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WWF RAW 8/27/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
August 27, 2001
Live from: Grand Rapids, MI
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts off with highlights of Smackdown. Regal was telling Austin that he will face Jericho, then they show highlights of the WWF title match between Jericho and Stone Cold.

Opening Segment

Shane McMahon comes out. Shane says that five months ago, he purchased WCW with his own money. He said he bought it so he can put his father and the WWF out of business. One of the greatest assets that came with WCW was the former five-time WCW champion, Booker T. He said he cannot waste his time and see the Rock holding his company’s title. Shane said that Rock doesn’t care about the history, nor the future of WCW. He said tonight there will be a new WCW champion crowned and that man is Rhyno. Shane said if Rhyno wouldn’t of beat him to it, he would of laid the smack down on the Rock himself.

The Rock’s music hits and he comes out on the ramp. Rocky chants started… Rock does his usual “Finally The Rock has come back…” The Rock says that he knows the history of the WCW title, Lou Thez, Ricky Steamboat, woooo Ric Flair. The Rock knows that in recent years the WCW was held by DDP, Booker T, the guy from scream 2, Jeffersons, he names a whole list of people. Rock said that the WCW title is like Shane’s sister, everybody gets it. The Rock says that he will be the most electrifying WCW champion the world has ever seen. The Rock says, before he faces Rhyno, he wants to walk down the ramp and get in the ring and let Shane try to take the WCW title from him. Shane told him to bring it. Rock went in the ring and Shane ran out. Shane was going back in, and Rhyno came from behind, but the Rock knocked him down, then Shane came back in the ring, and Rock was beating on him, then Rhyno Gores the Rock.

Austin had his arm wrapped up and was arguing with Debra. RVD and Raven came in. Raven said that he is facing RVD tonight and wants Austin’s blessing and Austin told them they should be together. Then Raven and RVD agree to take Austin’s place to face Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho tonight and Austin will be at ring side with them.


Match #1
Undertaker vs Albert w/ X-Pac

Both men lock up, then exchange a few hits. Albert puts Undertaker in the corner, then Undertaker fights back and trips him. Both men exchange a few right hands. Flying clothesline by Undertaker. Undertaker grabs Albert’s arm and does the Old School. Cross arm breaker by Undertaker, X-Pac hits Undertaker. Undertaker goes to the outside and was about to chokeslam X-Pac, but Albert makes the save. Scissors kick by Albert. He tosses Taker in and covers, 1,2 but Undertaker kicks out. Albert was going for the Albert Bomb, but Undertaker knocks him down. Chockeslam by Undertaker and he gets the win.

Winner: Undertaker

Earlier today

Michael Cole interviews Hurricane Helms and asks him if he truly believes in Super Heroes. He said they don’t only exist in the movies, no, no, no, then gives him a huge explanation. He says that tonight we will see the birth of a real super hero.


WWF Boot of the Week:
Helms helps Ivory get the win over Lita on Smackdown.

Match #2
European Title
Matt Hardy w/ Lita vs Hurricane Helms

Helms came to the ring dressed up as a super hero, with paint on his face.

Helms offers to shake the hand on Matt, and Matt knocks him down. Matt puts him in the corner and beats on him. Super kick by Helms. Helms goes on the top rope and delivers a cross body, 1,2 but Hardy kicks out. Side Russian leg sweep by Matt. Body slam by Matt. Matt goes on the second rope and delivers a leg drop, 1,2 but Helms kicks out. Ivory came and nails Lita with a tire iron on the leg, Matt pulled Ivory by the hair, but Helms grabs Matt and delivers the final cut (Big Show’s old move) and gets the win.

Winner: New European champion, Hurricane Helms

Michael Cole tried to get a word with Kurt Angle, then Angle runs and attacks Raven and puts the ankle lock on him. Kurt tells him to give that message to Austin.


A paramedic is icing Lita’s knee and Raven limps in the locker room and he is also in pain. Austin walks in and asks him what happened and Raven explained. Shawn Stasiak walks in and says he can impress Austin and offers him to tag with RVD tonight so he can take on Kurt and Jericho. Austin yells at Raven and hits him on his ankle.

Hugh Morrus confronts Edge. Hugh says what kind of name is Edge? Edge makes fun of Hugh’s name he says it should be Hugh suck! Christian comes in and tells Hugh that everyone use to make fun of Edge’s ridiculous name when he was a kid, but Edge is all grown up and can take care of business. Christian tells Hugh Morrus to face Edge for the Intercontinental title tonight. Basically, Christian makes the match for his brother and Edge wasn’t happy at all and asked him what the hell he was doing.

They show highlights of SummerSlam, and when Test explained why he joined the Alliance.


Match #3
Bradshaw w/ Faarooq vs Test w/ Shane

The match starts with Bradshaw taking the early advantage. DDT by Bradshaw. Test fights back and delivers a back body drop. Full Nelson slam by Test. Test hammers away on Bradshaw. Test whips Bradshaw into the turnbuckle and Test runs, but Bradshaw delivers a boot to the face of Test. But Test still fights back and delivers a side walk slam. Test goes on the top rope and drops the elbow, but Bradshaw moved out of the way. Bradshaw whips Test in the turnbuckle and clotheslines him. Powerslam by Bradshaw, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Fall away slam by Bradshaw. Shane goes up on the apron and Bradshaw went to face him, then Test ran to hit Bradshaw, but Bradshaw moves and Test nails Shane by accident. Bradshaw was going for the clothesline from hell, but Shane lowers the ropes and Bradshaw falls to the outside. Faarooq went to attack Shane and Test clotheslines him. Back in the ring, Bradshaw was going after Shane and Test nails him with the boot to the face and gets the win.

Winner: Test

Austin is complaining to Debra about the match tonight. RVD came in and says that he can do all the work in their match tonight. Austin said you will carry Stone Cold tonight Mr. Hardcore? Debra says it’s a great idea, Austin says stupid, good, stupid, good stupid…. Then Austin tells RVD that he will get back to him.


Stasiak was spying on Kurt Angle and Stacy Keibler asked him what he was doing and Stasiak said he will humiliate Kurt Angle.

Match #4
WCW World Title
Rhyno vs The Rock

Rhyno meets Rock half way on the ramp and the fight begins. Rhyno Gores the Rock on the outside and tosses the Rock in and the match officially begins. Powerslam by Rhyno. Rock fights back and throws Rhyno to the outside. Rhyno goes back in the ring and Rock clotheslines him. Rhyno fights back and puts a bear hug on the Rock. Rhyno keeps the hold for a couple of minutes. Rock fights back and delivers a Samoan drop. Both men are down. They get up ad Rhyno throws Rock into the turnbuckle. Rhyno chokes the Rock. Rhyno drives his knee in the injured ribs of the Rock. Rhyno covers, 1,2 Rock kicks out. Rock fights back again, but Rhyno hits him and suplexes him. Belly to belly overhead suplex by Rock and both me go down. Both men get up and Rock delivers a few right hands. DDT by The Rock, 1,2 but Rhyno kicks out. Spine buster by the Rock. Shane goes to ring side and distracts the Rock, Rhyno low blows Rock and the APA ran out and chased Shane away from ring side. In the ring, Rhyno was going for the Gore, but Rock moves and he hits the turnbuckle, Rock Bottom and Rock gets the win.

Winner: Still wCw champion, The Rock

Stasiak tells his plan to Keibler. He had a bucket full of white crap over the door and when Kurt walks in, it would fall on him. They hear noises and Stasiak assumed it was Kurt Angle, and goes to hide with Stacy Keibler, Stacy told him it might not be Kurt Angle, but Stasiak wouldn’t listen and says it’s Kurt. Then Debra walks in the door and the bucket falls on her. Stasiak and Keibler escape from the back door.

Debra is telling Austin what happened. Austin told her she smelled like crap. They thought it was Kurt Angle. Austin said he will teach Kurt not to mess with him or his wife.

Match #5
Intercontinental Title
Edge w/ Christian vs Hugh Morrus

Christian joins Jim Ross and Paul Heyman on the announcing tables.

Hugh Morrus takes the early advantage. Edge trips Hugh. Powerslam by Hugh Morrus, 1,2 but Edge kicks out. Inside cradle by Edge, 1,2 but Hugh kicks out. Hugh hammers away on Edge amd suplexes him. Hugh slams Edge and goes on the top rope and misses an elbow drop. Russian leg sweep by Edge. Spinning kick by Edge. Edge-O-Matic, 1,2 but Hugh kicks out. Hugh fights back and goes on the second rope and Edge puts him on his shoulder, Christian goes up on the apron and hits Hugh Morrus. The referee calls for the bell. After the match, Christian says “However, still the IC champion, my brother, Edge!”. Edge wasn’t happy at all.

Winner: by Disqualification, Hugh Morrus


Michael Cole interviews Booker T. Booker T says that Rock stole his wCw title. They show highlights of last week’s Raw (the midget). Then they show The Coach interviewing Big Show from earlier today. Big Show had a wig and wanted to imitate Booker T. Big Show kept saying Sucka in the interview. Booker T wasn’t happy about it and said when somebody does that, somebody’s got to get hurt.

Stephanie talks to Jericho and told him she had important news. She says Y2J is yesterday’s news. Y2J is O.U.T. She says now it’s R.V.D. Jericho said Stephanie and Rob Van Dam make a good duo. R-V-D and H-O-E. Jericho leaves and Stephanie says that’s not how you spell it.


Match #6
Booker T vs Big Show

Big Show comes out wearing a wig that look likes Booker T’s hair. Big Show was going to do the spinaroonie, but Booker T attacks him. Huge choke slam by Big Show. Big Show hammers away on Booker T. Booker T fights back and delivers a kick that takes down the Big Show. Big Show fights back and puts Booker T in the corner and delivers a few chops. Big Show was going for the powerbomb, but Booker T got out and delivers a scissors kick. Spinaroonie, then Big Show catches him by the throat. Low Blow by Booker T. Big Show fights back and sends Booker T to the outside. Booker T gets a steel chair and beats on the Big Show with it. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Big Show


Match #7
Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam & Tazz

Stone Cold came out with his arm/shoulder wrapped up. Austin introduces Tazz as RVD’s partner.

The match starts with Kurt Angle beating on RVD in the corner. Clothesline by Kurt Angle. RVD fights back and tags Tazz. Cross body by Kurt Angle on Tazz. Jericho gets the tag. Jericho takes down Tazz. Jericho delivers three suplexes on Tazz, 1,2 but Tazz kicks out. Tazz makes the tag to RVD. RVD beats down Jericho. Shoulder take down by Jericho. Face buster by Jericho on RVD, 1,2 but Tazz breaks up the count. Spinning kick by Chris Jericho. Jericho puts RVD on the top rope and delivers a super plex. Jericho covers, but Tazz interrupts the count. RVD delivers a leg drop on Jericho. Tazz gets the tag. Suplex by Tazz. Tazz makes the tag to RVD. RVD knocks down Jericho. RVD applies pressure on the neck of Jericho. Jericho fights back, roll up by Jericho, 1,2 but RVD kicks out. RVD takes control of the match and tags Tazz. Tazz chokes Jericho on the ropes. Suplex by Tazz, 1,2 but Jericho gets the right shoulder up. DDT by Jericho. RVD gets the tag and drags Jericho back to prevent him from making the tag. RVD continues to apply pressure on the neck of Jericho. Roll up by Jericho, 1,2 but RVD kicks out. Spinning kick by RVD. RVD went for the moonsault, but Jericho had his legs up. Kurt Angle gets the tag and Kurt cleans the ring, then RVD hit Kurt and did the five star frog splash. Jericho takes RVD to the outside and Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on RVD. In the ring, Kurt does the ankle lock, then Austin distracts Kurt. Tazz applies the tazzmission. Angle reverses it and does the Angle slam and gets the win. After the match, Stone Cold comes in and nails Kurt with the belt. Austin grabs Kurt’s Gold medals and puts them around his neck. Austin nails Kurt Angle again with the WWF title.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle


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