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UPDATED 7/7/2011:

WWF RAW 3/2/1998 (Austin/Kane)
WWF RAW 3/9/1998 (Austin/DX)
WWF RAW 3/17/1998 (HHH/Owen)
WWF RAW 3/23/1998 (Rock/Austin)
WWF RAW 3/30/1998 (NAO/Jack & Funk,Cage)
WWF RAW 4/6/1998 (Owen/Rock)
WWF RAW 4/13/1998 (Austin/Vince)

NWA-TNA Impact 10/1/2004 (Naturals/Storm & Daniels)
NWA-TNA Impact 10/8/2004 (Abyss/Hardy)
NWA-TNA Impact 10/15/2004 (Brown/Hardy)
NWA-TNA Impact 10/22/2004 (Six Man Tag!)
NWA-TNA Impact 10/29/2004 (Hardy/Williams)
NWA-TNA Impact 11/5/2004 (Styles & Killings/Jarrett & Williams)
NWA-TNA Impact 11/12/2004 (Raven/Brown)
NWA-TNA Impact 11/19/2004 (Raven/Badd)
NWA-TNA Impact 11/26/2004 (Hall/Styles)

JAPW Counter-Strike 8/2/2003 (Snow/Mafia)
USA Pro Wrestling 8/29/2003 (Raven/D’Lo)
CSWF 9/13/2003 (Killings/Sinister X)
JAPW 6th Anniversary Show 11/8/2003 (Lawler/Snow)
USA Pro Wrestling 11/29/2003 (Raven/Snow)

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