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WCW Nitro 5/18/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 5/18/98

Nitro is only an hour this week. Hopefully they do not try and cram a copious amount of changes down our throats. The PPV was surprisingly good, and hopefully that continues with the follow up. I have stated this numerous times but WCW has a lot going for it and there is no need to make wholesale changes except perhaps push some different talent and make some better booking decisions. The random heel turns are just mindboggling. I will admit that heel Bret is far more interesting than face Bret but it was a bit sudden; then again he had not done a damn thing for nearly three months, just collecting a paycheck. The Giant is baffling too but if you look back he has turned so many damn times, and often randomly with both WWE and WCW that you need to know Calculus to count and a PH’D to understand why. Anyway, Nitro got a 2.5 while RAW got a 5.5.

Bischoff is in the middle of the ring sitting on his Harley. He is declaring himself king. He is looking back at the past 100 weeks he realizes that right now his TV record is 100-2 and his wrestling career is 2-0 as he beat Zybzcko and Vince McMahon. He wanted to do it in the ring but he realizes that will not happen. He repeats he did all he could do. He has to look to the future, a record better than Goldberg’s and he thanks everyone for the greatest night of his life.

Match 1: Saturn v. Psychosis

Saturn goes off with a series of kicks and punches. Psychosis comes out of the corner and takes him down. Now he unloads some chops, places him up top but is shoved up and Saturn leaps right into a dropkick. Saturn is up top again and is knocked off and Psychosis dives into him. Saturn is rolled back into the ring but he catches Psychosis and flips him backyards and then kicks him square in the head with Glacier’s move and now the Death Valley Diver and he gets quite the pop when he finishes him with the Rings.

** Not sure how long it will last but Saturn is fun to watch and he is getting over.

Piper has come out and Gene is in the ring. Piper has a lot of things on his mind. He is upset and being a ref is the worst job; he was pushed around and Liz has acid for saliva. He still thinks it was Savage who hit him and wants him to come out right now. Savage comes out to quite the pop and states that what happened does not sit too well to him. Piper responds that he is not the guy who apologizes. But he saw the footage and stumbles over Hogan being a bald-headed reptile; he did not know that it was Bret and Hogan who interfered. Piper is changing his decision. The fans boo. It is Bret Hart and he does not like that as he claims he won that match right in the middle. Savage needed an excuse and he got one. Savage is inviting him down right now to finish what he started. Bret starts down but proclaims it is 2 on 1 and he has beaten up two before and Hogan stops him. He states that they have bitten off more than they can chew. Hogan heard them call him names and he and Bret could take them on at the GAB as a team. Piper though wants them now and Hogan acts tough and heads to the ring but allows EB to hold him back.

Gene is with Dean and the latter is forgiving him for what he said. Dean is happy with the Cruiserweight. He is tired of Chris’ pompous attitude and he did his best to get over, and when he spoke about Boris that was a bridge too far and he will wish he never brought up his father.

Now they show Chris throwing an absolute fit in the back claiming that this is not right and that he should be the champ. He hucks things around as flips!

Match 2: Damian v. Juventud Guerrera

Juve goes on the offensive with kicks and chops until he misses in the corner. He is clotheslined, and now the go back and forth and Juve springs off of Damien and kicks him to the floor. He slides to the floor only to be sent into the steps. Damien is on the apron and leaps into him. Back inside the ring both men are crotched up top and Damien picks him up from the top and gives him a type of musclebuster and Juve gets his shoulder up and the fans start a Juve chant! He hits the Juve Driver and Damien kicks out. Juve fucks up the 450 but then hits an elbow and pins him for the win.

*** Minus the fuck up still decent.

Match 3: Goldberg (c) v. Glacier for WCW US Title

Goldberg apparently challenged Karl Malone. Glacier gets fucking pummeled and then clotheslined; he is tossed over and then choked out. Glacier wallows in the corner and Goldberg unleashes some knee shots as the fans chant. Glacier is whipped into the corner and kicks at him but his leg is caught and now Glacier hits an enzuguri but Goldber is up and when Glacier nips up he is speared! Goldberg holds the Jackhammer for a week and the spikes him for the win.

*** Impressive. Please God do not have Glacier feud with Saturn.

Gene is with DDP. Gene asks him about the match last night and DDP quotes Dick Murdoch. He does because he loves it and because the fans jack him up. He now has his sights on the gold and he has not forgotten the last 15 months and he is connecting the dots for Hogan and then does the Bang!

Here comes Hogan and crew. Hogan prances around with the belt. According to EB Hogan has some important things to say, and Hogan talks about being the supreme power in wrestling. After last night if there was ever a doubt that he would be alone like Nash claimed was proven false because greatness always follows Hogan. There is no doubt now about the power of Hollywood and essentially the Gospel of the nWo and the Commandment….(He said Demandment) is that he took Nash’s best friend and introduces Hall. EB calls out Sting and then entices him to come out with repeated quasi-tauntings. He comes out and the Giant is there, Sting turns and spits on him and the Giant wallops him and then chokes him out. Here comes Nash with a metal rod grinning at the Giant and then bends towards a downed Sting……

****1/2 Okay one may think dude you are an idiot to rank this so high or you are drunk! Well, you are right on both counts. I am not three sheets to the wind but when I watch WCW or WWF a little sauced it is fucking great while TNA and WWE only slightly improve. For a one hour show this was great. Yes, more wrestling could have been shown but they covered all the bases: Cruiserweights, Saturn, DDP, Savage and Bret, Goldberg and the nWo v. Wolfpac. Funny how the NBA preempts but gets maybe half the ratings! Anyway they have not explained enough for my tastes yet but still the show did the job in continuing the angles. It started off on an arrogant but fun note and continued at a fast paced; nothing stood out as being out of place and overall was a damn fine show.

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