WCW Thunder 9/17/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 9/17/98

I guess the arm-wrestling match between EB and AA is tonight and not Monday. I had forgotten about that anyway.

Match 1: Bobby Eaton v. Wrath

Eaton gets demolished. Wrath is pretty good in the ring, has some mobility.

** Squash.

They show some highlights of the Horsemen with a classic Flair promo.

Match 2: Mike Enos v. Lenny Lane

Eaton is slapped so he responds by chucking him across the ring and holding him up for an hour in a gorilla press slam. Now Lenny comes back and sends him to the floor. He launches over the top and nails him. Back into the ring he gets two but is grabbed and powerslammed. and then placed over the top rope and a forearm sends him spinning to the canvas. They go back and forth until Enos finishes him off by spinning him over his head and dropping him for the win.

** Not that bad actually.

Gene is with Buff and Steiner. Gene is calling Buff deceitful and he denies that. Gene tells Scotty that Jo Jo set up a rematch at Havoc. Steiner responds that he is not worried as he beat him at Fall Brawl. Or beat him up, and he will do it again. He brags about his arms for a bit. Buff continues that he thought his neck was reinjured and that he will not be kept away from the ring. Scotty repeats himself some more about beating his brother at the PPV.

They reshow Jericho and his antics at Fall Brawl. Most of them anyway.

Match 3: Steve Armstrong v. Vincent

Steve starts strong but runs into a boot. Vincent gets a quick win.

* Who cares….but Vincent does have some skill.

The stupid ass Joker like cackling again. STUPID.

Match 4: Cat v. Rick Fuller

Cat talks about killing him and proceeds to do so.

*1/2 Squash that will go nowhere.

More classic Horsemen promos. Flair doing his thing.

Match 5: Curt Hennig v. Norman Smiley

They are going back and forth. Norman is actually getting in some offense. Curt retreats to the floor and is not happy with Norman showing him up. He gets back in and is knocked down but Hennig trips him up and works over the knee. Curt goes on a long offensive and wins.

** Norman got in some offense.

Hall is with Vincent and Ray in the ring doing a survey. nWo gets a pretty solid response. Now for the tricky part. Wolfpac got a fairly loud response. Black and White Express gets booed.

After the break Konnan and Nash come down to do their thing.

Match 6: Scott Hall and Stevie Ray v. Nash and Konnan

Ray has to help out an all of a sudden staggering Hall. Ray and Konnan dance around a bit and the former jaws with Nash. Ray turns and knocks Konnan around but he retaliates with a seated dropkick. Konnan works him over for a bit but Ray strikes back and bodyslams him. Hall gets the tag and he is immediately taken down and paintbrushed. Hall does the drunken thing and is put in a clutch. Hall is able to knock him down but staggers around is rolled up twice for near falls. Jesus this shit just gets old. Hall is dismantled and now it is becoming a cartoon. In any real situation he would be suspended for 30 days or fired. He puked on the boss and is back out the next airing….I know it is wrestling but it is still lame. It is not realistic. It is comedic without it being funny.

*1/2 Not sure what the point of this was. Hall was counted out. Nash is concerned. I need a drink.

Match 7: Arn Anderson v. EB in an arm wrestling match

They have a really long recap of the Horsemen reforming on Nitro. EB reminds AA that it is left handed. Now he backs off again and claims he stated it would not be him do to the wrestling but Buff. Buff mocks him about neck injuries and how he is left handed too. He will beat Dean too, who I just noticed is out there. Arn obliges and he claims he will have a tire iron in his hand the next time and Buff wins easily….

* Another lackluster Thunder. Why not have Arn be left-handed and win….then again I am sure everyone knows that Arn is right handed. Of course it sets up the heel being an ass and the Horsemen plotting revenge. More Hall shenanigans that are getting old and not much wrestling. Lame ass cackling and I wish I was drunk.

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