admit I had low expectations and little interest in watching these two wrestle again…but they surprised me and had one of the better Delirious/Hangm3n matches we’ve seen. Great back and forth wrestling at a decent pace from two guys who have been in dire need of a fresh direction and a few good matches. Well worth watching…

Larry Sweeney re-emerges and encourages Albright to break Delirious’ arm. Daizee Haze runs out to try to help Delirious. Larry begs Albright to beat up Daizee but he walks out…

Necro Butcher vs Roderick Strong – No DQ Match

Like I said during my intro, anybody who’s seen the Sixth Anniversary Show and watched the delightfully violent FIP Title triple threat between Strong, Necro and Erick Stevens will be looking forward to this one. Both guys hit real hard so this should be another brutal encounter.

Massive pop and lots of streamers for Necro, who’s popularity continues to snowball. He boots Strong out of the ring and slams him straight into the crowd to start the match. They trade chops whilst surrounded by fans and brawling all over the building. Roderick cracks Butcher in the head with a chair as he starts to bleed from the forehead. Necro flips out and throws chair after chair after chair from Section C down onto Roddy. He replies with a body slam into the bleachers. Back to ringside for a moment…before a SICK KICK sends Necro flying backwards into the front row again. Roderick erects a stack of chairs in the aisle and thinks about a superplex from the apron. That’s blocked…but instead Strong scores with a RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP into the pile of chairs. Butcher isn’t worn down enough to take a Gibson Driver through. He places back to back chairs in the middle of the ring…which comes back to haunt him as Strong uses them to hit a modified Death By Roderick. Necro gets 2 with a bizarre victory roll out of the corner. Tiger Driver on a chair gets Necro a 2. Roderick tosses Butcher out of the ring and delivers a half nelson backbreaker over the guardrail. He removes the mats and exposes the hard floor for a butt-ugly Gibson Driver. He sets up a table in the middle of the ring…but before he gets to use it on his opponent Erick Stevens does an impromptu run in and delivers a DOCTOR BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE! Necro covers to win at 14:37.

Rating – *** –
I can’t say I cared too much for the finish because, even in a No DQ match, a run in finish just isn’t the Ring Of Honor way. However, Strong was due some retribution for shaving Stevens’ Mohawk, and it’s always good to see Necro pick up a rare singles victory. I thought the rest of the match was well paced. They kept the amount of ‘setting stuff up for the next big spot’ to a relative minimum, and continually dialled up the violence as the match went on to keep everyone into things.

Daizee Haze ‘doesn’t care’ where Lacey is…but then still talks about her and demands they finish their thousand year long feud next time they’re in the same building. Delirious arrives and acts all stuttery and nervous trying to say thanks for helping him out.

Kota Ibushi vs Claudio Castagnoli

I believe this one was originally scheduled to be Kota taking on Austin Aries, but the former World Champion was injured in the run-up to this weekend (storyline explanation is that he and Lacey are ‘awol’ after the events of Florida) so things changed. This one should be pretty special though. Castagnoli has proved time and time again that he’s a top class worker with spotty, high-flying smaller wrestlers. Working with a spectacular performer like Ibushi should be right up his street as he looks to position himself as the next contender for the ROH World Title.

Castagnoli starts cautiously, showing respect for the dangerous kicking and explosive offence of his opponent. Kota dishes out a big kick…and is then sent flying backwards from a big European uppercut by Double C. They work the mat next, and just as it seems Claudio has come up with the advantage Ibushi nearly takes his head off with a flurry of vicious kicks. Castagnoli catches Ibushi as he goes for a leapfrog and flips him into a backbreaker for 2. He surfboards the DDT man next, then hits an uppercut to the neck. And it’s that neck that Claudio focuses on as he keeps Kota grounded and cuts off any attempts he makes to get back to his feet and quicken the pace. Out of nowhere Kota lands a handspring backflip kick and rocks Castagnoli. MASSIVE kick to the face gets him a 2. Strike flurry scores…Buzzsaw kick misses…so Ibushi floats seamlessly into a standing moonsault for 2. Gorgeous sequence right there. Match Killer from Claudio grinds his momentum to a halt though. RUNNING EUROPEAN gets 2. Ibushi blocks the Giant Swing and sends Castagnoli out of the ring for a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! More kicks outside then a SPRINGBOARD PHOENIX SPLASH OFF THE GUARDRAIL! Back inside where Ibushi again can’t connect with a Buzzsaw Kick and finally does succumb to the Giant Swing of Castagnoli. Alpamare Water Slide gets 2. Castagnoli takes it to the corner looking for an avalanche Alpamare Water Slide but it’s blocked. MISSED MOONSAULT STRAIGHT INTO THE STANDING MOONSAULT FROM KOTA! He nips up from Claudio’s Bicycle kick and hits a German suplex for 2. Castagnoli lifts Ibush out of the corner and dumps him on his neck with another bicycle kick. RICCOLA BOMB finishes it at 14:59.

Rating – **** –
Another terrific match featuring the guest from DDT. Ibushi is nowhere near the finished article yet but he has unbelievable potential. He has the power and explosiveness of KENTA combined with the incredible aerial ability of Jack Evans. He can progress and develop his ground game and flesh out his act so he’s not relying on the same high spots to get reactions from the crowd then he could go a LONG way. This one felt slightly more ‘special attraction match’ than Kota’s match with Davey Richards last night, but I liked the psychology of Claudio, the wrestler trying to completely cutting off his ability to kick and flip by keeping him stuck on the mat for minutes at a time. When the inevitable flurries of exciting offence did come from Ibushi the crowd really lapped them up as a result.

Sunny, complete with manly voice and questionable clothing choices, makes her way to the ring. She wanted to confront Aries and Lacey, but obviously they’re not here tonight. Instead Larry Sweeney and Sara Del Rey meet her in the ring. He calls her unmarketable and over the hill (he has a point), but wants him to help add ‘diva’ skills to Sara’s in ring skills. Del Rey, unsurprisingly, isn’t too thrilled. She leaves…Sweeney gives Tammy his card…and everyone leaves. Largely filler crap, only on the card to cool the crowd off before the World Title match.

Nigel McGuinness vs Kevin Steen – ROH World Title Match

At the start of 2007 nobody ever thought they’d see Kevin Steen in an ROH ring again. He’d had a shot, put in underwhelming performances, pissed off CM Punk and some of the veterans in the locker room and disappeared back to CZW, PWG and other indies without much fanfare. But after returning with El Generico and participating in 2007’s best feud with the Briscoes, being a part of arguably ROH’s match of the year (Man Up’s Tag Title Ladder War) and winning fans all over the place with his charismatic and entertaining mannerisms and promo’s…Kevin Steen has become a big star in ROH. He believes he’s a viable main event level player, and has promised to win gold by the end of 2008 or he’ll leave. To that end he triumphed in February’s Eye Of The Storm #1 Contendership Tournament and earned himself this title shot. He believes he’s representing the ROH fanbase as a fat, pimply, unlikely hero going up against the ‘jock asshole’ World Champion. This is his chance to prove he can hang with ROH’s top guys and deliver main event quality matches.

Steen snots in McGuinness’ hand rather than shake it…and just like that we’re underway. He tries to go Bret Hart with a Russian legsweep into a Sharpshooter but Nigel rolls out of the ring. Mr Wrestling casually strolls out of the way as McGuinness tries to throw his Jawbreaker Lariat. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR by the big man, and he continues to play games by swinging about in the ropes, mocking Nigel’s finisher. The champion retaliates by launching Steen shoulder-first into the guardrail. The match slows to a methodical pace as Nigel starts to home in on the arm and shoulder of his challenger. Steen still manages to counter the cobra clutch McLariat into a powerslam. He lays Nigel out with a DDT then lands his somersault leg drop for 2. Lenny Leonard points out that the last time Steen lost a singles match was against Takeshi Morishima all the way back in October. McGuinness hits the Divorce Court to go back to work on the arm. Fujiwara Armbar next…and as if he wasn’t hated enough, he starts stealing Bryan Danielson lines like ‘I have ‘til 5’ as well. Things don’t look good for Steen as we cross the 10 minute mark and he is getting battered about ringside whilst heavily favouring that left arm. But he shows some guts and mounts a fight back, connecting with a dragon screw then charging across the ring to flatten Nigel with a cannonball senton. Tower Of London blocked and he gets some real hangtime with a flying crossbody. Unfortunately McGuinness goes right back to the arm to stop the comeback and nearly locks in the London Dungeon which would’ve surely spelt game over for Steen. Nigel gets thrown off the top Ric Flair-style, then turned into the Steen Sharpshooter for the first time. The champ is a tall man though and easily finds the ropes. Steen-ton Bomb lined up but McGuinness drags him off the top with the Tower Of London for 2. Nigel snaps the middle rope into Mr Wrestling’s eyes, and uses the period whilst he’s stunned to hang him in the ropes for a TOWER OF LONDON TO THE FLOOR! He tries to round things off with a superplex, only for Steen to counter in mid-air with a crossbody. STEEN-TON BOMB GETS 2! He goes for the Package Piledriver but can’t get Nigel up. McGuinness goes for the Jawbreaker Lariat…COUNTERED TO THE SHARPSHOOTER AGAIN! Pumphandle Cradlebreaker nailed as McGuinness refuses to tap out. Nigel counters the Package Piledriver and HOLDS THE ROPES to pin Steen at 21:34.

Rating – **** –
I think some people will accuse me of REALLY overrating this one. But I honestly enjoyed it. I felt it had quite an old school vibe to it which really struck a chord with me. Positioning Steen as a man of the people was a stroke of booking genius as it gave the fans a real reason to get behind Steen and boo the sh*t out of McGuinness. And I thought that, without too many bells and whistles, or too many major high spots, and without blowing their wad first time around, thus saving plenty of room for a rematch, they had a competitive back and forth contest which really worked the heel/face dynamic well. McGuinness treated Steen like a chump, verbally abusing him constantly whilst Steen did a good job translating his heelish demeanour, attitude and tricks (the cocky one-liners, the mockery of his opponents, refusing handshakes etc) into the babyface role he’s now playing. If I was going to criticise anything I’d say it went a little long, but that was a minor complaint. It felt like a heated WWF Title match from the mid-90’s (meant in a positive way) and so different to many of Nigel’s recent terrific matches with the likes of Tyler Black and Austin Aries.

An irate El Generico runs to the ring and explains to Kevin Steen how Nigel cheated to win, causing Steen to throw chairs around and rant at owner Cary Silkin before being led away by jobbers. Claudio Castagnoli comes to the ring and challenges McGuinness to a title match in New York when ROH debut in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Nigel refuses and walks out…

Erick Stevens warns Roderick Strong that he’s coming for his FIP Title.

Davey Richards/Rocky Romero vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe – ROH Tag Title Match

The match these two teams had on the Undeniable pay-per-view (although taped at Reckless Abandon later in the year) was, in my opinion, one of the more underrated matches of that Briscoe title reign, so I’m glad we’ll get to see a rematch of it now the shoe is on the other foot and it’s the NRC that have the belts. They won them in an Ultimate Endurance match at the tail end of January. To be honest, Japanese tours have prevented Richards and Romero from building up any real steam with the belts as yet, but their defence against the Vulture Squad (taped in Florida for the Take No Prisoners ppv) was exciting. They’ll be looking to really establish themselves as champions with a victory over the gold standard for tag team wrestling in Ring Of Honor – the Briscoe brothers.

Rather ridiculously, Rocky Romero seems to have lost his title belt. That just looks amateur. He nearly drops Jay straight into a cross armbreaker from the bell. They trade headscissors takedowns before Mark is brought in for the first time. Richards kicks him between the shoulder blades…so Mark retaliates with a SAVAGE slap which drops Davey to his knees. The challengers isolate Richards in the next portion of the match. Nice sequence where both the DR Driver then the Jay Driller are blocked before Romero comes to the aid of his partner. Mark runs into a somersault dive to the floor on Richards after incapacitating Rocky with a slingshot double stomp. It breaks down as all four men trade strikes around ringside. Romero hits a tope suicida on Mark and is joined by Richards as the champions now look to establish a foothold in the contest. The NRC collide shins as Mark ducks an attempted double kick spot…but Davey distracts the official to make sure he doesn’t see or allow Mark’s tag to Jay. Amazingly Mark dives off the top rope all the way across the ring into a hot tag to his older brother. Top rope gourdbuster on Davey gets 2. Romero saves his partner from the Splash Mountain neckbreaker and Richards drops to his knees in a fantastic counter to Mark’s springboard moonsault press. Texas Cloverleaf on Mark as Rocky stops Jay with a cross armbreaker. The Briscoes aren’t ready to quit yet and get 2 on Romero with the splash mountain neckbreaker. Jay drops Romero again with a DVD but then gets driven into the turnbuckles from a cradle suplex by Richards at 15 minutes. All four men trade blows in the middle of the ring now. Richards and Mark plummet over the top ropes as Jay nearly wins it with a second DVD on Rocky. Davey grabs Mark’s leg to make sure they can’t hit the Springboard Doomsday Device. SPRINGBOARD DOOMSDAY KNEE BY THE NRC! On the outside Mark drops Davey on his head with a piledriver. In the ring it’s a JAY DRILLER on Romero. TWO COUNT ONLY! SPRINGBOARD DOOMSDAY DEVICE! New champions at 17:32.

Rating – **** –
Typical Briscoe tag match really. That this quality of tag team wrestling is considered ‘the norm’ for Jay and Mark Briscoe in a main event level tag team match really does prove why Ring Of Honor boasts one of the most prestigious Tag Team Championships in the world. That said, hotshotting the belts back to the Briscoes is a BIZARRE booking decision. Gabe invested serious time getting AOTF over as a credible force…gave them the Tag Titles then jobbed them out for a month straight, giving away their titles under the logic that their big feud with the Briscoes was so intense now that they didn’t need the belts. That was senseless in the first place. To then reinsert the belts into that feud and take them off the NRC before they’ve had ANY chance to establish their own title reign (two title defenceless over the Vulture Squad is hardly a decent run) just KILLS the NRC, damages the credibility of the titles, and if anyone is ‘so over they don’t need the belts’, it’s the f*cking Briscoe brothers. Age Of The Fall should never have lost them in the first place! Back to the match, as good as it was, in truth it was such a typical high but not MOTYC quality Briscoe tag bout that, it almost becomes less memorable because there are now so many matches in that category. Worth checking out if you’re a sucker for seeing every title change in ROH, but you’re not missing out on anything new from either team if you don’t see this one.

Jay and Mark celebrate another title win with beers and the one title belt. Their mum even gets on camera for the first time since their feud in the very early days of ROH.

Backstage a camera crew pester a disconsolate No Remorse Corps for comment on their miserable night. Roderick Strong rallies his troops and promises they’ll regroup and come back stronger than ever

Tape Rating – *** –
I’ve not heard much hype about this one at all, so I’ve got to put this one down as a really underrated DVD release. I’ll start by saying it is NOT an essential purchase. There’s nothing on this show that will blow your mind, or shock you like you’ve never seen anything like it before. But, outside of a couple of jobber matches, it’s a night packed full of solid wrestling. Evans/Generico is a fun opener, Strong/Necro was a decent brawl, Albright/Delirious shocked me by having their best match in a while…and the three main event matches are all well worth a watch. Castagnoli/Kota was exciting, McGuinness/Steen had a slightly dated charm to it that I really enjoyed, whilst the main event was another dose of Briscoe tag team goodness. So yeah, you don’t need to rush out and pick this one up…but the show is over 2 years old now. I’m sure you should be able to pick it up for $10, or even less in one of ROH’s many sales. Not a lot of money for a night of wrestling that won’t disappoint. I’d say if you can spare the change this is well worth picking up.

Top 3 Matches

3) Nigel McGuinness vs Kevin Steen (****)

2) Claudio Castagnoli vs Kota Ibushi (****)

1) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Davey Richards/Rocky Romero (****)

Top 5 Bedlam In Beantown/Injustice Weekend Matches

5) Necro Butcher vs Roderick Strong (*** – Injustice)

4) Nigel McGuinness vs Kevin Steen (**** – Injustice)

3) Claudio Castagnoli vs Kota Ibushi (**** – Injustice)

2) Davey Richards vs Kota Ibushi (**** – Bedlam In Beantown)

1) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Davey Richards/Rocky Romero (**** – Injustice)

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