WWF House Show 6/3/1991

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

Opening Contest: Ricky Steamboat defeated Demolition Smash:
Early on, they exchange working on each other’s arm for several moments. Steamboat backdrops Smash over the top to the floor before controlling Smash with an arm drag. Steamboat counters a scoop slam with one of his own and goes back to controlling Smash’s left arm after connecting with an arm drag. Smash stops Steamboat with an atomic drop and drops Steamboat throat first across the top rope. Smash keeps control of Steamboat for a few moments after a back suplex and locks in a rear chin lock. Smash ends up tossing Steamboat to the floor and soon follows to ram Steamboat into the ring post. Smash scoop slams Steamboat on the floor! Smash slingshots Steamboat back into the ring from the apron and connects with a back breaker. Smash stops Steamboat’s comeback with a series of clotheslines and locks in a sleeper hold. Steamboat’s arm drops three times, but the referee doesn’t call for the bell. The crowd is completely dead for this. Steamboat battles back with several chops and a knee lift. Smash is sent to the floor following a dropkick. Steamboat dives off the middle rope to take Smash out with a cross body on the floor. Smash connects with a vertical suplex back in the ring form the apron but isn’t able to get the three count. Smash misses a running attack in the corner and this allows Steamboat to leap off the top to hit a cross body for the win. *

Second Contest: The Warlord defeated Koko B. Ware:
Ware is worked on for a good amount of the match before he comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick for a near fall. Seconds later, Warlord drops Ware throat first across the top rope to win the bout. This was just an extended squash match to get Warlord over, though he had been a singles wrestler for several months by this point.

Third Contest: Col. Mustafa (Iron Sheik) defeated Jim Duggan by count-out:
After quite a bit of stalling, Mustafa is able to choke Duggan over the middle rope and delivers several strikes to Duggan’s chest. Duggan counters a suplex attempt with one of his own. Duggan ducks a clothesline and scoop slams Mustafa. Duggan goes for the running clothesline but General Adnan grabs Duggan’s foot. Duggan chases Andan around the ring and to the backstage area. Duggan ends up being attacked by Sgt. Slaughter with a 2×4 backstage. This leads to Duggan being counted out. ¼*

Fourth Contest: Bret Hart defeated the Barbarian:
Barbarian uses his size to shoulder block Hart to the floor to start the match. Hart returns to the ring but is unable to knock Barbarian off his feet. Barbarian catches Hart coming off the ropes and connects with a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop. Hart gets up to deliver several right hands, causing Barbarian to roll to the floor. Hart works on Barbarian’s left shoulder with a few right hands and a knee drop. Hart comes off the ropes but runs into a big boot from Barbarian. Barbarian jumps down across Hart’s back to keep the advantage. Barbarian picks Hart up on the floor and rams him back first into the ring post a couple of times! Hart rolls back into the ring but is choked by Barbarian. Barbarian sends Hart viciously chest first into the corner. Hart avoids a few strikes as he comes off the ropes but is caught in a bear hug until he punches out of it rather quickly. Barbarian controls Hart with a bear hug, which he is able to keep on much longer than he did last time. Hart bites his way out of the hold but struggles to his feet. Barbarian recovers first and connects with a side slam. Barbarian leaps off the middle rope but Hart rolls out of the way. Hart works on Barbarian with right hands and an atomic drop followed by a clothesline for a two count. Hart delivers a back breaker before heading to the middle rope where he connects with a forearm drop but only gets a near fall. Hart continues with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count, which sees Barbarian power out sending Hart to the floor. Hart gets tripped by Fuji as he tries to run the ropes and is clotheslined from behind by Barbarian. Fuji accidentally hits Barbarian with his cane from the apron and Hart pins Barbarian! **1/4
After the match, Bobby Heenan argues with Mr. Fuji for costing his guy the match!

Do you remember the WBF? Well, some jacked up guy named Jim Quinn is shown in the audience. Oh, the WBF, no one remembers you.

Fifth Contest: Jimmy Snuka defeated Bob Bradley:
This was just an extended squash that came to an end following a top rope big splash.

Sixth Contest: Earthquake defeated Jake Roberts by disqualification:
They quickly go after each other exchanging right hands until Roberts nails Quake with a knee lift as he comes off the ropes. Roberts avoids being cornered and delivers a few right hands. Quake backs Roberts into a corner and delivers a shoulder block. Quake chokes Roberts for a few moments until Roberts drops Quake to a knee following a series of knee lifts. Roberts tries for the DDT but Quake holds on to the top rope. Roberts is kicked to the floor and Quake finds Roberts snake on the floor. Quake wants to squash the snake but Roberts runs over to knee lift Quake again. Quake attempts a splash on Roberts, but he moves and Quake hits the ring post shoulder first. Quake slides back into the ring but is met with another knee lift. Roberts drops Quake with a short arm clothesline! Roberts goes for the DDT but Quake rams him back first into the corner. Quake continues to work on Roberts in the corner with a shoulder ram and sends Roberts hard back first into the corner. Roberts rolls to the floor and Quake looks to actually go to the top rope, but Roberts crawls away. Back in the ring, Quake continues to send Roberts into the corner viciously. Roberts gets to his feet and ducks a clothesline to double axe handle Quake on the back dropping the big man! Roberts tries for the DDT but Quake hangs onto the ropes. Quake delivers an elbow drop to Robert’s left knee but both men are hurting. Roberts is struggling to put weight on his knee as Quake signals for the splash but Roberts rolls out of the ring. Quake goes back to Roberts snake and brings it into the ring. Quake runs the ropes but is tripped by Roberts! Roberts opens the bag and the snake is out! The referee calls for the bell as Quake bails to the floor. *1/2

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviews Mr. Fuji. Fuji says he is the greatest manager in the WWF and issues a challenge for Heenan to get his best two guys to wrestle his two best guys.

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviews Big Bossman. Bossman doesn’t have any respect for the Mountie and insults the people he hangs out with the Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart. Bossman says Mountie is on his wanted list! Get ready to serve hard time!

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviews Sgt. Slaughter and General Andan. Slaughter says he wanted to show Hogan what an ambush is and notes what he did to Duggan earlier. Slaughter says he will not give up to Hogan and will walk out of MSG as the WWF World Champion.

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviews WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan. Hogan cuts a promo saying that he will do whatever it takes to retain the championship. He realizes that he needs to win the war tonight although he won a battle at WrestleMania VII. The war is still on as long as Slaughter is in the WWF.

Seventh Contest: Tugboat defeated the Brooklyn Brawler:
Well, Tugboat wins the bout pretty easily following a big splash after coming off the ropes. The match didn’t last more than two minutes.

Eighth Contest: The Mountie defeated the Big Bossman:
Bossman uppercuts Mountie a few times to kick off the match and rams him head first into the top turnbuckle. Bossman jumps onto Mountie’s back as he is draped across the middle rope. Bossman connects with a running power slam but only gets a two count as it was a really cocky cover. Mountie bails to the floor but Bossman follows to knock Mountie down with a right hand. Bossman knocks Mountie out with another right hand but doesn’t follow up. Bossman instead heads to the top rope but misses a splash as Mountie was in the ropes and knocks himself down! Mountie hits Bossman in the throat and knocks Bossman to the floor following an elbow strike on the apron. Mountie connects with a leaping back elbow strike back in the ring for a two count. Bossman battles back with a big splash after a back elbow but doesn’t pin Mountie. Mountie is knocked to the floor after a few right hands. Bossman moves the referee out of the way and Mountie is able to use the cattle prod on Bossman from the floor to win the match. *
After the match, Mountie uses the prod on Bossman for several moments until referees come down to stop the attack. Mountie grabs a microphone and says he is the only law and order.

Ninth Contest: Road Warrior Animal defeated Paul Roma:
Roma attacks Animal from behind as Hercules distracted Animal in the ring. Animal catches Roma with an atomic drop and a running clothesline. Roma dumps Animal over the top to the floor, where Hercules attacks Animal. Roma keeps control with a dropkick in the ring. Roma connects with three straight back breakers. Roma leaps off the top rope to hit Animal with an axe handle. Animal battles back with a back suplex. Roma drives Animal down to the mat with a pile driver but only gets a two count. Animal gets up and is affected by any punches. Animal clotheslines Roma but ends up sending Roma into the referee before hitting a dropkick. Animal hits Roma with a leaping shoulder block but Hercules enters to elbow drop Animal. Hercules holds Animal as Roma looks for a missile dropkick but Roma ends up hitting Hercules! Animal catches Roma as he comes off the ropes and hits a power slam for the win. *

Main Event: WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Sgt. Slaughter in a Desert Storm match to retain the title:
Hogan quickly tosses powder into Slaughter’s eyes as the challenger tried to hit Hogan with the championship. Hogan nails Slaughter in the head with the championship and with his helmet. Hogan is dressed in camouflage by the way. Hogan begins to whip Slaughter several times. Slaughter is tossed over the top to the floor by the champ. Slaughter continues to be dominated as he is rammed head first into the ring steps and choked with a television cable. Back in the ring, Hogan tosses Slaughter chest first into the corner before grabbing a sign from a fan and chokes Slaughter with it! Slaughter has been busted open. Hogan rams Slaughter head first into the announcers television and whacks Slaughter with the microphone. Hogan nails Slaughter with an elbow strike as the challenger came off the ropes. Hogan pummels Slaughter with numerous right hands. Hogan slingshots Slaughter face first into the ring post! Slaughter jabs Hogan in the gut with his whip, but Hogan decides to not sell it and continues a beat down. Slaughter blocks a backdrop attempt and fights back with a few right hands. Slaughter hits Hogan with his canteen sending the champ to the floor. Slaughter rams Hogan face first into the guard railing. Slaughter is really busted open, folks. Back in the ring, Slaughter begins to whip Hogan with his belt. Hogan is choked out in the corner as Slaughter continues to use his belt. Slaughter grabs a chair but isn’t able to keep is footing and falls down because he is fatigued. Hogan grabs the chair and whacks the challenger across the back. Slaughter ducks a right hand and connects with a side Russian leg sweep. Slaughter manages to hit Hogan across the back with a chair and puts a reverse chin lock on, it’s not the camel clutch. Hogan fights out by sending Slaughter into the corner chest first. Slaughter recovers first to hit Hogan over the back a few times before heading to the top rope. Slaughter ends up losing his footing and hits the mat. Slaughter gets to his feet and tries to go to the top again. Hogan meets Slaughter and slams him off the top! Both men drop to the mat following a double clothesline. Slaughter removes his boot but turns around only to be met with a fireball from Hogan! Hogan ducks a boot shot to clothesline Slaughter. Hogan hits Slaughter with his own boot several times. Hogan puts the camel clutch on Slaughter, who doesn’t submit, but rather General Andan throws the towel in! ***
After the match, Hogan tosses Andan and Slaughter over the top to the floor before celebrating his win. A young fan also enters the ring celebrate with the champ to close out the show.

Final Thoughts:
The show started off really slow with three fairly uninteresting matches. I don’t get why Steamboat was working with Smash. There had to have been a better choice for Steamboat to work with. He was such a great worker that someone closer to his skill level would have made for a far better match.

I enjoyed the Hart/Barbarian match as I thought they kept the match going at a good rate and there was some good spots throughout.

Quake/Roberts may have gone on for a little longer than it should, because it just seemed to drag along with the same moves over and over. If they would’ve cut it by three minutes, it would’ve been a lot better.

I really enjoyed the main event. It was a very good brawl with Slaughter taking bumps left and right. Perhaps Hogan got in too much offense but that is really just nitpicking at a match that I really was entertained by. Plus, Slaughter’s character was on his last legs so he didn’t need to necessary look strong or anything.

Overall, the whole house show wasn’t all that great. If you can find Hogan/Slaughter I suggest checking it out because it’s a fun little bloodbath which is something you wouldn’t see normally in 1991. Anyway, I have to give the complete show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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