WCW Thunder 7/8/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 7/8/98

A Wednesday Edition.

Match 1: Cat v. Villano IV

Villano attacks him right at the bell. He hammers him for a bit until Cat gets two after a sunset flip. Cat kicks him in the head and Villano V runs in and rolls him up for two. Cat kicks both men, one off the apron and V gets bodyslammed and the Cat goes up and hits his finisher and it is over.

** Decent, fast paced opener.

Tony Schiavone calls out Eddie Guerrero who had cut some hair off of Chavo and a challenge had been made. Eddie was happy to see Goldberg win the strap but on that note Uncle Eddie is going to get it together. He took Chavo under his wing to make him better but Chavo went crazy. Eddie goes loco and screams about going bald and no one likes bald people and he is doing it because he loves Chavo.

Schiavone is now in the ring and calls down DDP. Before DDP gets into it about his purported opponent Curt Hennig; he says that it is a shoot when he claims he is proud of Goldberg. DDP stumbles over his words and wants to talk about Rodman and Hogan and then does not and goes to Malone who has been training and hitting the ropes. Rodman has not apparently. Now to Hollywood Scum Hogan who is having the worst week of his life, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. He continues that he and Malone will win and no talk about Hennig.

Match 2: Juventud Guerrera v. Japanese Dude

Juve after some give and go is arm dragged and then kicked in the corner and chopped for good measure. Judosowa I think, he runs into a double boot and Juve headscissors him over and Judo retreats to the floor and Juve leaps out on top of him. Juve rolls him back into the ring and when he rolls in he is greeted with a series of stomps and Judo gets two after a Vader Bomb. Judo is whipped into the ropes and Juve is sent to the apron where he slingshot kicks him. Kidman has come down to ringside as Juve is tossed back and he lands on his feet and Juve gives him two Drivers! It is over.

**1/2 Nice back and forth match.

Now the Flock enters the ring and Kidman destroys him.

Schiavone is with Mongo. Mongo wants to bring back the Horsemen and he has seen the fire that burns in Arn. Mongo wants a tape rolled and it is some past Arn interviews. It was Fall Brawl 1995 where Arn battled Flair and Mongo brags about how AA stepped outside of Ric’s shadow and Mongo wants him to think about it.

Thunder shows us a long preview of Something About Mary!

Stevie Ray comes down and has a mic and proclaims he is okay and it is his brother who has the problem. I mean Ray cannot remember what to fucking say. He slurs out that he is dedicating his match to Booker who is facing Bret Hart at the PPV. Ray is taking on Konnan and finally gets his groove when he makes fun of Konnan.

Match 3: Stevie Ray v. Konnan

Konnan gets quite the reception when he comes out. He speaks on this…..He is going to get his grind on with Ray and is all up in his face. Ray beats him up. He tosses him around and then slams him but misses the elbow drop and Konnan goes on the offensive and he clotheslines Ray and gets two after a bulldog. He double seated dropkicks him to the floor. Konnan heads out after him and eats a big boot and then Ray smashes a chair over his head and the match is tossed out. He has a chair and Booker stops him from using it further.

*1/2 Konnan still gets no love.

Booker and Bret promo for Bash.

Curt is with Vincent and he does not want to wrestle Page. He wants something done about it and is on the phone trying to figure that out.

Match 4: Raven v. Saturn

I am off my game it is Horace who is taking him on and Horace is getting worked over. Wait it is a tag match FUCK! It is Kanyon with Saturn against Raven and Horace. Kanyon gets the tag and runs over Horace and then heads out after Raven and pounds him until he is stopped by Horace with a suicide dive. Kanyon is knocked to the floor and then given a side Russian leg sweep into the railing from Raven! He rolls him back in and gets two. Horace is tagged in and he bodyslams Kanyon, goes up top and connects with a splash getting two. He put him in a chinlock. Kanyon is up and flapjacks Horace and here comes Saturn and he destroys both heels. He hurracaranas Horace and now the brawl is on the floor and Raven is pounding on Kanyon, or vice-versa actually, and Lodi tosses powder into the face of Saturn who was up top getting ready to leap on Raven. Kanyon is placed on the table and Saturn leaps into him and it does not break! Kanyon is rolled into the ring and pinned.

*** Pretty Good.

Match 5: Rick Fuller v. Steve McMichael

Mongo is trying to get crowd support and it is not really working. Fuller fights back and Mongo screams with each hit. Mongo fights back but is dropped and choked out. Fuller slams him. This is going on far too long as Fuller takes a month going up top and is crotched and then the Tombstone finally finishes it.

* Lame.

Chris Jericho is in the ring and he is not very happy because he is not going to wrestle for the crowd because of Dean’s unexcusable and violent attack on Monday. They and he were robbed of a great match. After he beats Ultimo Dragon tonight there will be no credible challengers and he calls out Jo Jo and then warns him that he is a bad mamajama. He will show up at the PPV and dance or sing for the fans because he would never let the fans down.

Match 6: Chris Jericho (c) v. Ultimo Dragon for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They lock up, go back and forth, and Dragon sends him to the floor with a spinkick. Dragon leaps out on top of him. Dragon gets in the ring and gets snap suplexed and the dropped throat first onto the top rope. Dragon is hooked into the corner and Jericho dropkicks him. Jericho prances around and then gives hi a backbreaker that he holds in. He lets him up and then chops him a few times. Dragon is backdropped but lands on his feet and he strikes with a series of kicks. Jericho counters with a German into a bridge for two. Jericho slams him and then heads upstairs but is crotched. Dragon climbs up after him but he is grabbed for a superplex but Dragon counters with a front suplex off the top rope, rolls up Chris and gets two. But Jericho is up quickly and gets two after a backbreaker. Dragon muffs the moonsault but is still able to grab Jericho and put him in the Dragon Sleeper but Jericho gets to the ropes. Jericho now has him and goes for the Liontamer but Dragon kicks free and rolls him up twice for near falls. Jericho goes for a powerbomb but Dragon lands on his feet but Jericho is able to get him in the Tamer and it is over.

***1/2 Fun match. There really is not much left for Jericho to do.

More Kevin Greene? FUCK!! He too sucks up to Goldberg for winning the title. Greene talks about training and taking on the Giant.

Match 7: DDP v. Curt Hennig

A happy Curt comes out with some papers. Due to his match at the PPV he is under no obligation to face DDP tonight. DDP is not too happy. Curt attacks him anyway with some help from Vincent. DDP kicks Curt off and then gives Vincent a Diamond Cutter. Hennig slowly leaves the ring and cue Goldberg’s music. The pyro hits and they are out of time.

NR Not a main event but it sets up the PPV.

In fact that is what the entire show did and that is what it was for.

*** WCW really hyped the shit out of Bash at the Beach we will see if it pays off.

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