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TNA Impact 4/7/2011

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
April 7, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from the Cage Match last week and the return of Christopher Daniels. We then cut to the arena where Fortune’s music hits and Christopher Daniels leads Fortune out to the ring. They’re back to calling him simply “Daniels” again. A big “welcome back” chant breaks out directed at Daniels and he says he appreciates it but when he looks back at his relationship with TNA it’s been a little rocky. He says he’s been in and out of TNA it feels like there is a revolving door with his name on it. Daniels says that’s the wrestling business but in the end there is one thing more important to him than the business and that’s the friendships he’s made. He says 8 years ago he came to TNA and he made a friendship with a man he now calls a brother…AJ STYLES. He says he and AJ had their ups and downs but through it all they told each other they would have their backs no matter what, and in 8 years they kept that promise. He says that 3 weeks ago he was sitting at home and saw what Bully Ray did to his best friend and he realized it was time for him to come back to TNA. Daniels turns to Fortune and he offers his devotion to AJ to them right now. He says he’s begging them to allow him to be the 4th man in Lethal Lockdown at Lockdown! Before they can answer Immortal’s music hits.

Abyss, Ric Flair, Bully Ray, and Matt Hardy walk out to the ring. Ray screams at them “remember when I busted your face open with my chain?” Ric Flair picks up a microphone and says unfortunately this thing has gone on too long. He says they’ve past the point of no return but he doesn’t even know who Daniels is. Flair holds up his Hall of Fame ring and asks who Daniels thinks he is. Flair says he hopes AJ is laying at home right now and he can never walk again. Flair says this is pro wrestling and there isn’t any crying or kissing ass. Flair says Fortune sided with AJ instead of GOD and that ain’t good, and now they have a “fly by night” (Daniels) talking for them. Flair says he’s going to give Daniels one chance to walk out of the ring and out of TNA forever, because at Lethal Lockdown someone will get hurt and it isn’t Immortal. Flair says you can’t hurt him, he’s went down with airplanes and is still standing. Daniels says he appreciates Flair’s offer, mocking him calling him “God”, and then tells Flair he can take that offer and stick it up his ass! Daniels says no one wants to be in Lethal Lockdown more than him. Flair says he is GOD and Immortal have already decided Daniels doesn’t even have a contract in TNA so it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Flair tells him to hit the bricks because he isn’t getting a contract. Daniels says Ric thinks he’s GOD but he obviously doesn’t know everything. Daniels says that they may not want him there but the network does want him there and it seems like someone is one step ahead of all these idiots. Apparently Hulk Hogan didn’t like that as his music hits.

Hogan and Bischoff walk out onto the stage and Hogan says he runs TNA and he’s in charge. Hogan says he makes all the rules in TNA but he doesn’t have a problem with Daniels being on TV and if the network wants him on TV then fine. Hogan says if Daniels really wants a contract with TNA and the network wants him to have a contract than they will give him one. Hogan says as far as Lockdown goes he would love to see Daniels in Lethal Lockdown with his “3 stooges.” Hogan tells him not to forget that he is in charge and tonight he has to face Bully Ray. Ray says if Daniels had any brains he would have taken Flair’s advice and tucked his tale between his legs and walked out. Ray says Daniels doesn’t want any part of him because he’s the guy that crippled Daniels best friend. Ray says he’s the guy that Powerbombed AJ off the stage and if he wants to he’ll take Daniels and put him in a bed right next to AJ. Ray says he’ll give Daniels for having a little bit of balls but he has no brains. Ray says why Daniels would want to come back and get in the ring with him is beyond him and Ray says that he is the “baddest mother f-er on the block.” Ray says that he ends careers. He tells Daniels to do himself a favor and go back to California and put some more mascara on and maybe add a little lipstick and go watch Oprah. Daniels says if he was Ray he wouldn’t worry about the nail polish or the mascara until the guy wearing it starts beating his ass! Daniels then punches Ray and Immortal and Fortune are going at it! Fortune gets the better of Immortal and Immortal bails out of the ring. Security runs down and gets between the two groups as Ray goes nuts at ringside and Daniels talks trash to him.

In the back Mr. Anderson pulls out a laptop and starts to do something until he sees a letter on the desk addressed to him. It says “last week was just the trailer, tonight it’s showtime…your friend, Stinger!” Anderson mocks it and says he wishes Sting had sent him some flowers instead.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Hulk Hogan is pissed off in the back about the network going over his head again. Hogan says he smells a rat and says “they’re thinking like a wrestler.” Hogan tells Bischoff to fix things for him because he knows that side of the business better than Hogan. Bischoff said he agrees there’s something fishy going on and he’ll get to the bottom of it. Hogan notices the camera and slams the door on it.

Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia) w/Rosita & Sarita vs. Tommy Dreamer & Devon

Hernandez’s group has an official name now, Mexican America. They drop down the Mexican flag over the ring again as they do their entrance. Devon & Dreamer hit the ring and jump MA. Hernandez whips Dreamer into the corner and charges but Dreamer backdrops Hernandez over the top down to the floor! Devon then attempts to whip Anarquia into the ropes but he reverses it only to eat a Shoulder Block from Devon. Devon follows up with a Diving Headbutt for a nearfall. Devon tags in Dreamer and then whips Anarquia into the ropes and connects with a Drop Toe Hold followed by an Elbow Drop from Dreamer. Dreamer knocks Hernandez back out of the ring and then he connects with a Scoop Slam on Anarquia and tags Devon back in. Devon climbs up top and hits the Wassup Diving Headbutt off the top as we get a shot of the Spanish announce team now. Hernandez comes back in and jumps Devon & Dreamer. Dreamer and Anarquia spill out to the floor as Hernandez whips Devon into the ropes, but Devon comes off with a Thesz Press on Hernandez! Devon beats on Hernadnez with right hands as Anarquia whips Dreamer into the ring post on the outside. Devon sets up for a Reverse DDT in the ring but Rosita rolls in and Devon drops Hernandez and tells Roista to get out but then grabs her and kisses her. Sarita and Rosita try to go after him but the referee holds them back. Hernandez grabs Devon and whips him into the ropes where Anarquia nails him with a chair from the outside! Hernandez covers Devon and gets the pin!

Winners: Mexican America via pinfall (chair shot)

After the match Rosita & Sarita pull up the mats at ringside exposing the concrete floor. Hernandez & Anarquia stomp on Dreamer and then they put him up on the top rope. Hernandez then sets up for the Border Toss and he goes to actually Border Toss Dreamer over the top rope to the concrete! Matt Morgan runs out and makes the save for Dreamer as Hernandez drops Dreamer. Morgan takes Anarquia out and then Hernandez and Morgan come face to face. Anarquia comes from behind on Morgan but Morgan grabs him and Chokeslams him! Hernandez bails out and drags Anarquia out of the ring and Hernandez laughs at Morgan for not getting his hands on him.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Winter is chastising Angelina Love for agreeing to be Velvet Sky’s partner tonight and for apologizing to Velvet. She says Velvet doesn’t care about Angelina and Winter loves her and will always be there for her. Angelina is drinking out of the same cup as last week as she stares blankly.

Non-Title Match
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Murphy

Murphy is about to get murdered I do believe. Before the match The Pope walks out and joins commentary. He’s got his own blinged out microphone rather than wearing the headsets. Joe looks like he’s about to go after Pope but Murphy jumps Joe and knocks him out of the ring. Joe rolls back into the ring and Murphy stomps on him. Murphy kicks Joe in the face but Joe just goes nuts and catches Murphy with a disgusting Lariat and then Joe connects with a series of knees and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Joe chokes Murphy out and I hope Murphy enjoyed his TNA employment.

Winner: Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

After the match Joe chases Pope to the back.

We cut to Mr. Anderson in the back who finds another note addressed to him. This time it says “once an asshole, always an asshole. Lets finish things tonight.” And then Anderson screams “YES” and screams for Sting to come out of hiding and stop with the “love notes.”

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Great commercial for Lockdown highlighting some of the matches.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Mexican America (Rosita & Sarita) (c) vs. The Beautiful People

Velvet has to pretty much drag Angelina to the ring as she just stares into space. Velvet tries to get Angelina to “let the pigeons loose” but she just stands on the apron and stares. Sarita attacks Velvet and beats her down. Sarita attempts to whip Velvet into the ropes but Velvet reverses it and Sarita goes for a Springboard Cross Body, but Velvet ducks out of the way! Velvet follows up with a Basement Dropkick and Sarita tags in Rosita. Rosita goes for a clothesline but Velvet blocks it and connects with an Atomic Drop. Velvet follows up with a Bulldog and a couple of Facebusters over her knee and a clothesline. Tenay says that Daniels vs. Ray will now be a Lumberjack Match. Velvet reaches for a tag to Angelina but Angelina continue to just stare and Rosita gets away. Winter walks out onto the stage and Velvet screams at her. Winter does a breaking motion to Angelina and Angelina attacks Velvet. She beats the hell out of Velvet as Sarita & Rosita just watch in surprise. Angelina rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp as Rosita pins Velvet for the win.

Winners & STILL KO Tag Team Champs: Rosita & Sarita via pinfall

In the back Anderson is looking for Sting but walks up on Eric Young & Orlando Jordan instead. He asks if they know who Sting is and Young says he’s probably in the rafters. Jordan says, “Ken, I’m totally into your whole asshole thing.” Yeah, that was disturbing.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Anderson is looking for Anderson in the rafters holding a lead pipe. As Anderson looks around someone approaches him from behind and Anderson turns around. It’s RVD in a trench coat! He attacks Anderson and beats the snot out of him. RVD says “hey Kenny, know what time it is? It’s 4:20 buddy that means your about to get smoked!” and then he continues to beat the hell out of Anderson. RVD nails Anderson with some Knee Strikes and kicks and then he mocks Anderson asking him if it hurts. RVD tries to choke Anderson with a Head Scissors while talking trash to him the whole time. RVD nearly chokes Anderson completely out and then he picks up Anderson’s pipe and chokes him more with it! RVD is showing more intensity in this segment then he has in his entire career.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

A video package highlighting the Anderson-Sting-RVD drama. A replay of RVD whooping the assholes ass is shown.

Sting’s music hits and the World Champion makes his way out to the ring. I don’t know if I’m the only one that is noticing Sting is wearing different ring gear every week. He wore the Red & Block Wolfpac gear last week and this week he’s wearing the old school all black gear. He has a t-shirt on so I don’t know if it’s the one with the little scorpion on the front or not, definitely not the one with scorpions going down the side (he wore that 2 weeks ago). Oh yeah he’s switching up the face paint every week too, it looks cool this week. Not that a single bit of that matters. Sting calls RVD out and RVD doesn’t make him wait very long. Sting says he came back to TNA for one major reason and that is to stop Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff but somewhere along the way he’s been distracted with Anderson & RVD. Sting says he knows that he and RVD haven’t seen eye to eye since last year. RVD cuts him off and says “I wonder why that is.” RVD mentions Sting beating him with bats last year. Sting apologizes for beating him down last year and he says he made a mistake (thinking RVD was with Hogan & Bischoff). Sting says RVD needs to apologize to him for using him as a pawn in his game with Anderson. Sting says if RVD is going to imitate him he’ll have to deal with him. RVD says “understood” and he says that he’s prepared to deal with Sting. He says he isn’t taking Sting lightly and he even respects Sting being the Champion and all the time he’s put in the business. RVD says Sting probably doesn’t even remember when he was working the undercard back in the day when Sting was Main Event. RVD says something’s changed since then and Sting should be made aware. RVD says he’s not a small part of the show anymore, he’s the WHOLE F’N SHOW. He actually said f*cking (censored) which I’m sure born again Christian Sting really appreciated. RVD says at Lockdown Sting will find out what he’s dealing with. Before either can say anything else Hogan’s music hits and he and Bischoff walk out onto the stage.

Hogan says he’s really starting to dig RVD’s new attitude and he says that’s the same attitude he’s had since coming back to TNA. Hogan says all this talk is making Hogan feel crazy and makes him want to do something crazy. Hogan suggests they give Sting to RVD tonight!

In the back Tara and Madison argue over Madison wanting Tara to do something she doesn’t want to do. Madison reminds Tara that she is the one that brought Tara back and it’s because of her that she has a job right now. Madison says she’s going to be locked in a cage with Mickie in a few weeks and she’s not comfortable with it. Tara calls her insane and then climbs onto her bike. Madison gets on with her and she drives away.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Anderson is back up and is pissed knocking pictures off the wall in the back. He walks up on a Hulk Hogan picture and stares at it tapping it with his pipe.

X-Division 6-Man Tag Team Match
Robbie E. & Generation Me w/Cookie vs. Brian Kendrick, Suicide, & Chris Sabin

Generation Me are back together this week but still arguing. This is our first time seeing Sabin on Impact for several weeks, since Alex Shelley was injured. Shelley will make his return at Lockdown. My question is who in the hell is under the Suicide mask now? I heard some saying it’s Kiyoshi again but others have said he’s no longer in TNA. I’m sure it could be Daniels pulling double duty again but I find it unlikely. Sabin and Robbie kick the match off. They lockup and Robbie gets Sabin in a Wristlock, but Sabin rolls through it and gets Robbie in a side headlock. Robbie cuts him off and locks Sabin in one of his own. Sabin shoves him into the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Robbie then comes off the ropes but Sabin leapfrogs him and hits an arm drag followed by a second one and then a Spinning Back Kick. Sabin tags in Suicide and they toss Robbie into the corner. Both then whip Robbie into the opposite corner. Suicide whips Sabin into a Flying Back Elbow on Robbie in the corner. Sabin then whips Robbie into Suicide. Suicide catches Robbie and connects with a Reverse DDT into an Elbow Drop. Suicide covers and gets a nearfall. Suicide then whips Robbie into the corner and connects with a series of nasty clotheslines. Suicide then hits a headbutt and attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes, but Robbie reverses it. Jeremy Buck grabs Suicide from the apron but eats a big right hand. Robbie then grabs Suicide and slams him to the mat for a nearfall. Max tags in and then beats on Suicide in the corner. Max connects with a Standing Dropkick and then he tags Jeremy in and tells Jeremy to climb up top. Max holds onto Suicide as Jeremy dives off the top with an Axe Handle Drop. Max then blind tags himself back in and locks in a Wristlock. Max slams Suicide and tags Robbie back in. Robbie whips Suicide in the corner and connects with a Running Shoulder Block and then he stomps Suicide down in the corner. Jeremy tags back in but as he walks past Max, Max blind tags himself back in. Max then charges at Suicide but eats a boot. Suicide then connects with the Running Snapmare Driver into the middle turnbuckle on Max! Suicide makes the hot tag to Kendrick! Kendrick hits a Slingshot Dropkick onto a charging Max! Kendrick follows up with a Flying Forearm on Max! Kendrick then dropkicks Robbie off the apron and dropkicks Max! Kendrick tries to knock Jeremy off the apron but Jeremy drops down before Kendrick can hit him. Max then grabs Kendrick and rolls him up! 1…NO Kendrick kicks out and connects with an Enziguri and then a Running Dropkick! 1…2…NO Jeremy breaks it up! Suicide comes in and tosses Jeremy out to the floor with Robbie! Suicide & Sabin then go for Dual Slingshot Planchas onto Robbie & Jeremy on the floor! Sabin connects with Robbie but Jeremy rolled underneath the diving Suicide back into the ring causing Suicide to eat the concrete! In the ring Kendrick whips Max into the corner and connects with a Running Forearm. As Kendrick turns around to hit the ropes again Jeremy blind tags himself into the match and connects with a Spinning Enziguri on Kendrick! Jeremy climbs up top and sets up for the 450 Splash, but Max crotches him on the top rope! Max asks him what he’s doing and then nails him with a Hanging Spike DDT off the top! Kendrick covers Jeremy and gets the pin.

Winners: Kendrick, Sabin, & Suicide via pinfall

After the match Max talks trash to Jeremy as the babyfaces look on in shock. Max takes off his “GenMe” armband and throws it at Jeremy.

In the back Hogan is chastising Murphy & Terry asking him how they keep dropping the ball and embarrassing Immortal. Hogan says after everything they’ve done for them and then Hogan tells Gunner to “slap the piss out of those two.” Gunner then slaps the sh*t out of both of them (the face Rob Terry makes is unbelievably priceless)! Murphy & Terry go after Gunner but Hogan stops them and kicks them out. Anderson walks into Hogan’s office with a pipe but drops it. He says he’s tired of getting beat up every week and he needs a favor. Anderson says he has his hat in his hand and he needs to be the referee for Sting/RVD. Hogan asks what he gets out of it and he gets Anderson’s support. Hogan shakes Anderson’s hand and says he’s been waiting for this day. Hogan tells Anderson to take that pipe with him in case he needs it. Anderson thanks Hogan and walks out as Hogan starts laughing.

In the parking lot Madison & Tara are picking up their motorcycle off of Mickie James! Tara drives off leaving Mickie laid out in the parking lot! The camera man drops his camera and checks on Mickie calling for help.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

We see footage of what just went down and Taz says Madison has gone too far. We cut to the agents checking on Mickie James and calling EMTs. Simon Diamond tells Mickie not to move.

Lumberjack Match
Bully Ray w/Immortal vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Fortune

The members of Immortal & Fortune are serving as the Lumberjacks for this match. Clips of Ray taking AJ out a few weeks are shown as Ray comes to the ring and clips of Daniels’ Plancha off the cage last week is shown during Daniels’ entrance. Daniels and Ray stand toe-to-toe as the bell rings and talk trash to each other. They lockup and Ray gets Daniels in a Waistlock and then he slams Daniels to the mat with a Suplex. They lockup again but this time Ray punches Daniels in the gut and then beats on him in the corner. Ray then attempts to clothesline Daniels but he ducks and then connects with an Armdrag followed by another one! Daniels then hits a Forearm to the back of the head that knocks Ray out to to the floor. He falls out on Immortal’s side so they don’t attack, but Fortune runs over and grabs Ray and tosses him into the ring! Fortune and Immortal tease a brawl but both back down. In the ring Daniels connects with a series of jabs on Ray and then he hits him with a Headbutt. Daniels then hits the ropes and charges at Ray but Ray backdrops Daniels over the top. Daniels lands on the apron but eats a big right hand from Ray that sends him down to the floor. Immortal then jump on him! Fortune attacks Immortal and defends Daniels. Daniels rolls back in and Ray lights Daniels the hell up with a nasty chop in the corner. Ray then tosses Ray into another corner and hits another sickening chop. Ray connects with a right hand and then he rakes the back of Daniels. He slaps Daniels on the back of the head and talks trash the whole time asking where his boy AJ is. Daniels tries to come back with right hands but Ray cuts him off and then connects with a clothesline. Ray beats on Daniels on the mat with right hands and then he whips Daniels into the corner. Ray picks up his chain and teases hitting Daniels with it but the referee takes it away. Ray then walks into a big boot from Daniels! Daniels connects with a series of Forearms and then he hits the ropes and ducks clothesline attempts from Ray and connects with a Flying Forearm of his own! Daniels follows up with a Step-up Enziguri! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Daniels climbs up top and connects with a Diving Hurricanrana! Daniels then hits a Running Forearm in the corner. Daniels this the ropes but eats a big clothesline from Ray! Ray goes for a Splash but Daniels moves and then connects with the STO! Daniels climbs up top and hit’s the BME! 1…2…NO Flair pulls the referee out! Fortune and Immortal start pushing each other back and forth with the referee in between them. Daniels looks out trying to figure out what happened as Ray rolls out of the ring. Daniels reaches between the ropes and grabs Ray but Ray holds on as Hogan is out now and he nails Daniels with the chain! More referees come out to separate Immortal & Fortune and Jackson James rolls back in and counts the pin!

Winner: Ray via pinfall

After the match Immortal celebrates on the ramp while Fortune checks on Daniels. Both teams talk trash at each other.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring as clips of Angle being arrested last week are shown. They have set up the cage around the ring for Jarrett’s promo. The cage is still being put together as Jarrett says he now knows how Angle felt last week when he was dragged off to jail (by standing in the cage). He calls Angle a “common street thug” and then he asks if this is all part of Angle’s master plan. He asks if Kurt purposely violated the restraining order so he wouldn’t have to face Jarrett in the Cage at Lockdown. Jarrett says he’s been around the business for a long time and he’s seen a lot of gutless acts but Angle takes the cake. He says he’s been in amazement at the lengths Angle has went through to not have to face Jarrett. Jarrett says had Angle went through with the match than Jarrett would have beaten Angle to within an inch of his life so the law would have come after HIM so it’s a blessing in disguise. Jarrett says he and Karen have decided they aren’t going to let the kids visit Angle in the prisoner and what they need is more of “the ultra male” Jeff Jarrett. Jeff says he is going to give “the Queen” her special entrance but Angle’s music hits instead!

Jarrett waits for Angle to come down the ramp but Angle uses Suicide’s entrance to fly down to the ring and that side of the cage was still being built so Angle flies right into the ring! Angle corners Jarrett as the last cage wall is being put on the cage! Angle makes sure the cage door is locked! Karen runs down to the ring and screams as Jeff pushes the cameraman at Angle and uses that distraction to climb out of the cage before Angle can get ahold of him! Jarrett & Karen run up the ramp as Angle stands atop the cage and watches.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Kurt Angle says he didn’t go to jail and the police saw the footage of Karen setting him up. He says the cops said she was a bigger bitch then he said. Kurt says that the Network has added a special stipulation to he and Jeff’s match at Lockdown but didn’t elaborate.

Main Event
Non-Title Match
Special Referee: Mr. Anderson
“The Icon” Sting vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

The scorpion on Sting’s chest on his gear is gold by the way. Sting and RVD lockup and RVD gets Sting in a Waistlock but Sting nails him with back elbows. Sting goes for a Stinger Splash but RVD nails him with a back elbow of his own and then connects with a Springboard Back Kick! RVD climbs up top and dives off with the Flying Back Kick! RVD then connects with Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO Sting kicks out! Really wish Tenay would have pointed out that RVD beat Sting with that move last year in RVD’s TNA debut. RVD hits Sting with a Running Shoulder Block in the corner and then connects with another series of Shoulder Blocks followed by a Backflip into another Shoulder Block attempt. Sting moves out of the way and RVD eats the ring post. Sting then grabs RVD and whips him into the opposite corner and connects with a Stinger Splash for a nearfall. Anderson is calling it down the middle so far. Sting goes for a German Suplex but RVD catches Sting with back elbows but then Sting catches him with the Scorpion Death Drop out of nowhere! Sting calls for the Scorpion Death Lock but Anderson grabs Sting and nails the Mic Check! RVD goes up top for the 5-Star Frog Splash and connects! Anderson counts the pin, 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash)

After the match RVD taunts Anderson with his “R-V-D” taunt but then Anderson picks up the TNA World Title and blasts RVD with it! Anderson points at the title and screams that it’s his and then Anderson taunts him. Murphy & Rob Terry walk down to the ring and applaud Anderson. They lift Anderson up onto their shoulders as Immortal’s music plays! Hogan walks out and applauds Anderson as the fans boo. Anderson blasts Terry with the pipe and then hits the Mic Check on Murphy! Now a Mic Check on Terry! Anderson mocks Hogan from the ring and screams “you’re ass is next!” Hogan looks pissed and says “you son of a bitch!” He curses a few more times I think he even said “f*ck me? No it’s going to be f*ck you next week.”


Overall tonight was pretty entertaining for the most part, we got some good in-ring stuff and some good stuff with promos/segments as well.

The opening segment was good and set up the Lumberjack Match for later.

The Tag Match was decent but was just there to further get heat on Mexican America (their official name now) going forward. The spot with the Border Toss to the outside should have gotten more heat than it did but then again this is the Impact Zone.

I have no problem with Joe squashing Murphy because Murphy sucks. It really did nothing to further Joe/Pope however.

The Knockouts Match was decent while it lasted but this whole thing with Winter is just beyond dumb with me on a Papa Shango level of dumb.

I loved the thing with RVD beating the crap out of Anderson. RVD has a reason to be pissed at Anderson and him pretending to be Sting to lure Anderson into the rafter was nice as well. I’m still enjoying this Main Event feud with the dynamic of Immortal trying to a) keep the 3 feuding against each other and pitted against each other rather than coming after Immortal or b) get one or the other to join Immortal at the same time. Tonight it was Anderson who looked to have joined Immortal only to turn on them and pretty much flick the middle finger to Hogan. The match itself was going pretty good while it lasted.

I’m kind of indifferent towards the angle they shot with Mickie and Tara/Madison. I understand why they did it though, with Mickie’s legit injury there is question on whether she can wrestle at Lockdown and if she can’t they have their injury angle. If Mickie can’t go at the PPV I fully expect Tara to replace her to have that dynamic added of Madison vs. Tara.

The X-Division Match was fun and I’m happy there finally putting more effort into the X-Division and with Shelley coming back at Lockdown they could really put this division back into overdrive. All 6 guys worked well together and the stuff with Max and Jeremy was pretty fun as well. I still love them as a team but an actual feud in the X-Division no matter who it is, is a good thing.

Ray vs. Daniels was a good TV match with both guys working well together and Daniels looking good in his return. He had the match won but the heels had to cheat to get the win, putting heat on them but not making the babyface look bad. I’m not too keen on Daniels losing in his return match but at least it wasn’t clean. The heels need the heat going into the PPV anyway.

The Jarrett promo was okay but Angle’s entrance using Suicide’s rope was cool. I also like that they had Suicide wrestler earlier in the night so no one forgets his entrance (so no one goes “where in the hell did that rope come from” when Angle came flying in). I’m interested to see what stipulation they’re adding to the Lockdown match. A roof on the cage maybe?

Oh yeah, interestingly enough as I’m going to see if they have anything listed for next week TNA’s website is down. I don’t know if there is too much traffic (a good thing) or if the server just crashed or something (a bad thing).

Quick Results:
1) Mexican America def. Tommy Dreamer & Devon
2) Samoa Joe def. Murphy
3) TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Sarita & Rosita (c) def. Beautiful People to retain the titles!
4) 6-Man Tag: Chris Sabin, Suicide, & Brian Kendrick def. Generation Me & Robbie E.
5) Lumberjack Match: Bully Ray def. Daniels
6) Non-Title Match: RVD def. Sting w/Special Ref: Mr. Anderson

Promo/Segment of the Night: RVD beating Anderson down posed as Sting
Match of the Night: TIE – Ray vs. Daniels/X-Division (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B –

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