WCW Thunder 5/31/2000

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WCW Thunder
Boise, Idaho
May 31, 2000

With Eric Bischoff in Los Angeles involved in important meetings and Vince Russo busy in his ongoing feud with the Flair family, the two head honchos put Ernest “The Cat” Miller in charge at this week’s Thunder from Boise, Idaho. Cat put several plans in motion, including teaching one of his own a lesson, and bringing the WCW Tag Team Titles back into the New Blood.
Show Results

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Terry Funk d. Hard Knox Chris Candido

Candido came to the ring dressed like Funk, in an obvious attempt to psych out the Hardcore Champion. Chris said he was sent by Eric Bischoff to bring the title into the New Blood. The fight took to the back quickly, where Funk threw Candido onto the bed of a truck and drove away. The truck arrived down the street at a set of horse stables. Hard Knox went to work on The Funker, dunking his head into a water troth, before shoving the champion’s face into a barrow of hay. As they moved into a horse stall, Candido was piledriven in the manure before getting kicked, literally, out of the stable by the horse. After the referee was knocked down, Funk put Candido through a table and poured water on the ref to revive him enough to count the fall.

Backstage, Vince Russo told The Cat that Vince and Eric were putting Miller in charge for the night.

Outside, Ric, Beth and Reid Flair arrived to the arena in a limousine.

Outside, Kimberly got out of a Rolls Royce as the paparazzi surrounded her entrance into the building.

Interview: Ric Flair
Flair said he was ready to tell a sad story until he heard the Boise crowd. Ric stated that his son and wife were embarrassed on Monday by the actions that went down surrounding his loss of the WCW Title. The Nature Boy challenged Vince Russo to a match right there in Boise, prompting Vinnie Ru and David to come to the ring, surrounded by R&B Security. Russo said he was wearing sunglasses because he was ashamed to be in Boise. Flair said his NY boss was a mark for the Nature Boy and told Russo to kiss his ass. Russo claimed that he was there to talk to Beth Flair. He told Mrs. Flair to imagine Ric Flair losing to David at the Great American Bash. She would lose her gravy train and have nothing. He continued to insult the Flairs until Ric demanded him to accept the challenge. Russo said the match would be Vince and David against Ric and his 12-year-old son, Reid. After everyone agreed to the match, security grabbed Flair, allowing Russo and David to get in their cheap shots, dropping Ric to the canvas.

Backstage, The Cat spoke with Mike Awesome. As Kimberly walked into the room demanding camera time and personal security, Cat told Kim that Awesome would protect her as she went to the ring.

Backstage, The Cat scolded Kidman and Torrie in the dressing room for sitting in his “boss” chair. Billy asked Miller to book a Three-Way Dance with himself, Sting and Horace. The Cat quickly agreed, all the while admiring Torrie’s choice of attire.

Interview: Mike Awesome and Kimberly
Awesome told DDP that at the Great American Bash, he wouldn’t have all of his friends around to save him. Kimberly allowed the crowd to welcome her to Boise. She ran down the audience, telling the girls that they were all jealous of her. A fan ran into the ring, but was quickly Awesome Bombed by the Career Killer. Kim was disgusted and left the ring.

Backstage, Ric and Reid Flair went over the game plan for their upcoming match.

Backstage, The Cat gave “The Franchise” Shane Douglas a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s WCW Title.

Three-Way Dance
Sting d. Billy Kidman and Horace Hogan

Kidman and Horace both fought for the attention of the beautiful Torrie Wilson as they made their way to the ring. Sting dove over the top rope and sent Hogan and Kidman scattering. On the floor, the New Blood took control, taking the steam out of The Stinger. As Horace went for a cover, Kidman pulled him off, sending him to the outside to fetch a table. After a New Blood miscue, Sting delivered a pair of splashes before smashing Billy through the table and onto the ramp. The Stinger ran the length of the ramp, bodypressing Kidman and Hogan into the remainder of the table. Sting finished Billy off with the Scorpion Deathlock for the win. After the bell, Torrie tried to get between Kidman and Hogan as they bickered about the loss. Mike Awesome entered the ring and finally got calmed the two down.

Mean Gene Interview: Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner
Abbott said that come Monday, Bill Goldberg would get his brains bashed in. Steiner said that Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash would be “chewed up and spit out” later in the show.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett complained to Vince Russo about his booking against Shane Douglas.

Outside, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner arrived to the arena with Midajah and Shikira by their side.

Somewhere in a Boise neighborhood, Ralphus and Norman Smiley noticed a backyard-wrestling event taking place.

Backstage, The Cat bragged to someone one the phone about how good his show was going.

WCW World Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. The Franchise Shane Douglas

Jarrett jumped Douglas at the bell, but The Franchise countered, sending the champion reeling to the outside. The Cat came down the ramp to observe the bout as the two New Blood members fought over the most important trophy in the sport. Douglas rolled Jarrett several times for near falls before Miller hit the ref with a chair. The Franchise went for the chair, but The Cat cartwheel kicked it into his face, setting Jarrett up for the Stroke and the win to retain the gold.

Mike Tenay Interview: Diamond Dallas Page
Page said that even though he and Eric Bischoff were friends for a long time, he was forced to work five times harder because of it. Tenay talked about Kimberly serving first the divorce papers, then the restraining order. Page agreed that fame does funny things to people, but answering Tenay’s question … yes, he still loves his wife. DDP stated that his book said it all, and that sometimes the yo yo of life had to hit the bottom before it could make its way back up. He said David Arquette’s title reign was a fluke, and told Mike Tenay flat out that Kanyon’s career was anything but over. When Tenay asked Page if perhaps it was DDP that was the problem, Dallas shook his head and walked away.

Mean Gene Interview: The Cat, Chuck Palumbo and “Perfect Shawn” Stasiak
Miller told Mean Gene that the DQ rule was lifted in the tag team title match later in the night, meaning Kronic could lose the straps if disqualified. Shane Douglas busted into the interview, questioning The Cat about his actions. Miller said he was just following orders.

Backstage, Nash and Big Poppa Pump “worked out” with Midajah and Shikira.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak d. Kronic

Kronic charged in after The Event and Perfect Shawn, using their raw power to take the New Blood apart. The champions threw Palumbo and Stasiak around like rag dolls, dominating over the young challengers. As Palumbo brought the muscle flexer into the ring, Brian Adams took it away and used it, causing the referee to call for the disqualification. As per the stipulations, Palumbo and Stasiak were awarded the WCW Tag Team Championships.

In the backyards of Boise, Norman and Ralphus stopped a backyard wrestling federation, telling the kids to start with an amateur background. Smiley demonstrated some maneuvers on the kids, pinning one before taking off with his paper title.

Tony Schiavone Interview: Eric Bischoff
Bischoff said that he brought WCW to the top and would take it there again. Eric said that a huge deal was signed in Los Angeles that will change the landscape of professional wrestling; something that would not be stopped by Schiavone, Vince McMahon or anyone else.

Vince Russo and David Flair d. Ric and Reid Flair

The Nature Boy told Russo that he would stay on the apron for three minutes while Reid tore the NY boy apart. And the youngest Reid did just that, taking Russo to the canvas with several takedowns before David and Ric entered the match. Ric got the best of David on the floor until Russo smashed a mini Statue of Liberty over the head of the 15-time champion. David applied the figure four on Reid as Russo Held him down for the three-count. After the match, as Beth attended to Reid, Russo asked her if she was ready to listen to him now.

Mean Gene Interview: Ric Flair
The Nature Boy told Mean Gene that he wanted Vince Russo in a cage match Monday on Nitro.

Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner d. Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner

The Cat joined the announcers at ringside for the Thunder main event. With Nash and Steiner already in the ring, Goldberg’s music played, only to have Tank arrive, once again mimicking the monster. The Cat announced that the man that got the pinfall in the match would face Jeff Jarrett at the Great American Bash. Backstage, Jarrett said he would make sure there would be a DQ. In the ring, Rick Steiner held his brother down with a camel clutch before tagging in “Tankberg,” who continued the punishment. Big Sexy finally tagged in and tore The Dog-Faced Gremlin and Tank apart. As Poppa Pump slapped Tank in the Steiner Recliner, Jarrett smashed a guitar over Scottie’s back, demanding he referee to ring the bell for the DQ. The Cat said to let them go, not wanting the match to end that way. When the dust settled, it was Kevin Nash taking Rick Steiner down with a jackknife powerbomb for the win, setting him up for a shot at the WCW Title in 11 days time.

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