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WCW Thunder 9/10/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 9/10/98

Here comes Hollywood and company. EB calls the people in the ring the most beautiful people in the world and he welcomes everyone to his show. By the way, Hogan rules wrestling and all the top talent want to get in the ring with him. After the PPV he will get his belt back. All the plans for War Games are in place. He goes over the dynamics of the match and then Warrior will be gone for an eternity. Hogan calls Nash a greasy haired something. He is going to take him out. As for Bret Hart, Stevie Ray is protecting his back and he will take out Hart if necessary. The nWo is his insurance policy.

Match 1: Juventud Guerrera (c) v. Silver King for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They exchange shots in the corner; Juve lands on his feet off the backdrop attempt. But King pushes him off while dropkicking him. They are out on the floor and Juve tosses a chair and it is dropkicked back into him. King somersaults on top of him. The bell has been ringing sporadically and King has been DQ’d.

** I am really confused by the ending…..

Jo Jo is talking about Goldberg and now Konnan will face Hall at the PPV.

Anvil and Davey Boy are beating on someone in the back. Looks like Saturn. Security runs in to break it up. Nope it was Luger.

Match 2: Wrath v. Chris Jericho (c) for WCW TV Title

Jericho has his own personal security, two fat dudes and he is acting like Goldberg. He opens the door to a broom closet and he cannot find his way to the ring and plays along with it. Jericho goes outside and is locked out! He is screaming for the door to open. Now Wrath finally heads after him. Wrath kicks open the door and chases Jericho and it is a countout. I am not sure if that was the famous door opening incident with Jericho if it was I missed it but it was still classic.

Duggan is in the ring during a house show. He wants the crowd to bear with him as he has an announcement. He talks about carrying the flag and wrestling injured etc. However, he has cancer and will be going under the knife. He wants the fans to hold their children closer and say prayer for him and God willing he will come back. It is kidney cancer and that fucking sucks. Now I feel like an ass making fun of him…..the good news is that he beats it but will not be back for a year or so.

Kanyon makes fun of some jobber. He forces Saturn to come out with a Lodi Rules sign. Kanyon makes fun of him but realizes Lodi is not here and he is the only one that can control him. Saturn completely destroys him and breaks his thumb and tells him he has nine more to go. Raven comes out and tells the Flock to get him. Saturn warns him. Saturn gets blasted with a stop sign but then dismantles the Flock. He tells Saturn he wanted to save the Flock now he is out to just save himself.

Match 3: Steve McMichael v. Curt Hennig

This has become a typical Hennig match with him working over the knee. Mongo gets in some offense here and there but Hennig keeps after the knee. Mongo has had enough and picks him up slamming him. Now he clips the knee twice. Here comes Stevie Ray and Mongo is distracted and Curt wallops him and the match is tossed out. Ray knocks him out and now along with Buff they are going to take him out. Dean runs down and chases them off.

*1/2 Boring match.

Arn Anderson comes down with a board and the nWo leaves. Mongo is carted off on a gurney.

Schiavone is with AA who talks about being dragged back into it. He knows the message being is towards him and he tells the nWo to be careful what they wish for as they may just get it. He talks about reforming the Horsemen. Bischoff jogs down and tells Malenko he has no beef with him and hopes he got his check. EB tells AA that he cannot reform the Horsemen as it is up to Bischoff. He asks AA who he works for and AA is not giving him the answer he demands. EB brings out a book written by Arn and wants to know who gave him permission to write that book. He yells that the Horsemen did not make wrestling and pave the for the nWo. It is because of EB that all these fans are here and he is the one that made WCW the number one wrestling organization in the US if not the universe. The only way anyone will see the Horsemen is in a musuem. Flair is not coming back and AA chokes him out. After releasing him, EB finally sells it and cannot say benevolent! He is not a benevolent dictator, after three tries and still cannot get, but a benevolent boss. If he wants Flair back then on Nitro AA has to arm wrestle him, left handed. Arn is taken aback and agrees, and EB dances around flexing. Also, EB threatened to sue him like he did Flair.

Lodi is running out to the announce table and he is looking for Saturn. He is upset that Saturn tossed him in a river. He cannot find the rest of the Flock.

Match 4: British Bulldog v. Lex Luger

Luger goes off on both. It is a two on one. Jim is dropped with a back elbow and then bodyslammed. Luger follows up with an elbow drop. Davey gets the tag and he gets pounded in the corner and now an inverted atomic drop and Luger drops him with a right cross. Davey trips him into Neidhart who bites him and hammers him. Here comes Bret Hart. Luger is getting hammered as Bret gets in the ring. They lock at him, a bit baffled but they go back to Luger. Bret goes after them instead and Luger joins in. It is a tag match. Bret gets the tag and tears into the Anvil. He does the Bret offense with a Russian sweep and elbow drop. Luger hesitates but accepts the tag and it is Rack time. Bret knocks Davey down.

** Well, Jim and Davey are jobbers but it was nice to see them.

Luger and Bret shake.

Match 5: Konnan v. Disco Inferno

Disco wonders why they have not been asked to join the Wolfpac. He thinks they lost their number. Konnan does not roll with saps and tells them that they can toss the salad!

Wright shoves him and gets knocked to the floor. Now Disco is getting beat up. He finishes him with the Sunrise.

** Konnan deserves a squash and the promo was classic.

Cat interrupts an interview and beats them up…..earlier tonight. Norman Smiley squeaks, wondering what his trouble is and they are separated.

Hot Rod! The fans are thumping. Piper is hyping up the PPV. He talks about the Wolfpac and does not want DDP to tell him what to do. There is no such thing as a team and the locker room is like the Springer show. Page is up in the crowd and tells Piper to shut up. He never asked to be a part of the team and was asked because he earned it. He never asked Piper as he volunteered. Both wanted to bring in Warrior in to screw with Scum Hogan. Both want the title but someone is going to feel the Bang! Piper departs looking bitter.

Match 6: Rick Fuller v. Goldberg (c)

Fuller connects with a couple of blows until he is stopped in his tracks with a belly to belly suplex. Goldberg boots him. Spear. Hogan and the Disciple clock him from behind and send him into the corner. Goldberg leapfrogs Hulk and spears the Disciple! The ref somehow missed all this. Jackhammer and Fuller is done.

** Squash.

Match 7: Stevie Ray v. Kevin Nash

Ray hammers him in the corner but Nash returns the favor doing his typical offense. Ray counters with a boot to the face and he starts slugging away, battering him with fists and boots to the head. Vincent gets in a punch. Ray has him in a rear chinlock. Nash is up and punches free and now he connects with the big boot. Nash plants him with the jacknife. Vincent hits him from behind and Vincent gets his head torn off with a boot to the head. He is powerbombed. He goes back after Ray but Hall belts him from behind with a slapjack. Hall is busy taunting him and sprinkles in some stomps. Nash is trying to get to his feet but Hall winds up and drops him again.

*1/2 Stevie got in some offense but still looked like a chump but it sets up the return of Hall.

***1/2 Finally a decent Thunder; a solid go home show for the PPV and I sincerely hope that it lives up to its hype.

The nWo heads to the back, bragging about what they did and spraypainted on the wall is the Warrior oWn’s Hogan!

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