NWA-TNA Impact 4/1/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 4/1/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show starts off recapping the feud between DDP, Nash & Sean Waltman vs. Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett, and the Outlaw.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken to Universal Studios, Florida for another edition of TNA Impact.

-Tenay and West hype up the X Division Shootout match today. They announce AJ Styles vs. Abyss in the other 6-Sides of Steel Match at Lockdown. The winner will get a NWA World Title shot.

-AJ Styles comes out and joins Tenay and West at the announce booth.

Abyss vs. Cassidy Riley

Riley ducks a couple lockup attempts, and goes for the go behind. Abyss turns and counters with a headbutt. Abyss with a few right hands. Abyss with the irish whip, Riley ducks a clotheselines and comes back with right hands. Riley with a flying forearm off the ropes but it doesn’t drop Abyss. He comes with another one, and Abyss clotheslines him. Abyss charges Riley in the corner with a big clothesline. Abyss picks him up in the Torture Rack position, and drops down (The Shock Treatment). Abyss then nails the blackhole slam and gets the pinfall in 1:28. The match did what it was supposed to do, a squash match victory for Abyss. Match Rating: *
Winner: Abyss

-After the match, Abyss stares down AJ at the announce position. Abyss looks under the ring, and brings out a black bag. Abyss gets in the ring about to open the bag, but Jeff Hardy runs out and attacks Abyss. Hardy gives him the twist of fate. Raven then runs out and attacks Hardy and they double team Hardy. Styles gets in the ring to even the odds. Hardy and Styles clear the ring.

-Tenay and West talk, hyping up the 4 man X Division Shootout match some more.

-A very well done video package airs recapping the history between Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels. Well, it was well done until it gave away the finish of the main event. The video package announced Elix Skipper vs. Christopher Daniels at Lockdown for the X Title. That’d be good, except for the fact that the X Division Shootout Match coming up later in the show is supposed to determine Daniels’ opponent. Ooops, no clue how that one got through video production on a taped show.

-A sit down interview with Mike Tenay interviewing Monty Brown airs. Brown basically says he and Jarrett have mutual respect for each other. He says he’s going to do what he wants to because he can, and Brown says he’s going to do big things. He says all of his opponents at Lockdown will feel a lot of pain, and the pain DDP felt with the Pounce at Destination X will be nothing compared to Lockdown. Brown finishes saying his team at Lockdown will “be like Pee-Wee Herman at a movie theater. We will hold our own.” I gotta admit, that was funny.

-Tenay and West now hype up the six-man 6-Sides of Steel match at Lockdown. A video package airs recapping the feud.

X-Division Shootout Match for X Title shot at Lockdown
Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane vs. Elix Skipper vs. Petey Williams w/ Team Canada

Christopher Daniels is at ringside for guest commentary. Skipper and Sabin start off in the ring. Skipper with an armb bar to start things off. Sabin reverses into a standing headlock. SKipper fights out. Sabin with an armg drag. Sabin goes for a backdrop on Skipper, but he flips out. Skipper with an armdrag. Skipper with a pinfall attempt. Sabin with a rollup. Williams and Shane are tagged in. They lock up, Shane with a standing headlock. Williams counters with an armbar. Shane counters with another headlock. WIlliams fights off and pushes him into the ropes, and nails an armdrag. They exchange chops. Shane gets the upperhand. Shane with a punch and chop. Williams counters and Irish whip attempt with a couple kicks and a clothesline. Shane with a chop, and a snap mare followed by a stompt to the neck. Shane goes up top, but Williams metts him with some punches and hangs Shane up in the corner upside down. Shane falls out of the corner as Skipper is tagged in by Williams. Skipper clotheselines Shane over the top to the outside. They both fall to the outside. Williams jumps over the top rope, and lands on Skipper’s shoulders to execute a hurricanrana. All three men fight, and Sabin comes off the middle rope with a moonsault onto all three men on the outside. Commercial break. Back from the break, it’s Sabin and Williams. Sabin ducks a clotheseline and gets some punches, but Williams counters with a back elbow to Sabin as he comes off the ropes. Williams with a big punch to Sabin. Williams sets up the Canadian Destroyer, but Shane comes in and superkicks Williams. Sabin covers Williams and gets the pinfall. Petey Williams has been eliminated. Now it’s Shane and Sabin in the ring. Shane works over Sabin. Shane with some punches, but Sabin counters with some punches of his own. Sabin crotches Shane on the top rope, and Skipper makes the blind tag slapping Sabin on the back. Skipper nails his walking the top rope hurricanrana on Shane. Shane landed kinda funny. Near fall. Skipper with a hard kick to the back. Another near fall. Skipper gets distracted yelling at Daniels, and Shane attacks him from behind sending him to the outside. They fight on the outside. Shane irish whips Skipper into the steel guardrail. Back in the ring now. Skipper fights back with some punches. Skipper comes off the ropes, and Shane nails an overhead release belly to belly suplex. Near fall. Shane with some axe handle blows. Shane chokes Skipper across the middle rope. Shane chokes Skipper with a boot to the neck. Skipper fights back with some big right hands. Shane gets in a knee to the gut. Shane with a front suplex. Shane comes off the middle rope with an elbow. Near fall. Shane with a headlock. Skipper trys fights out with some elbows. Skipper pushes Shane off into the ropes, and he grabs Shane for a sleeper hold. I think something went wrong there. Shane pushes Skipper off into the ropes, and both men go for cross bodys and collide in mid air and fall to the mat. Both men fight to be the one to tag in Sabin. Skipper looks to go for the P.O.D. on Shane, Shane counters into powerbomb position. Skipper lifts Shane up so that Shane is upside down across his back, and Skipper drops down to the mat, Sudden Death. Skipper makes the cover on Shane and gets the pinfall. Sabin springboards off the top rope for a dropkick to Skipper. Commercial break. Sabin whips Skipper into the corner and then nails a running forearm. Sabin with a front suplex. Near fall. Sabin with a scissor hold around the head of Skipper. Skipper rolls out and puts a headlock on Sabin. Sabin with an atomic drop on Skipper. Near fall. Skipper fights back with some punches, but Sabin gets in a big punch sending Skipper back down. Sabin with a punch in the corner. Sabin with the irish whip and a big powerslam. Sabin then comes off the ropes and flips onto the fallen Skipper. Near fall. Sabin with a snap mare into a headlock. Skipper gets in a huge spin kick out of nowhere to Sabin after the hold was broken, sending him down. Sabin with a reversal of an irish whip and a big clothesline. Sabin with the near fall. Sabin with a snap mare into a headlock again. Skipper fights out with some elbows to the gut. Skipper with a punch and an irish whip sending Sabin to the opposite turnbuckle. Skipper comes running in, but Sabin hits him with a back elbow. Sabin sits up top, and goes for a tornado DDT but Skipper throws him off. Sabin with a kick to the gut, and then grabs Skipper by the head and jumps off the turnbuckle to nail a tornado DDT. Near fall. Sabin grabs Skipper, but Skipper counters with a sidewalk slam. Skipper with a near fall. Skipper with some forearms. They exchange counters before Sabin nails an enziguiri. Sabin with a running sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Sabin sets up Skipper on the top rope. They exchange punches. Sabin with a big uppercut. Sabin goes for a superplex, but Skipper blocks and throws Sabin off to the mat. Skipper comes off the top rope with a spin kick. Both men are down. Skipper gets an arm across the chest for a near fall. Skipper with some kicks to Sabin in the corner. Sabin with an irish whip into the corner. Skipper rises out of the turnbuckle, and Sabin catches him across his shoulder. Sabin looks to go for the Cradle Shock, but Skipper flips out with a roll up attempt that Sabin rolls out of. Sabin runs in and looks to go for a hurricanrana, but Skipper spins him around and positions him on his back and nails the Sudden Death again. Skipper goes for the cover and gets the pinfall in 21:21. Great match, with lots of action and great spots. Only a couple botched moves early, and a few too many rest holds late for my tase kept it from reaching the 4 star range in my opinion. I’m sure others would call it 4 star. Either way, great match that all 4 men did outstanding in. The last minute of the match was tremendous, and the crowd was really into it. Match Rating: ***3/4*
Winner: Elix Skipper

-After the match, Skipper and Daniels stare down and yell at each other.

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