WCW Thunder 7/12/2000

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WCW Thunder
Charleston, South Carolina
July 12, 2000

When Lance Storm entered WCW about a month ago, Billy Kidman was the man who stood by the side of the athlete from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But, as Storm’s love for his country started to turn off the American fans, Billy mocked out his patriotism. When things soured between the two, Kidman chose to step into the ring with Lance – not as a partner, but this time as his opponent.

Backstage, Smooth gave DDK, Positively Kanyon, some advice.

Tony Schiavone said that Mike Tenay was absent from the broadcast due to an injury suffered in an interview the day before with Scott Steiner.

Tank Abbott and 3 Count d. The Jung Dragons and The Great Muta

Tank said that he was there to make sure there would be no interference when 3 Count performed their new song and dance routine. As they started their tune, Abbott pulled his square from under the ring. The Jung Dragons came from the crowd, and Muta attacked Tank from behind. 3 Count and the Dragons did some spectacular double- and triple-team maneuvers, wowing the Charleston crowd. As Muta went to spray his mist in Tank’s face, Abbott block it with on of the dancing circles, taking the platform over the Japanese legend’s back. In the end, Tank KO’d Yang for the win.

Backstage, Kanyon asked The Cat for a match against Jarrett for later in the show. The commissioner said yes if he could have an autographed book.

Backstage, as General Rection gave his troops instructions for the evening, The Perfect Event attacked, dropping the MIA on the dressing room floor. As they approached Major Gunns, she seized the Lex Flexer and low bridged the former tag team champions.

At ringside, Stevie Ray sat in with Tony and Bobby at the broadcast table. He stated he was proud of his brother’s accomplishments.

The Demon d. Private Stash

Vampiro led the way as The Demon came to the ring. Stash worked over the possessed KISS creature, using his raw power to take his opponent off guard. As Stash came from the second rope with a double axe handle, Demon caught him, slamming him to the mat with the Love Gun for the finish. After the bout, Sting, wearing a black mask on his head, appeared in the rafters, as Vamp and Demon looked on.

Backstage, Lance Storm and Billy Kidman bickered as they made their way to the ring. In the background, Positively Kanyon came from nowhere and Kanyon Cuttered an innocent bystander.

Backstage, Ms. Hancock and David Flair emerged from the dressing room, both dressed for success. Flair didn’t want to wear the suit, but said he would do anything for her.

Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire d. Lance Storm and Billy Kidman

Kidman poked fun at Lance Storm’s request to have the Canadian national anthem played before the match. He danced, goofed off and even read a paper during the anthem. After the song, Storm and Kidman charged at the rookies with baseball slides on the outside. They missed, and were each treated to a press slam back into the ring. O’Haire showed incredible agility with a flip from the top and a Senton Bomb from the top for the win. Storm got a shot in on Kidman, payback for his antics at the start of the match.

Backstage, Vampiro told Sting that Monday night, he would rip off the black mask and reveal his ugly, disfigured face.

Mean Gene Interview: Big Vito The Hardcore Champion bragged about defeating Terry Funk, Johnny the Bull, Norman and Ralphus. Watching on a monitor, Ms. Hancock said she wanted the Hardcore Title. Flair said he would be right back. As Vito continued to Okerlund, David attacked, starting an impromptu title match.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Big Vito d. David Flair

Flair ripped into the champion, following him onto the stage, where he beat him down with a trashcan lid. Vito fired back, sending the youngster hard into the guardrail before bringing the fight to the ring area. Hancock stormed to the ring just in time to see her man take a stickball bat over the back. After delivering a big elbow from the top, Vito was distracted by Hancock, but stopped her with a sloppy kiss on the lips. The champion did some construction work with the orange road cone on David’s lower region, sending the little Nature Boy writhing in pain. Big V put the challenger through the table center ring for the victory.

Backstage, The Cat hung up on James Brown to talk to Jeff Jarrett. He informed The Chosen One that he was facing Positively Kanyon later on Thunder.

From earlier in the day, after the Perfect Event practiced their pose down routine in the ring, DDK came from nowhere and Cuttered one of the ring crew.

Disqualification – “PerfectShawn” Stasiak and “The Event” Chuck Palumbo d. Corporal Cajun and General Rection with Major Gunns

Stasiak and Palumbo showed off the new posing routine that they practiced earlier, and Major Gunns did some posing of her own. Cajun and Rection got the crowd behind them, which seemed to irk the former champions. Palumbo displayed some great power on Cajun, bringing the Corporal into his corner where the double-teaming would be easier. Tagging into the match, Rection sent Stasiak and Palumbo reeling, bringing them both to the canvas with a double DDT. “Perfectshawn” caught Rection on the ropes and brought him down with a sit down powerbomb for a two-count. After the No Laughing Matter moonsault by Rection, Stasiak clobbered Charles Robinson in the back with the Lex Flexer. The two teams continued to fight, but when Robinson got up, he saw Cajun with the Flexer in his hand and called for the DQ on MIA.

Interview: Booker T
Booker said that Jeff Jarrett was a great athlete, but as a person, he sucked. The champ said that he would be a fighting champion and would defend the title every week for the people. Mike Awesome watched from the back on a monitor. Booker told Scott Steiner that he would destroy him for coming near his wife on Nitro. With that, Rick Steiner came out from the back, telling Booker that what Big Poppa did on Nitro was wrong. The Dog-Faced Gremlin said that someday he would set Scotty straight, but until then, he just wanted to congratulate Booker for winning the title. After hesitating, the champion shook Steiner’s hand, but as he turned around, was attacked by Rick. Stevie Ray charged in from the ringside table, but was taken away by WCW security. Steiner put the world title on and commandeered a chair. Mike Awesome ran in for the save, sending Rick out of the ring. As Booker got to his feet, Awesome handed him the heavyweight title belt.

Backstage, Daffney asked Crowbar if she looked fat in her outfit. On the other end of the building, Torrie Wilson finished up in makeup, now fully prepared for the upcoming mixed tag team match.

Backstage, The Cat warned Billy Kidman not to interfere in the next match. The commissioner told Kidman that if he didn’t, he could have a match against Lance Storm.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson d. Crowbar and Daffney

The Franchise said that Torrie was not a wrestler and nobody was going to lay a hand on her. Crowbar and Daffney charged to the ring, taking control from the start. Wilson didn’t want to get in with Daffney, but after a slap to the face, Torrie tagged in. The girls had a brief catfight before Douglas and Crowbar re-entered. Soon, the ladies were in again, briefly tangling until Shane made the tag on Torrie’s backside. Daffney kicked him low, delivered a jawbreaker and scurried to the corner to make the tag again. The match ended when Douglas used his “Franchiser” on Crowbar for the win. After the bout, Douglas applied his finisher again, this time on the defenseless Daffney.

Backstage, Booker told The Cat that he wanted Rick Steiner in the ring. Miller told the champ that Mike Awesome already beat him to the punch and would face the Dog-Faced Gremlin on the show.

Mike Tenay Interview: Scott Steiner with Midajah
In an interview conducted on Tuesday, Scott Steiner immediately took exception to Mike Tenay’s line of questioning. As Midajah looked on, Steiner continued to get fired up as Mike asked him about Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. When Tenay asked Big Poppa if he was out of control, Steiner scolded Mike for calling his Frankensteiner a huracanrana. Scotty said that Goldberg was to stupid to get into Michigan, but it was a good thing because he would have gotten his ass kicked ten years ago. As Mike asked about Steiner’s childhood, Big Poppa Pump lost it, choking Tenay on the couch before Midajah talked him into letting go.

Backstage, The Cat once again took down the Jung Dragons with his karate expertise.

Billy Kidman d. Lance Storm

Billy jumped Storm as he walked down the aisle. Once inside, Lance took over, placing a metal chair into the corner of the ring. Kidman’s highflying moves went head to head against Storm’s mat wrestling, as both men looked to gain the advantage. Billy was sent headfirst into the chair in the corner, but kicked out after a two count. After a face jam, Kidman scored the pin on Storm for the win.

Outside, Buff Bagwell arrived at the arena with his mother, Judy. Kanyon met Judy at the car, telling her he would walk her inside as he winked at the camera.

After a commercial, the medics and Buff surrounded Judy, as she lay motionless on the concrete outside the building.

Mike Awesome d. Rick Steiner

As Rick bragged to the fans on the mic, Awesome charged the ring, getting the fight underway. Steiner turned the tide, pounding down on the upper body of The Career Killer. The DFG threw a pair of release German suplexes, but Awesome survived and gave it right back to the All American from Detroit. When Rick was distracted and looked to the outside, Awesome rolled him up for the 1-2-3 surprise win. Booker T ran in, getting some well deserved revenge on the older Steiner brother.

Jeff Jarrett d. Positively Kanyon

Booker joined his brother Stevie, Tony and Bobby at the announcer’s table for the main event. Neither competitor was going to win a popularity contest with the Charleston crowd, but Jarrett and Kanyon were too focused on the important match to be distracted by the fans. DDK, posing in front of Booker and Ray at the table, gave Jarrett time to recover and move in from behind. They fought on the floor, bringing chairs and the ringside guardrail into the mix. The Chosen One went for a piledriver, but Kanyon reversed it into a slingshot Tiger Driver. The brick loaded book and guitar both entered the match, and as the referee struggled with the six-stringer, DDK used the lethal literature to flatten Jarrett. All hell broke loose as Jeff provoked Booker and Stevie into a fight at the ringside table on one side, and Buff Bagwell jumped Kanyon on the other. With both athletes back in the ring, Jarrett applied the Stroke for the victory.

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