WCW Thunder 5/15/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 5/15/98

On my Nitro intro I meant to say that there was no Thunder the previous week. Anyway we should get some fallout from Nitro, and hopefully some decent explanation as to what the hell is going on. And not some half-assed explanation either.
They show an nWo style ad with Bischoff once again challenging Vince to a fight….I do not have the DVD and of course it is Copyrighted. Not sure why. Honestly when they do this there are still hundreds of other clips that can be found of the same incident. It just proves why Vince is a douche and how much I despise monopolies.

They are giving us a look at Eddie Guerrero and they are speaking with family members.

Match 1: Chavo v. Reese

Eddie states that his family wanted him to go a bit easier on him. Therefore being the good Uncle that he is he has decided to pick an easier opponent; they are evenly matched, same size and weight and probably the same wrestling skill. Eddie calls out Reese! And then he wants Chavo to stop embarrassing the family and pleads with him to defeat him.

Right at the bell Chavo goes after him with a few kicks but Reese puts a stop to that by chucking him across the ring.He bodyslams him and then sends him into the corner, Reese misses and is staggered with a springboard kick. Chavo goes up top and Eddie distracts him, and Reese catches him by the throat and spikes him for the win.

* Squash. But it does have a purpose.

Eddie is shoving Chavo who finally pushes him back right into the waiting arms of the Ultimo Dragon who puts him in the Sleeper. Chavo just leaves.

Recap of DDP and Raven.

Finally….that was nearly ten minutes. Raven is in the ring with the riot police and challenges Page. DDP comes out of the crowd and with the bullrope and he leaps over them and into Raven. The police attack with their clubs and hold DDP for Raven who gives him the Evenflow and chokes him out with rope. Or actually hangs him by it.

Match 2: Kaos v. Fit Finley (c) for WCW TV Title

They lock up and Fit drives him back into the corner. The ref calls for a break and Fit gives Kaos a parting shot to the head. They lock up again and Fit snaps him over, and after some back and forth Kaos slams him. Fit is pulled off the ropes and slammed. However, he retaliates with a slam and he jump stomps him. Fit drags him by the hair towards the apron and drills him with an elbow. Fit bodyslams him and then strikes with a Vader Bomb getting a two count. He is slowly picking him apart; another snap and then jumps on him getting another two count. Now another bodyslams, but Kaos gets his foot up on the leap, and he gets a two count after a dropkick. Kaos follows up with a gutwrench and gets another two count. Fit though puts an end to that with a shot to the head. Fit whips him into the corner and eats all post. They end up on the floor and Fit has him up but Rage comes in and kicks him and then whips him into Kaos for a clothesline. Rage dumps him back into the ring and Fit is sent into the corner but Kaos runs into a boot and then crushed with a forward roll slam, and the Tombstone finishes it.

**1/2 Nice to see Fit get a two week push.

Sweet Lord, they are advertising an animated film for WB, I think it is called Flesh for Camelot….not sure but they have some creature from the film passing out shirts.

Match 3: Sick Boy v. Goldberg (c) for WCW US Title

Goldberg has a gauntlet match against the Flock at the PPV. Sick Boy hammers him with kicks and punches. He snaps him over and chops the shoulder blades. He applies a nerve hold, and Goldberg slowly powers to his feet. He is up and flips him over his back but is dropkicked. Sick Boy leaps back out of the corner with a back elbow but he is grabbed and slammed and then gorilla slammed. He spears him and now the Jackhammer.

** Squash.

Flock eyed him and now Riggs attacks from behind but he is pulled over his back and power slammed. He holds Riggs and dares the rest to enter and they do not.

Poor Saturn, he is going to have to feud with Glacier who is trying to lay claim to the Cryonic Kick and Saturn mocks his entrance and the fact that it is a common move: Saturn deserves better.

Match 4: Chris Adams v. Saturn

Kidman has the mic and tells us how Saturn is going to beat Adams. Meanwhile Hammer is trying to get to Saturn but is held back by security. They tussle for a bit, exchanging arm holds and headlocks. Saturn gets to the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Adams puts him back into the headlock and he punches him a few times and then kills him with an enzuguri, dropping Saturn like a rock. Saturn is then back suplexed and Adams gets a one count. He slams him and then goes up top only to miss the splash, Saturn slams him back with a belly to back. Kidman tosses him a chair, and Saturn sets it up and he springs off of it and dropkicks Adams. He sits in the chair asking for and getting some crowd support. He springs off again and almost muffs knocking him to the floor. Adams gets on the apron and sunset flips in but it is only for a one count. Saturn unleashes some swift kicks to the gut. Adams makes a comeback but then misses the leap as Saturn sagged against the ropes. Saturn waits for him to get up and sidekicks him in the head and then finishes him with the Death Valley Driver.

**1/2 Nice to see Saturn get a win….fucking Glacier? Seriously?

Match 5: Rage v. Chris Benoit

Rage puts him in a side headlock, and knocks him around for a bit and after a bodyslam gets a two count. He puts him in a half crab. Benoit is sent into the ropes sternum first and then picked up and run upside down into the opposite corner. Rage whips him again and Rage runs into a boot but he shoves down Benoit and goes up top and takes three hours and misses the splash. Benoit takes his time but he connects with the diving headbutt. Rage recovers but is grabbed and put in the Crossface. He taps.

*1/2 Not that good.

Here comes Bischoff and he takes a sign that states McMahon fears Bischoff….Yeah right. I would put my money on Roid Boy for that one. EB is in the ring and wonders if it is ironic and he knows everyone was watching Nitro when EB issued the challenge. EB claims that Vince whined about the challenge and he sent a letter from his attorney. He is going to read it and EB hypes up the PPV part when the lawyer mentioned it. Vince will not be appearing at the PPV and EB has no authority to suggest he show up, and EB laughs and claims he stated that Vince did not have the guts. The letter continued and Vince is a valuable employee at Titan and is responsible for the highest ratings ever for the WWF. EB mocks that and claims the boys in the WWF must be happy about that. EB does not think he has the guts and the attorney states that too, the invitation remains open. He will have the arena surrounded by security and they will escort him to his own private dressing room….Tony wants to blow EB right now. He is gushing. Oh and this was not Copyrighted?

Match 6: Outsiders (c) v. Public Enemy

Nash comes out and points at the entrance and then keeps going sans Hall. Nash was in the back….starts that way a lot. Nash mocks EB and Hogan for showing an Outsiders promo and then not allowing him to come out. They deem him too dangerous for TV but he will be that PPV and there is nothing they can do about it. Nash then tries a PG DX thing by claiming he is really sexy and has a lot of meat….on his bones. He then calls out his partner: Dusty Rhodes. He has the mic and talks about what a tangled web we weave with EB and Hogan. Hall will be at the PPV so tonight he will stand in counsel with the best looking man in the game: Kevin Nash.

This takes awhile and we get the typical Nash offense with some boring chants!! Fuck yeah. He uses his boot to choke him out and it is elbow time. He whips Rock into the ropes and side slams him and Grunge makes the save on the cover. More using the boot to choke him out. He misses the boot and is hung up on the ropes and now PE doubleteam him with a double suplex and Rhodes grabs an ankle and beats up Grunge as Rock runs into the big boot and is powerbombed. He tags in Dusty who drops the elbow for the win.

* For Dusty….poor PE.

Match 7: Randy Savage v. Sting

Right as Sting gets in the ring Savage is right there with a sledge and he hammers him but Sting has had enough and drops him with one blow. Now it is Sting’s turn and he pounds him; he strikes with a big elbow drop but Savage rakes the eyes, and tosses him to the floor. Savage goes out after him and punches him in the head a few times but Sting blocks the blow to the railing and gives it to Savage. He actually connects with a Stinger Splash on the rail! Not much of one but it connected. Back in the ring Sting works him over in the corner but misses the Stinger Splash, however he back elbows him off the rebound only to be nutted and tossed to the floor. Bret Hart comes down with a chair and Savage belts him and drops him on the chair. Savage goes up top for the elbow but the Giant gets in the ring and in the way…..Savage leaps and is caught and is put in a bearhug. Nash comes down with a chair and belts him with it a few times and now Sting has a chair and does it to Nash. Giant has the mic and Sting is probably wondering what he is thinking. Giant made a decision and they will probably win the belts at the PPV and then on Monday Sting will have a decision to make and the Giant hands him a Black and White shirt. Sting has not set it down yet and backs into the corner and the Giant leaves as Luger gets up on the apron and implores Sting not to do it….

*1/2 Essentially angle advancement.

**1/2 Really just a set up for the PPV and that is fine. They gave some of the midcarders some time. The Giant did not do any explaining but I will admit they teased a lot for the PPV: Vince and Bischoff, Giant and Sting and Hall coming back. This promo from EB was better because he had an actual letter and that was classic and Vince should know better….I love the tit for tat attempts to sue. Fairly classic. I still do not like the direction but hopefully I am wrong and there will be more good than bad….

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