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WCW Thunder 6/21/2000

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WCW Thunder
Bozemon, Montana
June 21, 2000

As The Cat was once again put in charge in the absence of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, Commissioner Miller’s main focus for Thunder was simple… ratings. He booked handicapped matches, three-way dances, and even changed the rules to the hardcore match. While all of this happened at the arena, Vampiro continued to play mind games with Dale Torborg at a nearby graveyard, begging him to release the Demon from within.

Rick Steiner d. Tank Abbott

The show opened with a grudge match stemming from Monday night, when Tank Abbott took chase after a fan, leaving Rick Steiner alone to be pinned by the tag team champions. The Dog-Faced Gremlin told Tank that he wanted to end their partnership on Thunder. Abbott took Steiner to the mat, quickly hooking on an ankle lock. A flurry of punches soon followed as they crashed to the canvas again, with Tank gaining the advantage over the former All American. Tank threw his knockout punch and started to walk away, but Steiner rose to his feet, surprising the former UFC fighter. Rick suplexed Abbott out of his shoes, following it up with a bulldog from the turnbuckle for the win.

As the announcers talked about the upcoming matches for the show, Abbott charged over their table and attacked a fan in the front row, tearing the shirt from his back.

Outside, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Awesome and The Cat arrived at the arena. Jarrett attempted to assist The Cat with the booking of the Thunder broadcast.

Out in the production truck, “PerfectShawn” Stasiak and “The Event” Chuck Palumbo pushed buttons on the board, almost blowing David Penzer up with pyro as he stood in the ring.

Interview: The New Blood
Jarrett claimed that his Slapnuts T-shirt was the fastest selling piece of merchandise in WCW history. He challenged Hollywood Hogan to still wrestle the match at Bash At The Beach. The Chosen One told Hogan that he was going to bring a big fat woman to the Bash, so she could sing as he defeated the former champion. Awesome stated that he would destroy Big Poppa Pump at the PPV, knowing that his back was his weak spot. The Cat announced that the main event would pit Jarrett and Awesome against Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner, claiming that the ratings would go through the roof.

Backstage, General Rection told the MIA troops that they would wrestle in a mixed, three-way-dance tag team match, with Lieutenant Loco and Major Gunns stepping up to the plate.

Backstage, Terry Funk smashed Johnny the Bull over the head several times with a trashcan, showing him how to take the punishment in the hardcore division.

Mixed Three-Way-Dance
The Artist and Paisley d. Lieutenant Loco and Major Gunns and Rey Mysterio Jr. and Tygress

The Filthy Animals sauntered to the ring, with Tygress and Rey Mysterio preparing themselves for action in this three-way-dance. With Gunns and Tygress in the ring, Rey quickly tagged in, but was the recipient of a low blow for his quick thinking. Paisley and Tygress squared off and the battle of the former Nitro Girls was on. Mysterio tagged in again and set Paisley for the Rough Rider, but The Artist came to his partner’s aid. In the end, The Artist dropped Loco with a flying DDT for the victory. After the match, Lance Storm charged the ring and wiped everyone out, diving from the top rope to the floor onto the entire MIA.

Outside, Dale Torborg searched through a parked hearse, looking for his missing fiancé. He found an earring and went nuts, screaming her name.

Interview: Vampiro
As Vampiro made his way to the ring, Torborg jumped him from behind, delivering a brutal beating. Vamp held up the other earring, causing Dale to stop the onslaught. The dark angel said that if something happened to him, then no one would ever know where Asya was. Vamp told Torborg that he needed to put the makeup back on and “embrace The Demon.” He informed Dale that he would have to go through everything Asya had in the past 48 hours in order to get her back.

Backstage, Shane Douglas offered The Cat some help with the ratings. He proposed a handicapped match with Buff Bagwell taking on Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido. The Cat booked the match, acting as if he came up with it himself.

Backstage, Vampiro gave Torborg the keys to the limo, telling him to drive.

Tony Schiavone read a note from The Cat that stated the new hardcore division rules. The matches had to start in the back and end inside the ring.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Big Vito d. The Wall

The Wall approached an official in the hallway, asking the whereabouts of Big Vito. The champion attacked from behind, starting the title match. As the two exchanged trashcan shots, Terry Funk and Johnny the Bull watched on a monitor from the dressing room. Moving to the ringside area, The Wall smashed a crutch across the back of Vito, knocking the Mamaluke to the floor. As the champion introduced a table into the mix, Wall mounted a comeback, delivering a big side slam. The former bodyguard set up another table on the outside, ready to inflict his favorite kind of pain. Vito came back and power bombed the Wall through the table in the ring, setting him up for a 1-2-3 count.

Backstage, Goldberg demanded that the police not to escort him to the ring.

Interview: Bill Goldberg
The hired gun told Kevin Nash that he never liked him, but despised Scott Hall even more. Goldberg blamed Hall for the injury that he incurred in December. He told Scott that he was appointing himself the “Bad Guys” judge, jury, and executioner. Goldberg wrapped up by warning Nash to be ready for the Bash At The Beach.

Backstage, The Franchise told Bam Bam and Hard Knox that he got them booked in a handicapped match against Buff Daddy.

Outside, Bill Goldberg entered a black limo, ready to leave the arena. A white Explorer arrived and, as Nash, Poppa Pump, and Midajah got out, the limo stopped as Goldberg watched out the window.

Handicapped Match
Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido d. Buff Bagwell

As Buff bounced to the ring, his pyro was late as he did his patented routine. In the production truck, the tag team champions laughed like schoolchildren, knowing it was their fault. Candido, sporting a cast on his right arm, was sent flailing from the ring, with his 300-plus pound partner not far behind. The Triple Threat members took control, wearing Bagwell down on the mat. Candido and Bigelow missed a double dive from the top, giving Buff the opportunity he needed to regain his senses. As Bagwell headed up the turnbuckle, Douglas arrived, knocking his former partner off with a steel pipe, allowing Bam Bam to deliver Greetings From Asbury Park.

Backstage, Daffney slapped the taste out of David Flair’s mouth as he tried again to make up with her. Flair tried to tell her that it wasn’t him smooching with Miss Hancock. She finally bought into his lies and forgave him again.

Interview: Chris Kanyon
Once again, Diamond Dallas Kanyon made an appearance on WCW television. He read a “chapter” from his book, “Positively Kanyon,” making fun of his former friend, Page. Booker T made his way down the aisle and the two locked horns in the squared circle. As Booker went for the Harlem sidekick, DDK slammed the book over his head, knocking T senseless. He opened the book revealing the pages to be hollowed out and filled with a brick.

Outside, David Flair told Daffney that he had to go back into the building for a minute. He headed to the production truck and administered a haircut on Woody the production guy, for showing the backstage footage of he and Miss Hancock.

Backstage, The Cat told Douglas that he was fired for breaking his no interference rule. After reconsidering, he told The Franchise that he could stay with WCW if he faced Kronic in a Three Way Dance.

In the production truck, PerfectShawn and The Event continued to laugh at Woody’s haircut. Finally, the production worker left the trailer, locking the champions inside.

3 Count performed their brand new single in the ring, as everyone in the locker room showed their disapproval. Everyone except Tank Abbott that is, who was grooving to the beat as he watched on. Kronic hit the ring and put an end to the misery. Tank was hot in the back because the music was interrupted. Kronic destroyed 3 Count, driving Evan Karagias into the canvas with the High Time. Adams grabbed the mic and told The Franchise to get to the ring.

Brian Adams d. Brian Clark and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Douglas came to ringside, but changed his mind and headed back down the aisle. Buff met him from behind and tossed him back to the ring, into the waiting hands of Adams and Clark. Shane tried to turn them on each other, but they responded with a High Time for the win. After the bell, cartoon music played over the sound system as the tag champs laughed away, making fun of Kronic. When Palumbo saw that they were viewed on the Nitro Vision, they attempted to leave, but found themselves locked in the trailer. Woody unlocked the trailer door and Kronic laid a beating on the champions.

Out in a remote gravesite, Vampiro pointed to a coffin inside an open grave, telling Dale Torborg that he would find Asya inside. When Dale jumped in, Vamp slammed a shovel across his head, knocking him out. He brought Asya over and told her to remind him and his friend that the dark angel would be waiting for them.

Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome

The Cat joined the announcers at ringside, bragging about how his ratings were ready to go through the roof. Jarrett pounded on Big Poppa, but Steiner reversed things, tagging Big Sexy into the action. Nash caught Jarrett coming off the ropes and choke slammed him almost through the ring. The Career Killer entered, mixing it up with Steiner, the massive monster he will be facing at the Bash. As all four went at it, Nash and Awesome headed to the outside as Poppa pressed slammed The Chosen One before pinning his shoulders to the mat. Scott slapped on the Steiner Recliner, prompting The Cat to get involved. The New Blood destroyed Steiner before Big Sexy re-entered for the save. Goldberg came to the stage, holding Scott Hall’s contract, as Thunder faded to black.

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