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WCW Thunder 8/26/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 8/26/98

A Wednesday Edition.

Match 1: Wrath v. Scott Putski

Wrath takes care of business rather quickly.

*1/2 See where this leads I guess….probably nowhere.

Stevie Ray talks to Schiavone about loyalty and is happy to be a part of the nWo. He and the nWo are placing a bounty on the head of DDP.

Match 2: Mike Enos v. Some Random

Jesus, what is this….Enos strikes with a super fall away slam and gets a nice pop.


Match 3: Disco Inferno v. the Cat

Cat kicks Disco’s head off. Now the Cat is getting booed as he complains that WCW tried to make him a wrestler. He brags that he was a three time karate champ and no one can do anything about that.

Match 4: Konnan v. Silver King

Konnan’s headscissors sends King to the floor and after he gets back into the ring Konnan works over the knee. King lures him in and knocks him to the floor. King leaps on top of him and then rolls him back into the ring where he stomps on him. Konnan is whipped into the corner and dropped with a running kick. The fans get behind Konnan and he responds with a press slam. Konnan follows up with a rolling clothesline. He works him over for a bit and after a bulldog he finishes him with the Tequila Sunrise.

** Decent.

Rude and Hennig come down and taunt Konnan. The nWo are right behind him, and Konnan challenges them and they run into the ring and he leaves mocking them as he departs.

Schiavone is in the ring with DDP and DDP has a bounty on his head and the nWo want it tonight. DDP is not too worried and wonders why EB is fearful of the Warrior after all DDP brought in Malone and Leno. Therefore it is Hogan who is messing with Bischoff’s head. Now to Stevie Ray and he does not think so (getting him) and he is going to feel the Bang!

Match 5: Kaz Hayashi v. Evan Karagias

Sonny Onoo is watching and giving advice to Kaz as he picks his opponent apart. Kaz yells at him and turns into a suplex. Kaz is picked up and press slammed. Evan goes up top and leaps right into knees. Kaz goes up top and finishes him with a senton splash.

** Quick and fast paced.

Match 6: Lodi v. Saturn

Lodi blames Saturn for breaking his fingers, even though it was Raven. Lodi wants some retribution and challenges him with a match. Saturn tries to set him straight but Lodi will not listen and declares Raven bought him a fucking ducky….Lodi calls him scared and will leave the Flock if he loses. Saturn has to be his personal servant until the PPV. Saturn agrees and decleats him with a short armed clothesline. Saturn is destroying him and the rest of the Flock comes down and out goes Riggs. Here comes Raven. Saturn hits the Driver on Lodi but the ref is dealing with other matters. Raven runs in and he is flattened. Kanyon comes in and gives Saturn the Flatliner. Kanyon shakes Raven’s hand and places Lodi on top of Saturn and Kanyon makes the ref count.

*1/2 Angle advancement and it was Raven’s Rules and that is why there was no DQ and now Saturn has to be Lodi’s servant.

Match 7: Jim Neidhart v. Scott Norton

Neidhart is getting punished. Anvil cannot get him off his feet off a flying clothesline and gets powerbombed and it is over.

DUD. Brain has already forgotten the squash of Jim last month as he does not remember Neidhart ever manhandled like this before.

Match 8: Alex Wright v. Chris Jericho (c) for WCW TV Title

They lock up and Jericho whines that his hair was pulled. A fan tossed a drink so Jericho drinks it! They lock up again and Wright is shoved down and so retreats to the floor. After he regroups he gets back into the ring and he gets his arm worked over. They go back and forth until a lariat drops Jericho. Wright stomps on him and now the action heads to the floor. Jericho is whipped into the railing suplexed. Jericho fights back with some chops to the chest and now Wright is shoved into the railing and rolled back into the ring. Wright has recovered quickly and greets Jericho with some stomps. They go back and forth until Jericho is nearly pinned after an over the head suplex. Jericho comes right back and vertically suplexes him and he gets two. Jericho is sent to the floor, Wright misses the leap but stalks him nontheless and hammers Jericho. But now he is greeted with a knee to the head as he enters the ring. Jericho puts him in a reverse chinlock and ties him up. Wright is up but Jericho slams him and then struts around the ring after a lionsault. Wright pokes him in the eyes and the ref does not admonish him and Jericho is sent for the ride and whipped from pillar to post and nearly pins him after a backbreaker. Schiavone has mentioned that TV title matches are timed and it has been longer than ten minutes……Wright has him in a chinlock but Jericho counters with a back suplex. Jericho is up but is hit with a spinkick. Jericho ducks and misses the backbreaker but Wright sells it anyway. Jericho poses for the fans and is hotshotted off the top rope and he is given a backbreaker. Wright misses from the top rope and now they are just missing moves, so Jericho turns him into the Liontamer and it is over.

**1/2 Longer than the alotted time and a lot of missed moves. Still it was decent and Jericho needed a clean win.

Match 8: Curt Hennig v. Van Hammer

Hammer in another iteration of his character. Hennig is working over the leg. He Plexes him and it is over.

* Squash.

Match 9: Stevie Ray v. DDP

They finally lock up. Each work over the arm. Ray runs to the floor and DDP gives chase. As DDP gets back into the ring Vincent grabs his leg and Stevie takes advantage. He whips DDP into the corner and gives him a backbreaker. After a two count he uses the ropes to choke him out and Vincent lends a hand. Ray has him in a nerve hold, DDP gets free but is kneed. Stevie goes for the Slapjack but is backdropped. DDP follows up with a short armed clothesline and swinging neckbreaker. Vincent comes into the ring and gets the Diamond Cutter and for some reason the ref calls for the bell. Here comes the Giant. DDP is game but is about to get his ass kicked until Konnan grabs him and pulls him to safety.

** Vincent always interferes and they call a DQ? Oh well it is just angle advancement.

*1/2 A really disappointing Thunder. They are wise to save the big stuff for Nitro but it still could have been better, at least have some decent wrestling.

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