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184 ROH Tag Wars 2008 4/18/2008

ROH 184 – Tag Wars 2008 – 18th April 2008

Given that we’re not that far removed from Dragon Gate Challenge 2, another show which was packed full of tag team matches, I’m not entirely sure there was a mad rush to see another such card quite so quickly. However, if you’re honest, the card tonight looks fantastic. If, like myself, you can enjoy a whole show based around tag team wrestling, then this one looks particularly juicy. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) have been borrowed from TNA for a run of shows over the spring/summer period, and if their matches are anything like as good as their MOTYC classic against the Briscoes at Good Times, Great Memories last year then we’re in for a treat. Tonight we see a renewal of an age old ROH rivalry as Alex Shelley and Jimmy Jacobs lock horns again in the main event – Machine Guns vs Age Of The Fall. New Tag Champions the Briscoes face off against DDT star Kota Ibushi and Austin Aries, and in the midcard there’s the intriguing encounter that sees Nigel McGuinness team with rival Claudio Castagnoli against El Generico and Kevin Steen, whom he cheated out of the ROH Title at the previous show. Let’s join Prazak and Leonard in Detroit, MI.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (16/04/2008) – Highlights from the recent Boston and Edison shows. The only new content shows Nigel McGuinness telling Claudio Castagnoli that if he wants to prove he’s worthy of a title shot he should team with him to face Steen and Generico in Detroit.

We open outside the building with Age Of The Fall, who with Jacobs, Black, Necro, Matthews, Gowen and Allison are almost in full force tonight. Only Lacey appears to be missing, and she hasn’t been seen since vanishing with Austin Aries in Florida. Tyler asks Jimmy where Lacey is but Jimmy doesn’t answer and talks about his history with Alex Shelley ahead of the main event tonight.

In the ring next, Shane Hagadorn interrupts Dave Prazak during his intro to the show. He lets everyone know that Adam Pearce is stuck at an airport and won’t make it tonight. People seem to cheer that news. Pelle Primeau runs him off and it’s time for our first match…

Pelle Primeau/Mitch Franklin/Ernie Osiris vs Danny Daniels/Michael Elgin/Michael Nakazawa

I’m again to lump this into the category of matches that waste DVD time, should’ve been on the pre-show and needlessly contribute to ROH live events taking 10 hours to tape. That said, at least one of the teams has some talent that we don’t see on every show. I think we’re all fairly familiar with the ROH Academy graduate team, but their opposition is quite the mash-up. Daniels is a veteran of the Midwest scene but has never really made it in ROH. His run as part of the New & Improved Carnage Crew bombed and I don’t think he’s made too many appearances since. Elgin is back for the first time since a semi-decent debut all the way back at Good Times, Great Memories last year, whilst Nakazawa is from the DDT promotion and has been accompanying Kota Ibushi during his tour of ROH.

Elgin has gained some weight and lost the hair meaning he no longer looks like Rhyno. Daniels hasn’t exactly got any thinner either. He quickly shows his experience though by suckering Pelle into a slap in the face. Elgin comes in with an impressive slingshot elbow on Osiris. Nakazawa and Franklin in next, giving us ample opportunity to see Nakazawa’s ridiculously homo ring tights. Mitch and Pelle team up on Nak, and his situation isn’t helped by Daniels inadvertently dropping a senton onto his own partner. Unfortunately Elgin comes in and squishes Primeau like a bug. Daniels hits a nice gutbuster combo to stop him making the much needed tag to his partners. Pelle finally hits a slingshot headscissors on Elgin and makes the hot tag to Franklin. He gets some momentum going before finally eating a powerbomb from Daniels. Pelle nails a springboard press on Elgin…who then accidentally GORES HIS OWN PARTNER! Pelle hits the Jimmy Rave combo on Elgin to win at 09:22.

Rating – *** –
Best student match ever?? Admittedly the fun of that match didn’t have too much to do with the graduates themselves, but still, that one was shockingly good. It was fun watching Daniels and Elgin beat the sh*t out of the smaller guys, and the exciting last minute was really good too. After questioning this one being included on the card, I have to say I’m glad it was. Really fun little match to get things started. Bring Elgin back by the way, he’s got some potential in my opinion.

Rhett Titus vs Silas Young

Giving due credit to Rhett Titus, even if he looks absolutely absurd during his ring entrance, he is one of the only ROH graduates to get himself a gimmick and run with it, rather than just looking to be a random little spot monkey at the bottom of the card. He’s also blessed by being the only real graduate (outside of Bobby Dempsey of course) with any real size. I think this is Young’s first match in ROH since he was released from his WWE developmental contract.

Young still comes out to Journey. It turns out most people HATE this gimmick. Personally I think it’s awesome entrance music. I do, however, hate the tuneless lunatics singing along on this DVD. He busts out a neat counter from a headscissors into a Texas Cloverleaf in the early going too. He dominates the early exchanges as Titus seems far more interested in working his gimmick. They try to work a spot where Rhett flips Young overhead…but it’s an UBER BOTCH as Silas gets his feet caught in the ropes and lands on his face. Titus capitalises with a pelvic gyration suplex. Silas hits a vaguely Marufuji-like blind side lariat then catches Rhett in a northern lights suplex for 2. Silas wins with a headstand into a springboard moonsault at 05:04.

Rating – * –
Ugly and mostly forgettable match but it was kept mercifully short. Even if you disregard the shambolic botched spot the rest of the match wasn’t up to much. I think Rhett’s ridiculously camp “ladies man” gimmick is slightly more marketable than Silas’ and his bouncing around to a Journey song.

Chris Hero’s warm up for tonight’s match can only be described as dry humping the floor. Larry Sweeney runs off to find Bobby Dempsey to provide him with someone to spar with.

Jigsaw vs Joey Matthews

Let me break this down for you all to save myself some time typing a long intro. Faction warfare is all but dead so the Vulture Squad vs AOTF connotations to this match are pointless. I like Joey Matthews. I’m sick to the back teeth of watching Jigsaw work the same match and get jobbed out show after show. Guess who I’m pulling for here…

The ref treats Joey like this is high school gym class and demands he remove his jewellery. Since when does that matter in wrestling? He pops Jigsaw in the mouth before the bell to ensure he starts in the ascendancy. He hurls Jigsaw HEAD FIRST through the ropes towards an ugly landing on the floor. Vertical suplex on the floor next as the surly Matthews looks to do a real number on his opponent. Even when Jigsaw manages a shock small package the referee isn’t there to count it as he’s busy handing Joey’s necklace back to the timekeeper after Matthews attempted to use it as a weapon. Next he stomps on Jigsaw’s lower stomach then slaps on abdominal stretch. Desperation offence from Jigsaw but Matthews slams the door shut on any comeback attempt by slamming him face-first to the canvas. Finally Jig manages to elevate Matthews into a back body drop all the way to the floor. A wise ass fan encourages Jigsaw to ‘get a ladder’ which makes me chuckle. Joey drops him again with a swinging neckbreaker in the ropes…but Jig surprises him with a quick crucifix pin for 3 at 08:49.

Rating – ** –
Finish was lame…but most of the match was Joey (who I like) beating the hell out of Jigsaw (who I’d like to see booked less) so that was ok. Matthews oozes star power in everything he does in the ring. But he must be an expensive booking, and I can’t help wonder if there isn’t something more valuable he could be doing than jobbing to one of the biggest losers in ROH.

Delirious with the usual shouty gibberish promo. Daizee Haze says she’ll watch his back during his match tonight, which once again leaves Delirious silenced and looking even more deranged.

Kevin Steen/El Generico vs Nigel McGuinness/Claudio Castagnoli

Lots at stake in this one. Steen will still have a massive chip on his shoulder after McGuinness cheated to defeat him and retain the ROH Title last time out at Injustice. I believe the rematch has already been signed for tomorrow night in Chicago so both men will be looking to hurt their opponent going into that one. Meanwhile Claudio has only agreed to be Nigel’s partner tonight as Nigel said he’d consider Double C for a future title shot if he impressed him whilst teaming with him tonight. And don’t forget El Generico, as ever in ROH, if he could pin the champion in this environment he’d move right up the pecking order for a shot at the World Title too. And he won’t be exactly thrilled at how Nigel attacked him after his match with Jack Evans at Injustice either.

There’s some hilarious pre-match mic work between the men before the start of this one. Am I the only one who thinks Steen and Nigel have real chemistry? The talking stops with Steen and Nigel fighting on the floor whilst Claudio and Generico battle in the ring. Unfortunately for Generico, McGuinness comes in and clubs him down from behind. Steen tags in and demands Castagnoli tag out so he can fight Nigel. The champion tries to work Steen’s arm again but Mr Wrestling knocks him about the ring with a series of right hands. Generico and Claudio in again, and they have issues of their own after the Race To The Top finals and their time limit draw at Without Remorse. He incapacitates Generico, enabling his team to cut the ring in half and isolate him from his partner. Castagnoli gets 2 after a fallaway slam as the commentary team remind me that Claudio HAS pinned Nigel clean in a non-title match (at Double Feature) and still is being refused a title shot. Nigel drops Generico again with a cobra clutch McLariat. Finally Generico hits a SPRINGBOARD FLYING HEADSCISSORS and makes the hot tag to Steen. Nigel sweeps Kevin’s legs as he hits the ropes to kill his momentum in a hurry. Steen squashes McGuinness in the corner with a cannonball senton. Yakuza Kick from Generico then the FROG SPLASH from Steen. Claudio throws Generico into his partner to break the subsequent pin. DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR BY GENERICO! The hang time he got there was insane. Steen gets 2 on Nigel again with the pumphandle cradlebreaker. Claudio and Generico in next, and it’s Double C with the Giant Swing on his masked opponent. RUNNING UPPERCUT scores and Steen has to save this time. McGuinness grabs Steen and assaults his arm using the ringpost. Castagnoli BLOCKS Generico’s traditional tornado DDT out of the corner and powers him into the POP UP UPPERCUT! RICCOLA BOMB! Claudio wins at 13:29.

Rating – **** –
For it’s spot on the card, and for the fact that this match was essentially for storyline development rather than actually delivering a good match in it’s own right, I thought this was superb. I’m LOVING the Nigel vs Steen rivalry as I think they’re natural enemies and their work both in the ring and on the mic seems to contrast well. Against that you’ve got Claudio trying to earn his own title shot, Generico looking for his own revenge, and more terrific exchanges between Double C and El Generico whom, as we already know, are fantastic opponents…everything just seemed to click. Under-rated little gem of a match here.

Nigel McGuinness slams Steen shoulder-first into the guardrail to further injure him ahead of their match tomorrow…but is then handed his championship belt by Claudio who makes a point that he wants his title match very soon as well.

Larry Sweeney has found Bobby Dempsey, who looked scared of Hero after he knocked him out in Edison last time. Somehow Hero and Sweeney convince Bobby that it was HIS fault they beat him up at Injustice. Then it’s another beating for Dempsey as Hero prepares by chopping the sh*t out of him.

Necro Butcher vs Delirious – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Over the last few shows Age Of The Fall and Delirious have crossed paths on a number of occasions. The Lizard Man and Daizee Haze seem to have struck up a friendship, which has put him on the wrong side of AOTF – particularly Lacey. Tonight Jimmy Jacobs has sent Necro in to hurt Delirious before he becomes anything more than a nuisance to the faction. Zach Gowen is at ringside with Necro.

Delirious is distracted by Gowen during his entrance allowing Necro to ambush him and immediately spill the fight into the crowd. Chair slam out there by Necro but we’re into that territory where the lighting is so bad you can barely see what’s happening and the whole match looks like scenes from a low budget college student horror movie. Back into the light with Delirious on the floor having a barrage of chairs thrown at him. Necro suplexes him through about 3 rows of seats in savage fashion. Back to ringside as we approach the 5 minute mark and Delirious hits a Panic Attack against the guardrail. Cue another period of chair swinging/throwing etc. Delirious tries to throw a clothesline and winds up clobbering the timekeeper. Necro picks up another official and THROWS HIM at Delirious. Delirious goes for a running chair shot…but Butcher shoves a THIRD member of staff into his path and he eats the chair instead. Delirious then runs after Gowen again which, just like earlier, proves to be a mistake. Necro drops him crotch-first into an open chair. CHOKESLAM INTO A CHAIR STACK! Delirious kicks out at 2. He throws a few chairs at Necro and scores with a super rana into a few more. Leg drop from the top misses though, allowing Butcher to score with the Tiger Driver for 2. Delirious swings for the fences and leaves Necro laying prone over two back to back chairs. He thinks about Shadows Over Hell but Gowen trips him in the ropes. That draws Daizee from the locker rooms to assault Zach with his own cane. But that incident distracts Delirious and Necro hits the CHAIR BACKBREAKER to win the match at 13:44.

Rating – ** –
A real match of two halves. The crowd segment was one of those ‘fun if you’re there, crap to watch at home’ sections that felt like an eternity to sit through. Things definitely picked up when they got back to the ring. I just felt the match was a tad too long and had way too many chair throwing segments. Considering all this ultimately did was further progress the Delirious/Daizee romance angle and gently nudge Delirious further into a feud with AOTF, it just felt like they could’ve achieved all the goals of the match in a shorter time frame. Good to see Necro get a win though…

INTERMISSION – Dave Prazak interviews the Motor City Machine Guns.

Chris Hero/Brent Albright vs Jack Evans/Ruckus

No major issue between these two, but since it is Tag Wars tonight, I suppose this may have some bearing on future Tag Title contention. More interesting is the direction of Sweet’n’Sour Inc of late. Hero has gone serious and vowed to ditch all the silly comedy in order to climb the ranks. Meanwhile Brent Albright joined when Adam Pearce allowed Larry Sweeney to buy out the Hangmen 3…and despite coming into ROH calling himself the Gun For Hire…Brent doesn’t seem all that happy working with Sweeney and associates.

Brent looks annoyed with his partner before the bell even rings. Maybe it’s Hero’s absolutely vile purple outfit tonight. Hero starts with Evans and dominates him when it comes to power, but struggles to cope with Jack’s speed. Evans wants a dance-off…but Hero is all business now remember, so he smacks him between the eyes. Ruckus double stomps him in the face and gets 2 with a standing corkscrew moonsault. Springboard corkscrew enzi from Evans to Albright and both S’n’S members are sent to the floor. Running moonsault out after them by Ruckus. Jack goes for a handspring somersault press, only to be CAUGHT by Albright and swung into the guardrail. That’s a turning point in the contest that leaves Evans alone in the ring and isolated from his partner. Outside the ring Hagadorn and Sweeney are beating the tar out of Bobby Dempsey to prevent him from ‘distracting’ their men in he ring. At last Jack hits a springboard backflip elbow smash only for Hero to knock Ruckus off the apron. With no partner to tag Brent drags him back with an ocean cyclone suplex. Another springboard twisting kick from Evans finally allows him to make the hot tag. Ruckus takes it to both partners…then ducks to make sure Hero accidentally boots his partner out of the ring. Jack goes for the handspring press again, and as Albright tries to catch him again he turns it into a headscissors. Meanwhile Ruckus hits a corkscrew senton to win at 11:30

Rating – ** –
Not a bad match, but nothing more than a basic par for the course. Not a lot of heat on the “heat” segment for the heels (who didn’t look particularly motivated tonight), and nothing we haven’t seen before in response from the Vulture Squad. Generally a paint by numbers, forgettable but not unpleasant 10 minutes of wrestling.

Austin Aries/Kota Ibushi vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe

Obviously the Briscoes aren’t defending their newly won ROH Tag Titles tonight. Kota got to choose his partner to face the champions tonight, and he picked Aries on the back of Austin missing their scheduled singles match in Edison last week. Hopefully you remember Austin Aries’ tag team clashes with the Briscoes before, culminating in that epic Aries/Strong vs Briscoes match over here in the UK.

Kota is still looking for his first win in ROH so is very keen to start things off for his side. Mark lands the first significant offence of the match with a springboard reverse elbow on Aries. Austin goes for the Brainbuster but it’s far too early in the match for it and he gets driven into the Briscoe corner and pummelled. He’s still wise enough to avoid the Briscoe football charge and tags in Ibushi who levels Mark with kicks and a standing moonsault for 2. Stereo kicks by Aries and Kota get another nearfall. Jesus, one of Ibushi’s kicks seriously connects across Mark’s THROAT. In the end he tags his older brother who in who takes a much more rugged offensive style which seems to work against the young man from DDT. Briscoe Biel cements the advantage for the Tag Team Champions. Kota courageously trades forearms with Jay but is quickly thrown back to the canvas with a spinebuster. Jay climbs the top rope…but Ibushi EXPLODES into a handspring moonsault kick and at last makes the hot tag to Aries. He isn’t in the ring too long before leaving to hit the Heat Seeking Missile on Mark. Impact Explosion Dropkick on Jay for 2. Kota up top…MOONSAULT MISS INTO THE STANDING MOONSAULT! That spot never gets old. Meanwhile Mark back suplexes Aries OUT OF THE RING! Very rough landing for Aries there. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT OUTSIDE BY IBUSHI! Aries is back in the ring. Jay boots him in the face as he tries to Brainbuster Mark. PSYCHOTIC KICKS BY IBUSHI! KARATE THRUST BY MARK! All four men down!!! Aries and Ibushi take a Briscoe each to the top but the champions fight free. DOOMSDAY DEVOICE ON ARIES! Mark flattens Kota with the urinage…but it’s NO SOLD! KICKS FROM IBUSHI! LARIAT FROM JAY! SPIKE JAY DRILLER! It’s over at 17:38…Ibushi’s winless streak continues

Rating – **** –
Four terrific workers in the ring together, you expected this one to be pretty good and it certainly delivered. I loved the added fire and tenacity in Ibushi’s performance tonight, really selling the mini-story they have going for him being desperate to go back to DDT with a win on American soil. To be fair, this was your standard Briscoes once again, terrific back and forth body of the match, building to an insane conclusion. I genuinely think that, as a team, they are as valuable now, and as historically significant to ROH as the likes of Danielson, Joe, Punk, Daniels, Ki, Homicide etc. Since their first really top notch match together all the way back at Honor Invades Boston in 2002 they’ve been putting on first rate matches. The body of really high quality work they’ve now amassed in Ring Of Honor is really quite extraordinary.

Dave Prazak hits the ring and tries to get an answer as to where Austin Aries and Lacey have been since Orlando. Lacey hits the ring and makes out with Aries…which I guess answers all THAT question. They leave without answering anything else though. So we don’t know if Aries is now a member of Age Of The Fall, we don’t know if Lacey and Jimmy Jacobs are still together etc etc.

Daizee Haze tries to talk about her SHIMMER match in Chicago but a stuttering and nervous Delirious interrupts her trying to say thanks for helping him earlier.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Jimmy Jacobs/Tyler Black

Terrific response for the Machine Guns, as you’d expect given that they’re the hometown team. I like that they come out to Shelley’s old ROH entrance music…although it does remind me that he’s no longer a part of the regular roster. In all seriousness, if I could have my pick of just one guy to take from TNA and sign to an ROH contract, it’d probably be Shelley. Of course I’d like to see Homicide or Joe or AJ back…but realistically, they have nothing left to do. Alex Shelley remains the outstanding talent from the original GeNext line-up (yes, I include Aries in that) and the fact that he jumped ship to TNA before getting to do more a singles wrestler in Ring Of Honor is really disappointing. Not a whole lot needs to be said about this match, as everyone should know it’s got massive potential. Do Shelley and Jacobs still have that magic in the ring together? How will one of the best teams in ROH fare against one of the best in-ring tag teams in the entire world today?

It speaks volumes for how good Shelley and Sabin are that the two guys borrowed from TNA for the night are the overwhelming crowd favourites against two of ROH’s own. Black and Sabin start, trading early b*tchslaps to the delight of the fans. The Machine Guns show their experience and control Tyler in the early going. Black hits a jawbreaker on Shelley and tags out…so for the first time it’s Jacobs and Shelley standing across the ring from each other. HUGE chops from Alex then a spinning heel kick that leaves Jacobs flat on his ass. A dejected Jacobs immediately tags out and is called a pussy by the fans. So once again Black’s inexperience is exposed by the cunning and ultra-fluid Machine Guns who are dominant at this stage. Finally Tyler hits an overhead kick and once again brings Jimmy in to face Shelley. The TNA star promptly turns Jacobs over into a Skullf*ck. Tyler manages to haul Shelley out of the ring and drag him into position for Jacobs to hit a TOPE SUICIDA THROUGH A CHAIR! He then nails a springboard moonsault from the guardrail to take Sabin out as well. But Tyler’s inexperience shows again as he goes for a shoulder tackle off the apron and ends up launching himself straight into the railings. Sabin bends Jacobs over his knees, leaving him exposed to a somersault senton from Shelley. Black returns and hits PEROXISM on Shelley for 2. We’re 15 minutes into the match and only now does it look like Age Of The Fall can maintain the advantage for more than a few seconds. They remain in firm control for the next few minutes until Alex scores with a flatliner/DDT combo and makes the vital tag to Sabin. Suplex combo from the Machine Guns to Tyler gets 2.

Black goes for a superplex on Sabin but his partner saves. They stack both AOTF members in the corner to hit a SWEET dropkick combo. Black blocks a super Rana from Shelley, but goes for an ill-advised springboard move and dives into the BORDER CITY STRETCH! Jacobs tries to break it with a senton, only for Alex to move so he nails his own parner! Contra Code…BUT SHELLEY COUNTERS WITH A FACE-FIRST POWERBOMB TO THE TURNBUCKLES! JACOBS COMES BACK AND LOCKS IN END TIME! COUNTERED TO BORDER CITY STRETCH! END TIME AGAIN! Sabin superkicks Jimmy right in the mouth to break that. SHELLSHOCK ON JACOBS! BLACK SAVES! He hoists Sabin onto his shoulders…DOOMSDAY RANA! Black comes from the top into an epic frog splash on Shelley. Tyler climbs again but MISSES the Phoenix Splash. CONTRA CODE from Jacobs to Sabin, who still has enough in the tank to stop Jacobs and Black hitting that Yakuza Kick/Burning Hammer combo. Jacobs drops Shelley with the Contra Code as well…but STILL it’s just a 2-count. Jimmy goes for another Senton Bomb, but this time Alex gets the knees up. All four men battle on one turnbuckle now. LARIAT BY SABIN! SPEAR BY JACOBS! He looks for End Time but Shelley CATCHES him! DOUBLE TEAM EMERALD FUSION GETS 2! 2K1 BOMB FROM SHELLEY – GETS 2! CRADLESHOCK FROM SABIN! He misses a pescado attempt on the floor. Shelley goes for the Air Raid Crash…COUNTERED TO END TIME! SHELLEY TAPS! IT’S OVER AT 32:43. Wow…just wow.

Rating – ****1/2 –
Unbelievably good match there. After the crazy end to Briscoes vs Aries/Kota these four could almost be forgiven for having problems getting their match over. But from the outset the crowd was red hot, and totally behind the Machine Guns. It made for a superb atmosphere which turned an already excellent match into a classic. These two teams emptied the tanks on each other for over half an hour that it was really a pleasure to watch. It wasn’t all perfect, but I had a hell of a time. The first 15 minutes with the experienced Machine Gun team working circles around inexperienced Tyler Black and the emotionally unstable Jimmy Jacobs were wonderfully paced, as was the AOTF’s stint in charge, walking a fine line between cheap heat and solid heel wrestling with consummate ease. And once they pulled the trigger on the big finale, these four were dropping bombs and crazy spots on each other like a ring full of Dragon Gate guys on speed. Well worth checking this one out – it’s a forgotten classic in my book.

The fans are so incensed by Age Of The Fall winning they start to pelt the ring with trash which, whilst not necessarily something I condone, makes a tremendous visual.

Backstage the Jimmy and Tyler are triumphant in the AOTF locker room. Joey Matthews somewhat kills the mood by telling Jimmy about Lacey and Aries. Jacobs is inconsolable and walks out…

Tape Rating – *** –
Not the easiest show to rate. Lots of skippable filler that you could comfortably skip over, but (fittingly at a show called ‘Tag Wars’) the three tag team main events are all really good. The Nigel/Claudio vs Steen/Generico is a really fun sports-entertainment style clash bringing together a number of different storylines really well. Aries/Kota vs Briscoes is predictably awesome, and the main event is an outside MOTYC. Since all these shows are 2 years old now you must be able to pick them up pretty cheap – I’d say the three main events alone are probably worth your $10. And hey, you’re still getting an enjoyable students tag match…plus if you like Delirious or Jigsaw more than me you may even enjoy their matches more than I did too. Easy recommendation if you know where the skip function is on your remote!

Top 3 Matches

3) Nigel McGuinness/Claudio Castagnoli vs Kevin Steen/El Generico (****)

2) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Austin Aries/Kota Ibushi (****)

1) Jimmy Jacobs/Tyler Black vs Motor City Machine Guns (****1/2)

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