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WWF RAW 9/12/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WWF Saturday Night RAW 9/12/98

Match 1: Jeff Jarrett v. Edge

We get a strong start with this match. I have been paying attention but finished my Nitro write. They have been going at it for nearly four minutes. They have been going back and forth connecting with crossbodies and slams. JJ slams him but is rolled up and nearly pinned, however JJ leaps up and clotheslines him. JJ misses the dropkick as Edge grabs the ropes and he catapults JJ into the corner and gets two. JJ comes back with a vertical suplex and now he gets a two count. JJ puts him in a rear chinlock. Edge is up and he pancakes JJ and Southern Justice gives JJ the guitar and he breaks it over Edge’s head and is DQ’d.

*** Solid match.

Match 2: Bradshaw v. Droz

Bradshaw has been in control the entire match, hammering away but Droz connects with a powerslam only to be dropped to the floor. Droz is rolled back into the ring and whipped into the corner where he is sandwiched. Bradshaw misses the big boot and Droz pounds him in the corner. Droz clotheslines him but Bradshaw comes back with some clubbing blows. Droz knocks him down but is backdropped off the piledriver attempt. Bradshaw misses a wild shot and he is DDT’d. Droz nearly pins him and then gets in a football stance and gets another near fall after a clothesline. Droz kicks him in the corner and Bradshaw uses the ropes to pin him.

**1/2 Not bad.

Bradshaw clotheslines him after the match.

Match 3: Miguel Perez v. Marc Mero

Marc has been getting the worst of it. He head to the floor in order to receive encouragement from Jackie. He gets back in and they exchange hammerlocks. Jackie distracts Miguel and Mero pummels him in the corner. Perez is whipped into the opposing corner and Mero crashes into him with a lariat. Mero knocks him down with a running knee lift. Miguel comes back with three dropkicks and a standing moonsault. Miguel gets two after a DDT but right after is picked up and TKO’d.

** Mero’s first win in a long, long time.

Oh fucking joy ICP and the Oddities.

DoA is used to be being around freaks but they are usually women.

Match 4: Golga and Kurrgan v. DoA

Skull is getting double teamed and Golga stomps on him. The top rope has gone limp and down it goes. Golga is being tied up with it. ICP runs in and Shaggy 2 Dope is powerbombed!


Rock has come down. He has something to shar with all of his fans. The first line of business is the ladder match at SummerSlam. Rock did to him what he said he was going to do; he beat his candy ass from pillar to post for thirty minutes. When he saw him walk up the ladder and snatch the People’s belt with the People’s blood flowing from him that he realized that no matter what the Rock will be the People’s champ. Some people do not know their own damn role and that is Kane and the Undertaker. When the Rock stood before them and looked in their eyes he knee he was going to get his ass whooped and that was ass kicking he knew he had to take. If Kane thinks he can get away with a chokeslam then he is going to smacked and Rock will lay the smackdown on him.

Match 5: Too Much v. Southern Justice

Sorry got distracted. Too Much has actually got some offense in. Henry misses in the corner and Brian maekes the tag with Scotty dropkicking both men and Brian helps out. Brian leaps an out he goes and Taylor is finished.


Headbangers are talking about beating Henry and D’Lo up.

Match 6: D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry v. Headbangers

Both Headbangers are able to take down Henry and get a two count. Thrasher tries to suplex him but cannot so Mosh runs in and helps him out. Henry comes back and takes out Mosh. Brown gets the tag and he bodyslams him and then gives him a quick legdrop and goes up top and drills him with an elbow getting two. Mosh fires back but is knocked down. Mark Henry gets the tag but so does Thrasher and the Bangers doubleteam him and now fucking Chyna comes out and somehow tackles and beats up Henry.

** I cannot take Chyna beating up Henry seriously.

Match 7: DX v. Kaientai

Some long as introductions. DX has been dominating most of the match. Tao is being chopped at by HHH and bodyslams him. Road Dog comes in but he is double dropkicked and the suplexed. All four members of Kaientai run in and destroy Dog. They lay him down and Taka slide kicks him in the head. Now he is double back suplexed. Togo gets two after a splash from the top rope. Road Dog makes a comeback with a vicious clothesline and down goes Taka. X Pac is tagged in and Togo is hit in the head with a spinning heel kick. It is Bronco Buster time and now all eight are in the ring and Kaientai is sent to the floor but one and he is finished via a giant facebuster.

**1/2 Fast paced.

Chyna has Yamaguchi and punches one of Kaientai and then Yamaguchi gets hit too.

**1/2 Better than last week’s Saturday and for a shorter show they were wise to just have strict wrestling. Nothing much happened but overall it worked and Rock got a great promo and minor angles were advanced.


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