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NWA-TNA Impact 4/8/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 4/8/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Show starts off with highlights of last weeks X Division Shootout.

-The Impact opening airs and we’re taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin

They lock up, and break. Sabin puts his hand up and they go for a test of strength, Sabin rolls through and trips Sabin and goes for a quick pin. Sabin with a cradle. Sabin with yet another roll up, before executing a headlock takeover. Shane fights to his feet. Shane breaks the hold, Shane with a shoulder block. Shane comes off the ropes but Sabin with another headlock takeover. Back to their feet, Shane throws Sabin over the top rope to break the hold. They fight on the outside, with Shane getting the upperhand. Shane with the irish whip, sending Sabin into the guard rail. Back in the ring now, Shane just slaps Sabin. Sabin slaps him back. Sabin blocks a couple punches and fights back with punches of his own. Sabin goes for a flying forearm out of the corner, but Shane drops him with a knee to the gut. Near fall by Shane. Shane with a big drop kick after sending Sabin into the ropes. Near fall. Shane with a sleeper hold on Sabin. Sabin fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with some elbows. Sabin with a roll up after going for a head scissors. Sabin with an enziguiri. Sabin with a big powerslam on a running Shane. Near fall. Sabin with a big forearm shot. Sabin charges at Shane in the corner, only to receive a boot to the face, followed by Shane throwing him into the ring post. Near fall by Shane. Shane with a big right hand sending Sabin to the mat. Shane with a couple short arm clotheslines. Shane goes for another clothesline, but Sabin ducks it and rolls up Shane in an impressive sequence ending in a bridge. Sabin gets the pinfall. Good opening match with a lot of great fast paced action. They put together some great roll up and counter spots in this match. Match Rating: **3/4
Winner: Chris Sabin

-After the match, Shane catches Sabin with a big superkick and then he yells at Sabin on the mat angry, before smirking to the camera and crowd.

-Dusty Rhodes comes out accompanied by Traci and Trinity to make a big announcement concerning the next PPV, Lockdown. He announces that every single match at Lockdown will be inside the steel cage.

Chase Stevens w/ Chris Candido and Andy Douglas vs. AJ Styles

They lock up, Stevens with a standing headlock into a headlock takeover. Styles reverses it into an armbar. Stevens executes a couple fireman’s carry takeovers but Styles holds on . Stevens fights out, only to receive a couple arm drags from Styles. Styles with a big standing drop kick. Stevens pokes Styles in the eye. Styles is on the outside of the ring, and he lifts his legs up while holding the ropes and uses a head scissors sending Stevens to the floor on the outside. Commercial break. Back from the commercial, they show a flip dive Styles executed jumping over the ropes to the outside onto Stevens and Candido during the break. Back to currection action, Stevens has Styles in a front facelock. Styles tries to fight out, but Stevens grabs Styles from behind and drives Styles’ head into his knee twice. Stevens then executes Jeff Jarrett’s “Stroke” finisher for a near fall. Stevens rakes Styles face across his boot. Stevens with a running foot the face on the fallen Styles. Stevens with a snap suplex. Styles fights back with some right hands. Styles with an irish whip that Stevens reverses, Stevens goes for a back body drop but Styles’ flips over the top of him to dodge it. Styles with a spin kick. Styles with a vertical suplex which ends with Styles still standing so Stevens lands on his feet, and Styles turns it into a neckbreaker. Nice move. Styles goes for the pin but Douglas is distracting the ref. Styles goes to the outside and drops Douglas across the ring apron. Candido comes to attack Styles, but Styles sends him into the rail. Styles then goes to springboard off the top rope back into the ring, but Douglas grabs his leg buying Stevens some time. Stevens comes in and goes for a suplex on Styles back into the ring, but Styles turns over in the air to reverse it. Styles grabs Stevens from behind, but Stevens elbows him to the face. Styles runs in on Stevens into the corner, but Stevens catches him and nails a big sidewalk slam. Near fall. Stevens goes for a powerbomb, but Styles rolls over the top of him ending up in almost sunset flip fashion. Styles then lifts Stevens off his back and stands up to put him in position for the Styles Clash and he nails it. Styles gets the pinfall. Another good match with a good build to it for the time they were allowed (7:37). Match Rating: ***.
Winner: AJ Styles

-Abyss runs out to the ring with a chair as Styles is walking up the ring to the back. Styles spots him and tries to come back to the ring, but security stops him.

-Back from the commercial break, America’s Most Wanted has joined Tenay and West at the announce position.

Lex Lovett & David Young vs. Dustin Rhodes & Cassidy Riley

Rhodes and Young start things off. They lock up, and Rhodes throws Young off with a arm drag. Rhodes with some big right hands to the face of Young. Rhodes drops Young with a big atomic drop. Lovett tags in. Dustin gives him an arm drag and tags in Riley. Rhodes and Riley whip Lovett into the ring, and Riley flips into the ropes, and bounces off with a back elbow to Lovett. Riley with a hip toss. Riley distracts the ref as Young comes into the ring, and Rhodes executes the Shattered Dreams on Young in the corner. Riley then sends Lovett into the still crotched Young. Young rolls to the outside in pain. Riley rolls up Lovett for a near fall. Riley with a sit out power slam. Riley goes to moonsault off the second rope, and Young hits his feet from the outside causing Riley to land on his back in the ring. Lovett stomps on Riley. Young is tagged back in. Young with a a couple forearms to the back, and then a big right hand to Riley before tagging Lovett quickly back in. Lovett whips Riley into the ropes, and goes for a back body drop but Riley kicks him in the chest. Riley then comes off the ropes with a swinging DDT. Young comes in the ring and punches Riley, and Dustin then comes in and fights off both members of the opposite team before fighting to the outside with Young. Lovett goes for a powerbomb, but Riley tries to roll him up with a hurricanrana counter. The hurricanrana part didn’t work out, but it still ends with Riley rolling up Lovett for the pinfall. Decent match, not as good as the first two matches. Nothing overly special, but still a pretty solid tag. Match Rating: **1/4
Winners: Dustin Rhodes & Cassidy Riley

-Tenay is in the ring, and he calls out NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett for a promo. Tenay talks about Jarrett’s tag match at Lockdown being a Lethal Lockdown match with weapons allowed. Jarrett talks about still being the King of the Mountain after all the hell he’s been put through. He says the New England Patriots, New York Yankees and Chicago Bulls dynasties hold nothing to him. Jarrett says the three opponents to his team at the PPV won’t make it to the PPV. Footage is shown of Jarrett and his boys laying out Nash last week. He says Waltman and DDP better stick together 24/7, because they won’t know when, where, and how. Jarrett says he will fire the second shot, and it will be violent. DDP comes out after the interview, and attacks Jarrett from behind. He gives Jarrett a big boot and clothesline. He stomps away at Jarrett in the corner. The Outlaw runs out, and DDP just sends him over the top rope to the outside before leaving the ring himself.

-Skipper and Daniels talk backstage. Daniels asks him if he’s sure he wants the match, since they both know he was the better member of Triple X. He asks Skipper if he wants to be the guy that loses two cage matches in a row in his career. He asks Skipper if he’s sure he wants to get shown up by him at Lockdown. Skipper says he’s going to take the chance. He says he’ll beat him in front of the whole world at Lockdown.

Kid Kash w/ Lance Hoyt vs. Apolo

They lock up, and Apolo just throws him off three times in a row. Kash pushes Apolo, and Apolo pushes him back sending him down. Kash comes off the ropes, and Apolo just executes a big press slam. Apolo with a clothesline. Kash rolls to the outside to regroup. Kash comes back in the ring, and dodges a couple lock up attempts from Apolo before rolling to the outside again. Commercial break. Back from the break, Apolo has Kash in an arm bar. Kash fights out of the hold. Hoyt pulls Apolo the outside and they exchange from right hands. Kash slingshots over the top rope from inside the ring to the outside, landing on Apolo’s shoulders nailing a hurricanrana. Kash throws a chair at Apolo. Hoyt throws Apolo back in the ring. Kash goes for the cover and gets a near fall. Kash with some kicks to the thigh. Apolo fights back with a big chop. They then exchange some right hands. Apolo sends Kash into the ropes, but Kash counters with a kick to the thigh. Kash with another near fall. Kash puts an ankle lock on Apolo, wrenching back on the knee. Kash with a right hand. Kash with a slap in the corner, and Apolo chops him back. Kash with a boot to the stomach. Kash whips apolo into the opposite corner, but Apolo catches him with a kick as he charged in. Apolo with some right hands. Kash is whipped into the ropes, and he dodges Apolo and executes a modified chop block to Apolo’s leg. Kash goes for a springboard moonsault off the top rope, but Apolo catches him and powerslams him. Apolo with some right hands. Apolo whips Kash into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Kash kicks him in the chest. Kash runs to the corner and springboards off the top to nail a hurricanrana. Kash goes for a tornado DDT, but Apolo shrugs him off. Apolo with a couple clotheslines sending Kash down. Apolo with a back body drop on Kash. Apolo with a sloppy sit out powerbomb, and he goes for the pinfall with 10 seconds remaining in the match’s 10 minute time limit. Hoyt pulls the ref to the outside, and the ref calls for the bell with a DQ. Most of the match was pretty dull. Towards the end, Kash got some of his good moves in. I was surprised this match got so much more time than the opening two matches, especially Shane/Sabin which should have gone longer. Match Rating: *3/4
Winner: Apolo by DQ

-After the match, Hoyt and Apolo fight. Kash fights with Sonny Siaki whom had run out.

-Backstage, Kevin Nash and Chris Candido are shown fighting. Nash is in control.

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