NWA-TNA Impact 1/14/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 1/14/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show opens with a video package of last week’s events with the turmoil between the Kings of Wrestling.

Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore and Bobby Roode vs. James Storm w/ Chris Harris

Roode and Harris are forced to leave ringside before the match. Storm sends Young outside at the start of the match. Storm comes over the top rope onto Young. Young retaliates with an Irish Whip sending Storm into the guardrail, but Storm executes a bulldog onto Young instead. Young receives a boot to the face from Storm. Storm nails an inverted tornado DDT. D’Amore puts Young’s foot on the rope to keep him from getting pinned. Storm goes to the outside to chase D’Amore around the ring, and while this happens Young does a baseball slide into Storm sending him into the guardrail. Young with some punches on Storm, but Storm fights back and executes a back body drop followed by a clothesline. Storm sets up Young on the top turnbuckle to try for a hurricanrana, but D’Amore holds Young so Storm lands on the mat. Storm sets up Young for the 8 seconds, but D’Amore interferes again and pushes the two men into the ref and the ref goes down. D’Amore comes into the ring with a flag, but Storm superkicks him. Young got ahold of the flag and he hits Storm with it and gets the pinfall.
Winner: Eric Young

-After the match, Roode comes to the ring to celebrate.

-Footage is shown of Kid Kash having a confrontation with Dustin Rhodes. Footage is then shown of Kash attacking Rhodes after Rhodes had defeated Marty Cordova.

Chris Candido vs. Dustin Rhodes

At the begining of the match, Rhodes throws Candid down on a tie up. Candido gives Rhodes a knee, but Rhodes fights back with an uppercut. Candido goes outside the ring and Rhodes follows him. Candid pokes Rhodes in the eye, but Rhodes comes back with a back body drop on Candido sending him down to the floor. Back in the ring now, Candido irish whips Rhodes and charges at Rhodes, but Rhodes moves and Candido crotches himself on the second turnbuckle. Rhodes executes a bulldog and gets the pinfall in a short match.
Winner: Dustin Rhodes

-A video package for Titus airs.

Cassidy Reilly vs. AJ Styles

Reilly goes for some offense at the beginning of the match but Styles comes back with a heel kick and a flying clothesline in the corner. Reilly sends Styles to the mat by his hair. Styles comes back and sends Reilly to the outside. Styles goes for a springboard to the outside, but Reilly pulls him down to the floor. Styles gives Reilly some punches now on the outside. Reilly sends Styles into the guardrail for his troubles. Reilly now sends Styles into the ringpost. Reilly continues on the offensive back in the ring. Reilly puts Styles into a cradle submission move with Styles off the mat. Reilly then slams Styles down to the mat. Reilly is doing a lot of taunting, mocking AJ. Reilly executes a backbreaker and then slams Styles’ back into the turnbuckle. He’s really working over the back of Styles. Reilly irish whips Styles into the other corner and then he nails a handspring elbow. Reilly goes for a springboard moonsault, but Styles gets his knees up to block. Styles comes back with a slam and a knee drop. Reilly pokes Styles in the eyes but Styles keeps on the offensive with some forearms. Reilly goes for a belly to back suplex, but Styles flips out. Styles ducks a clothesline attempt from Reilly and executes a springboard moonsault into an inverted DDT and gets the pinfall.
Winner: AJ Styles

-Erik Watts is shown leaving the building. He turns around and Raven hits him with a trash can. Raven then leaves.

-DDP, Kevin Nash, and Monty Brown are all in the ring for the 6 Points of Impact. DDP says he came out of retirement to deal with Raven and to become NWA World Champion. Brown is asked about being called a Double A ball player by Jarrett, and Brown says he’s not a Double A Player he’s a starting NFL Linebacker. Nash says that DDP might be in TNA for tradition, but Nash says he’s there for the money. Jeff Jarrett comes out of nowhere and security breaks things up.

-Trinity and Jonny Fairplay are in the waiting room for Dusty’s office. Traci appears and gives Trinity a note. It says: Is It Fairplay who wants to stay? At Final Resolution the game begins. One will go and two will stay.

David Young vs. Elix Skipper

Young goes right after Skipper punching him. Young nails a sunset flip on Skipper. Skipper hits Young with a kick . Skipper with an arm bar and a hammer lock. Skipper sends Young into the corner and hits a mule kick. Skipper executes a snap mare on Young followed by a kick to Young’s back. Skipper with a forearm to Young. Young executes a belly to back suplex sending Skipper over the top rope to the outside where he takes out a camera man. Young nails a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Skipper comes back and executes the Play of the Day for the pinfall.
Winner: Elix Skipper

-Shane Douglas is backstage with Team Canada. They talks about being a dominant force in TNA and that AMW will not become six time tag champs. Petey Williams says he will prove he’s the best X Division Champ ever. D’Amore says in the new year there goals are to spread their dominance throughout the wrestling world, and they want to make sure American’s realize they are inferior.

Christopher Daniels. vs. Chris Sabin

The winner of this match will join AJ Styles and Petey Williams in the Ultimate X match at the PPV. Daniels starts out on the offensive first with a take down and a side head lock. Daniels puts on a front face lock, but Sabin reverses it into a hammer lock. Daniels gives Sabin an elbow and follows that up with a side head lock. Sabin then with an armbar. Sabin clotheslines Daniels over the top rope to the outside. Sabin does a summersault over the top onto Daniels on the floor. Both men lay on the ground and it’s time for a commercial break. Back from the commercials, Sabin goes for a springboard move back into the ring. When Sabin hits the apron, Daniels nails an inverted STO on him. Daniels puts Sabin into a choke in the ropes. Daniels executes a neckbreaker. Daniels with a belly to back suplex followed by a knee drop. Sabin tries to fight back, punching Daniels, but he ends up running into a boot. Sabin ducks under a clothesline from Daniels, and goes for a hurricanrana that Daniels reverses into a powerbomb. Daniels executes a Death Valley Driver. Daniels nails a suplex. Now both men exchange forearm shots. Daniels gives Sabin multiple headbutts. Sabin comes back with a spinning enziguiri. Sabin executes a sit out powerbomb. Daniels comes back with a tilt a whirl back breaker and follows that up with an STO. Sabin moves out of the way when Daniels goes for the BME. Sabin executes a springboard tornado DDT. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock. Daniels counters it but Sabin still executes a snap mare on him. Daniels fights back and goes for the Angel’s Wings, but Sabin rolls him up and gets the 3 count.
Winner: Chris Sabin

-Dusty Rhodes makes an exclusive announcement that Hector Garza will not be at the PPV. Rhodes says, though, that he found someone that dislikes Scott Hall just as much as Garza does. That man is Jeff Hardy and he will takes Garza’s place and wrestle Hall Sunday at the PPV.

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