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WCW Thunder 6/28/2000

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WCW Thunder
Lincoln, Nebraska
June 28, 2000

As the days counted down to Bash At The Beach, this week’s Thunder was a chance for the New Blood to take out some of their competition before the big show. The Chosen One continued his attempt to get under the skin of Hollywood Hogan, and when Big Poppa Pump had the Career Killer in trouble, it was the commissioner who showed that he would even take the shirt off his back for the good of the New Blood.

Smooth reminded Jeff Jarrett that he was still the champion and the guy with “all the stroke.”

Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett said that he had been searching the world for the biggest, fattest woman to sing for Hollywood Hogan at the PPV. As the Chosen One continued to berate the Hulkster, Horace Hogan jumped Jarrett before R&B Security pulled him away. The Cat came to the ramp and gave Horace a shot at the WCW Title for later in the show. Hogan knocked down the security guys before heading to the back.

Backstage, General Rection gave the MIA troops their instructions for the evening.

Mean Gene Interview: Chris Kanyon
DDK told Mean Gene that he was going to “Kanyon Cutter” everyone in his path. When he turned to Gene, Okerlund ran like hell.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Lieutenant Loco d. Corporal Cajun

The two MIA stable mates went toe to toe for the most prestigious crown in the Cruiserweight division. Cajun and Loco went back and forth, reversing and countering each other’s maneuvers. Rection cheered both men on from the announcing table, claiming the Misfits to be a tight nit unit. Loco and Cajun collided headfirst outside the ring as the Lieutenant did a flip over the top to the floor. Back in the ring, Loco reversed Cajun’s finisher, turning it into a huge tornado DDT for the win.

Backstage, Johnny the Bull asked a man in the hallway if he had seen Terry Funk. As he walked by, the man slammed Johnny over the back with a stick. He took off his wig, revealing the Funker, who shouted at Bull to never turn his back.

Backstage, Scott Steiner threatened The Cat, and demanded a match against the “Career Killer” Mike Awesome.

Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire d. 3 Count (Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias) with “Sugar” Shane Helms
3 Count performed their hit song and dance routine once again. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire attacked from behind, starting the tag team bout. Backstage, Tank Abbott arrived to the arena and noticed on the monitor that he had missed the dance opener. 3 Count took control with a series of double team moves, but the rookies fought back, and after a sidewalk slam by Gendrach, O’Haire crashed down with a big splash for the win. After the bell, Tank came to the ring with a green square and told 3 Count to start the routine again. Abbott joined in, dancing on his square, before Kronic arrived and put an end to the party.

Backstage, Diamond Dallas Kanyon delivered a “Kanyon Cutter” to the catering guy for not having Au Jus.

Gauntlet Match
The Jung Dragons d. Big Vito

Vito ran down the Jung Dragons, challenging them to a gauntlet match. Yang was in first, sending Vito to the mat repeatedly with his high-flying style. Vito turned the tide and got the pin after a big elbow. Kaz Hayashi was in next, using his martial arts training to his advantage. As Kaz went onto Vito’s shoulders in the corner, the Hardcore Champion ran out with a Tiger Driver, leading him to a second pinfall. Jami San was the third and final member in, keeping Vito on the canvas with lightening like combinations. The former Mamaluke used his cane on Kaz and Yang, but Jami San surprised Vito off the top and scored the 1-2-3 win. After the bout, two Jami Sans appeared in the ring. The one who scored the pinfall revealed himself to be Johnny the Bull. Backstage, Terry Funk smiled, stating that Bull is finally getting it.

Backstage, The Cat scolded Mike Awesome for interfering in a match on Monday night. Miller said he was booking Awesome against Big Poppa Pump for later in the show.

Backstage, Daffney took over for the hairdresser that was doing Ms. Hancock’s hair. The gothic princess pulled Hancock from her chair, painting her face with lipstick and dousing her with baby powder.

Outside, as PerfectShawn and The Event walked with Woody out of the production truck, DDK came from nowhere and Kanyon Cuttered another production worker.

Non-Title Match
MIA (General Rection and Major Stash) d. “PerfectShawn” Stasiak and “The Event” Chuck Palumbo

Stasiak and Palumbo were about to put a beating on Woody Kearce before Rection and Stash hit the ring. The MIA worked over the champions in this non-title contest. Stasiak and Palumbo slowed down the action, keeping Rection in their corner with an exchange of submission moves. Finally, the General made the tag and Stash came in a house of fire. In the end, Rection got the pin on Stasiak, but their celebration would be short, as Palumbo attacked with the Lex Flexer. Kronic returned to the ring, showing the champions how ready they were for the PPV.

WCW World Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Horace Hogan

Horace charged the ring and took the WCW Champion to task for the comments made about his uncle. On the outside, the action spilled over the railing to the crowd, with Jarrett gaining the momentum. Horace, fighting for the Hogan name, fought Jarrett over the broadcast table. Back on the mat, Horace had the champion reeling before referee Mark Johnson was knocked down. This allowed Jarrett to use a steel chair to the head. As the ref and Hogan struggled over the chair, Jarrett came from behind and delivered the Stroke, driving Horace face first onto the chair for the victory. After the match, The Chosen One clocked Hogan with the guitar and mocked his uncle Hollywood.

Interview: Vampiro
As Vampiro talked about how he not only put Sting out, but Torborg and Asya as well, the arena went dark. The lights rose a little, revealing Asya, who spit a red substance into vamp’s eyes, before Torborg attacked with a bat. The lights went out again, and when they returned, Asya and Torborg were gone. On top of the Nitro Vision, a man in a black hooded robe appeared, leaving Vampiro to wonder who it was.

Mean Gene Interview: Lance Storm and Billy Kidman
Storm said that when you’re from Calgary… Alberta, Canada, you don’t need to scream to get your point across, and you certainly don’t need to dance. He told Gene that he did his talking between the ropes. Kidman let The Filthy Animals know that they had better watch their backs. After the interview, the cameraman fell victim to a Kanyon Cutter.

Backstage, The Franchise told DDK that he stayed up all night reading his book. Douglas also told Kanyon that Buff had been in the back, bragging that the Blockbuster was better than the Kanyon Cutter. Chris, in perfect Page character, said he would take care of Buff. As he walked away, Douglas laughed and threw the book in the trashcan.

Lance Storm and Billy Kidman d. The Juice and Rey Mysterio Jr. with The Filthy Animals

Storm rolled Juvi into the one-legged crab early, but Rey saved with a short clothesline. Mysterio delivered a bulldog from the top, but only got a two count on Kidman. Billy threw a dropkick on Juvi, buying some time to get to the corner. Storm tagged in and cleaned house on the Animals. All for men were soon in the ring and, after the dust settled, it was Storm with a sit out powerbomb on Rey, setting Kidman for a splash from the top for the pin.

Backstage, DDK asked The Cat for a match against Buff Bagwell.

Paisley d. Tygress

The referee sent The Animals to the back before the match began. Tygress jumped on Paisley, flinging her across the ring by her hair. Paisley came back, finishing Tygress off with a big bodyslam, putting to end the battle of the former Nitro Girls.

Disqualification – Buff Bagwell d. Chris Kanyon

Kanyon came to the ring to DDP’s music, using all of his mannerisms as well. Buff Daddy laid a beating on the imposter Page, much to the delight of the Lincoln crowd. Kanyon took over, slowing Buff down with punches and chokes. Referee Charles Robinson took a Kanyon Cutter, as Bagwell came off the top with a body press. Another ref came out and called for the DQ. Kanyon attacked Buff with a brick and started to read a “passage” from his book. Booker T put an end to it, sending DDK packing before tending to Bagwell.

Non-Title Match
“Career Killer” Mike Awesome d. Scott Steiner

Steiner and Awesome went to the floor immediately, taking the fight into the Lincoln crowd. Back inside, Big Poppa nearly decapitated Awesome with a Steinerline. The Career Killer used a steel chair to the ribs of Steiner, putting himself in the driver’s seat. When Awesome went to the top, he was stopped and brought down hard with a belly to belly. Poppa cinched on the Steiner Recliner, but The Cat came to the ring and demanded Mickey Jay to make Steiner release the hold. When he didn’t, Miller delivered a sidekick to Jay and slammed Poppa Pump in the head with the U.S. Title. The commissioner removed his shirt, revealing a referee shirt underneath. Three seconds later, and Mike Awesome was the winner. Cat and Awesome stomped Steiner into the mat as Thunder faded to black.

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