FIP X-Factor 10/7/2005

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

Show show started with an unadvertised appearance by Sean Waltman, who welcomed the fans and said he was there to it back and watch a good wrestling show. Dave Prazak came out and insulted Waltman basically calling him a wimp compared to Jimmy Rave and Samoa Joe. Prazak also shocked FIP by announcing that American Dragon would be joining DP Associates starting next month! Sean Waltman returned and said, like every smart wrestler, he had his gear in his car and accepted Prazak’s challenge for the main event.

Alter Boy Luke defeated some guy named Suicide in a quick opening match ( 3 / 10 ).

Rainman won the Four Way Fray match against Benny Blanco, Evan Starsmore and Jaison Moore ( 4 / 10 ). Could a match be any more predictable? Rainman stood on the apron and watched his three skinny opponents flip and flop around the ring before Rainman entered the match and defeated all three in succession. The good thing is that Rainman is lining himself up for an FIP title shot the following night against Homicide. It will be an interesting match but Rainman has no chance in hell.

One look at Azriael you wouldn’t think he was a super star wrestler. He continues to hang with the big boys, this time facing Tony Mamaluke in a very hard fought match which ended with Mamaluke getting the victory by Submission ( 7.5 / 10 ). Azriael may not win a lot of matches but most of the matches that he’s in are very good — that makes him a great worker. After the match, Jimmy Rave and Dave Prazak attacked Azriael while he was still down until Sean Waltman made the big save!

The Heartbreak Express entered the building and sexually harassed the female merchandise table attendant. So-Cal Val showed up and asked if Sean and Phil Davis wanted trash… or class? They chose ass. The Ring Crew Express came out and wanted a title shot but the HBE said Dunn and Marcos had to earn it in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match.

I find three-way Tag Team matches very illogical — four-way Tag Team matches make much better sense. I think if it’s a three-way, then you should have one member from each team in the ring at the same time and you can only tag your own partner. Anyway this match was just a cluster of non-stop action and no semblance of order. The Ring Crew Express came out on top, while their opponents, Steve Madison & Erick Stevens and Jerrelle Clark & Jay Fury ignited into an all-out brawl after the match ( 5 / 10). The Heartbreak Express decided that they didn’t want to wait to give the exhausted number one contenders their title shot so they jumped into the ring and started the match immediately. With their new leggy valet So-Cal Val cheering from the sidelines, the Heartbreak Express retained their FIP Tag Team championships in pretty good form ( 7 / 10 ).

Next up was another tag team match, this time featuring Roderick Strong and the debuting Milano Collection A.T. facing Colt Cabana and Sal Rinauro. It was a solid tag team match that got tougher every minute and the announcers made it appropriately clear that it was anybody’s ballgame. Sal Rinauro and Colt Cabana picked up the victory to earn themselves an FIP Tag Team title match the next night in Bushnell ( 7 / 10 ). After the match there was some tension between Roderick Strong and Milano Collection A.T..

The FIP Heavyweight title was on the line when Homicide defended his championship against former ROH World Champion Austin Aries. It was yet another fantastic match in a series of successful title defenses by Homicide in Full Impact Pro. Homicide can work with just about anybody and you just cannot lose when you have to professionals like ‘Cide and Aries in the squared circle. Homicide wins with his patented Lariat ( 7.5 / 10 ). When Jimmy Rave joined Austin Aries in a post-match beatdown of Homicide, that prompted Sean Waltman to jump out of his seat and make the save. Waltman then issued a challenge to Jimmy Rave, and despite the claims from Dave Prazak that Waltman doesn’t work for FIP, the match was immediately set up.

Sean Waltman went backstage and changed into his wrestling gear and came out with an extended entrance which included the famous DX theme music. It really came off as a special moment as the fans sort of had this starstruck look in their eyes looking at a guy they had seen on Monday night television many times in the past. Waltman, to his credit, looked to be in phenomenal shape and circled the ring slapping hands with everyone who reached out to him. One fan stepped up and yelled “that ain’t Chyna you’re wrestling in there”, which caused Waltman to crack up laughing. I cracked up laughing, too. Say what you want about Sean Waltman’s personal life but you can’t deny that he is one of the best performers when it comes to what goes on between the ropes. There was about 10-minutes of stalling by Jimmy Rave at the beginning of the match. When the action picked up it was a great match that was marred by constant interference from manager Dave Prazak. Sean Waltman beat the odds and won after a spectacular X-Factor off the top rope on Jimmy Rave ( 8.5 / 10 ). Waltman showed how much of a nice guy he is by signing some autographs and handing out hugs to some of the kids (big and small) after the match.

Final Thoughts: The famous FIP girl was in the front row again, acting as crazy as ever, especially during the Mamaluka/Azriael match. She looks like a total mark, believing every punch, kick and eye gouge. It’s classic. I was very curious about who the heck this girl was so I asked someone from FIP and discovered that she is actually Tony Mamaluke’s wife. No wonder she marks out for Tony’s matches! Anyway, mystery solved. Mrs. Mamaluke gets my vote for “fan of the year!” —- On the wrestling side of things, the addition of Sean Waltman to the FIP roster is a total plus. His years of experience will come in handy when he faces some of FIP’s top guys, many of which are also top guys in the entire country.

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