NWA-TNA Impact 11/19/2004

Full TNA Impact! Results – 11/19/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show starts off with Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash backstage attacking a group of the TNA wrestlers including The Amazing Red, D-Ray 3000 and Shark Boy. An ambulance pulls away carrying 3 Live Kru.

-A video package airs recapping the events from Impact last week.

-The Impact opening video airs and we are taken inside to Stage 21 at Universal Studios with the usual pyro and laser light display.

Jeff Jarrett vs. J-Rocc

Hall and Nash accompanied Jarrett to the ring and then took over the announce both, kicking out West but keeping Tenay there. Jarrett attacks J-Rocc on the ramp. They fight on the outside for a while. Jarrett uses a chair. Back in the ring, and the bell rings. Jarrett quickly nails The Stroke to end the squash.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

-A limo is seen pulling up backstage.

–Commercial Break–

-Shane Douglas interviews Triple X backstage, with Triple X inside the 6 Sides of Steel cage set up on the ground. They cut a promo on AMW and what’s going to happen in their match coming up at Turning Point.

The NYC w/ Trinity vs. America’s Most Wanted

The Kings of Wrestling are all still out sitting at the announce booth to sit in and call this match as well. NYC double team to start the match and get the early advantage but it doesn’t last long. The action spills to the outside. Trinity gets involved and goes for a a hurricanrana on Harris from the top rope as Harris is the only one still in the ring, but Harris catches her and just throws her to the outside on top of the NYC. AMW comes over and attack Jeff Jarrett and the bell rings to end the match.
Winners: No Contest

-After the match, AMW and the Kings of Wrestling fight throughout the arena and to the back. NYC joins in on the fight. They fight into the cage which is still set up backstage on the cement. Triple X is still there and they attack AMW. A second limo is shown arriving at the arena. Douglas informs the Kings of Wrestling that a second limo has arrived, and they walk away to go find the limo.

–Commercial Break–

-Back from the commercial break and the Kings of Wrestling have no invaded the production truck. Nash says no more surprises to the production staff, and then all three wonder who is in the limo.

-Video package promoting the Williams vs. Sabin match at Turning Point airs.

Mikey Batts & Jarrelle Clark vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode) w/ Scott D’Amore

All 4 men fight to start off the match. When things settle down it’s Roode and Batts. The Kings of Wrestling are shown backstage in the truck again, apparently having taken over the truck now. Williams has been tagged in now, and he continues to work over Batts. Batts comes back. Batts hits a modifeid stone cold stunner. Clark comes in the match, and Batts is thrown to the outside by Roode. Williams is tagged in as Roode goes to continue to work over Batts on the outside. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Clark to the end the match. Chris Sabin came out to watch the finish of the match, and Williams pointed at Sabin before he executed the Canadian Destroyer.
Winners: Team Canada

-After the match, Sabin rushes the ring and he and Williams fight. Sabin counters the Canadian Destroyer again into his Cradle Shock.

-A third limo arrives backstage.

-The Kings of Wrestling leave the production truck.

–Commercial Break–

-Shane Douglas is backstage next to the limos saying he’s trying to find out who arrived. Nash and Hall look in the limos and they are empty. The Kings say that they need to make a statement, and Nash jokes “no lawsuits.”

-A video package airs highlighting DDP attacking Raven last week.

Raven vs. Johnny B. Badd

Raven comes out with some weird helmet and jacket on. Looks like a helmet from the set of “Troy.” Johnny B. Badd is looking more and more like Little Richard every week. Raven gains the early upper hand. He stomps away on Badd in the corner. Raven executes a bulldog. Badd counters a move in the corner, and he gains the advantage. Badd executes a head scissors maneuver. Badd sets up Raven on the top turnbuckle. Badd executes a hurricanrana off the top. Raven ducks a clothesline, and counters with a superkick that knocks Badd into the ref. Raven nails the evenflow, but the ref is down. DDP comes through the crowd. DDP nails Raven with the Diamond Cutter again. Badd makes the cover, and the ref comes to his senses to count the pin.
Winner: Johnny B. Badd

–Commercial Break–

-DDP is walking to his limo backstage, and Shane Douglas approaches him for an interview. DDP says he has been tormenting Raven because he’s been living in his head for the last 2 1/2 years. DDP says if you want to know what he’s talking about ask Raven.

Abyss vs. Kevin Devine

Devine tries to gain an advantage early with some punches, but to know avail. Abyss flattens Devine in the corner. Abyss executes the Black Hole Slam. The ref counts the pin, but Abyss pulls him up for some more punishment. The myster man is in the rafters. Abyss executes Monty Brown’s finisher The Pounce and then makes the cover for the win.
Winner: Abyss

-After the match, Abyss brings out a bag of thumbtacks from under the ring and spills them out all over the ring. Abyss gets Devine in position for a powerbomb, but Brown comes out and nails Abyss in the back with a chair. Brown clotheslines Abyss, and Abyss leaves the ring.

-Douglas interviews Raven backstage. Raven says Eric Watts is responsible for all of DDP’s sorrow, and DDP knows that.

–Commercial Break–

-TNA Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes is in the ring. Rhodes says he wants to see the footage, just like the fans do (The WWE commercial filming incident). Rhodes talks about Turning Point. He says the team that loses the 6 Sides of Steel match at Turning Point can never wrestle as a team in TNA again. Rhodes addresses the Kings of Wrestling. He says that the rest of the boys in the back better fight them off before they strangle TNA. Rhodes says he has somebody here tonight for the Kings of Wrestling, and he will be in the house.

-Highlights are shown from Piper’s Pit at Victory Road .

Kid Kash, Kazarian & Michael Shane w/ Traci vs. Sonjay Dutt, Sonny Siaki & Hector Garza

-Everyone makes their entrances and we are taken to a commercial break before the match starts.

–Commercial Break–

-Back from the commercial and the match has now been going for almost 2 and 1/2 minutes. During the commercial break, Kash, Kazarian, and Shane took the advantage. Kash and Siaki fight. Siaki hits a big clothesline on Kash. Shane and Kazarian come in to break up a pin and then it’s all 6 men fighting. Traci distracts the ref as Kash hits Siaki with a coconut. Kash makes the cover for the pinfall.
Winners: Kid Kash, Kazarian & Michael Shane

-After the match, Shark Boy comes out to join in on the fight. Shark Boy, Dutt, and Garza each execute a Superfly Leap on Kash, Kazarian,and Shane. The Kings of Wrestling then come out to attack them. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Garza, Hall nails the Edge on Shark Boy, and Nash executes the Jackknife on Dutt. Nash, Hall, and Jarrett all celebrate in the ring. AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy come down the ramp. They stop mid-ramp and point to the entrance as Randy Savage comes out. They all hit the ring. Nash and Hall escape, but Savage nails Jarrett with a punch. Savage challenges the Kings of Wrestling to a 6 man tag match at Turning Point to end the show.

-A video package recapping the events of Victory Road and the last couple weeks in TNA airs to end the show.

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