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TNA Impact 6/30/2011

Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
June 30, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up this week’s special “LIMITED COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION” broadcast with highlights from last week and then we cut to the usual Impact Wrestling intro video.

In the back Hogan is talking to Scott Steiner and he welcomes Steiner to Immortal as Steiner has joined the group. Steiner shakes his hand and thanks Hogan and says it’s time to kick some ass. Hogan stares at a camera where Sting is talking with his back to the camera. Sting laughs and asks Hogan if he’s afraid of what’s around the next corner. Sting asks Hogan if he remembers when he was a little kid and was afraid of monsters under the bed but then he would look and nothing was there. Sting says that’s because that ‘monster’ was always “right here” (referring to himself). Sting says the show’s getting ready to start and asks if he’s nervous, Sting turns around and starts laughing showing off new Joker inspired facepaint and says Hogan “should be.”

Hulk’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Taz says that it’s obvious Sting is “renting a ton of real estate in Hogan’s head.” Hogan says that he can’t understand how someone so great (Sting) could become such a coward. He says Sting is always hiding and he says Sting has a date with him in the future and he’ll take care of Sting in his own time, but his day is coming. He says that someone has “his day” in a few weeks and he needs to talk to him right now, Mr. Anderson. Hogan says if Anderson doesn’t get his butt out to the ring then he’ll come down and get him. Anderson doesn’t make him wait long either.

The TNA World Champion makes his way down to the ring, belt over his shoulder. I’m just now realizing how big that belt really is, it’ll probably look HUGE on a guy like AJ (which we will hopefully find out sooner rather than later). Hogan says he’s glad Anderson can take the time out of his busy schedule to grace him with his presence (sarcasm). Hogan says Anderson needs him just as bad as Hogan needs him so he has two choices: 1) either Anderson does something really, really smart in 2 weeks when he faces Sting which is join Immortal and have an army watching his back or 2) he can do what he normally does and walk out to the ring by himself and face the “certified lunatic” one-on-one. Hogan says if Anderson chooses number 2, he’ll not only lose his belt but he will also lose every bit of confidence he had before the match.

Anderson asks Hogan if he’s going to slap the cockiness out of him but Anderson says he’s cocky from head to toe so he has plenty to spare and he’s “the cock of this walk” (I’m not even going there). Anderson says Hogan thinks he needs to get into business with Immortal to be successful, but he slaps the title belt and says he’s already successful. He claims he dominated Sting at Slammiversary and that he won the belt by himself while never breaking a sweat. Hogan says he didn’t forget Slammiversary and no one else has either, and if it wasn’t for the genius of Eric Bischoff who handed the belt to Anderson on a silver platter then it would have never happened. Hogan says he helped Anderson simply because they cant have the “nut job” running around as the hood ornament of TNA. Hogan says it’s a good move for Anderson to come to Immortal and he claims Anderson owes Immortal. Anderson cuts him off and says he doesn’t owe Hogan a damn thing and he doesn’t give a damn what Eric claims he did. He says an ASSHOLE takes any win any way he can and takes ALL the credit for it. Anderson says he’s going to take all the credit two weeks from now too when he beats Sting again.

Something appears on the big screen and it’s Sting beating up Immortal with a baseball bat and screaming. They apparently came after him with weapons. Sting says he and Hogan are going to have a little chat tonight and says, “remember the only thing that’s for sure about STING…ahhh never mind” and walks away. Hogan asks Anderson if he gets it now but then the lights go out!

Sting’s music hits and when they come back on Sting is standing in the ring behind Hogan and Anderson with a bat! He nails Hogan in the knee with it and Anderson bails out. Sting swings the bat around wildly while laughing hysterically. Hogan tries to get to his feet but Sting tells him to “wait here for a second” and then he looks to Anderson and says he looks a little nervous. He thanks Anderson for leaving because he needs this “bonding time with Hulk” but he’s not going to forget about Anderson and 2 weeks. Sting says in 2 weeks it’s going to be very special, and so special they’re going to call that night…he then turns around and blasts Hogan in the gut with the bat! Sting says that night will be called “Midsummer Nightmare!” Sting mocks Anderson by repeating “Nightmare” a 2nd time like Anderson does his name. Sting looks back at Hogan and says he’s trying to get through to Hulk and he’ll be the first to admit that he was a Hulk Hogan mark while Hogan screams that Sting broke his ribs. Sting says he can remember being in the crowd with all those red & yellow Hulkamania bandannas flying. Sting says he’s just trying to get the real Hulk Hogan to stand up, not Hollywood. Sting says he’s tried everything so he’s going to try something a little more visual. Hogan used to say “train hard, take your vitamins, and say your prayers” and he talks about Hogan’s “pythons.” He picks up a bottle of what looks like vitamins and then sits next to Hogan and picks up the vitamins and eats one and then sticks one in Hogan’s mouth. Sting asks for a bottle of water and the camera man actually hands it to him and Sting pours it down his throat. Sting then starts shoving pill after pill down Hogan’s mouth and screams at him and then he just pours the whole bottle on Hogan. Sting grabs Hogan and then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Sting never actually sits back on Hogan and says all he has to do at this point is “sit down” to end Hogan but if he does we’ll never see the REAL Hulk Hogan again. Immortal’s music hits and Immortal runs out.

Bully Ray screams at Sting and tells him that it’s enough. Ray tells Abyss to make sure Hogan’s okay and then he says he’s sick and tired of Sting making a mockery of Hogan. Ray says Sting is nothing more than a wannabe and a nobody. Sting laughs at that thought and Ray says Sting isn’t that funny and he and Sting’s paths have never crossed, but things will come to a head tonight. Ray says if there’s one thing that he can’t stand it’s a “bully” (irony) and someone that runs his mouth and imposes his will on people. Ray says what Sting did to Bischoff last week was “deplorable.” Ray says tonight it will be Sting vs…..SCOTT STEINER. Steiner looks surprised by that while Sting just laughs and Immortal’s music this. Hogan says to cut the music and he says that was the last time Sting will ever embarrass him. He says before the night’s over he’ll wipe that smile off Sting’s face.

Taz & Tenay discuss how tonight is presented with “Limited Commercial Interruption” presented by 5 Hour Energy. They then discuss the BFG Series and show clips of the live events last week where BFG Series matches took place. James Storm & Crimson earned their first points of the tournament, then Gunner earned 7 more points while Crimson earned 10 points with a submission win over Pope. Storm picked up another 7 points while AJ scored a win over Gunner getting revenge for his earlier loss. AJ says that he doesn’t call that “revenge” but just a win and 7 more points. Gunner says he’s not taking this thing lightly and he wants to be the best. Crimson is now in the lead with 17 points while Gunner, Morgan, AJ, and James Storm each have 14 points. RVD, Steiner, & Bully Ray have 7 points and The Pope, Roode, Devon, & Samoa Joe still have yet to score. Tonight Gunner and AJ meet in a rubber match, their 3rd contest in this series. AJ says he has never run from a fight and he never will. Joe vs. Devon tonight as well in the BFG Series.

BFG Series
Devon vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Both Devon and Joe have zero points thus far so one of them will finally earn points tonight.

—————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from commercials they introduce the Spanish Announce Team for some reason as Joe makes his way to the ring. Devon and Joe stare each other down and then lockup and Devon gets the advantage with a wristlock. Joe counters into one of his own and then transitions into a headlock and then into a Cravate. He takes Devon down to the mat with the Coquina Clutch early! Devon quickly grabs the ropes however to break the hold. They both get to their feet again and then lockup again and this time Devon forces Joe into the corner and hits him with a series of rights. Devon then attempts to whip Joe into the corner but Joe counters and then bull rushes Devon into the corner and nails him with the Leaping Enziguri! Joe picks Devon up and hits a Snapmare Takeover and then slaps his back and follows with a round kick. Joe follows up with a Knee Drop and then Devon retreats to a corner. Joe nails him with a series of jabs in the corner and then starts running his foot over Devon’s face with the Facewash and then he goes for the Running Sliding Kick but Devon catches him with a Spear out of nowhere! Devon follows up by a series of clotheslines and then he attempts to whip Joe into the ropes, but Joe reverses it only to catch a Corkscrew Back Elbow from Devon! Devon follows up with a Rock Bottom! Devon then hits a Diving Headbutt! Devon waits for Joe to get to his feet and then charges at him with a big Corner Splash followed by a Diving Clothesline! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Devon follows up with another Running Corner Splash but this time Joe catches him with a back elbow and then a boot. Joe climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Leg Lariat! 1…2…NO Joe stop sand locks him in a Leglock! He’s going for the 10 points here! Devon fights it off and reaches back and grabs the ropes. Joe then picks Devon up and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Running Front Kick. Joe then grabs Devon and locks in a Keylock Armbar. Devon fights and fights and finally gets his foot on the bottom rope. Joe picks Devon up and eats a series of rights out of nowhere from Devon. Devon hits the ropes but eats a Snap Powerslam from Joe! 1…2…NO Joe lets off again and locks in a Cross Armbreaker! Devon fights again and rolls over and gets his foot on the bottom rope again. Joe looks frustrated now. Joe beats on Devon in the corner now and lifts him up on the top rope and sets up for the Muscle Buster as the fans are chanting for Devon. The chants seem to get to Joe as he hesitates and looks out to them giving Devon enough time to recover and fight off the Muscle Buster. Devon then dives off the top but Joe catches him in midair with a Leaping Enziguri! Joe then locks in the Coquina Clutch! Devon counters with an Armdrag followed by a Spinebuster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Devon via pinfall (Spinebuster)
Devon: 7 points
Joe: 0 points

Joe can’t believe Devon pinned him and looks frustrated after the match. Devon earns his first points.

In the back Pope and Devon’s sons are clapping for Devon’s win. Pope says his kids have something to be proud of and that he’s going to go congratulate his new friend.

We cut to Immortal with Steiner arguing with Ray about putting him in the match with Sting. He tells Ray to give him a little notice before he puts him in a match with Sting. Steiner talks about he and Sting’s history together. Ray asks why Steiner needs notice for anything and says he’s “Big Poppa Pump” and he has the largest arms in the world with the shortest feud. Ray tells Steiner to take care of Sting like he’s been taking care of him for the past 15 years. Steiner says he’s going to knock Sting’s ass out tonight.

Kaz approaches Joe in the back and says Joe is better than “this” while security holds Joe back. Kaz says maybe if Joe focused a little more on winning then just kicking people’s asses he’d get more wins. Joe with the line of the night: “are you Tony Robbins now?” Joe says “f*ck you” (bleeped) which rial’s Kaz up. Kaz says he’s not afraid of Joe unlike the other boys and Joe calls Kaz a bitch for standing behind security. Kaz says he didn’t call them and says he’ll take Joe right now. Joe says Kaz is a bitch like AJ and the rest of Fortune. Joe tells Kaz to meet him down the street if he wants to do this “YOU KNOW WHERE!” and leaves. Kaz says that’s fine by him!

Taz and Tenay discuss the X-Division Tournament and go over the winners so far. We cut to LOW-KI who reintroduces himself to the TNA audience while clips of him in TNA are shown. Ki reminds us that he was in the VERY FIRST match on TNA’s VERY FIRST show (AJ, Lynn, & Ki vs. The Flying Elvises). We then cut to Matt Bentley (formerly Michael Shane/Maverick Matt aka Shawn Michael’s nephew). Bentley reminds us that he was the winner of the very first Ultimate X and then we cut to Jimmy Yang who says “the king has returned.” Each one talk about wanting to rule the X-Division again. Bentley says he started with TNA and will finish with them, Ki says he will prove that “wrestling still matters.” Yang looked like he was wearing his Flying Elvis gear, Bentley looks a lot different.

X-Division Tournament 1st Round
3-Way Dance
Matt Bentley vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Low-Ki

Highlights of each man’s time in TNA are shown as they come to the ring. Yang is in fact wearing his Flying Elvis gear, AWESOME. Low-Ki is, of course, the most known man here. Ki wrestled for TNA both as Low-Ki and as Senshi, he also wrestled in WWE as Kaval and won the 2nd season of NXT. Ki is a MULTI-time X-Division & Tag Team Champion in TNA while Bentley is a former X-Division Champion as well (in fact he and Kazarian were the 1st and only Co-X-Division Champions). Yang is a former WWE, TNA, and WCW star. He wrestled in WWE as Aoki and Jimmy Wang Yang. At the bell all 3 men attack. Yang gets the advantage early and hits Bentley with a Forearm and then whips Ki into the corner. Ki floats up and into a Head Scissors on a charging Yang, but rather than hitting the Takeover he instead lifts his own self HIGH up into the air into a Dropkick on Yang! Bentley catches Ki with a forearm and then he whips Ki into the ropes and goes for clothesline, but Ki ducks and explodes off the ropes with the Back Handspring Cross Body! 1…2…NO Bentley kicks out! Bentley gets to his feet and charges at Ki but Ki leapfrogs him and Bentley goes flying out to the floor! Yang hits Ki with a Roundhouse Kick and then a Spinning Back Kick! Yang does the Elvis pose and picks Ki up. Yang hits Ki with a Forearm and then he whips Ki into the corner. Yang charges with the Spinning Heel Kick in the corner on Ki! Yang climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body on Ki! 1…2…NO Bentley breaks it up and slaps Yang to the mat by the hair. Bentley puts the boots to both Yang and Ki and then he dumps Yang over the top rope. Yang holds onto the ropes and attempts to “skin the cat” but Bentley flings Ki into Yang headfirst knocking Yang to the floor! Bentley covers Ki and gets a nearfall. Bentley hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by an Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Bentley immediately grabs Ki and locks in a Rear Chinlock. Ki fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows and then connects with a nasty chop. Ki hits the ropes but as he hits them Bentley cuts him off and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor! Yang back in now as Bentley rolls out to the floor to go after Ki! Ki hits Bentley with a nasty roundhouse kick and then Yang CLEARS the top rope jumping completely over Bentley onto Ki with one of the NASTIEST Plancha’s I’ve seen! Plenty of YANG TIME ON THAT ONE! Yang poses for the crowd as we get a replay of that nasty dive! Back in the ring Yang covers Ki for a nearfall. Yang locks in a Keylock on Ki. Ki fights it off but Yang nails him with some nice Knee Strikes. Yang then whips Ki into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Ki counters with a Crucifix Rollup! 1…2…NO Yang kicks out! Yang gets to his feet and hits a nasty Spin Kick! 1…2…NO Kick kicks out! Replay of that kick makes it even sicker! Yang charges Ki in the corner but Ki gets his foot up! Ki hits Yang with a series of disgusting Roundhouse Kicks and then he attempts to whip Yang into the ropes but Yang reverses it and goes for a backdrop. Ki counters with a Sunset Flip but as he hits the mat he immediately springs to his feet and hits the WARRIOR’S WAY (Double Foot Stomp)! Bentley goes for a clothesline on Ki but he ducks and hits the TIDAL WAVE (Springboard Roundhouse Kick)! Ki gets fired up and covers Bentley for a nearfall. Ki picks Yang up and whips him into the corner. Ki charges at Yang but Yang sidesteps him and then sweeps his feet and connects with a Flipping Enziguri to the back of Ki’s head! 1…2…NO Ki kicks out! Bentley grabs Yang but Yang catches him with a series of forearms. Yang then goes for a Scoop Slam but Bentley blocks it and then sets up for a DDT. Ki charges at Bentley but he ducks and then catches Ki with a back elbow (with his free arm) and then grabs Ki with that arm and hits a NASTY combo DDT/Diamond Cutter on Ki & Yang! Bentley catches Ki with the Sweet Shane Music! 1…2…NO Yang breaks it up! All 3 men are down. Yang is the first man up followed by Bentley. Bentley charges Yang but Yang backdrops him over the top. Bentley lands on the apron and nails Yang with a forearm. Bentley climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body but Yang catches him in midair with a Gutbuster! Yang climbs up top and goes for YANG TIME, but Bentley rolls out of the way! Looks like Yang is bleeding from the nose. Ki up top now and dives off with the WARRIOR’S WAY! GOOD NIGHT YANG! 1…2…3! Bentley wasn’t able to break it up! HOLY COW!

Winner: Ki via pinfall (Warrior’s Way)

An EXCELLENT video package hyping up Destination X is now shown with the X-Division guys hyping it up and crazy highlights of the X-Division shown in between. Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, Mike Tenay, AJ Styles, and even Kurt Angle hype up the X-Division. The Ultimate X is really showcased here, most of this comes from the “Destination X Be4 The Bell” which you can see on Youtube. Tenay really puts over the X-Division calling it the “corner stone” of TNA.

In the back Madison Rayne talks up her match with Tara for July 14th. Madison says she’s going to remind Tara of WHY she’s back in TNA in 2 weeks but she’ll start tonight. Winter & Angelina walk in and Angelina speaks for the first time telling Madison to shut up. Madison walks away and Winter says tonight she will make Mickie James squeal like a mouse. She says she should be Knockouts Champion and at Hardcore Justice she WILL be. Angelina says everyone questions she and Winter’s relationship and says it’s not “synthetic” anymore. Angelina says Winter appreciates her which none of the Knockouts do. She says some of the Knockouts in TNA need to be put in their place. Angelina says things will start with Mickie but won’t end with her.

—————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from commercials Joe approaches Kaz in a pool hall which is obviously the place “down the street” they were talking about and Kaz talks trash as Joe walks in. Joe politely walks up to Kaz and breaks a damn bottle on his face! Joe grabs Kaz and slams him into a bar and continues to stomp him out and then he starts hitting him with a pool stick. Joe puts Kaz through a nearby table! Joe talks trash to him the whole time. Some people try to pull Joe off but he shoves them away and screams “THIS IS MY WORLD” at Joe.

In the back Hogan is taping his hands and he says he has to thank Stinger for “snapping” him out of it and he didn’t forget who Hulk Hogan was he forget how to ACT like Hulk Hogan. He says Sting has humiliated him for the last time and he doesn’t get Sting’s game or why he wants to play this way, but as of now it stops! Hogan says he’ll show Sting what it’s like to get hurt in his world.

6-Knockouts Elimination Match
Winter, Angelina Love, & Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James, Ms. Tessmacher, & Tara

Former Beautiful People partners Angelina & Madison are back together for the first time since Madison was kicked from BP last year. Mickie and Winter are going to start things off here. Winter starts to leave the ring but Mickie grabs her by the hair and slams her to the mat! Mickie then hits a Thesz Press and punches Winter repeatedly. Mickie pulls off Winter’s belt and starts to hit her with it but Winter rolls out of the ring as the referee takes the belt from Mickie. Angelina then attacks Mickie as she turns around and connects with a Jawbreaker. Mickie slides out of the ring and Tessmacher replaces her and jumps Angelina! Tessmacher nails Angelina with forearms and slaps. She then whips Angelina into the ropes but Angelina grabs her by the hair and slams her to the mat. Angelina slams Tessmacher into the corner and puts the boots to her and Winter returns and puts the boots to Tessmacher. She hits a Snapmare and then locks in a Chinlock. Winter whips Tessmacher into the corner as Tenay points out that Madison is in the opposite corner from Angelina, refusing to be the same corner as Winter & Angelina. Winter charges at Tessmacher but she sidesteps her and puts the boots to Winter. Tessmacher then hits a Running Ass Attack and then repeatedly slams her ass into Winter’s face. Hey, where do I sign up to take Running Ass Attack’s from Ms. Tessmacher? Angelina tries to hit Tessmacher but she blocks it and knocks Angelina off the apron. Tessmacher then turns around right into a Northern Lights Suplex! 1…2…3 Tessmacher is eliminated! Tara comes in now and slaps Winter repeatedly. Tara hits Winter with a clothesline and then a Scoop Slam. Tara follows up with the Standing Moonsault! 1…2…NO Winter kicks out! Tara picks Winter up but she shoves Tara into the corner. Winter then charges at her but Tara uses the corner to lift herself up and hook the arms of the charging Winter in a Tarantula! Madison runs in and breaks it with a sliding dropkick. Winter then beats on Tara and lifts her up on her shoulders. Angelina comes in and hits the Botox Injection on Tara as Winter dropped down into a Samoan Drop! Damn that was nasty! Winter starts to cover Tara but Madison stops her and dumps on the floor and then pins Tara to eliminate her! Mickie is on her own now but Winter & Angelina didn’t like what Madison just did. Mickie nails Madison with the Mick Kick! 1…2…3 and neither Angelina or Winter help Madison. Mickie quickly gets to her feet and Spears Winter! Angelina stops Mickie and she and Winter double team Mickie for several minutes. They take turns stomping on Mickie and then Winter lifts Mickie up onto her shoulders and they set up for that Botox Injection/Samoan Drop, but as Angelina went for the kick Mickie was able to counter Winter into a rollup! 1…2…NO Angelina breaks it up! Angelina picks Mickie up and goes for her new finish but Mickie blocks it and goesf or the Mickie-DT but Winter cuts her off. Angelina then picks Mickie up and hits her Reverse DDT Backstabber. Winter tells Angelina not to pin her and that she wants to do it. She tells Angelina that it’s her turn now. They seem to be arguing over the pin and Angelina teases maybe hitting Winter but instead turns around and charges at Mickie who was pulling herself up in the corner. Mickie catches Angelina with a back elbow and then she punches Winter. Mickie hits the Mickiecanrana on Winter out of the corner! She then ducks a clothesline from Angelina and hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker! 1…2…3! Winter immediately runs over and rolls Mickie up! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Winter then attempts to whip Mickie into the corner but Mickie blocks it and hits the Mickie-DT! 1…2…3!

Winners: Mickie, Tara, & Tessmacher via Mickie being the lone survivor

Winter screams at Angelina as Mickie celebrates her win on the ramp.

In the back Gunner talks about the BFG Series and he says that tonight he and AJ get in the ring again and his gameplan tonight is to prove to AJ and everyone that he is the man. He says tonight Gunner will be the better man and he wants to prove he can be the World Champion. Gunner says there’s no stopping him and AJ is looking at a man that wants it all.

—————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

A video package hyping up Kendrick vs. Abyss is shown. Kendrick says Abyss has been corrupted by Bischoff & Hogan. Abyss says he’s going to rip Kendrick’s heart out at DX and then the X-Division will be dead.

In the ring Jeremy Borash is standing at a table and he announces right now we will have the official contract signing for the Main Event at DX, Daniels vs. AJ. He introduces both AJ and Daniels separately. AJ hesitates before signing the contract and asks Daniels if he’s absolutely sure if he wants to do this. Daniels looks at AJ and then grabs the contract and signs it. Daniels tells AJ that’s how sure he is. Daniels says it’s not personal and AJ says that’s what he’s worried about, it becoming personal. Daniels says it’s not about either one of them, it’s about the X-Division that they helped build 9 years ago and help taking it to the next level. Daniels says Destination X is celebrating the X-Division and there is no better match to do that than Daniels vs. AJ in the Main Event. Daniels says win, lose, or draw after the match he will stand up and shake the hand of his best friend. Taz says he doesn’t buy any of that. AJ signs the contract and they shake hands and hug. Before anything else can be said JERRY LYNN’S music hits and AJ & Daniels look surprised!

Lynn comes down to the ring and the former X-Division and ECW World Champion says that he’s sorry to interrupt them and it’s not like him to do it, but he has to get something off his chest. He says it was 4 years that he left TNA but he didn’t retire. He said he still watches and if he has to hear anyone else arguing over who built the X-Division he will puke. Lynn says it’s not about who built it because it was a group effort and it was about giving the fans something special. Lynn says the X-Division is about the WRESTLING but before he can say anything else RVD’s music hits!

RVD comes down to the ring as the 3 X-Division pioneers look on. RVD mocks “crying” as he comes down to the ring. He says they have him all choked up listening to them and says it looks like they’re trying to sell the PPV with who created the X-Division style, and the way he sees it he’s the only man in the ring that had the leverage to change standards. RVD says he IS the “Whole F’N Show” and while AJ was dreaming of being a Pro Wrestler he was already being called a pioneer. RVD says the X-Division is about trying to be RVD and he was X-Division before there was an X-Division. Lynn says RVD forgets who stood toe-to-toe with RVD for an entire year and who the fans nicknamed “THE NEW F’N SHOW” and Lynn is getting fired up. Daniels says RVD doesn’t mean anything and he’s just being himself, arrogant. Daniels says that maybe they’re all taking credit for creating a style that was there long before them but he says they damn sure perfected it. Daniels says at DX if the two big matches are RVD-Lynn and AJ-Daniels then that may end up being the greatest PPV of all time! Daniels says looking at all the talent in the ring right now it makes him sad that they can’t have a match…but then says there is still one more week before DX and suggests they have a little preview for DX. Daniels suggests a Four Corners Match next week, Daniels vs. AJ vs. RVD vs. Lynn! Oh damn! RVD says he’s in and drops the mic. AJ says agrees with the fans and agrees to it. Lynn shakes their hands and then stares at RVD and finally shakes his hand. RVD pulls him into his face and they stare at each other. Tenay actually picks AJ in that match but as AJ is slapping hands with fans at ringside Gunner attacks him! Gunner slams AJ into the guardrail as referee’s run out to try and stop Gunner. Gunner tosses AJ back in the ring and tosses the table out of the ring. Apparently he wants this match now! AJ turns the tide on Gunner and hits him with a series of right hands sending Gunner reeling out to the floor. Earl Hebner tries to chill AJ out but he’s having none of it and wants the match now too! He tells Earl to ring the bell and he obliges!

BFG Series
Gunner vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

AJ slides out to the floor but Gunner runs away and slides back in the ring, but AJ did at the same time as well and his quickness gives him the advantage and he kicks Gunner as he slides into the ring. AJ hits Gunner with right hands and kicks and then he slams him into the corner. AJ whips Gunner into the opposite corner and charges with a Flying Clothesline in the corner! AJ headbutts Gunner in the corner and then Gunner answers with a shot to the ribs and a Forearm. Gunner attempts to whip AJ into the corner but AJ reverses it. AJ charges at Gunner and Gunner gets his foot up but AJ catches it and punches Gunner in the head. AJ hits a Snapmare Takeover and then kicks Gunner in the back. AJ follows up with a Knee Drop and then hits a Back Suplex! AJ picks Gunner up but Gunner comes back with body shots. AJ then runs Gunner into the corner and attempts to whip him into the corner, but he reverses it. AJ then floats up and over the charging Gunner. AJ then charges at Gunner but eats a NASTY Flying Knee Strike! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Gunner picks AJ up and goes for a Powerbomb but AJ blocks it and connects with the Pele! Gunner falls through the ropes and holds onto them before falling to the floor so AJ hits a Sliding Dropkick through the ropes sending Gunner out! AJ then follows up with a GORGEOUS Somersault Plancha. AJ has the most gorgeous looking Somersault Plancha out there, period. AJ hits Gunner with several right hands and then tosses him back in the ring and goes after him in the corner, but Gunner pokes him in the eyes and clotheslines him. Looks like Gunner’s bleeding over his eye. Gunner picks AJ up for the F5 but AJ blocks it and hits a Leaping Enziguri! AJ hits a Front Slam and then goes out to the apron. AJ sets up for the Springboard Flying Forearm but Gunner pulls the referee in front of him. AJ was able to catch himself before he sprang to the top. Gunner tosses Earl to the side and then kicks the ropes, virtually low blowing AJ, as he was climbing back into the ring! Gunner then hits the F5! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gunner via pinfall (F5)
Gunner: 21 points
AJ: 14 points

Gunner is now alone in the lead with 21 points. AJ is tied with Matt Morgan & James Storm in 3rd place with 14 points while Crimson is in 2nd with 17 points.

Another nice DX hype package is shown this time with some head banger type of music.

Sting cuts a promo backstage about it being “showtime” tonight with him and Hogan.

—————————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

A video package recapping the history between Velvet and ODB is shown.

Backstage Velvet says people think the beef between her and ODB is just starting, but the truth is she’s had to deal with being pushed around and bullied her whole life. Velvet says when she was a kid she was always the runt of the litter and people always thought they could walk all over her. Velvet says ODB & Jackie can prey on her because of her back history and they think she’s weak, but she’s not as weak as she once was. Velvet says everyone knows her “back story” (I have no idea what your talking about Velvet) and next weeks match is important to her. Next week she’s facing ODB & Jackie in a Handicap Match with the stipulation that if she wins then ODB & Jackie are no longer allowed back in TNA. Velvet says she can only hope ODB & Jackie will live up to that agreement after she beats them. Velvet says she’s done being pushed over and bullied.

Also, next week Crimson will face Robert Roode in a BFG Series Match and in the 4-Corners Match its AJ vs. RVD vs. Daniels vs. Lynn!

Mexican America makes their way down to the ring. Hernandez calls himself “El Presidente” of Mexican America and demands answers to some questions they have. He hands the mic to Anarquia and he says all the stupid Americans have pissed off the Presidente of Mexican America. He says they all accuse MA of being liars and being cheaters and criminals. Anarquia says they’re not criminals at all and he asks why they aren’t in the BFG Series but those no goods Beer Money are in it. He says they are the best tag team in TNA and they’ve beat them all. He says from her on out MA is going to reek havoc on the Impact Zone because for them nothing is impossible while pointing to Hernandez’s tattoo on his biceps that reads that in Spanish.

The British Invasion’s music hits and the former Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring. Face turn for the Brits? Magnus says he doesn’t know if Anarquia knows it or not but they’re foreigners in the U.S., but the difference is they’re proud of where they’re from but they’re also proud of the fact that they earn their living in America. Magnus says they’re not going to kiss anyones ass or ask them to like them but they don’t like people who come to another country and expect them to hand everything to them without earning it. Magnus says MA has not earned it and they claim to have beaten everyone but they’ve never beaten British Invasion. Magnus says if they think they will then they’re dead wrong. He says they conduct their business like men and he’ll look Hernandez in his beaty little eyes and he wants MA vs. The Brits so they can find out who the REAL #1 contenders to the belts are! Magnus tells them to be men and grow some balls and leave the “birds” (girls) at home. He calls them “los prostitutas” (the prostitutes). Rosita spits in Magnus’ face and then slaps him! MA attacks The Brits and Hernandez KILLS Magnus with a big Shoulder Block! Anarquia tosses Williams to Hernandez who sets up for the Border Toss, but Rob Terry comes from out of nowhere and runs MA off! Terry another former member of British Invasion. We haven’t seen him for months.

We cut to a “video message” from Jeff Jarrett in Mexico City. Jarrett and Karen say they’ve bounced back and Jarrett is riding high once again. Jarrett is standing at the Angel of Independence and he says when they have something to celebrate they come to it. Jarrett says when he comes back to TNA he will bring something special back and he has something truly special to celebrate. He won the AAA Heavyweight Title for those wondering.

Another DX hype package airs.

In the back Ray congratulates Gunner on his win and he says Steiner is going to take apart Sting. Ray says they might as well hand Gunner the belt with the roll he’s on. He tells Gunner to take the night off and then tells Abyss to come with him to have Steiner’s back. He has a towel over his head and he gets up but can’t find his mask. Gunner says he hasn’t seen it and then Abyss slams the door and screams “where’s it at?!”

Main Event
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. “The Icon” Sting

Steiner jumps Sting before the introductions and then he slams him into each corner. Steiner chokes Sting with his headdress and then he hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Steiner puts the boots to Sting and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a Steinerline followed by the Steiner Elbow drop. 1…no he breaks the count and mocks Sting with pushups. Steiner puts the boots to Sting again and then he slams Sting into the corner again. Steiner whips Sting into the opposite corner and then charges at him but Sting gets the boot up! Sting connects with a series of rights and back hands and clotheslines. Sting then hits the Bulldog for a nearfall. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Steiner catches him in midair with the Steiner Flatliner! 1…2…NO Sting kicks out! Steiner then goes for the Steiner Recliner but Sting trips his legs and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Steiner fights it and finally gets to the ropes. Steiner comes back by poking Sting in the eyes and then connects with a T-Bone Suplex! Both men are down now. Steiner grabs Sting and attempts to whip him into the ropes but Sting reverses it and then kicks Steiner in the back and follows up with the Scorpion Death Drop! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sting via pinfall (Scorpion Death Drop)

After the match Sting takes out the facepaint and tries to cover Steiner’s face with it but Bully Ray runs out. Sting catches him with a series of clotheslines and then the Stinger Splash! Sting goes to put the facepaint on Ray, but Anderson runs out and low blows him! Anderson then hits the Mic Check on Sting and bails. Ray & Steiner start beating the hell out of Sting now. They whip Sting into the ropes and hit a Double Clothesline. They continues to beat on Sting and then Ray calls for Hogan to come down which he does.

Steiner and Ray hold Sting while Hogan dishes out right hands. Hogan picks up Sting’s bat but Kurt Angle’s music hits! Angle runs down to the ring and hits Steiner with a German Suplex and then he goes after Ray! He takes Ray out and he bails out which Hogan had already done. Angle talks trash to Hogan as Hogan backs up the ramp.


I have to start off with the “limited commercial break” aspect from tonight. I was wondering how this would all play out and tonight we had 4 commercial breaks as opposed to the 8 we had last week so literally half the commercial breaks. The matches were a little longer tonight and they were able to get in a ton more feud wise and build wise toward DX and July 14th. The problem is they threw so much at us at times (like they do a lot of times) that it’s hard to digest everything, and it just makes your head spin at times. I KNOW that TNA only has one show to build everything with, I understand it, but still sometimes you have to step back, slow down, and let things sit in. Slowing the pace of the show down as a whole probably won’t happen when/if they get a 2nd weekly show. Regardless, the show was pretty fun for the most part and the lack of commercials was great. I think they should have used this format for the July 14th but then again this may have been a test for future shows like this and maybe July 14th could be one.

The opening segment went WAY too long, I mean WAY too long. It wasn’t bad except for Sting’s Joker makeup, I think that’s probably taking it a step too far towards ripping off the character. I’m cool with the crazy mannerisms and nutty facepaint but actually ripping off the colors and designs of the Joker makeup is a little too much of a chance. I’m glad Sting didn’t go forward with putting the Scorpion on Hogan either, that would have been a mess.

Devon-Joe was actually good and one of Devon’s best singles matches. It told a fun, unique story with Joe who is perceived as a Submission specialist wanting to get those extra points because he was behind in the Tournament, and going as far as to pass up several pinfall attempts where he obviously had the match won to just go for the submission victory. It makes sense for the character to want this both for him being down in points and because he’s a submission specialist only to have all his times passing up pins come back and bite him with a surprise comeback win for Devon. I actually saw people on twitter saying Joe was “buried” here? HOW?! By completely dominating Devon and having the match won SEVERAL times to only lose to a flash pin because he passed up all those pins? That’s just dumb. I’m still holding out hope that all these losses in matches where he’s clearly dominating mount up to the point where Joe snaps. And maybe him attacking Kazarian the way he did was that snap. That beat down was BRUTAL.

The X-Division Match this week was VERY good and was more than just a high flying spotfest, they slowed it down at spots and it was definitely the longest of those matches. Low-Ki looked unbelievable tonight and Yang looked great as well though I could do without the Flying Elvis stuff (was definitely ont one of my favorite gimmicks). Bentley looked surprisingly good as well.

I love the way they are showing highlights of the BFG Series matches at Live Event and making sure we know what the score is. Those certain people that keep saying “any week now” TNA is going to abandon this and it won’t matter are looking dumber and dumber every week.

The Knockouts was a cluster at spots but some solid wrestling there as well. They’re teasing tension with Angelina and Winter so maybe there is light at the end of this never ending tunnel.

The X-Division promo with AJ-Daniels-RVD-Lynn was solid and if that match next week is given time it should be GREAT. The promo was solid but at least one of these matches need some “hate” in it to sell the PPV like Kaz-Joe. RVD is kind of heelish anyway but he came off very heelish here only to have the morons in the Impact Zone chant for him.

I liked the way they went to Gunner-AJ too with Gunner attacking AJ from behind. They had a nice little match going but ended it way too early. AJ still looks strong while Gunner is still being built up with another big win for him though he had to cheat to do it. This hurts AJ in no way and the win helps Gunner more. Looking at the scoreboard the biggest surprise for me is that Roode has no points. I’m hoping this leads to a big comeback for him but it’s looking more and more dim especially with him facing the unbeaten Crimson next week.

Mexican America-Brits promo was okay but at least they’re building a tag team feud while Beer Money is busy with the BFG Series. Whoever wins that match is definitely taking the belts.

Sting-Steiner wasn’t awful but really just the okay standard Sting match now adays. Angle’s involvement was nice and was the easy way to get him into the angle since he’s #1 contender after the Sting-Anderson rematch. I have no problem reliving the Anderson-Angle feud.

Promo/Sement of the Night: All the X-Division/Destination X hype
Match of the Night: 3-Way (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B+

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