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TNA Impact 6/16/2011

Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
June 16, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

I know y’all missed me but after a weeklong vacation (and a great one at that) I’m back to handle things for TNA’s Impact Wrestling fresh off this past Sunday’s surprisingly fun “Slammiversary” PPV on the road towards the X-Division showcase PPV “Destination X.”

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from Slammiversary with Bully Ray saying “that kid’s tough” in regards to AJ and he says that he hit AJ with everything he had. He says that he’s hurting from that match (which was amazing in my opinion) and then we cut to Angle taking out Jarrett. Jarrett claims that it’s not over with Kurt and he’ll find out the hard way. Angle says he’s going to become the champion again and then we cut to Anderson beating Sting. Anderson brags about beating the “Icon” and Sting says he was screwed by Bischoff. Sting says something “screwy” is going on with Anderson low blowing him right in front of the referee with no response.

In the arena Anderson’s music hits and the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Anderson, makes his way down to the ring. Anderson welcomes everyone to the first ever “Asshole Championship Reception.” There’s arcade games, a beer keg, food, and a stripper pole set up in the ring for his “celebration.” Anderson says he invited all the boys in the back but no one came. Anderson says he didn’t get into wrestling for friends, he came into it to do one thing…he then raises up the World Title belt. Anderson says he doesn’t need anyone in the back and he doesn’t need the fans either. He says he doesn’t need the “fat ass sitting at home” either. Anderson says there are 5 people that are important to him: his niece, his wife, and “me, myself, and I.” Gunner’s music interrupts him.

The man, who beat Sting last week, makes his way down to the ring. Tenay says Gunner’s pin last week was the biggest win of his career. Anderson welcomes him despite not inviting him. Gunner asks Anderson if he has short term memory loss and he reminds Anderson that a week ago Anderson asked for his help to injure Sting before their match. Anderson he might remember something like that and Gunner says he did what Anderson asked so he obviously does need someone, and now Anderson owes him. Anderson says he does remember it and then says “thank you” and his services are no longer needed. Anderson wishes Gunner “best of luck in all future endeavors.” Gunner says he’s not looking for a thank you letter, he wants a World Title shot. Anderson asks if the ink is even dry yet on Gunner’s contract and he thinks there are a few people in the back that are probably in line ahead of him so he needs to take a number. Anderson says he’s thirsty and then picks up a glass of beer and tosses it in Gunner’s face. He does it again and then starts to walk away but Gunner turns him around and Spinebusts Anderson through the table!

Gunner leaves the new Champ laying in the ring.

Tenay and Taz discuss the “Bound For Glory Series” which will be beginning tonight. The winner of this series will earn a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory. Tenay says that we will learn all the details about this series tonight. Also, tonight the Knockouts Titles are on the line when Sarita & Rosita defend against Tessmacher & Velvet Sky. Also, the new #1 Contender Angle talks.

In the back Mexican America walk towards the ring.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from the break Sting arrives to the arena. Tenay wonders what Sting’s mindset is right now.

“Super Mex” Hernandez w/Mexican America vs. Devon

As Hernandez makes his entrance footage of Mexican America beating Devon down on Xplosion last week which saw The Pope make the save for Devon. Devon and Pope have had a weird relationship lately, with Pope taunted Devon and then helping him. At Lockdown Devon defeated Hernandez’s buddy Anarquia in the Pre-Show Steel Cage Match. We see a shot of Devon’s family at ringside as he makes his entrance. As Hernandez & Devon get ready to lockup Sarita gets the attention of the referee and then Anarquia grabs Devon’s leg. He turns around into a huge Shoulder Block from Hernandez. Hernandez then chokes Devon on the middle rope and follows up by chopping away at Devon. Hernandez whips Devon into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Devon ducks and hits a Shoulder Block of his own. Devon then attempts to whip Hernandez into the corner but Hernandez reverses it and then goes for a Corner Splash. Devon moves out of the way and connects with a Leaping Clothesline! 1…2…NO Hernandez kicks out! Devon attempts to whip Hernandez into the corner again but again Hernandez reverses it. Hernandez charges but eats a Spear from Devon! The Pope walks down to ringside with a steel chair. Devon hits a Corner Splash on Hernandez and then we see Pope shaking hands with Devon’s family. Devon screams at him and Hernandez rolls him up! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! Hernandez whips Devon into the ropes but Devon explodes off the ropes with a Thesz Press! Devon unloads on Hernandez with right hands, but then Anarquia attacks him from out of nowhere joined by Rosita & Sarita as well.

Winner: Devon via DQ

After the DQ Mexican America continues to beat down Devon and Devon’s kids tell Pope to help him. Finally Pope hits the ring and jumps on Mexican America! Pope cleans house and Mexican America bails. Devon shoves Pope and asks him what he’s doing. Pope just seems to ignore him as Devon yells at him and then finally walks away. Devon’s wife thanks Pope and then Pope smiles at her as he walks off.

In the back Anderson approaches Bischoff and tells him to get control of Gunner. Bischoff says Anderson wants him to call Gunner off but he says he just wants Bischoff to get control of him. Bischoff says he could have avoided all of this had Anderson just joined Immortal when he was asked. Bischoff says he and Hulk have a relationship with the network where they do things that make the network happy and the network does things that make them happy. He says that he’s sure the network would be happy with Anderson vs. Gunner tonight! Bischoff tells Anderson to take care of Gunner by himself, without any help. Anderson says “game on” and walks out.

We cut to Kurt Angle arriving with his kids.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials Kurt Angle, the new TNA World Title #1 Contender, makes his way down to the ring. Shots of his match with Jarrett from Slammiversary are shown as he comes down to the ring. Angle says after 8 crazy months, he finally put the feud with Jarrett to rest. He says he’s looking forward to his title shot now that he’s number one contender, but he’s not here to talk about that tonight. He says he’s here to talk about why he put his gold medals up for grabs at the PPV and was willing to do it. Angle says back in 1996 he wanted to be the best in the world and when he went to the Olympics he was the best and won a Gold Medal for his country. Angle says that at Slammiversary he allowed his Gold Medals to be up for grabs because he wanted that feeling again to go after those medals. Angle says right now the World Title would mean everything to him right now but there is a competitive side to him right now that just won’t quit so for the past few months he’s been training very hard because he’s going to try out for the 2012 Olympic team. Angle says you can call him crazy or say he’s going through a midlife crisis because no one has ever done this before at 43 years old, but he wants to represent his country one more time in the Olympics. Before Angle can say anything else, Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Angle shakes his head as Jarrett comes down to the ring but Jeff says it’s not over until the founder says it is. Jarrett says this whole relationship started with a handshake in a parking lot in Pittsburgh and tonight in a parking lot in Orlando, Florida it’s going to end. He wants to finish it once and for all. No matches, no cages, just him vs. Angle. Jarrett says it’s simple, TNA isn’t big enough for the both of them. Jarrett says he’ll do anything, he’ll move to Mexico, for one last shot against Angle. He asks Angle if he’ll man up and accept. Angle says Jeff reminds him of an annoying little gnat that he swats away and keeps coming back. Angle says Jarrett is a liar, cheat, scumbag, and prick, but he thought Jarrett had honor for wrestling because it’s in his blood for generations. Angle asks Jarrett what his generation would think after Jarrett promised that Slammiversary was the final match. Angle says Jarrett needs to get his ass out of the ring and move on. Angle says Jarrett’s word means nothing and he says 2 years ago Jarrett promised him that nothing was going on between he and Karen. He says if Jarrett gets a legal document written up in the next hour and half with Jarrett’s name signed on it that he will move his ass to Mexico without Angle’s kids then he has a deal! Jarrett tells Angle to get the pen and paper and Angle says, “I’ll see your little pussy ass in the parking lot.” Angle and Jarrett stare each other down as Tenay says the BFG Series will be outlined next.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

The BFG Series is hyped up. 12 stars will compete in this series to get a shot at Main Eventing at BFG for the TNA Title. Over the next 3 months these matches will be wrestled at live events, PPV, and on Impact in a various assortment of matches (one-on-one, tag team, Steel Cage, etc.). Every outcome, every loss, every finish will “impact” the standings. A submission victory earns a wrestler 10 points, a pinfall earns a wrestler 7 points, a countout victory earns a wrestler 5 points, a DQ victory earns a wrestler 3 points, a draw is 2 points to both wrestlers, and if you are DQ’d you LOSE 10 points! The top 4 wrestlers at the end of the Series will face each other in a Fatal 4-Way at No Surrender with the winner getting the shot at BFG! The series starts tonight with RVD vs. Samoa Joe!

In the back Eric Young walks into Matt Morgan and he asks Morgan if he’s ready for his shot at the TV Title. Morgan doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Morgan says he’s one of the participants in the BFG Series. Morgan says he’s waited his whole life for this. Morgan tells EY to find someone else and EY says the rules say the TV Title can only be defended against “television stars.” Morgan laughs at him and walks away. Morgan stops and says that maybe he can help Young. Morgan says there is a producer who used to be on TV back in the day and if he finds him that person will jump at the chance, a real TV star. Young walks away. That was stupid.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from the break Tenay and Taz discuss the ALL X-DIVISION PPV “Destination X.” Tenay says in the coming weeks former X-Division stars of the past as well as NEW future stars will be competing on Impact to get a shot at being on the PPV. A Tournament is going to be held with 12 stars, where the Finals will go down at Destination X. The winner will earn a contract with TNA! That Tournament starts now!

X-Division Tournament 1st Round
3-Way Dance
Kid Kash vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Austin Aries

This X-Division showcase features 3 former X-Division stars. Kid Kash is a former multi-time X-Division & Tag Team Champion. He was in TNA from 2002 until 2005, and also wrestled at Hardcore Justice last year. Jimmy Rave was formerly a member of the Rock N Rave Infection Tag Team with Lance Hoyt in TNA. Austin Aries was known as Austin Starr back when he was in TNA where he wrestled from 2005 until 2007. Footage of each man in TNA are shown which is a nice touch, especially all of the highlights they have of Kash. Kash actually tried his hand at MMA after he left WWE a few years ago. Kash looks to be in a ton better shape than when he was at Hardcore Justice. Rave is wearing his Rock N Rave Infection gear while Aries is going under his real name rather than Austin Starr. All 3 circle each other and then Aries calls for a test of strength, but Kash & Rave then kick Aries and toss him to the floor. Kash attacks Rave and chops him on the ropes. Kash whips Rave into the ropes and connects with an arm drag, but then Rave trips him up. Rave answers with an Arm Drag of his own but Kash sweeps him! The two lockup now and Rave forces Kash into the ropes where Aries trips him and drags him out to the floor. Aries slams Kash into the ring apron and then slaps him. Aries gets on the apron and shoulder blocks Rave and then snaps Rave’s head on the top rope. Aries follows up with an Eddie Guerrero like Slingshot Somersault Senton! Aries follows up with the Powerdrive Elbow Drop for a nearfall! Aries stomps on Rave’s fingers and then calls for the Brainbuster, but Kash trips him from the outside and drags him back outside. Kash slams Aries into the apron and then slams his back into it. Kash climbs onto the apron and goes for a Springboard move but Rave catches him in midair with a Spear! 1…2…NO Kash kicks out! Rave goes for the Move That Rocks The World, but Aries breaks it up. Aries then hits a Knee Breaker into a slam followed by the Pendulum Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Rave kicks out! Aries calls for the Brainbuster again and sets up for it. Kash charges at him but Aries backdrops Kash over the top rope to the floor! Aries then tosses Rave out to the floor as well! Aries then hits the Heat Seeking Missile (Tope Suicida) to the floor onto Kash & Rave! Back in the ring Aries was setting up for a move onto Kash off the top, but Rave shoves him off. Aries lands on the apron only to eat an STO onto the apron from Rave! Rave and Aries brawl on the outside as Kash leaps to the top rope and dives off with a Twisting Somersault Plancha! Kash throws Aries back into the ring and exchanges NASTY Forearm Smashes! Kash then chops away at Aries and hits the ropes but Aries cuts him off with an elbow. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Kash counters with a Suplex for a nearfall before Rave breaks it up! Rave slaps Kash and then attempts to whip Kash into the corner but Kash reverses it. Rave attempts to float up and over Kash but Kash stops and as Rave lands Kash goes for a German Suplex. Rave blocks it and hits a Standing Switch only to eat a series of elbows from Kash! Kash tries to hit the ropes but Rave grabs him by the tights and pulls him into the Move That Rocks The World! 1…2…NO Aries kicks Rave in the face to break it up! Aries hits a NASTY Running Dropkick to Rave in the corner and then nails the Brainbuster! GOOD NIGHT! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)


Velvet Sky and Tessmacher talk about winning the KO Tag Titles and then they grab each others asses, nice.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Rosita & Sarita w/Mexican America vs. Velvet Sky & Ms. Tessmacher

Clips of ODB & Velvet Sky’s match (which I really enjoyed) last week is shown as Tessmacher & Velvet make their entrance. LET THE PIGEONS LOOSE! Earl Hebner sends Anarquia & Hernandez to the back before the match starts. Velvet and Sarita will start this one off. Velvet goes for a lockup but Sarita ducks her and shoves her into the corner. Sarita then puts the boots to her and then mocks her. She goes for a right hand but Velvet blocks it and then tosses Sarita into the corner and chops away at her chesticles. Velvet puts the boots to Sarita and then attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Sarita reverses it and goes for a dropkick. Velvet holds onto the ropes and Sarita eats nothing but air. Velvet then hits a Wheelbarrow into an Armdrag. Sarita rolls over and tags in Rosita. Rosita charges at Velvet but Velvet hits a Drop Toe Hold and then locks in a Front Facelock. Velvet tags in Tessmacher and Tessmacher hits Rosit with a Double Axe Handle followed by a series of Forearms. Velvet whips Rosita into the ropes and Rosita goes for a Back Handspring Elbow, but Tessmacher blocks the elbow and hits her in the back. Tessmacher then hits a Back Suplex followed by a Wristlock. Tessmacher tags Velvet in and then Velvet dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle on Rosita’s arm. Velvet locks in her own Wristlock, but Rosita breaks it with a poke to the eyes as Sarita had Hebner distracted. Sarita tags in and charges but eats a Hip Toss from Velvet. Tessmacher & Velvet take turns chopping Sarita and then Tessmacher tags in. Velvet & Tessmacher whip Sarita into the corner repeatedly. Velvet clotheslines Sarita and Tessmacher gets a nearfall. Tessmacher attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it and then goes for a Press Slam but Tessmacher counters in midair with an Armdrag. Sarita answers right back with a Lariat! Sarita drags Tessmacher to the heel corner and tags in Rosita. They take turns stomping on Tessmacher and then Rosita goes for a Leg Drop but Tessmacher rolls away and tags in Velvet. Velvet hits a Running Clothesline and then goes for the DDT, but Rosita blocks it. Rosita attempts to whip Velvet into the corner but Velvet reverses it. Rosita springboards out of the corner into a Head Scissors, Sarita blind tags Rosita as Rosita held Velvet in the Head Scissors in the corner. Velvet slams Rosita to the mat and then hits a Side Headlock Slam on Sarita. Velvet attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it and clotheslines Velvet, but as Velvet hit the ropes Tessmacher managed to blind tag herself in. She dropkicks Sarita but Sarita falls into her corner and tags Rosita in. Rosita charges at Tessmacher but eats a Flapjack! Sarita hits Tessmacher from behind but then Velvet tosses Sarita out to the floor! Velvet & Tessmacher set up a Double Suplex on Rosita but Velvet notices ODB in the crowd which distracts her. Sarita hits Tessmacher with a Spinebuster followed by a Somersault Senton from Rosita as Velvet argues with ODB from ringside. Rosita covers Tessmacher and gets the pin!

Winners & STILL KO Tag Champs: Rosita & Sarita via pinfall (Somersault Senton)

Tessmacher is pissed at Velvet for getting distracted. Velvet dares ODB to get in the ring with her but ODB just talks trash from the crowd. Someone jumps Velvet from behind and then ODB comes in with her and the two beat the hell out of Velvet! That’s Jacqueline! Taz points out that she’s another former Knockout. Jacqueline & ODB beat the hell out of Velvet and then security as well! Jacqueline hits a nasty Clothesline on one of the security guards and then ODB punt kicks one in the nuts. Jacqueline & ODB continue to abuse security and then they continue to abuse Velvet at ringside as security attempts to pull them off.

In the back Jarrett is signing the papers in front of Hogan and Hogan says the network loved this announcement and then Jarrett and Hogan pound fists and Hogan says “Mexico? You are too much.” Jarrett leaves and then Hogan turns around and Sting is standing there. Hogan says he will honor Sting’s contract and on July 14th, Sting vs. Mr. Anderson will go down for Sting’s rematch. Sting says he actually believes Hogan for once and Hogan says he owes that much to him to give him his rematch. Sting asks if the real Hulk Hogan is back but Hogan says “this is the real Hulk Hogan.” Sting asks if that shred of honor and dignity is still there. Hogan says Sting doesn’t get it and he’s trying to make things his way. Sting says Hogan forgets that he has a history with Hogan and he remembers Hogan’s mindset when he first came to WCW and then asks if the legacy Hogan is doing to TNA is what he wants to leave behind. He lectures Hogan and Hogan finally snaps and screams at Sting when Sting mentions Hogan’s kids. Sting says that he just struck a nerve and Hogan asks Sting who the hell he thinks he is. Sting says, “I’M THE STINGER! THAT’S WHO I AM! I’M THE STINGER AND I’M NOT DONE YET!” Sting is fired the hell up. Sting knocks the computer and everything off of Hogan’s desk as Hogan tells him to leave. Sting says that he’ll leave when he gets ready to and then he literally throws Hogan down into his chair and tells him to sit down. Sting says if Hogan wants to wear a mask and put on a fa├žade then he’ll help him out and he pulls out his facepaint and starts painting Hogan’s face! Sting is going absolutely bat shit crazy right now. Sting says “WHAT A LEGACY” and then he says Hogan has no one to blame this time but himself because he had a choice. He says Hogan has the power to make the changes but he has to make the choice. Sting screams and then walks out as we see a shot of Hogan looking on in shock at Sting.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Replays of Sting going nuts are shown.

ODB and Jacqueline talk backstage and talk trash about Velvet. Jacqueline says “wrestling matters to us, screw that skinny bitch!” they say they’re in TNA to clean house but then Velvet attacks ODB from behind! Jackie pulls her off and the two beat down Velvet more. That leave Velvet laying and OBD says she hasn’t seen the end of her.

Austin Aries says he’s been hearing the X-Division matters and wrestling matters and it’s all been rhetoric until now that he’s back and he proves it. Eric Young walks up and says no disrespect to Aries but he has business with Jason Hervey. EY wants a match with Hervey and he talks about his days on Wonder Years. EY actually punches Hervey and covers him. EY tells Aries to make the count and Aries does it for him. EY celebrates like he just won something and then shakes Hervey’s hand. Aries looks confused. EY says “you’re next Baio, you punk” as he walks away.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

BFG Series
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

RVD and Joe come face to face and then exchange forearms in the center of the ring. Both hit the ropes and Joe hits a big Shoulder Block followed by a Back Elbow. Joe tries to slam RVD into the corner but RVD blocks it with his foot and then kicks Joe in the head. RVD springboards out of the corner but Joe catches him in midair and goes for a German Suplex, but RVD blocks it with back elbows. RVD goes for a roll through but Joe sits down on him! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Joe and RVD stare each other down. RVD gets on the apron and hits a Shoulder Block through the ropes on a charging Joe. RVD slingshots himself into the ring for something but Joe catches him in midair and hits a NASTY Powerslam! Joe follows up with a series of jabs and then he throws RVD into the corner. Joe beats on RVD with jabs but RVD answers with rights of his own. RVD attempts to whip Joe into the opposite corner but Joe reverses it and then hits a Headbutt. Joe charges at RVD but RVD dropkicks Joe’s legs into the corner. RVD then hits a Spinning Heel Kick onto Joe in the corner and then goes for a Rolling Monkey Flip, but Joe blocks it. RVD punches Joe and then slingshots himself onto the apron only to eat a big right from Joe. Joe then hits a Neckbreaker onto the top rope causing RVD to fall down to the floor. Joe then hits the Elbow Suicida through the ropes onto RVD on the floor! Joe rolls RVD back into the ring and gets a nearfall. Joe picks RVD up and tosses him into the corner and nails him with jabs. RVD answers with jabs of his own and then he throws Joe into the corner. RVD attempts to whip Joe into the opposite corner but Joe blocks it and then runs RVD hard back into the corner. Joe hits a Leaping Enziguri on RVD and gets a nearfall. Joe chops away at RVD in the corner and then he whips RVD into a corner. Joe charges but eats a boot from RVD. RVD springboards out of the corner with a Flying Cross Body, but Joe just calmly gets out of the way. Joe then chops RVD’s back and kicks him in the chest. Joe follows up with a Knee Drop and gets another nearfall. Joe locks in a Headlock but RVD fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. RVD hits the ropes but RVD nails him with a nasty elbow. Joe covers RVD and gets another nearfall. Joe locks in another Headlock but RVD fights to his feet again and breaks it with back elbows and then a nice Jawbreaker. RVD follows up with a big Superkick! RVD hits a Sliding Dropkick followed by Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! RVD picks Joe up but Joe slaps his arms away and then headbutts RVD. Joe hits the ropes and RVD goes for a Leapfrog but Joe stops and RVD lands down onto Joe’s knee in a kind of Atomic Drop! Joe hits the ropes and goes for a Running Front Kick, but RVD catches his foot and connects with the Stepover Heel Kick! RVD charges at Joe in the corner but Joe catches him with a Standing Rock Bottom! Joe picks RVD up onto the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster but RVD fights it off only to eat a headbutt. Joe climbs up with RVD and goes for a Superplex but RVD blocks it and knocks Joe off the top! RVD dives off with the 5-Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash)
RVD: 7 points
Joe: 0 points

In the back earlier tonight something is being done to Gunner’s eyebrow, maybe stitches from Anderson hitting him with the beer glass?

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Main Event
Non-Title Match
Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson

Last week Gunner teamed with Anderson to defeat Sting and Eric Young which saw Gunner actually pin Sting. Anderson and Gunner lockup and Gunner hits Anderson with a knee to the gut. Gunner follows up with an Uppercut and then he talks trash to Anderson in the corner while wearing him out. Gunner whips Anderson hard into the opposite corner. Gunner covers Anderson and gets a nearfall. Gunner hits Anderson with knees to the back and then stomps on him. Gunner whips Anderson into the ropes but Anderson drops down and rolls out to the floor. Gunner follows him out so Anderson rolls back in and then leaps over Gunner as Gunner climbed back into the ring. Anderson bounces off the ropes and hits the Swinging Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Anderson hits Gunner with Crossfaces and locks in a Headlock. Anderson slams his knee into Gunner’s neck and then he hits Gunner in the mouth. Anderson slams Gunner hard into the corner repeatedly and then he hits a Neckbreaker over his knee on Gunner for another nearfall. Anderson hits Gunner with right hands and then picks him up and hits a knee to the gut. Anderson hits a series of shoulder blocks on Gunner in the corner and then he hits a Scoop Slam. Anderson climbs up top and dives off top with the Kenton Bomb, but Gunner rolls out of the way. Gunner follows up with a Running Forearm for a nearfall. Gunner hits a Shortarm Clothesline for another nearfall. Gunner puts the boots to Anderson and then nails him in the back with an elbow repeatedly. Gunner hits Anderson with knees to the gut in the corner Kevin Nash-style and then he follows up with a Back Suplex. 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Gunner attempts to whip Anderson into the corner but Anderson counters into the Green Bay Plunge! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Anderson mounts Gunner and punches away with right hands. Anderson grabs Gunner by the legs and stomps him in the midsection. Anderson calls for the mic to drop down and it does and Anderson taunts the crowd and Gunner. He says, “whether you like it or not…STILL THE TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…MISTEEEEER…ANDERSON…..ANDERSON!” He screams the second Anderson in Gunner’s face but just as he says Gunner explodes into him with the F5 from out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gunner via pinfall (F5)

Eric Bischoff walks down the ramp and applauds Gunner. Bischoff raises Gunner’s arm and shakes his hand. Bischoff then gets in Anderson’s face and laughs.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Next week Bully Ray faces Scott Steiner in the BFG Series. Steiner is pissed he doesn’t have a match tonight and he picks up Jimmy Rave’s guitar and says all he does is beat people up not play the guitar. Steiner says his motivation is wrestling and says Bully Ray’s is eating. Steiner says he doesn’t have any cheese burgers or doughnuts in his pocket, he says “I know you love sugar…BUT I AINT GOT NONE!” (golden). Steiner says Ray has one week to find himself some balls to get in the ring with him. Steiner is going to beat Ray’s ass because that’s what he does. Ray says Steiner should be concentrating on the BFG Series instead of cracking jokes on him. Ray says that Steiner has that big ass scar on his chest because of Ray because he crushed Steiner’s trachea 2 years ago. Ray says he’s Bully Ray and he’s been beating people up just as long as Steiner has. Ray says he’s going through the Tournament undefeated and he will be the next TNA World Champ.

Parking Lot Brawl
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

As Jarrett arrives in the parking lot Bully Ray tells Jarrett to knock Angle out. They have a bunch of cars made into a circle with the lights on and all the wrestlers surrounding the fight. Jarrett throws the agreement to Angle and Angle looks at it and then hands it to someone. They circle each other and then go at it! Angle takes Jarrett down and starts beating on him and then mounts his back and locks in a Rear Naked Choke! Jarrett breaks it and hits Angle with elbows in the back. Angle stays on his back and hits a series of big cross faces. Angle reigns down several rights and lefts and then he locks in a Cross Armbreaker! Jarrett rolls over and breaks it, Jarrett’s forehead is busted open the hard way. Jarrett tries to get on top of Angle and Angle hits Jarrett with SEVERAL stiff punches. Damn those shots look stiff. Angle mounts Jarrett’s back again and tries to choke him but Angle blocks it. Angle gets to his feet and allows Jarrett back up. Jarrett shoots in on Angle but Angle stuffs him and slams the hell out of Jarrett onto the concrete, that hurt. Angle hits Jarrett with several rights and then he tries to slam Jarrett into a car, but Jarrett blocks it and slams Angle into it! Jarrett hits Angle with several knees and then slams him hard into a van. Jarrett slams him into it again and screams at him and he says “I’LL NEVER LEAVE TNA! I FOUNDED THIS MOTHERF*CKER!” Jarrett screams at Angle to get out of his life and then slams Angle into the concrete. Jarrett crawls over to the paper and picks it up. He says “screw you Angle, you’re gone.” Angle gets to his feet as Jarrett started to walk away and Angle says they’re not done! Jarrett charges at Angle but Angle lifts him up into the air and absolutely slams the piss out of Jarrett onto the concrete! Angle beats the crap out of Jarrett and then Angle Slams him onto a damn car! Angle takes off his shirt and chokes Jarrett with it! Angle screams at Jarrett to “say Adios!” Jarrett finally says it but Ray says he didn’t say anything. Angle walks away as Immortal checks on Jarrett. As Jarrett rolls over he says, “adios TNA, adios.”

Winner: Angle via verbal submission


If one word summed up tonight’s show it would be “eventful” in my opinion and I think that so much was going on that a lot of people are going to be able to keep up with it. It was still extremely entertaining in my opinion but you just have so much you have to digest.

Firstly we have 2 tournaments starting simultaneously. The X-Division Tournament and the BFG Series. Granted the X-Division Tournament will be for 3-4 weeks while the BFG Series will be nearly 4 months. That’s just a little much. As for the BFG Series, I really like the thought and it could be really fun. First, we have a ton of fresh matchups that could come out of it as well as rivals that could meet. It also puts emphasis on the outcome of the match, I especially like that the submission win gets the most points (because that should be seen as the hardest way to get a win) and the fact that you get PENALIZED for a DQ (that is really unique). These type of point based Tournaments happen all the time in Mexico and Japan but rarely here so some fans may need time to get used to it but it should lead to some fun matchups like RVD-Joe tonight. If RVD or someone like that comes out of the Tournament as a winner this is going to be an epic fail. There needs to be someone younger like Morgan or Robert Roode that comes out of this thing with that title shot.

The opening segment was short and sweet and Gunner wasn’t bad on the mic. The match itself was okay and the finish came out of nowhere and made sense with Anderson being too cocky. The problem is it happened against another heel. I know that someone in TNA really thinks highly of Gunner (obviously) but I think this is just too much too soon. Plus, a clean loss to your NEW Champion right off of winning the belt is definitely not a good look for him. Bad decision there. Having Gunner look strong in the tournament would have been enough in my opinion.

The Knockouts Tag was okay but the brawl afterward was much better in my opinion, Jackie & ODB looked nuts beating up all the security guards. I’m extremely glad to see one of the best womens wrestlers ever, Jacqueline, back in TNA. She was the original Knockout.

Sting going nuts was really weird but oddly entertaining. Sting was big time fired up but it was also weird because it made Sting look nuts while Hogan was shocked.

X-Division 3-Way was great, that was the type of stuff I fell in love with from the X-Division. TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION. All 3 guys looked great, especially Kid Kash. I would love for those guys to remain in TNA going forward. The highlights of each guy was nice as they came to the ring especially for newer TNA viewers to get a quick history lesson.

The Eric Young segments were just dumb, that TV Title looks worse than ever right now. Just get rid of it.

I’m still completely confused about the Pope-Devon stuff. Mexican America is just kind of there right now.

Joe-RVD was really good tonight. A lot of people have said RVD has looked like he’s just going through the motions lately but tonight he looked great. Joe looked even better, they booked him like a beat despite the loss. Tons of offense for him, just like on Sunday but he still lost. I’d love to see Joe just snap after a loss and go on a tear and this tournament could be perfect for that.

After Jarrett initially came out to the ring during Angle’s promo all I could say was “jesus will this never end?” but after the “I’ll go to Mexico stuff if I loose” stuff I knew where it was probably heading. I think the Mexico mentions are obviously setting something up with AAA, whether it’s just Jarrett going down there for an extended period of time or maybe Jarrett leading a AAA contention into TNA down the line. I was really impressed with the Parking Lot Fight. It was put together almost like a final fight scene from a movie down to the t. That looked like they were legit beating the sh!t out of each other too which added to it. Great stuff there.

TNA is kind of in a weird place right now. The upcoming PPV is an all X-Division PPV (which I’m extremely excited about) so all the other feuds are kind of on the back burner right now. One feud that HAS to continue is Ray-AJ following their show stealer on Sunday, but AJ is potentially headed back to the X-Division for one night at DX. They could easily just wait until after DX and then set up a BFG Series Match between the two resparking that one.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Parking Lot Brawl
Match of the Night: TIE-Joe/RVD and X-Division 3-Way (***)
Overall Grade: B+

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