NWA-TNA Impact 1/21/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 1/21/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-A Final Resolution package airs with still photographs of what went down at the PPV.

-The Impact opening airs and we are then taken inside to Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

-Footage is shown from earlier today of a press conference that took place. At the press conference they announce the main event for the next PPV, Against All Odds, which will be Jeff Jarrett defending his NWA World title against Kevin Nash. Jarrett talks and says every PPV that TNA has had, the bar has been raised even more, and he will do his job at Against All Odds to continue that trend. Jarrett says Nash’s focus is not on wrestling like him. Nash is more worried about outside projects like movies. Nash says the PPV is called Against All Odds because the odds are against Jarrett beating him. Talks about being bigger and stronger than Jarrett. Nash says he is in the best shape of his life, and he talks about all the belts he has had in the past. Nash says with the belt comes money and more money, and he says that is why he’s here. He’s about business. Someone claiming to be from USA Today wants a picture taken of them face to face, and they do so. Don West asks Jarrett how he will compensate for Nash’s height advantage? Jarrett says they are all the same size when they are on their back. Bill Banks asks Nash about how he says it’s all about money, but what about winning the NWA Title for the first time in his career? Nash says with that comes money. Nash says he guarantees right now Jeff is the highest paid guy, and he wants that and wants that belt. Nash then utters a line right out of In Living Color, saying, “More money, more money, more money.” DDP is in the audience in the press room and asks a question next. DDP asks since they are both supposed to be the Kings of Wrestling, and Jarrett calls himself the King of the Mountain, what’s that make Kev, his Queen? Jarrett says, if the shoe fits, wear it. Nash says maybe those two would like to stick around for an autograph. Nash says to Jarrett the only thing he has to worry about with this size 16 is maybe if he sticks it up his ass. Both men then rise to their feet. Jarrett says, “All press conferences have to end in tension, huh?” Nash pushes Jarrett and then security gets in the middle of them to break things up.

Buck Quartermain vs. Christopher Daniels

Quartermain starts off on the offense getting in a back elbow and a scoop slam. He follows that up with two elbow drops. Quartermain then with a front suplex. Quartermain then goes for a leg drop off the middle rope, but Daniels moves out of the way. Daniels follows that up with an enziguri. Daniels then with a big clothesline. Daniels then with a reverse DDT into a face buster for the win.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

-Daniels gets on the mic afterwards. He says he’s tired of the protecting and the favortism from Dusty Rhodes. He says he’s talking to the poster boy, AJ Styles. Daniels wonders why he, the most talented man in the X Division, can’t have a title shot with him? Daniels says on his best day, AJ knows he can’t beat him. Styles comes out on the ramp. Styles questions how he is protected? He says he’s a fighting champion. Styles says anytime, anyplace. Daniels says what about this time, this place. Daniels says he’s up to another match tonight, and Daniels says he wants to give Styles 10 minutes in the ring to shut his mouth. If Styles wins, Daniels says he will walk away. Daniels says if Styles can’t beat him, he wants the title shot at Against All Odds. Dusty Rhodes comes out and officially agrees to the stipulations that the two men have just set, and we have our main event for Impact.

Lex Lovett vs. Jeff Hardy
Lovett slaps Hardy at the beginning. Hardy tackles Lovett and works him over in the corner with some punches and kicks. Lovett fights back with a couple punches but it goes nowhere. Hardy ducks a clothesline and hits a reverse facebuster. Hardy with the sunset flip but Lovett fights out. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate and nails it, but it ends in more of a Stone Cold Stunner position. Hardy then goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb for the pinfall.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

-Abyss runs out after the match and attacks Hardy from behind. Abyss nails his Black Hole Slam on Hardy. Abyss then throws Lovett out of the ring. Abyss stands over the fallen Jeff Hardy. Abyss leaves the ring, but then decides to head back for the ring. Abyss sets up a table on the outside of the ring. Abyss gets back in the ring. Hardy tries to fight him off from his knees. Abyss lifts Hardy into the air in a press slam position, and he throws Hardy over the top rope to the outside through the table.

-Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas talk about some features on tnawrestling.com. They also plus some new merchandise, including the first ever TNA 3 hour PPV event, Victory Road, coming soon to DVD.

-Shane Douglas interviews the new NWA Tag Team Champions, Amercica’s Most Wanted. Harris talks about how they know how hard it is to stay on top. They are now the hunted and they welcome the hunters. Kid Kash and “Lance Hoyt” (apparently Dallas has been renamed?) interupt them. Kash talks about how they want a title shot and how they will beat them at Against All Odds. AMW accepts the challenge.

The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) vs. Michael Shane & Kazarian

Stevens and Kazarian start things off. Kazarian gets in the offense at the begining with some punches and kicks out of the corner. He then tags in Shane. They double team and whip Stevens into the corner, and both nail him with a kick to the stomach. Shane then comes off the ropes himself with another kick, and Kazarian follows that up with a neckbreaker. Shane covers for a near fall. Stevens reverses an irish whip and hits a big clothesline. Stevens tags in Douglas. They double team, and Douglas nails a facebuster on Shane into the knee of Stevens. Douglas chokes Shane across the middle rope and then rakes at his face. Douglas works over Shane in the corner. Lance and Kash come out in mid match and they attack the Naturals. They then get in the ring with Shane and Kazarian. Shane and Kazarian raise their hands to the two as though they were helping them, or so they thought. Kash and Lance then attack Shane and Kazarian. AMW then runs out and it’s a big brawl fighting everywhere. Some of the men fight up the ramp, and the others fight in the ring. Finally some security and refs come out to break up things.
Winners: No Contest

Cassidy Riley vs. Raven

Raven goes right after Riley, punching him in the corner. Raven then stomps at the fallen Riley in the corner over and over. Raven with a running knee to the face of Riley in the corner. Raven then goes up top, and he drives Riley face first to the mat with his knee. Raven with an irish whip, but Riley tries to fight back to no success. I don’t know if it was really him fighting back or a botched spot. Raven puts Riley in an ankle lock on the mat. Raven then nails the Raven Effect DDT and goes for the cover. Raven lifts up Riley at the count of 2 twice, before finally letting him get pinned on the third cover.
Winner: Raven

-After the match, Raven grabs at Riley’s fingers like he’s trying to break them. Raven then brings a chair into the ring. Raven goes to swing at Riley, but Dustin Rhodes comes out and pulls Riley out of the ring. Raven and Rhodes stare each other down.

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews 3 Live Kru. Konnan says if anyone has a problem with Jeff Hammond, they got a problem with them. BG James talks up Jeff Hammond, talking about how he wrestled steers and drove cars at 200 MPH, and wrestling Kazarian and Shane will be nothing for him.

-Jeff Hammond and Traci join the announce team for the main event. Before the match, Traci hands a note from Dusty Rhodes to Hammond. Hammond then hands the note to Tenay. Tenay then tells us what the note says. At Against All Odds it will be BG James and Jeff Hammond vs. Michael Shane and Kazarian.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

They lock up, and Daniels takes advantage with a standing headlock. He turns that into an arm bar. Styles reverses out and puts Daniels in an arm bar. Daniels trys to get out, but Styles takes him down to the mat and continues with the arm bar. Daniels manages to get Styles into a head scissors. Daniels then with another standing headlock. Styles pushes Daniels off into the ropes and nails a very high dropkick. Daniels goes to the outside. Styles goes for a clotheseline coming off the apron onto Daniels, but Daniels catches him and throws him into the guard rail. Daniels then lifts up Styles in a Rock Bottom like way, but drops Styles across his knee. We then go to a commercial break. When we come back from the commercial, Daniels has Styles in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Styles fights out. Styles comes off the ropes, only to be met with a kick to the gut from Daniels. Daniels then rams Styles into the corner. Daniels gives Styles a shoulder to the stomach in the corner. Daniels then gets on the outside of the ropes and wrenches back on Style’s neck. Daniels then slingshots over the top rope with an elbow drop on top of Styles. Daniels goes for the cover and gets a near fall. Daniels with a couple knees to the back of Styles. Daniels continues to work over Styles with a forearm and then a body slam. Daniels then hits a moonsault off the middle rope. Daniels continues to work over Styles neck, wrenching back on it from behind. Styles gets his foot on the ropes for a break. Daniels with some forearms to the back on Styles. Styles tries to fight back with some punches to the stomach. Daniels just gives Styles some forearms to the back to send him back down. Styles then ducks a clothesline, and follows that up with a snapmare followed by an enziguiri. Both men are now down. The ref starts the 10 count. Both men rise about the same time. Styles with two big clotheslines, followed by a spinning heel kick? Styles sprinboards off the top rope and hits Daniels with a big right forearm. Styles goes for the cover, and gets a near fall. Styles back flips off the middle rope, lands on his feet, and grabs Daniel’s head. Styles then with the reverse DDT. Styles with a near fall. Styles goes for a suplex, but Daniels blocks it. Daniels lifts AJ into a modified sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Daniels whips Styles into the corner, but he’s then met with a kick from Styles followed by a big clothesline from Styles. Both men are down, and the ref starts the 10 count. Styles covers Daniels for another near fall. Daniels goes for a body slam, but AJ reverses that and pushes Daniels into the ropes and hangs on for the roll up from behind for a near fall. Styles with a backslide pin attempt now at 10 seconds, trying desperately to get a pin before time runs out. Styles goes after Daniels, but Daniels keeps rolling out of the way. Finally, Daniels grabs the rope as AJ tries to go after him, and time expires.
Winner: Time Limit Draw

-Daniels gets on the mic after the match. Daniels says he wants his X Title match now at the PPV, and Styles nods to accept. Dusty Rhodes comes out and asks the crowd if they want to see the match at the PPV. The crowd cheers. Dusty officially then announces the match. Dusty says it will be a 30 minute Iron Man Match. The man with the most falls will walk out with the X Title. (As good as this 10 minute match was, the match at Against All Odds should be worth the price of the PPV alone)

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