FIP Usual Suspects 4/22/2005

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

This is the first FIP show that I’ve watched that I flat out did not enjoy. It made absolutely no sense from beginning to end. The theme of the night was that FIP would somehow crown its first Tag Team champions by the end of the show. A tournament perhaps? No sir. A round robin series? Nope. A gauntlet match? A battle royal? A drinking contest? No, no, and no! There was absolutely no structure at all; random matches with random pairs, sometimes a team would compete twice and then go backstage. Despite the fact that there was several really good tag team matches, the show (in my humble opinion) was a complete disaster. I just got burnt out on tag team wrestling very quickly and by the end I didn’t care. The end partially justified the means when my favorite FIP tag team, Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie Vegas, captured the tag team titles in a 3-WAY elimination match. FIP has some work to do to build up their tag team division after squashing them all in one night.

The wrestlers did do a great job with their matches but the booking was totally out of whack. Here’s a quick synopsis of the night giving each match a rating out of ten. The Carnage Crew vs The Heartbreak Express ( 4 / 10 ), Ring Crew Express vs The Carnage Crew ( 5 / 10 ), Roderick Strong & Jerrelle Clark vs Homicide & Vordell Walker ( 7 / 10 ), Spanky & Sal Rinauro vs James Gibson & Steve Madison ( 6.5 / 10 ), Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie vs Evan Starsmore & Aaron Epic ( 3 / 10 ), Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie vs The Ring Crew Express ( 6 / 10 ), C.M. Punk & Don Juan vs Spanky & Sal Rinauro ( 6.5 / 10 ), Antonio Banks vs Rainman vs Jared Steel ( 7 / 10 ), Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie vs Roderick Strong & Jerrelle Clark vs C.M. Punk & Don Juan ( 6 / 10 ). The non-tournament triple threat match was a breath of fresh air and surprisingly good. Three of FIP’s “big men” went at in a great contest with the better man coming out on top.

Final Thoughts:
The best part of this DVD was the hype it gave for the show planned the night after involving the showdown between FIP Champion Homicide and the man has possession of the stolen FIP belt, C.M. Punk. I’m looking forward to that one with great anticipation!

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