WCW Thunder 8/20/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 8/20/98

Match 1: Psychosis v. Juventud Guerrera (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Okay, I was busy but watching the first 3-4 minutes of the match. Not bad so far and they have gone back and forth with Juve getting a near fall after a flying crossbody. Now he slams and clotheslines Psychosis and goes up top again and leaps into Psychosis headscissoring him over and he only gets two. Psychosis reverses a whip but runs into a boot. Juve loses his balance up top and crotches himself. Psychosis climbs up after him and gets on his shoulders and then leaps off powerbombing him! But Juve is able to kick out.


Psychosis is still in command and he spikes Juve and instead of coverin him he delays and then nonchalantly does so and only gets two. Juve lands on his feet after a release German and Psychosis turns into a Juve Driver and it is over.

*** Solid action.

Gene is with Stevie Ray and talks about Ray buying dinner with his power of attorney and Ray tells him not to get smart.

Highlights of Warrior.

Match 2: Jim Duggan v. Barry Darsow

Okay, busy again, but seriously this match is nothing special and neither will ever do anything…..it has been a back and forth match and Darsow has been getting in some offense as the announcers ignore the match and discuss Warrior and the PPV. Duggan mounts and pounds him in the corner. Duggan finishes him off…..


Some Fall Brawl flashbacks.

Bret Hart is with Gene. They are discussing War Games. Gene wants to know who the third man is for Hollywood’s team. Bret will not divulge who it is and will not do so until it is time. Gene turns to the title shot in October. Bret, to his credit, hypes up the US belt and then focuses on how great being champ is. He mocks Bill Goldberg and knows he can beat him. Gene tells him that he likes to be called Goldberg and Bret tells him to shut up!

Oh darn I Fast Forwarded past Mongo’s interview. He wants revenge a year later against Curt Hennig whom he has lost too numerous times.

Match 3: Brian Adams v. Dean Malenko

Dean takes him down and works over the arm. Dean tries to whip him but cannot and is clotheslined. Now Adams works over the arm. Dean counters with a jawbreaker but is given a backbreaker and nearly pinned. Adams tosses him to the floor and Vincent hammers him. He gets back into the ring and is nailed with a big boot and then he turns a press slam into a gutbuster. Adams misses the elbow drop and after a few shots Malenko eats a headbutt. Dean leaps up top and then leaps into the waiting arms of Adams but he turns a bearhug into a great DDT. Vincent is trying to distract the ref and this allows Hennig to run in and blindside Dean and Adams finishes him off.

** Dean needs a win.

A shit load of recapping.

Match 4: Saturn v. Horace v. Raven v. Kanyon

Horace slams Saturn and the runs him over in the corner. Saturn smacks him with open palms sending him to the other corner. He kicks Horace a few times and then kicks him in the jaw. This is a four corners match. Kanyon gets popped and now he and Horace are in with Kanyon clubbing him after Horace telegraphs the backdrop. Kanyon strikes with a swinging neckbreaker and turns it into a cradle for two. Raven gets the tag and he and Horace lock up with Raven poking the eyes. They go back and forth. Kanyon gets the tag and he runs over Raven but is tripped up by Horace. Now Raven pounds him and tags in Horace who bodyslams Kanyon and after an elbow drop he gets two. Saturn is tagged in by Raven and they stare at each other. Kanyon rolls him up for two but gets suplexed for his troubles. Horace is tagged in by Saturn and he is promptly suplexed by Kanyon. Horace counters and gets a near fall but Saturn makes the save and Horace has the stop sign again and Horace accidentally belts Raven and then decides he does not care and both Kanyon and Raven are down. Kanyon at nine places his arm over Raven and gets a near fall. The crowd is getting fired up. Both crawl to Saturn and he refuses the tag from Raven and tags himself in by smacking Kanyon and unloads on Raven. He hits some belly to belly suplexes. He leaps off the top with a splash and gets a near fall. Saturn decks Kanyon and the ref calls it a tag, so he picks up Saturn and tosses him on Raven and gets two. He T Bones him for two more as Horace makes the save. Now he connects with the Flatliner but the Flock pulls him to the floor where they fight. Saturn suicide dives into Kanyon and they beat one another. Raven DDT’s Horace and gets the win.

*** Fun back and forth match, though the feud is never ending.

Giant is making fun of Ray and does not care what street he is from because the Giant is 500 pounds of attitude adjustment.

Match 5: Curt Hennig v. Steve McMichael

This match sucks. A bunch of headlocks and Curt is working over the knee. Holy shit a move: A neckbreaker courtesy of Mongo. He clips him a couple of times but runs into chair from Rude and the Plex is about to end it and Dean runs down and stops the pin. The match is tossed and Rude and Hennig beat up Malenko and now turn their focus to Mongo and double DDT him.


Match 6: Giant v. Stevie Ray

Giant is wearing jeans. Both men exchange armbars. FUCK I HATE SCHIAVONE. He does not shut the fuck up. EVER. Giant is taken down. Hall runs into the ring and gets decleated. But Ray turns into a chokeslam and now the nWo come down and taunt him and smack him around.

* Not sure where this is going or if I care.

**1/2 By the numbers show, nothing special…..time to move on.

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