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WWF RAW 2/19/2001

WWF Raw Is War
February 19, 2001
Live From: – St. Louis, MO
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The fans on hand in St. Louis rose to their feet as the Undertaker rolled to the ring as RAW went on the air! The Taker took on D-Von Dudley and Christian in a Triple Threat Match, in a preview of the Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match this Sunday. As per Mr. McMahon’s instructions, the men’s respective partners were barred from ringside — but Edge still accompanied his partner to ringside! Edge joined J.R. and the King on commentary for the match. The Taker soon had some words with Edge at the commentator’s table. The Taker soon hit D-Von with a monstrous chokeslam, but Christian broke up the pinfall. Moments later, the Undertaker won the match, pinning Christian after a huge Last Ride! After the match, the Taker gave Edge a chokeslam for good measure!

In a backstage parking area, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley were shown waiting for Trish Stratus. Stephanie promised that as soon as Trish arrived, she would show her who was the dominant female in the World Wrestling Federation.

Backstage, Edge & Christian were still reeling from the beating they sustained at the hands of the Undertaker. They talked about the Tag Team Championship match at No Way Out — and they said they needed to come up with a plan, and fast.

Next up, Dean Malenko took on Lita. Early on, Dean went to grab a steel chair, but Lita rolled him up for a near-fall. Dean continually prolonged the agony, mocking Lita as the match went on. The ref was soon knocked from the ring, and Malenko again went for a chair. Suddenly, Matt Hardy ran in from the crowd and knocked Dean silly with a steel chair. Three seconds later, Lita had defeated Dean Malenko!

After the match, Matt Hardy got a bit caught up in the victory celebration and kissed Lita on the lips! Lita looked a bit stunned at first, causing Matt to walk away, a bit embarrassed. Lita then took a minute to think about it — and she ran after Matt and kissed him passionately, as the 17,122 fans on hand cheered wildly!

A limousine pulled into the parking area, and Stephanie started knocking on the windows, demanding that Trish show her face! Trish stuck her head out of the sunroof — and Stephanie climbed on top of the limo, and started pounding on Trish! The Game and William Regal pulled the two women apart as an irate Stephanie continued to scream at Stratus!

In an interview taped earlier in the day, World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle talked to Kevin Kelly. Angle admitted he was jealous of The Rock, and jealous of the fact that a man who never won a gold medal could get such fan support, while he was booed. Kelly then told Angle that The Rock was the People’s Champion, and Angle asked Kelly if his kids knew what a “hermaphrodite” was, or if his wife liked when The Rock made him pick his nose last Thursday on SmackDown! Angle said that most fans believed that Rock would beat him for the title at No Way Out, and then face Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania. Angle promised that wouldn’t be the case, since his dreams have a habit of coming true.

Backstage, The Kat approached the APA and asked how she was supposed to lead the Right to Nudity if she wasn’t allowed to get naked. Bradshaw told Kat that he knew of a club in the area where she could get as naked as she wanted, and the three left to head over there!

Michael Cole interviewed Chris Jericho about being the guest referee for the X-Pac vs. Eddie Guerrero match later in the night. Y2J said that instead of wearing a traditional referee’s shirt, he would wear a “He Hate Me” jersey, since X-Pac and Jericho both “hate me!”

That match was up next, and as Jericho watched on, Guerrero and X-Pac tried to annihilate each other. Both men were a bit distracted by Jericho’s officiating. Soon Jericho and X-Pac got into it, and Justin Credible ran to the ring to assist X-Pac. Guerrero got in Credible’s face, and he and Jericho soon disposed of X-Pac and Justin, before getting into it themselves! Jericho delivered a Lionsault onto Guerrero before leaving the ring! Jericho celebrated as he walked up the ramp — only to be attacked from behind by Chris Benoit at the top of the ramp! The Wolverine gave Y2J a DDT on the steel, knocking him out!

The APA and Kat then arrived at the nudie bar in St. Louis!

In a backstage area, Edge & Christian told a guy to deliver a message to the Undertaker. After the guy left, Edge & Christian challenged the Dudleyz to meet them in the backstage area in a fight. The guy then went to Taker’s locker room, where he told the Taker that the Dudleyz had destroyed his bike. The Undertaker then went to the backstage area, where the Dudleyz were waiting for Edge & Christian. The Taker saw his bike lying on the ground in pieces, and attacked the Dudleyz! After a brutal brawl, the Dudleyz finally knocked the Undertaker down, and the two men then went to look for Edge & Christian. Kane then came to check on his brother, and Edge & Christian snuck out of the shadows and nailed Kane with a con-chair-to!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Stephanie asked Triple H if he was ready. The Game told his wife to calm down, as their match was still a ways off. Stephanie told Triple H that she was going to go for a walk to clear her head before their match against William Regal and Trish Stratus later in the night.

Stephanie couldn’t wait until the match later in the night — she headed straight to the ring! Stephanie said that her father wasn’t at the arena, which left her in control. Stephanie said she was disgusted by the footage of her father’s and Trish’s visit to the sanitarium to see Linda McMahon, which aired last Thursday on SmackDown!

Stephanie said that her father and her had worked very hard to put her mother in her place, since there was only room for one dominant female per family. In the World Wrestling Federation, Stephanie said that female was her. Stephanie said that she had taken care of her mom, but now she had another meddlesome bitch to deal with! She said that Trish should have stayed in the backseat, where she was more comfortable! Stephanie said she wasn’t afraid of anybody, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, who she had slapped last Monday on RAW!

Stephanie then said that since Triple H wasn’t ready yet, she wanted Trish in the ring one-on-one right now! Instead, out came Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Rattlesnake thanked Stephanie for reminding him what she did to him last week on RAW! Austin said that since he couldn’t touch Triple H, he had a present for Stephanie — and Stone Cold then gave Stephanie a Stone Cold Stunner! Triple H ran to the ring in a fit of rage as Austin left Stephanie and her husband in the ring!

After a commercial break, a medical technician checked on Stephanie as an irate Triple H trashed his locker room!

As Trish and William Regal watched the footage of Stephanie, Trish said that the Stunner would be nothing compared to what she would do to Stephanie at No Way Out. William suggested that they go back to their hotel, considering the kind of mood Stone Cold was in. Trish resisted, but William insisted.

Next up, the Hardy Boyz took on Haku and Rikishi! Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Rikishi and Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb. But with the ref distracted, Haku hit a headbutt on Jeff Hardy, and Rikishi pinned Jeff for the win. After the bout, the Hardyz knocked down Rikishi, but Haku assaulted both Hardyz at the same time with a terrifying nerve hold!

Back at the strip club, The Kat got on stage to dance with a stripper, when Steven Richards and Ivory jumped on stage to cover them up! As the APA went after Steven, members of the Right to Censor brutally attacked Faarooq and Bradshaw, leaving them in a bloody heap on the floor of the club! The Right to Censor then took Kat away!

Al Snow then went to the commentary table, where he gave J.R. and King assorted gifts, campaigning to become Federation commissioner!

In a match for the Hardcore Championship, Raven took on Crash Holly. The two men battled to the back — even exchanging blows in a pool of raw sewage! As the two fought, the Big Show attacked them both! Then, the mysterious female ninja nailed the Big Show in the knee with a 2×4! As Raven and the ninja tried to run away, Molly Holly attacked! Crash and Molly fought Raven and the ninja in the getaway car, before Raven tossed Crash and Molly out of the car. The Big Show then chased after the car, but Raven and the ninja sped away just in the nick of time!

In the parking area, Triple H put Stephane in a limo and told her to take it easy. Before leaving, Stephanie told her husband that No Way Out was just six days away, and she begged him not to do anything to Austin, so as to lose the next six months of his career.

Steven Richards and Ivory then walked to the ring, dragging Kat along with them. Steven verbally abused The Kat, and soon Jerry Lawler could take no more. The King got in the ring to defend Kat. Steven said that if Lawler was so supportive of Kat, he would make him a deal — if Lawler could beat a Right to Censor member of his choice at No Way Out, then Steven would allow Kat to get naked at the Pay-Per-View, but if not, then Kat would belong to them. Lawler agreed, and said he would face Steven himself at the Pay-Per-View!

Lawler then punched out Richards, much to the delight of the crowd on hand! Footage was then shown from WWF New York, as Tazz autographed copies of “WWF The Music: Volume 5” for the fans on hand!

Michael Cole then interviewed The Rock about his title match against Kurt Angle at No Way Out. The Rock said that the people made him the People’s Champion. Rock told Angle not to ask questions. Rock promised to beat Angle for his title at No Way Out, and to go on to WrestleMania.

Triple H provided color commentary for the main event on RAW, a tag team megamatch pitting Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock against Chris Benoit and World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle. The Game was still irate over Stone Cold stunning his wife earlier in the evening. On several occasions, the Game and Austin had words, but did not lay their hands on each other. Stone Cold was in trouble for much of the early going, but finally he made the tag to The Rock! The battle continued, and Stone Cold hit a Stunner on Kurt Angle. But Triple H pulled the ref out of the ring as he went to count the fall. Austin and Triple H argued as Chris Benoit snuck up behind the Rattlesnake, looking to hit him with the title belt. But Austin ducked, and Benoit nailed the Game! The Rock then hit a woozy Benoit with a Rock Bottom to score the pin!

After the match, Triple H and Stone Cold looked each other down, while The Rock held up Angle’s title and stared down the gold medalist as RAW went off the air!

Quick Match Results:

The Undertaker defeated Christian
Lita defeated Dean Malenko
Eddie Guerrero fought X-Pac to a No Contest, Y2J was special referee
Rikishi/Haku defeated Hardy Boyz
WWF Hardcore Champion Raven fought Crash Holly to a no contest
The Rock/Steve Austin defeated Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit


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