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UPDATED 6/30/2011:
WWF RAW 1/16/1995 (Jarrett/Bret)
WWF RAW 1/23/1995 (Smoking Gunns/Kid & Holly)
WWF RAW 1/30/1995 (Mable/Bundy)
WWF RAW 2/6/1995 (Six Man Tag!)
WWF RAW 2/20/1995 (Jarrett/Diesel)
WWF RAW 2/27/1995 (Tatanka/Luger)

ROH Escalation 11.21.2008
ROH Rising Above 2008 11.22.2008
ROH Wrestling At The Gateway 12.5.2008
ROH Southern Hostility 12.6.2008
ROH All Star Extravaganza 12.26.2008
ROH Final Battle 12.27.2008

2CW Adrealine 3/14/2009 (SWB/Olsen/Axe, Cage)
Also features Motor City Machine Guns, Homicide, Colt Cabana, John Walters and Colin Delaney!

Heroes Of Wrestling 10/10/1999
Brian Pillman Memorial Show 2000
MLW King Of Kings 12/20/2002 (Corino/Dusty/Funk)
WWA Retribution 2/9/2003 (Sting/Luger)
MLW Hybrid Hell 6/20/2003 (Corino/Funk, Barbed Wire)

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