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WCW Thunder 6/18/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 6/18/98

Match 1: Mike Enos v. Steve McMichael

Enos goes right to work on Mongo’s hand, which was broken by Davey Boy, who has disappeared but hopefully a SEAL team is looking for him. Enos takes him to the floor, bashes the hand against the steps and then slams him. Mongo is rolled back into the ring. Mongo comes back and clobbers him in the head and then clips him. He goes for the Tombstone but Enos counters and runs him into the corner. He gets a two count after slamming him. He drops the leg but this fires up Mongo who clubs him with giant blows, kicks him in the head and this time he hits the Tombstone.

*1/2 Overlong squash.

Raven is in the ring complaining about Saturn and how he could not do his bidding. He then dared laid his hands on him and this is unforgivable. Here comes Saturn who yells that Raven let him down and states he is on his own and of course turns his back and the Flock attacks. Saturn fights back and knocks him to the floor and now Kanyon comes out and pops Raven and now after a struggle he and Saturn destroy the Flock. He and Saturn get nose to nose like puppies and Saturn departs.

Match 2: Brad Armstrong v. Fit Finley

They size each other up. Fit has him in a headlock, takes him over and then reapplies it and switches to a nerve hold. Fit is sent into the ropes where he is powerslammed. Fit is taken down again and nearly pinned and then put in an armbar. Fit is up, and takes him down and then jaws with the fans. Fit finally goes back after him and snaps him over, and puts him in a rear chinlock. He drops an elbow and applies a nerve hold. Brad gets up but is bodyslammed and then crushed with a Vader Bomb. Fit goes up again but Brad leaps to his feet, has him over his shoulders and falls backwards. Fit though comes back and finishes him with the Tombstone.


Match 3: Disco Inferno v. Giant

Disco has the mic and chastises the Giant for smoking and tells him it stunts his growth. Giant blows smoke in his face. Disco attacks but gets decleated with a clothesline. Giant flings him into the corner and boots his head off. Disco is chokeslammed and then with a cigarette dangling Giant pins him.

** Squash.

Schiavone is with Dean Malenko. Tony tells Dean he has been anything but the Iceman. Dean agrees and that he will do whatever it takes to find him and beat him. He is going to do everything in his power to get the belt off his waist and give it to someone who will wear it with pride.

Match 4: Tenzan and Chono v. Bulldog and Jim Neidhart

The heels dominate from the start and Jim is tossed to the floor as Davey gets run over. Now Davey makes a comeback and the heels retreat to the floor. Chono goes after Neidhart’s knees and Tenzan gets the tag and punches him in the head numerous times. Chono is tagged in again and he goes over and hits Davey and now they doubleteam Jim. Davey gets the hot the tag and unloads on both and Tenzan is powerslammed and Davey and the ref wait for a slow Chono to use the belt and the match is tossed.

** Nice to see the SEALS found them.

Davey and Jim clear them out.

Schiavone is with Rick Rude who warns Goldberg. Curt is in Minnesota being trained. Goldberg is getting soft and rich. He is sucking up to the fans as Curt trains and prepares with his 3000 victories. Random chants of Goldberg start and stop.

Match 5: Alex Wright v. Konnan

Wright takes charge, slams him and then goes up top and leaps on him foot first. He does a dance while stomping on Konnan. Wright whips him into the corner then bodyslams him. He slingshots into the ring but eats all knees and now Konnan takes charge with a bit clothesline. Konnan snaps him over and then low kicks him. Rude is on the mic and mocking K-Dog and calls him Mexican Hairless in all sorts of dog references. He asks if Konnan wants a piece of the White and Black and that he is not a man. Wright takes advantage and hammers him and after a dropkick he gets two. Konnan ducks and then hooks him with a big bulldog and he only gets two. Konnan takes him down and wraps him up for the win.

** Okay.

Match 6: Chris Benoit v. Eddie Guerrero

Benoit stomps a hole in him, and a chop sends Eddie reeling and then snap suplexes him. Eddie comes back, drops him and he gets two after a suplex. He pulls up Benoit, kicks him in the ribs again and then uses the ropes to scissor him over and ties him up getting a near fall. Benoit reverses a whip and clotheslines Eddie but the latter is up first and goes after the knee. Benoit frees himself and hits two German suplexes, goes up top and misses the diving headbutt. Eddie positions him and goes up top only to miss the Frog Splash. Benoit goes for the suplex but Eddie floats over only to be grabbed and taken down and put in the Crossface where he taps.

**1/2 They have had better, and poor Eddie, though it is angle advancement.

Chavo comes down and has a mic and taunts Eddie telling him to get his head up. Chavo tells a story about dogs. Eddie grabs the mic from him and tells Chavo that he got his day and Grandma is happy and then leaves with Chavo still yelling that Eddie is a trooper and to keep his head up.

Match 7: Lodi and Sick Boy v. Public Enemy

A random weapons match and PE gets some air time as they are in Philly. They are battering one another. Rock is sent over the railing and gets back over, tosses some objects into the ring but gets walloped with a stick. Now Rock gets hit with a toilet seat and Grunge gets hammered too. But Sick Boy has a trash can put over his head and hit. It is Riggs and not Lodi. PE crotches both with a hockey stick. But Riggs runs over and drops Rock and then he gets face planted into a trash can. Sick Boy covers Rock for two as Grunge beats on Riggs on the floor. Rock takes out Sick Boy with a garbage can. Rock smothers Sick Boy with the plunger but gets his eyes raked and is knocked to the floor. All get back in the ring and the heels hit first with the can. Riggs tosses it at Grunge and dropkicks it and him, and Sick Boy goes up top and leaps right into a trash lid and Riggs is tossed to the floor. Sick Boy is placed on the double stacked table and Rock is tossed on top of him. Rock rolls him back in and pins him.

*** It was fun.

Match 8: Reese v. Goldberg (c) for WCW US Title

The fans freak out when Goldberg comes out and the announcers gush that they have never seen anything like him before. Goldberg attacks and Horace is on the apron with a stop sign and Goldberg headbutts it right back into him. Reese vertically suplexes him but Goldberg hops right back up and spears him and finishes him with the Jackhammer.

** Squash.

**1/2 Strictly by the numbers. Basically it was there to set up Nitro and the Karl Malone signing and the PPV. With 5 hours of TV time you can hardly blame them but it would be nice to include longer and better matches.

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