NWA-TNA Impact 4/15/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 4/15/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show starts off with highlights of Jeff Jarrett’s interview last week hyping up the big six man match at Lockdown.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

Michael Shane, Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt vs. Chris Sabin, Apolo & Sonny Siaki

Shane and Sabin start things off. Shane avoids Sabin’s grapple attempts at the beginning. Shane ducks a grapple attempt and slaps Sabin. He then runs from Sabin and tags in Kash. Shane goes down to the arena floor, and Hoyt confronts him about running out of the ring. Sabin executes a drop toe hold, Kash reverses a headlock into one of his own. Sabin pushes Kash off into the ropes, Kash comes off the ropes and nails a shoulder block. Sabin nails a big drop kick on Kash, followed by a arm bar and then he tags in Siaki. Double irish whip, followed by a double arm drag on Kash and then Michael Shane whom ran in. Siaki with an arm bar on Kash. Kash pokes Siaki in the eye and then tags in Shane. Shane receives a drop kick from Siaki. Siaki with a big right and follows that up with an irish whip, Siaki goes for an atomic drop but Shane kicks him in the chest. Shane comes off the ropes, and Siaki catches him and throws him up into the air, then catches him on his shoulder, and executes a powerslam in an awesome move. Near fall. Siaki with a right hand. Siaki goes to bounce off the ropes, but Kash knees him in the back from the outside. Siaki turns around and gets a cheap shot from Hoyt. Shane tags in Hoyt. Hoyt pounds on Siaki on the mat. Hoyt with the irish whip into a big side slam and a near fall. Commercial break. Back from the commercial, Hoyt is going up top. Siaki is on the mat. Hoyt goes for a moonsault, but Siaki moves and Hoyt lands flat on his face. Both men down. Hoyt tags in Kash, Siaki tags in Apolo. Apolo cleans house on the other team. Sabin takes Shane out to the outside. Apolo goes for a cover on Kash, but Hoyt breaks it up. Apolo punches Hoyt, Apolo crotches Kash on the top rope and goes to executes a super plex, but Hoyt comes in and powerbombs him off the top. Kash then leaps off the top rope to nail his frog splash. Kash makes the cover and gets the pinfall in 8:29. Pretty solid opening match, could have been better if it was longer (but then again that’s the general theme on Impact). Match Rating: **1/2
Winners: Michael Shane, Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt

-Tenay and West recap the fact that Dusty Rhodes announced last week that every match at Lockdown will be contest in the cage. Jeff Jarrett’s Lawyer interupts them. He’s there with Chris Candido, whom is in a wheel chair with a neckbrace and bandage over his left eye on. The lawyer talks about how Candido was attacked by Kevin Nash last week, and now Candido can’t do anything. THe lawyer says if Nash is seen anywhere in the Impact zone tonight, security will see that Nash will be removed from the arena and arrested.

-Backstage, Michael Shane is with Trinity. She asks Shane about Daniels being X-Division Champion, and the fact that he’s beat him numerous times. She thinks Shane should be X Champ, saying it would look much better around his waist. Traci interupts them, and says she is supposed to be handing out Dusty Rhodes book that comes out today. Shane tells them not to argue. Shane says what she said make sense to him, and he’s going to go ponder it and get back to her.

Petey Williams & Al “A1” Ralphz w/ Scott D’Amore vs. 3 Live Kru (Ron Killings & BG James)
Team Canada attack them from behind while James did his normal prematch routine. They go to whip the Kru into each other, but Killings reverses Williams and he runs into a forearm from James. Killings springboards off James’ back to nail a dropkick to A1. James and Killings then double punch Williams. They follow that up with stomps to Williams. Killings and Williams are now legal when the smoke clears. Williams quickly tags in A1. Killings with a drop toe hold followed by some punches. Killings with a tilt a whirl head scissors to A1. Killings mounts A1 in the corner and he punches away, before Williams comes in to drop Killings across the top rope. A1 with a clothesline. A1 tags in Williams. Williams punches on Killings. Williams with a snap mare followed by a dropkick to Killings in the seated position. Williams with a near fall. A1 is tagged back in. He nails a kick to Killings’ stomach and then works over Killings with some forearms. A1 chokes Killings across the middle rope. D’Amore then punches Killings while the ref is distracted. Killings fights back. He comes off the ropes, but A1 drops him with a spinebuster. Near fall. A1 sets Killings upside down in the corner. Williams then comes in to be the legal man while the ref is distracted. He just mounts the ropes on top of Killings and does nothing. He then gets down and Killings eventually stumbles off the ropes to his feet. Killings walks into Williams who looks to set up the Canadian Destroyer, but Killings lifts his head to send Williams over the top of him. Killings with some punches. Williams reverses the irish whip from Killings, they both collide in mid air going for crossbodies. Both men make the tags. James clears house on both members of Team Canada. James with his trademark punches to Williams. Williams rolls to the outside. James lifts up A1, and Killings nails a heel kick on A1. James makes the cover and gets the pinfall in 4:48. Not as good as the first match, pretty average match. Nothing too exciting. Match Rating: *3/4
Winners: 3 Live Kru

-Elix Skipper, whom will challenge Christopher Daniels for the X Title at Lockdown, has joined Tenay and West for guest commentary. I’m a big fan of Skipper’s ring work, but he’s not the best on the mic…

Mikey Batts vs. Christopher Daniels

They lock up, Batts with an arm bar. Daniles reveres out and nails a snap mare to Batts. Daniels trip Batts, Daniels with a hip toss. Batts figths back with some right hands. Batts with a hip toss followed by a spin kick. Batts runs at Daniels who tosses him over the top rope. Batts lands on the outside apron. Batts gives Daniels a shoulder block through the ropes. He goes for the sunset flip possibly, but Daniels just swats him away. Daniels stomps on Batts. Daniels with the irish whip, and he then nails a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Batts. Daniels wrenches Batt’s neck in a submission. Batts fights out, but not for long as Daniels trips him and sends him back down to the mat. Daniels with some stomps. Daniels puts Batts into the pumphandle position, and then gives him some knees to the stomach. Daniels then just throws him into the turnbuckle. Batts tries to fight back again with some punches. He nails a clothesline after pushing Daniels into the ropes. Batts with a flying forearm, followed by a modified victory roll after jumping onto Daniels’ back from behind for a near fall. Daniels reverses an irish whip, and he drops down to deliver a back body drop, but Batts nails a kick to the chest of Daniels. Daniels flys back from the kick into the ref, who goes down. Batts runs at Daniels, who catches him, and after some lifting up and down, Batts nails a Stunner (the “Batts Beater”). Batts makes the cover, but there is no ref so Skipper runs in the ring and counts a 3 count. Batts is shocked. Daniels then runs in and nails a heel kick to Skipper from behind. Daniels then nails a kick to the stomach of Batts and then executes his “Angel’s Wings” finisher and gets the pinfall in 3:47. At times some really good action for a really short match. Match Rating: *3/4
Winner: Christopher Daniels

-Backstage, the 3 Live Kru are talking. Konnan confronts James about the Outlaw again. James says Outlaw is nothing to him, and says he’s right that Outlaw is up to no good. James says that the Kru is his family.

Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Konnan

Konnan with some punches, followed by a big clothesline in the corner. Konnan then whips Young into the opposite turnbuckle, and Young flies over the top rope to the outside. Young pulls Konnan to the outside. D’AMore distracts Konnan, and Young runs in from behind to give Konnan some shots. D’Amore punches Konnan, and then ends him into the ring. Young nails a knee drop to Konnan. Near fall. Young chokes Konnan. Young lifts Konnan, and puts him in the corner. Young with a big punch. Young whips Konnan into the other turnbuckle. Konnan falls to the mat, near fall. Young chokes Konnan across the middle rope, then D’Amore does the same. D’Amore gets another punch in on Konnan. Young body slams Konnan in the middle of the ring. Young plays to the crowd a little too long while going up top. He comes off the top rope, but Konnan gets his foot up. Konnan whips Young into the ropes, then nails his rolling clothesline. Konnan charges at Young in the corner, but Young gets a elbow up. Young goes for a tornado DDT but Konnan just throws him off. Konnan for a near fall, Young reverses into a near fall. Young takes Konnan down, and uses the ropes as leverage for another near fall. Konnan with a big sidewalk slam out of the corner on Young. Konnan with a powerbomb in mid ring, and gets the pinfall in 3:39. Crowd wasn’t into this one at all at the beginning. Match was awful and slow until the last minute when there was a few decent moves. Match Rating: *
Winner: Konnan

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Styles basically talks about his match with Abyss, saying he digests fear well. He’s not going to miss an oppurtunity at a chance to become World Champion again. Hardy says he’s going to take Raven out at Lockdown. Douglas announces the main event for Impact next week will be AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss & Raven. Raven comes in and nails Hardy from behind with a trash can. Styles checks on Hardy as Raven walks away.

-NWA World Champion comes out to join Tenay and West. Kevin Nash comes out to try and get at Jarrett, but security restrains him. Nash eventually leaves.

The Outlaw (Billy Gunn) & Monty Brown vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Sean Waltman

Gunn and DDP start things off. Lock up, and break in the corner. DDP with an armbar, and he hangs on and gives Gunn shoulder shoulders. Gunn tries to throw DDP into the corner but DDP stops and catches himself. Lock up, DDP with a standing headlock. Gunn reverses into a wrist lock briefly. DDP with a clothesline, and Waltman is tagged in. Waltman with a kick. Waltman comes off the ropes to receive a back elbow from Gunn. Brown is tagged in by Gunn. They lock up, and Brown throws Waltman to the outside. Commercial break. Back from the commercial, Gunn and DDP are legal. DDP with a back elbow to Gunn. Gunn with a kick to the stomach, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Brown is tagged in. Brown stomps on DDP. Gunn chokes DDP across the bottom rope. Brown chokes DDP with his boot. Gunn chokes DDP some more across the middle rope while the ref is distracted. Gunn is tagged back in. Gunn with a vertical suplex on DDP. Gunn with a near fall. Gunn throws DDP into the boot of Brown, and then tags Brown back in. Brown with some punches to DDP. DDP tries to fight back with some stomach shots, but to no avail. Brown with more punches. DDP with a jawbreaker. Brown pushes a dazed DDP into the ropes, who comes off the ropes to run into Brown and send him to the mat, and then DDP falls on to him with his head delivering a low blow to brown. Both men are down. Both men make tags. Waltman with a spin kick to Gunn. Waltman with another spin kick after ducking a clothesline. Waltman jumps out of a Back Body Drop attempt from Gunn to nail a drop kick. Waltman nails the “X-Factor” but Brown then breaks up the pinfall attempt. DDP and turns around Brown to nail the Diamond Cutter on him. Gunn then nails the famouser on DDP. Gunn then charges at Waltman in the corner, who moves, and nails a spin kick dropping Gunn in the corner. Waltman with the bronco buster. Jarrett comes into the ring, and smashes a guitar over the head of Waltman as the ref was checking on Brown. Gunn makes the cover on Waltman and gets the pinfall in 9:23. Nothing too special, but good. The crowd was into it. Second best match on the show action wise, next to the opener. Match Rating: **1/4
Winners: The Outlaw & Monty Brown

-After the match, DDP and Jarrett fight around ringside. DDP is on the assault with the offense. They fight to backstage, into the parking garage. Gunn comes from behind, and Jarrett and Gunn gain the advantage. Security is shown trying to restrain Kevin Nash in the back, who breaks away from them to come help out as the show ends.

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