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UPDATED 7/18/2011:
PWG Zombies Shouldn’t Run 8/6/2005 (Styles/Steen)
PWG Smells Like Steen Spirit 8/19/2005 (Dragon/Joe)

PWG (Please Don’t Call It) The O.C. 5/6/2006 (Steen/Danielson)
PWG From Parts Well Known 6/24/2006 (Richards/Ryan)
PWG Horror Business 10/21/2006 (Ryan/Generico)
PWG Passive Hostility 12/2/2006 (Claudio/Hero)

PWG Based on a True Story 1/13/2007 (Ryan/Tornado)
PWG Roger Dorn Night 6/10/2007 (Danielson/Generico/Steen/Richards)
PWG The High Cost of Doing Business 11/11/2007 (Danielson/Evans)

PWG Express Written Consent 2/21/2009 (Hero/Tornado/Cabana)
PWG One Hundred 4/12/2009 (Richards/Black)
PWG DDT4 5/22/2009 (Bucks/Dolphins)
PWG The Secret of Guerrilla Island 6/28/2009 (Omega/Strong)
PWG Threemendous II 7/31/2009 (Hero/Ryan)

PWG DDT4 5/9/2010 (Bucks/London & Generico)
PWG Seven 7/30/2010 (Richards/Hero)
PWG Cyanide: A Loving Tribute To Poison 12/11/2010 (London & Generico/KOW)

PWG Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning 1/29/2011 (Ki/Richards)
PWG DDT4 3/4/2011 (Bucks/Wolves)

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