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WCW Nitro 6/8/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 6/8/98

See bottom: I started late last night and I just combined it down below.

Michael Buffer is starting the show trying to get the crowd fired up. Hogan comes out with Rodman in tow. EB is there too and he feels the love as he introduces Hogan and Rodzilla. Hogan states that he is the man as he has the belt. He dares anyone from WCW, double dares the Wolfpac and triple dog dares Piper and his skirt and then that wimp Savage to come out and try anything. Hogan loved how Rodman tossed Malone around. Rodman has the mic and he just states hey over and over and some more and wants to talk but waves the mic around. He tells the crowd that this is his home and won his first title here and so they have to love him. He keeps saying right over and over and EB screams he needs to tell the fans to bite him. Hogan yells that there will be no stopping nWo Hollywood as he has Rodman, the Disciple and the man with the brains and Ted’s money. They all need to jump back across the tracks as the nWo is for life.

Tenay asks fans in line before the show about Sting in the nWo and they love it and want DDP to join too.

Here comes the Wolfpac and Nash talks about Detroit and could talk all night but has some business to attend to. He congratulates Luger for doing a good job recruiting and he has something to say to DDP. About five years ago he was about to walk out of the business because he was not getting a break. DDP helped him out and he has a choice to make tonight and the vote was almost unanimous. But there is a home in the Wolfpac for him, two years ago he DC’ed Hall instead of joining the Black and White and in retrospect that was a smart move. But how can he turn down being a part of the Dream Team as the Wolfpac is where it is at and he will make the right decision. He now turns to Hogan who interrupts with a hey yo and tells Nash he is lying and needs to pack his bags and leave, Nash’s mic is cut. He and Rod with Bret are at the control stage and Hogan states that they are where it is at. Rod unleashes some pyro, and Hogan makes fun of their rap and then turns off the lights and that is exactly how Hogan likes to see them, not at all. He has Rod turn the lights back on. Hogan calls himself the man and the pecking order has been decided and they are taking over the world. Hogan tells Rod to go to a commercial in order to have people buy something.

Konnan is all fired up and tells JJ to do something about it. JJ is trying but declares it his problem and Konnan agrees and states the Wolfpac will indeed do something about it.

Match 1: Jerry Flynn v. Yuji Nagata

Damn that was one long intro, a half hour in and we are getting to the first match but at least the promos were solid.

Flynn starts off with a few kicks to the gut, but Yuji fires back only to be suplexed. Flynn follows up with a clothesline and Flynn goes after the ankle but Yuji grabs the ropes. They go back and forth for a bit as the fan get restless and Flynn spikes him with a DDT and he keeps after him with more kicks. Yuji counters with a jawbreaker but is put in a cross armbreaker but Yuji gets to the ropes again. Flynn goes after Onoo, and is grabbed and destroyed with a German suplex and then put in a sort of legbreaker and he taps.

** 1/2 Actually not that bad.

Schiavone calls out Jericho who claims to have a letter from Ted Turner who praises him and Jane says hi too. He enjoys fishing in Canada too. The circumstances at the PPV were not by the book therefore Malenko should not be the champion. However your incessant whining sickens me so Dean will remain champ. Your insignificant loophole will be forgotten like your wrestling career, and Jericho acts like he is crying as he reads it and uses the letter to wipe tears!

Match 2: Reese and Horace v. Juventud Guerrera and Hammer

Horace tags in Reese and Juve hits him with a seated senton and with help by Hammer this takes him down. The heels retreat to the floor, and Juve leaps on top of them and is caught but Hammer leaps too and all go down. Hammer and Horace are in the ring and Hammer is taken down via a fireman’s carry. Horace works over the arm but Hammer takes him down and slams him. Juve gets the tag and he springboards on top of him. Runs over and pops Reese. He goes back to Horace, pounds him in the corner until he is clotheslined. Horace slams him and he gets a two count. Juve reaches for Hammer but cannot get there but he awkwardly rolls up Horace for a two count but gets flattened with a lariat. Horace slams him, drops the leg and puts him in a rear chinlock. Juve finally gets in some offense, takes down Horace, gets two and makes the tag. Hammer takes on both Reese and Horace and it takes some time but he finally gets Reese down with a flying clothesline. Horace and Hammer are brawling on the floor as Reese chokeslams Juve and finishes him off.

**1/2 Not bad for a midcard match that will probably not go anywhere.

Rodman and Hogan are with a bunch of ladies and they are partying. Rodman is rubbing a girl. Hogan is not happy about having to pay Nash’s fines from the powerbomb and he will collect. Hogan tells a girl to be quiet and talks about a lawsuit. EB says something about Nash being the second name in Hollywood and that he made his bed and will be sleeping in it. Hogan and Rodzilla giggle and Hogan declares this worth missing practice over. CLASSIC!

Schiavone is with JJ Dillon. He is discussing the Thunder match and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding it. The titles were not on the line. The winner of the match at the PPV between Sting and the Giant can choose their partner and be tag champs….complicated!

Match 3: Scott Putski v. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie is tossed around and suplexed. Eddie though comes back and takes down Putski. He chops him in the corner a few times, snaps him over and low kicks him in the back getting two. He puts him in an ab stretch. Eddie gets his head absolutelty smashed with a German suplex, Scott crawls over and gets two. Eddie then shoves him head first into the corner, nails him with a slingshot headbutt. Scott reverses a whip and then kind of powerbombs/spinebusts him. He launches him straight up and down goes Eddie and then he is gorilla slammed and he tries again but Eddie floats behind and he puts him in a sleeper. Scott breaks the hold but is dropkicked in the back of the knees and now works them over. Chavo comes down and Eddie skedaddles and now Chavo and Scott are jawing and Chavo suckerpunches him and Eddie continues to back off.

*** Fuck it, I enjoyed that match.

Nash and K-Dog in the back. Nash is acting Gangsta, and actually talking about Skeezer and Dom (Perignon). If Hogan needs the money so badly he will cut him a check from his shirts sold. He mocks his “brah” about wanting his money and about how Hogan is obsessed with his skinny legs but something else is not skinny. He and Konnan giggle like girls.

EB and the Giant are in the crowd with the ladies and EB is rambling about being near his hometown and partying. He states that the Giant has not ate for four days and is ready. Giant is whining about Sting again but does proclaim that he is upset and that he is going to squash him like a gnat, pulling his limbs apart.

Tony calls out Konnan and out comes Curt and Rude. Rude yells that Goldberg fears defeat, and while he has been a steamroller up to now the three of them refuse to be a part of the pavement; they will do whatever it takes, force him to run out of gas etc. Curt is upset about his injury and claims that while Goldberg is good he is no Curt and it may not be this PPV but by the next he will put a blemish on his record. Konnan states he will defeat him and bring the belt back to the Wolfpac. The Goldberg chants when on throughout….piped in?

Match 3: Booker T v. Chris Benoit

They push each other as they size one another up. Booker grabs him and faceplants him but is grabbed and put in a hammerlock. Booker struggles to his feet, misses the sidekick and both size one another up again. They lock up and switch around and Booker has him in a hammerlock. Benoit tries to hammer free but is picked up and dropped. Benoit backs into the corner to keep Booker at bay. Benoit kicks him and it is test of strength time and Booker pushes him down but Benoit bridges up but this time the sidekick connects. Benoit retreats to the floor, gets back into the ring is run over and nearly pinned. Booker has the arm, kicks him and then hits a great suplex getting another two count and still has the arm. Off the whip, Benoit ducks down and grabs the ropes and Booker bounces off them. Benoit stomps on him, drops him with a knee lift. Benoit suplexes him him and Booker falls to the floor, gets back and he is run over and Benoit gets a two count. He follows up with a snap suplex for another two count. Benoit pounds him in the corner, takes him down and gets two more. Benoit gets yet another two count after a backbreaker. Benoit goes up top and hits the headbutt! He is hurting too and rolls away and here comes Stevie Ray as Benoit beats on Booker some more with some stomps. Ray is yelling at Booker to get up as the ref pushes Benoit back. Ray grabs and yells at Booker, Benoit goes out, rolls him back and the fire off on one another but Benoit hits the German and gets a near fall. Booker takes him down and it is spinebuster time! Booker pancakes him and then spins to his feet but is thrust into the corner and stomped on some more. Benoit pulls him up and kicks him and stomps him and just beats the shit out of him. Booker floats over, rolls him up and gets the win!

**** A bit sudden but awesome match.

Benoit is pissed and goes after him until Ray throws him down and checks on Booker.

Bret, looking uncomfortable is with Hogan on a couch. Hogan is acting like Savage and then makes fun of Konnan telling him not to drop the bar of soap. Bret is sipping on some beer and giggling at Hogan’s jokes. Hogan is hyping up their match at the PPV and how it was a mistake for Savage joining Piper and then leaving the nWo. What Hogan giveth he can taketh way. Liz comes in and kisses both Bret and Hogan and Hogan tells Savage that he used to stick it to her but now he is running wild on her!

Match 4: Fit Finley (c) v. Norman Smiley for WCW TV Title

Fit has him in a side headlock, and squeezes the head and Norman punches free but is kicked. Norman drops him with a dropkick and has the arm. They go back and forth, exchanging holds until Fit drives his forearm into his face in an STF type move. Norman gets up, knocked down and then his face is slammed into the side of the ring. He tosses him to the floor, goes out after him but Norman gets in some moves until his eyes are poked (They are back in the ring) and the fans are doing the fucking wave! Fit has him in an armhold. Norman pounds him in the corner, twists the arm but is sent into the corner where Norman runs into boot but he back drops a charging Fit who backs into the ropes and he is pulled out by the legs. Fit though grabs him and finishes him with the Tombstone!

*** Another solid match.

Schiavone is in the ring and Sting is coming out. He tells him that they have not spoken in some time and the Giant had spoken earlier. Sting gives a giant Woooo and says that is an official Wolfpac welcome. He does not want the Giant’s big mouth run a check that his big fat a…booty, after an dramatic pause, can cash. Sting goes over his career, and he makes fun of the Giant and tells him he is out of shape and needs to stop it with the girls and smoking. Sting has been around long enough to be cocky and he owns the Giant! He thanks Tony and is done.

Now it is Piper time! Tony asks about Bret and Hogan who are sitting in a luxury box. Piper hypes the Red Wings. He brings up Barry Sanders too….I think this is his last year too! He makes a Red Wings reference again as that is how Hart and Hogan will feel afterwards. Now to Rodman and he wants him to take the plaid off as there are no green-haired Scotsman. He also burns his girlfriends with his cigars and asks if he has gotten some mail yet. He talks about how nuts Savage is and here he comes. He wonders if it is going to be Jekyll or Hyde. Savage grins. Piper does not know why he has to fight a tag match and then Savage but that is the way it will be. Savage responds that he does not really know him, and Piper agrees and that no one knows him. Savage is not having a great day and he is not a mark and buying that Piper is his friend. Piper will team with him and winning the match but after that Savage’s ass is his. He makes some rhyme about Baltimore, where the PPV is, and Savage counters that seeing they are in Motown they should just do it tonight. Hogan starts yelling “girls” over and over and he he cannot handle a catfight with a couple of sissies tonight. Hogan is where it is at and he giveth and taketh away. Hogan is happy that EB made all this happen and he is the guiding light. Hogan gives us Liz! She comes up grinning and sits in EB’s lap and they awkwardly make out. I mean that looked really gross! I threw up in my mouth a bit…jealous though. Savage has the mic and he is going to tell them something and Hogan interrupts calling him Mr. Viagra and that he could not get the job done. Savage got over Liz a long time ago. He will never get over Hogan and he is damn sure not over Piper and belts him! Hogan and company laugh their asses off. Piper is up and he clocks Savage! Savage has a chair as they fade to a commercial….

Match 6: Disco Inferno v. Dean Malenko (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Dean looks like he is on a mission coming down. He stomps a hole in Disco. Takes him down again and goes for his finisher but Disco gets to the ropes. He is kicked some more and popped in the jaw too. Disco is whipped into the corner, hits the boot though and he drops Dean and fuck, that was a close call! Dean just gets the arm up. Disco slams him, drops the elbow for two and hits an inverted atomic drop. But Disco is grabbed and he cannot escape and put in the Cloverleaf and he taps.

** Nice squash for Dean.

Hogan is back with the ladies again. He has a surprise as power comes in a lot of forms. He made wrestling what it is and everyone wants to become a wrestler now and he is going to bodyslam Hollywood. They go to a black and white video and he is with Scotty Steiner. He is introducing him to Hollywood. At least Carl Weathers is there….back to Hogan and the ladies and he opens the door for his friends. Jesus this long and Steiner comes in and he and Hogan profess their love for another.

Match 7: Chavo Guerrero v. Goldberg (c) for WCW Title

Chavo charges him and he is goozled and tossed. Chavo goes after the leg but is caught again and tossed back across the ring! Chavo is gorilla slammed, after being held forever! He is speared! Eddie is loving it and it is Jackhammer time and over.

** I know Chavo needs to lose but come on, give him some offense. Christ they gave Barry Darsow a lot of offense!

Wolfpac time! They are all in the ring. Nash has the mic, and he knows DDP is going to make the right decision. He holds up a Red and Black shirt. Here he comes! He is at the top of the ramp and Tony is there and he wants to know what DDP’s response is. DDP is happy that Nash got off the Black and White Express as it reminded him of the old times on the road; he is happy for him to take Konnan with him. Also, with Savage and Hennig four of the best. Lex and Sting were surprising and he is cannot believe that he is going to make this decision. Hogan and Rodman blindside him from behind with a chair and they blast the hell out of him before being chased off…belatedly. Wolfpac checks on DDP as we fade…..

****1/2 Damn near a perfect show. Fuck, the so called pundits who claim WCW was on the decline here. It has its ups and downs but it has not happened yet. Sure there are some issues, booking problems and so on. However, they have responded to the challenge of the WWF. Yes, Ric should not be sued but he did miss bookings. Giant and Bret and Sting should not have turned so quick but Bret is getting more air time and Sting is still great and had an awesome promo. They brought out the big guns, long promos and solid wrestling to try and counter RAW, a taped RAW and an inferior one and still lost, barely…..4.3 to 4.2 and this has to be disappointing but they should not panic. They have a lot of TV to fill but they can certainly keep up the fast paced angles, solid wrestling and great promos. Had there been a legit main event this may have been five stars. Hogan had some oomph, we got Goldberg, Eddie and Jericho. Benoit and Booker had a great match. Wolfpac had great promos and even Rodman, who fucking skipped practice for the NBA Finals to be here! I mean that is fucking radical. I will respect him forever for that; he cannot wrestle but that was bad ass! Easily one of the best Nitro’s in some time and hopefully that continues and they are heading into a PPV and we will see if they step up to the plate.

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