NWA-TNA Impact 11/5/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

We are only two days away from TNA’s first three hour pay per view event, Victory Road. To kick off the show, Johnny B. Badd squared off against Vito Thomaselli and picked up the win to kick start his TNA stint.

Jeff Jarrett cut a promo on Jeff Hardy. Jarrett stated that Hardy hadn’t shown up to Impact and strongly doubted that Hardy would even show up to Victory Road! Jarrett would introduce a video of Petey Williams attacking Jeff Hardy at his hotel room. Jarrett proceeded to declare that he needed a new opponent for Victory Road. Dusty Rhodes came out and told the champion that he would be in charge after the pay per view. Much to Jarrett’s surprise, Hardy showed up as well and attacked Jarrett until he was dumped to the floor by Jarrett, Petey and D’Amore. To end the segment, Hardy had to be helped to the backstage area.

Chris Sabin cut a promo saying that he would’ve rather have won the #1 entry instead of #20 in the X-Division Gauntlet so he could go through everyone.

After Abyss easily destroyed a jobber, Monty Brown came out to get in his face. Abyss revealed that he has been carrying thumbtacks in the little bag he has carried as of late. Raven showed up on the big screen to hype up the upcoming Monster’s Ball match at Victory Road in two days!

James Storm got the disqualification win over Christopher Daniels after Elix Skipper got involved. There was a post match beating that saw the Naturals come down to the ring to handcuff Chris Harris so that Triple X could continue to attack AMW.

Spanky won a action packed four way match against Kazarian, Red and Matt Syda after pinning Kazarian. As a result, Kazarian will be the #1 entry in the Gauntlet at Victory Road.

In the main event, AJ Styles and Ron Killings, a replacement for Jeff Hardy defeated Petey Williams and NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett. However, neither Styles nor Killings were involved in the finish. Jeff Hardy returned again for the match and pinned Jarrett following a Swanton Bomb despite not being the legal man.

End of show

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