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WCW Thunder 7/2/1998

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WCW Thunder
July 2, 1998

Thunder first starts off by show highlights and talking about the Hogan/Rodman and Diamond Dallas Page Malone feud.

Chris Jericho vs. “Fake” Rey Mysterio Jr.

He says that Dean Malenko is afraid of him. He also said that he doesn’t deserve to be the number 1 contender. He then introduces his opponenet, Rey Mysterio Jr. Someone comes down, but it isn’t Rey Mysterio. It is about a 4 foot man wearing a Rey Mysterio Jr. mask. Jericho says that if Rey beats him, he will be the number 1 contender and he will face him at Bash At The Beach. This match was all Jericho until Jericho pinned Rey for a two count and then rolled Rey on top of him for the three. After the match, Jericho says that Rey Mysterio Jr. would get the title shot at Bash At The Beach and not Dean Malenko. Winner: “Fake” Rey Mysterio Jr.

The Giant Interview:
Basically all that he said was the red and black were a bunch of sissies and Goldberg and Kevin Green didn’t have a chance against him and Curt Hennig.

Doc Dean vs. Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray came down to some mixed reactions and he got the match started right away. After he got in the first cheap shot in, he had the match won. He then put him in the Pedigree. After the match, Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes down with his horse and says Harlem Heat have had some family problems. Winner: Stevie Ray.

Public Enemy vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and British Bulldog
Before the match, Disco and Alex Wright come down to the ring. P.E. challenges them to a Dancing contest. Mostly boos for Disco and Wright, and a lot of cheers for P.E. While P.E. were dancing, they attacked Disco and Wright. The match between P.E. and Bulldog and Anvil finally got under way. This is exactly what you should have expected. The match didn’t last very long, but it ended with Disco and Wright interfering and costing both teams the match. Winners: No Contest.

J.J. Dillion announces that Hollywood Hogan would be defending his title on Monday Nitro against Bill Goldberg.

Kidman with Lodi vs. Saturn

This was a match that you would expect. Saturn started off strong and was in complete control. However, Lodi was able to distract Saturn long enough to get Kidman the advantage. This match then was all Kidman until he made one mistake in which Saturn was able to apply the Death Valley Driver. After the match, Saturn challenged Raven to a match at Bash At The Beach. Winner: Saturn.

They showed a taped interview with Steve “Mongo” McMichael. They then showed clips from last Thursday’s Thunder.

Bobby Blaze vs. Brian Adams with Vincent

This match was all Brain Adams. Vincent helped out when he could, but he didn’t need to do much. Adams then delivered an “On The Shoulder BackBreaker” to finish him off. Winner: Brian Adams.

Raven Interview:
He starts off by saying that he accecpts Saturn’s challenge. He said that Saturn has never beaten him. He then talked a little about Kanyon. He says he will leave him alone until he finishes with Saturn. “Quote The Raven, Nevermore.”

Fit Finley vs. Booker T.

This was Fit Finley’s chance to get some revenge on Booker T. Finley started off real strong with cheap shots and very powerful manuevers. Booker T. was able to gain the advange and was able to deliver the Axe Kick and then “Raise The Roof” and put him away for the three count with the Missle Drop Kick. Winner: Booker T.

After the match, Tony Schivaone grabbed a word with Booker T. He said that he would prove that Bret Hart is not “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.” He also said that Bret Hart was running scared and at Bash At The Beach, he would have no wear to run. Stevie Ray then comes out and says the same type of things that he has said on past Thunders and Nitros.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. Interview:
He said be very, very, quite, I’m hunting Eddie’s. He came out with a cardboard box and a toy bow and arrow. He sets up the box as a trap and a barito for bait. He starts chanting “Here Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.” On the side of the box it said “Acme Eddie Trap.” Eddie then comes out and hides on the other side of the ring. Chavo checks under the box and he is not there. Eddie then comes from behind him and attacked him. Eddie cut some scissors and cut off part of his hair. Some assistance comes out and restraines Eddie.

Kanyon vs. Konnan

This was basically a technical match. Many close pinfalls with a lot of submission moves. At the beginning of the match, it was back and forth, but Konnan finally was able to gain the upper hand. He then lost the upper hand to Kanyon. It went like this through the entire match. Lodi, Kidman, Scotty Riggs, and Sick Boy all circled the ring during the match. Raven then Even Flowed Kanyon while Konnan and the ref had their backs turned. After the match, The Flock attacked Kanyon. Konnan went in to help. Then out came Luger, and The Flock immediately left the ring. Winner: Konnan.

After the Kanyon/Konnan match, Luger took the microphone and called out The Giant. The nWo Hollywood music began to play and The Giant walked out. They then made me mad by cutting to a commercial.

Lex Luger vs. The Giant

Luger attacked The Giant early by hitting him before he even got in the ring. Luger tried knocking the big man down, but The Giant gave him a boot to the face. The Giant then splashed him. The Giant had the control most of match with Lex Luger getting in an offensive move every now and then until losing the advantage right back to The Giant. Lex then somehow gains the advantage and calls for “The Rack.” nWo Hollywood hits the ring, which brings out Konnan. Then, for some reason, The Flock hits the ring. All three groups battle it out. The show ends there.

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