NWA-TNA Impact 11/26/2004

Full TNA Impact! Results – 11/26/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show starts off with highlights from the last episode of Impact.

-Backstage, a group of TNA wrestlers assemble outside the “Kings of Wrestling” locker room. D Ray 3000 knocks on the door, Scott Hall opens it, and AJ Styles gives Hall a punch of the face and then the TNA wrestlers run off.

-The Impact opening promo airs and we are taken inside Universal Studios sound stage 21 to a pyro display.

The NYC w/ Trinity vs. America’s Most Wanted

When the smoke clears at the beginning, it’s Harris and Gilberti in the ring. The NYC gets the advantage back, and do a double clothesline to Harris. Gilberti executes his signature swinging neckbreaker. Swinger comes in the match. Swinger with a choke in the corner, followed by some punches and boots to the face. Gilberti comes back in, and the NYC executes a double Russian Side Legsweep. Swinger soon comes back in and does little offense before tagging back in Gilberti. Gilberti executes an atomic drop on Harris, but then Storm throws Gilberti’s neck across the ropes. Storm gets tagged in and clears house. Storm executes a German Suplex on Gilberti, then executes a cross body block on to the outside on top of Swinger. Storm then climbs the turnbuckle and executes a cross body on Gilberti back inside the ring for a near fall. Swinger trips up Storm from the outside, but then receives a clothesline from Harris. Storm regains the advantage in the ring, and then AMW execute the Death Sentence on Gilberti for the pinfall.
Winners: America’s Most Wanted

-Shane Douglas is backstage with Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes announces AJ Styles vs. Scott Hall for tonight’s main event. He then announces Monty Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Title next week on Impact.

-A video airs telling fans to log on to tnawrestling.com and vote whether they want TNA to relinquish the footage they recorded of the WWE wrestlers filming their commercial at Universal Studios, or if they want TNA to air the footage at Turning Point. Boy, I wonder what the results of that poll will be.


Michael Shane w/ Traci vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore

Williams and Shane team up against Sabin at the start of the match. Sabin fights back. He executes a couple backbreakers on Williams, and then gives Shane a clothesline in the corner. Williams comes in to splash Sabin from behind, but Sabin moves and Williams executes a splash in the corner on Shane. Sabin and Shane fith. Shane executes a legdrop on Sabin from the top rope across the back of Sabin’s neck, whom was leaning inside the ring between the ropes from the outside. Shane continues to work over Sabin in the ring, with Williams still on the outside. Sabin executes a enziguri on Shane, but then Williams gets back in the ring and executes a Russian Side Legsweep on Sabin. Williams and Sabin fight a little before Shane gets back in the mix. Sabin gives Williams, whom was sitting on the top turnbuckle, a hurricanrana. He then follows that up with a German Suplex on Shane out of the same corner. Shane executes a backbreaker on Sabin. Williams then clotheslines Shane out of the ring. Williams sets up the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin reverses it yet again into his Cradle Shock finisher for the pinfall.
Winner: Chris Sabin

-Shane Douglas interviews Raven backstage. Raven still has that ridiculous helmet on. Raven tells Douglas that the history between he and DDP is none of Douglas’ business.


Raven vs. Vordell Walker

Just barely after the match starts, DDP’s theme song (An almost identical replica of his old WCW “Smells Like Teen Spirit” rip off song) starts up, and DDP comes through the crowd. Raven and Walker both flee the ring. DDP talks about the old days when they used to train together with both having hopes of becoming world champion someday. DDP says he tasted it then 3 times. DDP talks about pinning Flair for the title. DDP talks about how he, Raven, and Kim partied that night. DDP says he’s here because Raven ran his mouth after DDP retired. DDP says Raven stabbed him in the back. Raven says this isn’t about Kim. Raven says lets talk about Erik Watts. Raven says he should have been the World Champion, not DDP. Raven says DDP needs to be saved. 2 hooded men attack DDP in the ring. Both receive Diamond Cutters, one off the top rope.


Kid Kash vs. Hector Garza

Both men trade offensive maneuvers at the beginning of the match. Kash eventually gains an advantage. Garza comes back with a big powerslam. Kash comes back with a body slam, then goes for a moonsault off the top rope but misses. Garza executes a couple clotheslines, then comes off the top rope but misses. Garza executes another body slam on Kash. Kash whips Garza into the ropes, and Garza shoulder blocks Kazarian and Shane off the ring apron, both of whom had come out to interfere. Kash goes to executes a powerbomb, and Garza reverses it into a big botched finish for the pinfall.
Winner: Hector Garza

-After the match, Kazarian, Kash, and Shane all gang up on Garza in the ring. Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, Amazing Red, and D-Ray 3000 come out for the save.


Bobby Roode w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings

Killings takes the early advantage with a spinning head scissors. Roode comes back with a spinebuster. Roode works over Killings for a while, getting quite a bit of offensive. Roode plays to the crowd a little too much, and Killings comes off the top rope with a drop kick. Killings nails Roode with a flying forearm off the ropes. Killings executes an axe kick on Roode, but D’Amore distracts the ref so that Killings can’t get the pin. Eric Young comes out to interfere with the ref distracted. BG James comes out to help Killings, and he takes Young out of the picture. Killings gets the pinfall with his modified Pedigree.
Winner: Ron “The Truth” Killings

-BG James gets on the mic after the match. James talks about how Canada’s socialized medicine will come in handy for Team Canada after Turning Point. James says after the 3 Live Kru is done with Team Canada, they will set their sights on the Kings of Wrestling. BG James promises the 3 Life Kru will walk out of Turning Point as the NWA Tag Team Champions of the World.


Scott Hall vs. AJ Styles

Both men taunt each other at the beginning of the match, back and forth. Hall takes out the toothpick and tosses it at AJ. Hall starts off on the offensive with some forearms and some chops. AJ turns the tide and executes some chops of his own. They circle each other again staring each other down, and it’s time for a commercial break.


Back from the commercial, Styles executes 3 different rollups and tries to get a pin, but to no avail. Hall sends Styles off the ropes, and he tosses AJ in the air. As AJ comes down he looks to try to execute a move on Hall, but Hall just lets AJ drop in what looked to be a botched move. Hall executes an elbowdrop on the fallen Styles, followed by a stomp. Nash has come out to ringside. Hall sends Styles into the ropes again, and Styles goes for a crossbody but he receives the overhead release slam from Hall instead. Hall puts Styles into an abdominal stretch. Nash grabs Halls arm to help give Hall some leverage behind the ref’s back. AJ reverses the stretch into a hip toss after the ref kicks away Nash’s arm. Styles executes a enziguri to the head of Hall. Styles comes off the ropes with 2 clotheslines to Hall. Hall reverses an Irish whip and send AJ into the ropes, where Kevin Nash clotheslines him from behind. Hall then choke slams Styles and gets a near fall. Styles gets some offensive in now with some punches and kicks. Styles comes off the ropes for a spring board cross body, but Hall catches him in his arms. Hall holds Styles in this position for a while, and Jeff Hardy comes out of nowhere and drop kicks Hall sending him to the mat with Styles on top. The ref was on the outside distracted with Kevin Nash who was trying to bring a chair into the match. The ref comes back in and counts a near fall. Styles executes a spring board forearm to the back of Hall’s head. Styles puts Hall in position for the Styles Clash. Jeff Jarrett comes out of nowhere and smashes a guitar over Styles’ head. The ref was on the outside distracted again, this time I have no clue what he was doing out there. The ref comes back in the ring to count the pinfall.
Winner: Scott Hall

-After the match, Randy Savage leads the TNA troops out to the ring and the Kings of Wrestling retreat back up the other ramp. Savage cuts a short promo in the ring, saying the Kings of Wrestling are in the danger zone.

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