WCW Thunder 7/5/2000

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WCW Thunder
Columbus, Georgia
July 5, 2000

With only four days till the Bash At The Beach, Jeff Jarrett had a big obstacle ahead of him in the form of Booker T. Mike Awesome did nothing but infuriate Big Poppa Pump with his actions, and Crowbar put David Flair on the spot, forcing him to confess his sins to the gothic princess, Daffney.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and The Cat argued over who had the greatest accomplishments. Miller told The Chosen One that he was booking the champion later in the show.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett bragged about single handedly taking out Standards and Practices with a guitar shot. The WCW Champion said he didn’t want to wait until the Bash, he wanted to retire Hulk Hogan on Thunder. The Cat came to the stage and said he was going to put on a karate demonstration and booked a tag team match pitting Chris Kanyon and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas against Buff Bagwell and Booker T. The winner of the fall would face Jarrett in the Thunder main event.

As the announcers intro’d the show, Tony Schiavone stated that WCW had banned Bill Goldberg and Kevin Nash from Thunder in Columbus.

From earlier in the day, as “The Event” Chuck Palumbo and “PerfectShawn” Stasiak entered two tanning beds backstage. Disgruntled production worker Woody Pierce wrapped steel cables around the beds, trapping them inside.

Backstage, another man fell victim to the “Kanyon Cutter.”

Four-Corners Match
Lance Storm d. Billy Kidman and Disco Inferno and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Disco and Rey attacked Storm before Kidman could even make it to the ring. Once things calmed down, DI and Mysterio forced Storm and Kidman to face off, as both Animals refused to tag into the contest. Rey and Disco got their cheap shots in from the apron, before tagging in while the fan favorites were down. As Rey went for the Bronco Buster, Storm raised his foot, sending Mysterio squealing in pain. Several near falls soon followed as each team tried to score the pinfall on the other. In the end, Lance Storm rolled Disco up into the rolling crab submission hold for the win.

Mean Gene Interview: Buff Bagwell and Booker T
Buff Bagwell wished Booker good luck in the all-important tag team match later in the show. Booker read off the chapters in his new book, Kanyon’s Greatest Hits, saying that DDK will “crap himself like a baby” at the Bash.

Backstage, the tag team champions were bright red as they were let out of the beds, and told that Woody was behind the “Perfect Event” barbecue.

Karate Demonstration
The Cat vs. The Jung Dragons

The Cat called the Jung Dragons to the ring as part of his karate demo. The Dragons went to work on the commissioner before Miller slid out of the ring, reminding them that it was only a demonstration. Back in the ring, Cat used some cheap shots to send the Dragons to the mat, before calling the event off. He told the crowd to give the youngsters a hand, as he danced away to his theme music.

Outside in the production truck, Palumbo and Stasiak challenged Woody to a fight. Pierce told the champions to be ready and to bring an army.

Backstage, The Cat paid off the Dragons for participating in the demonstration.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Big Vito d. The Demon

Vito pounded on the coffin of the Demon in the back, demanding him to come out and fight. The painted one appeared from behind, showing Vito that he could be just as hardcore as the Mamaluke. They fought into the arena and through the ropes, where a trashcan of weapons waited. The Hardcore Champion set a piece of plywood on the top turnbuckle, but was sent through it head first by The Demon. As Torborg kept control in the ring, Vampiro made his way down the aisle with a shovel. The dark angel entered and slammed the shovel across Demon’s back, leaving him easy pickings for Vito. After the bout, Vamp took Demon by the hair and warned him that it would be over, come Sunday at the PPV.

Mean Gene Interview: Mike Awesome
Awesome showed doctored videotape of his countout win over Big Poppa Pump from Nitro. The poorly cut tape showed clips of Scott outside the ring, even though on Monday, he wasn’t even in the building. Gene caller the Career Killer a mullet as he walked away.

Backstage, Kanyon and The Franchise talked over strategy for their tag team match, with both men wanting to gain the pinfall and move on to the WCW title shot.

Brian Adams and Woody Pierce d. “PerfectShawn” Stasiak and “The Event” Chuck Palumbo

The tag team champions looked like two lobsters as they stood in the ring, waiting for Woody. Pierce came out and brought his army, Brian Adams from Kronic to be his partner. As “The Perfect Event” went for a double suplex attempt, Woody came from behind with a double slap to their backs, sending them reeling in pain. Adams disposed of Palumbo before Adams and Pierce delivered the High Time for the victory.

Backstage, Big Vito attacked Terry Funk as he was entering the arena. Vito then left the building, bragging about the attack.

Booker T and Buff Bagwell d. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and “Positively” Kanyon

Jeff Jarrett watched on a monitor from the back as the bout got underway. Booker sent Kanyon to the mat over and over, showing how much he wanted the title match. Shane got a cheap shot in on Buff, but refused to tag Kanyon when he extended the hand. The Franchise called to be tagged in when Bagwell was totally out, but DDK refused to comply. Douglas and Buff fought to the outside as Booker scored the pin over Kanyon, moving on to the main event against The Chosen One.

Backstage, General Rection gave the battle plan to the troops.

Backstage, Crowbar arrived to the arena, still in obvious pain from the attack at the hands of Mike Awesome on Nitro. Moments later, Daffney arrived to the building.

Backstage, Mike Awesome entered Rick Steiner’s dressing room and sprayed something on the Dog-Faced Gremlin’s sunglasses.

The Juice and Tygress d. Lieutenant Loco and Major Gunns

Loco and Juvi fired things up at the start before the ladies tagged into the action. When The Juice tagged back into the match, Gunns kicked him low, sending him back to the corner, where he brought Tygress back in. Soon, all control was lost in the ring as all four joined in the battle. As the referee attended to a fallen Gunns, Juvi slammed the Cruiserweight title into Loco’s head, scoring the pin and putting him in the driver’s seat on the way to the Bash.

Backstage, Rick Steiner put his sunglasses on and immediately removed them, flushing his eyes in the sink as he screamed for help.

Mean Gene Interview: Booker T
T told Gene that even know he had no idea coming into the arena that he would be facing the world champion, he was prepared to take the gold from Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay Interview: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
In an interview conducted on July 4th, Mike Tenay went to the Duggan home for an emotional question and answer session. Hacksaw said that he suffered two cracked ribs in the attack by Goldberg last week on Monday Nitro. Duggan said that WCW is just an extension of society today, where there are good and bad people. He told the fans that they helped him through the hardest times of his life, and there was no way he was bailing out on them now. He ended by saying that WCW and its fans had not seen the last of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

Backstage, Crowbar attacked David Flair as he smooched with Ms. Hancock in the dressing room.

Mean Gene Interview: Jeff Jarrett
The WCW Champion told Mean Gene that he would defeat Booker T and go on to put Hulk Hogan to pasture at the Bash.

Backstage, Rick Steiner told trainer, Danny Young that he knew who injured his eyes and would get him, sight or no sight.

Crowbar d. David Flair

Crowbar threw Flair down the aisle and into the ring, getting the impromptu match underway. Hancock came out with the lead pipe, sliding it into the ring for David to use as leverage. Hancock entered and attempted to use the pipe on Crowbar, but was stopped by the ref. Daffney came in and the ladies had a showdown, taking it to the arena floor. Crowbar delivered the Mindbender on Flair, scoring the 1-2-3 for the victory. After the bell, Crowbar held Flair, threatening him with bodily harm if he didn’t tell Daffney the truth. Flair blamed the haircutting on Hancock, but did admit to messing around. Humiliated, Daffney ran to the back, with Crowbar on her heels to console her.

Backstage, Ms. Hancock feigned a knee injury to trainer Danny Young. When David arrived in the back, she denied the injury, prompting Flair to attack Young and shave his head.

“Career Killer” Mike Awesome d. Rick Steiner

Awesome took advantage of Steiner’s weakness, powering him around the ring. The career Killer introduced a table into the ring, but was sent into it himself, courtesy of the Dog faced Gremlin. As Rick approached with a chair, Awesome sprayed a substance into his eyes, gaining a cheap victory.

WCW World Title match
Disqualification – Booker T d. Jeff Jarrett

Booker looked ready to take the world title, gaining the upper hand on the champion. The veteran Jarrett fought back however, slapping the figure four on the man from Harlem. Both men crashed to the mat, as T threw a clothesline in the center of the ring. Booker got a two-count after a Harlem sidekick, but missed a big move and went to the floor. Kanyon delivered a Kanyon Cutter on the floor and rolled T back in, where Jarrett scored the three-count. The Cat came out and restarted the match, telling Kanyon to take a hike. Booker grabbed Jarrett and threw him back into the ring, getting his second chance at gold. As Charles Robinson was knocked to the floor, The Cat removed his shirt and slid in for a two-and-a-half count. Jarrett got the guitar and blasted the commissioner, before walking out with the championship belt. Billy Silverman entered and called for the bell, awarding the match to Booker, via disqualification.

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