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TNA Impact 7/14/2011

TNA Impact Wrestling: “Midsummer Nightmare”
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
July 14, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Fresh off the heels of this past Sunday’s amazing “Destination X” PPV TNA presents a special edition of Impact Wrestling entitled “Midsummer Nightmare” which will feature the rematch between Mr. Anderson & Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! “Midsummer Nightmare” starts opens with Anderson’s joining of Immortal last week and Sting’s nutty turn.

Immortal’s theme music hits and Hulk Hogan leads the troops out to the ring. Bischoff is back and all the members of Immortal are wearing tuxedos. They also have a few hot girls with them. The only members of Immortal not present are Matt Hardy (who’s suspended) and Mr. Anderson. Bischoff says he’s in a great mood tonight and he points out the poker table in the ring. Bischoff says that table is here because they’re going to gamble with some peoples careers, because they can. He says a few weeks ago Mr. Anderson threw himself a party but no one came. Bischoff says they’ll make it up to Anderson tonight by throwing Anderson a party tonight he’ll never forget because he’s now a part of the Immortal family. He says that comes with love, respect, dignity, and most of all solidarity. Bischoff calls him the “Immortal World Heavyweight Champion” and then introduces him to the crowd.

Mr. Anderson comes down to the ring and he’s also wearing a tux. This dude is actually wearing a camouflage tuxedo (which isn’t that new to me since rednecks here wear that crap to weddings, I’m serious). Anderson shakes hands with Bischoff and Hogan and then fist bumps the rest of Immortal. Hogan says he loves Anderson’s tux and then says Anderson has been called a lot of things while he’s been in wrestling, and he and Anderson haven’t always seen eye to eye but the one constant between them is that they both have always strived to be the best. He formally welcomes Anderson into the family and hugs him.

Anderson thanks Immortal and then says Hogan is right that they haven’t always seen eye to eye and they probably won’t always see eye to eye going forward. He says it may be a gamble joining Immortal, but as long as he always stays the top card in ‘this deck’ that’s a gamble he’s willing to take. The lights then go out in the Impact Zone!

When they come back on Sting is sitting at the poker table laughing! Sting asks if he just heard someone say “gamble” and then he props his feet up on the table. Bischoff says he doesn’t care what Sting is up to right now and he says he always respected Sting in the past, but Sting is nuts right now. Bischoff says Sting is the real cancer in TNA and tonight Anderson will cut the cancer out once and for all. He calls Sting a freak and then Sting asks Bischoff if he wants to bet on that one. Sting says he sees things coming out a whole lot different and he says he’s going to once again be the Heavyweight Champion and this will kick off his crusade to once again bring TNA back to Dixie Carter.

Hogan tells Sting not to push it any further or he’ll teach Sting a lesson he’s never been taught before. Hogan says not only will Sting go down tonight, but he’s going out of this building on a stretcher. Sting jumps up and starts screaming “NO” over and over and says even he’s starting to worry now (mockingly). Sting says Hogan is wrong and he says he has all kinds of “aces in the hole” and says he has the Network ace and then picks up an Ace card. He then says the Network told Hogan & Bischoff they’re on a very short leash and he says he’s going to leave here tonight the new Heavyweight Champion. He says he’s not going to leave here tonight in a bodybag or a stretcher because he has even more aces and then he starts throwing ace cards at Hogan. He says they’re his “magic bullet aces” and he says those aces will appear right before his eyes tonight. Sting then points at the sky and there’s a bunch of guys in clown masks staring down from the rafters with bats. Bischoff calls Sting a freak again and Sting thanks him. Sting says those are his friends and they will watch his back tonight. Sting says he’s “all in” and then flips the table and the lights go out again!

When the lights return Sting is gone and Immortal is freaking out. Have I ever mentioned I HATE clowns?

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

Back from commercials the BFG Series is updated. Tonight Pope, Bobby Roode, & Samoa Joe go at in a Triple Threat Match!

BFG Series Match
Triple Threat Match
Bobby Roode vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

This a match pitting the three bottom guys in the BFG Series, none of them have been able to score points thus far. Joe nails Roode with a jab at the bell and starts killing him in the corner with strikes. Pope then grabs Roode and covers him as Joe was arguing with the referee, but only gets a one count. Joe then grabs Pope and headbutts him and then tosses him out to the floor. Joe then hits a Runnign Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri on Roode in the corner! Joe then grabs Roode but Roode comes back on him with right hands. Roode hits the ropes but eats a Snap Powerslam by Joe! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out and Joe immediately transitions into a Cross Armbreaker on Roode’s injured arm! Pope comes in and breaks it up stomping on Joe. Pope then jumps out to the floor when Joe goes after him. Joe turns back to Roode but Roode catches him with a body shot and then a series of punches and chops. Joe headbutts him and then hits the ropes only to eat the Double-R Spinebuster from Roode! Pope comes in and hits the STO from Pope! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Pope grabs Joe and lifts him up into the air and drops him down across his knee face-first! Pope then grabs Roode as Joe rolls out to the floor. Pope lights Roode up with chops and then slams Roode’s arm across Pope’s own shoulder. Pope then grabs a wristlock and slams Roode into his shoulder, the injured shoulder. Roode fights back by punching Pope with the free arm. Pope kicks Roode and then nails him with the 4-Uppercut! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out. Joe tries to get back in the ring but Pope dropkicks him back to the floor. Pope then hits Roode with a Spike DDT! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Pope climbs up top and dives off with a Fist Drop and then covers Roode again and gets another nearfall. Pope calls for the DDE. Joe climbs up on the apron but Pope hits him with a back kick knocking him off again. Pope then pulls down his knee pads and goes for the DDE but Roode sidesteps it and connects with a Lariat! Back elbow from Roode and then he lights Pope up with chops. Roode attempts to whip Pope into the corner but Pope reverses it only to have Roode explode out with another clothesline! Roode is fired up now and he hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Russian Leg Sweep on Pope! Joe tries to climb back in yet again and again Roode knocks him off the apron! Roode climbs up top and dives off with the Blockbuster on Pope! 1…2…NO Pope kicks out! Roode picks Pope up and tosses him into the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner. Roode charges but Pope gets his feet up! Pope climbs up top but Roode punches him in the gut. Roode climbs up with Pope but Joe comes in and knocks Roode off the top! Joe then hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron on Pope! Joe then lifts Pope up into the air for the Muscle Buster but Roode kicks him in the gut. Roode then hits the Payoff on Joe! 1…2…NO Pope breaks it up by hitting a Splash on Roode! Pope grabs Roode and whips him into the corner. Pope charges but Roode backdrops him over the top. Pope lands on the apron and both Roode & Pope punch each other at the same time! Roode stumbles back into the Coquina Clutch from Joe! Roode then climbs up the ropes and kicks Pope off the apron, at the same time sending him and Joe backwards with Roode landing on top of Joe (think of the old Bret Hart-Stone Cold match). Roode rolls backwards to where he’s actually bridging up on Joe but Joe keeps the choke locked in! Joe’s shoulders are down! 1…2…3! Roode taps out at the same time as the 3 count comes down! Joe thinks he won but the referee awards it to Roode.

Winner: Roode via pinfall
Roode: 7 points
Joe: 0 points
Pope: 0 points

Joe flips out after the match and starts cussing at Earl Hebner. The other referees run out to try and calm Joe down but instead they just pull Earl out of the match before Joe murders him.

In the back Jeff & Karen Angle are arriving in the Impact Zone.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

In the back Hogan is talking to the Immortal troops and he tells them to eliminate Sting tonight and Bischoff tells them to do it carefully. He suggests they make it look like an accident and Hogan says they need to make sure Sting doesn’t even make it to the ring. Abyss tells the other guys to make it happen and then Bischoff cuts him off and says that’s real big of Abyss to say that since he had the opportunity to make it happen Sunday and destroy the X-Division, but that didn’t happen. Bischoff tells them to make sure it gets done this time as Abyss puts his head down. Jeff & Karen Jarrett walk in wearing sombreros and giving Immortal gifts. Jeff reminds Eric told that he told him to look at the bright side a month ago. He opens up a briefcase and shows them the AAA World Heavyweight Title which he has put an Immortal symbol over.

We cut to Pope talking to Devon’s kids and they tell Pope to keep his head up and say they still support him. Devon walks up and asks them what the hell is going on and he says he told them to stay away from Pope. He says he also told Pope to stay away from his kids and asks what part he doesn’t understand about that. His boys walk away and then Devon says those are his boys and he’s the one that tells them what to do as Pope told them they could leave. Devon tells Pope to get it through his head but Pope says they look up to him. Devon calls Pope a “two bit con” and says Pope had his head on straight when he first came into the business, but somewhere down the road he turned. Devon says he doesn’t trust Pope and Pope says last week he gave Devon a win, but Devon says he doesn’t give a damn and says that’s his stupidity. Pope says he doesn’t want any issues with him but if those kids walk away from him because of his paranoia and lack of trust they may not come back. Devon tells him to get the hell out.

Highlights from Destination X are shown, this is an excellent video highlighting Sunday’s awesome PPV.

Shannon Moore vs. Austin Aries

Willie Urbina & Hector Guerrero, the Spanish Announce team, are shown once again and this is like the 4th or 5th time they’ve shown them before X-Division matches and I still don’t get it. Aries is coming off his win over Jack Evans, Low-Ki, & Zema Ion at Destination X in an amazing match which gave him a TNA contract. Aries and Moore lockup and Moore hits him with an armdrag followed by a second one. Aries offers a handshake and Moore slaps his hand so Aries answers with a kick. Aries then hits a Gutwrench Suplex and then he spins all the around Moore’s body showing him up and scratching Moore’s back. Aries then lays across the ropes in the corner mocking Moore. Moore charges at him and starts punching away at him. He backs away and then they lockup again and Aries puts a knee into Moore’s gut. Aries then locks Moore in a side headlock but Moore shoves him into the ropes. Aries answers with a shoulder block and then he hits the ropes but Moore trips him. Moore then hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Spinning Heel Kick. 1…2…NO Aries kicks out. Moore puts the boots to Aries int eh corner and then he whips him into the opposite corner and charges but Aries floats up and over him. Aries then runs the opposite corner with Moore giving chase and again Aries floats up and over him. Aries attempts to do the same thing in the opposite corner but this time Moore stops and grabs Aries in a Waistlock. Moore runs Aries into the corner and then rolls him up! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out and then Moore hits a Moonsault out of the corner! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Aries goes for a clothesline but Moore grabs his arm and attempts a backslide, but Aries flips him over his back and then starts punching away at Moore’s back. Aries grabs Moore and goes for the Brainbuster but Moore blocks it and locks in a Waistlock. Aries reverses it and Moore gets to the ropes and bumps Aries off. Aries charges at Moore but Moore sidesteps him and Aries goes through the ropes. Aries attempts to skin the cat back into the ring but Moore dropkicks him to the floor. Moore then hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Aries on the floor! Moore rolls Aries back into the ring and then climbs up top and dives off with the Halo! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Moore grabs Aries by the leg but Aries holds onto the ropes. The referee pulls Moore off and Aries reaches out to the apron and grabs Moore’s Book of DILLIGAF, but Moore sees this and takes it from him. The referee pulls it away from Moore and as he’s throwing it outside Aries picks up Moore’s chain and nails him with it! Aries then hits the Slingshot Corkscrew Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Corkscrew Splash)

Alex Shelley runs out and is talking trash to Aries for cheating. Aries seems to not give a crap.

In the back Abyss says Hogan & Bischoff are disgruntled with him and rightfully so. Abyss says Brian Kendrick has something that belongs to him and he says he stole it from him. As Abyss is talking one of the clowns is creeping up behind him (that is just not cool at all, my worst nightmare). Abyss says tonight he’s getting his title back for Immortal but then turns around and the clown decks him with the bat!

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

In the back Shannon Moore says the only way Aries could beat him was to cheat. Shelley says Aries ain’t so great if he has to cheat.

Aries says he’s pound for pound the most complete wrestler in the business. He says he can’t be beat.

A video package highlighting Tara and Madison Rayne’s history is shown.

Madison says tonight she’ll hand Tara her ass for the last time. Madison reminds us that Tara’s very first match in TNA was against her and she beat Madison. Madison says to fast forward last summer and Tara beat her again. Madison says tonight she’s going to go put the final nail in the coffin of Tara’s career.

Tara says she and Madison have been through thick and thin and she’s been thinking. She says Madison did get her job back so she got Madison a present and she shows a box. She says she’ll love it but she’ll have to wait until after the match to open it.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

The excellent video package hyping up Bound for Glory in Philly is shown.

In the back Steiner is hitting on SoCal Val when a clown approaches him from behind and attacks him with the bat! He leaves Steiner laying and walks away.

Tara vs. Madison Rayne

Madison’s wearing new blue camouflage gear. Madison is excited for her present but Tara says she can only open after the match. Madison tells Tara to lay down for her but Tara punches her! Tara chops her and then she whips Madison into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Tara then hits a Scoop Slam and follows up with the Standing Moonsault! She mounts Madison and starts slamming Madison’s head into the mat repeatedly and then she grabs Madison but Madison answers with a Jawbreaker. Madison screams at Tara and then goes for the Rayne Drop, but Tara counters into a clothesline. Tara then picks her up on her shoulders and hits the A-rack-nophobia (Spinning Rack Slam)! Tara then grabs Madison and goes for the Widows Peak but Madison backdrops her and then kicks Tara in the chest. Madison slams Tara’s face into the mat and then she whips Tara into the corner. Madison charges but Tara gets her boots up! Madison catches her feet and swings them into the ropes but Tara slides right through the ropes to the apron. She then nails Madison with a big slap, but then Madison actually kicks Tara’s feet out from under her from the mat. Tara falls down to the floor and Madison climbs out and slams Tara into the apron and then into the ring steps! Madison climbs back into the ring and grabs her present. She opens it’s Tara’s Tarantula! Madison screams and puts it down and turns around into a boot from Tara! Tara hit’s the Widow’s Peak! 1…2…3!

Winner: Tara via pinfall (Widow’s Peak)

After the match Tara picks up her spider Poison and chases Madison out of the ring with it. She then chases Madison up the ramp to the back with it.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. Tenay’s wonders what’s on Angle’s mind with the Title Match happening tonight.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

In the back British Invasion talk about getting back together with Rob Terry and Magnus says wherever each team is from is irrelevant tonight and what matters is wrestling and winning the titles. He says to do that they have to win tonight. Williams mentions that Beer Money are in the BFG Series so their focus is elsewhere.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the #1 Contender makes his way down to the ring. Angle mentions he’s the #1 contender and he says he will get his title shot at Hardcore Justice in the Main Event. Angle says the question is who is opponent will be at Hardcore Justice. Angle says that depends on what happens tonight. He says for his personal reasons he would pick Mr. Anderson because they have a bit of history and he talks about the Steel Cage Match they had at last years Lockdown, and he says he hasn’t forgotten what Anderson did to him last week. Angle says if Anderson wants to turn his back on him then he can guarantee him that he’s coming after him whether he wins or loses tonight and he’ll hurt Anderson. Angle says he and Sting have a lot of history together and talks about the Main Event Mafia. Angle talks about the Empty Arena Match and he says to this day fans tell him that is there favorite match. He says there was no winner in that match and he claims he’s never beaten Sting (not sure about that one) and that’s a tough pill to swallow. He says that actually kind of pisses him off and makes him want to beat Sting’s ass even more. Angle says he’ll watch the match tonight as an innocent bystander but he promises at Hardcore Justice he will walk out the World Heavyweight Champion.

In the back Karen & Jeff Jarrett are leaving and arguing about something. They say they’re going back to Mexico where he’s king and clowns don’t go around attacking people (ironic since the Psycho Circus, a group of clowns, is one of the top groups in AAA). He’s making Karen take the bags. She opens the back door and a clown is back there! She freaks out and the clown takes Jeff out with a bat! He drags Jeff around a corner.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Mexican America vs. British Invasion

MA is without Rosita & Sarita tonight. Hernandez gets on the stick before the match and says something in Spanish. Anarquia says he just said for Mexican America nothing is impossible. The Brits hit the ring and the match is off! Magnus clotheslines Hernandez over the top and then Williams hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Hernandez on the floor! In the ring Magnus nails Anarquia with right hands and then slams him into the corner and tags in Williams. The Brits hit the Double Straight Jacket Slam on Anarquia and Williams gets a nearfall. Williams puts Anarquia in a side headlock but Anarquia shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Williams hits the ropes but Hernandez kicks him in the back and then Anarquia lights him up with chops. Anarquia picks Williams but Williams catches him with headbutts and European Uppercuts. Williams attempts to whip Anarquia into the ropes but he counters it and whips Williams into the Slingshot Shoulder Block from Hernandez! Hernandez had blind tagged himself in before hand. Hernandez picks Williams up and hits a Gutwrench Backbreaker for a two count. Anarquia tags back in and Hernandez drops Williams onto the top rope and then Anarquia kicks him. Hernandez goes out to the floor and starts choking Williams and punching him as Anarquia distracts the referee. He slides Williams back in and Anarquia covers him for a nearfall. Anarquia picks Williams up and whips him into the corner hard. Anarquia picks him up again and locks in a Front Chancery. Williams fights it but Anarquia cuts him off and tags in Hernandez. Anarquia drops Williams onto the top rope and then holds them there and Hernandez shows why he’s the most athletic big man in the game by Leapfrogging Anarquia and dropping down onto Williams with a Cannonball. Hernandez talks trash to Magnus and then goes over to Williams but eats a Forearm. Williams hits forearms and back elbows on both members of MA and then tries to get to his partner but Hernandez catches him. Williams goes over his back and attempts a rollup but Hernandez blocks it and lifts Williams up by the head and tosses him into the corner. Hernandez charges but Williams gets his boot up and then knocks Anarquia off the apron. Williams climbs up top and hit the Diving European Uppercut! Williams makes the hot tag as we see blood on the forehead of Williams! Hernandez tags in Anarquia as well. Magnus lays into Anarquia with a right hand and then he whips him into the ropes and hits a Big Boot. Magnus whips him into the ropes again and hits a Flying Back Elbow! Hernandez comes in and kicks Magnus. He attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but Magnus reverses it and then goes for a Backdrop but Hernandez kicks him! Hernandez then hits the ropes but Magnus catches him with a clothesline! Magnus then hits the MDD (Mag Daddy Driver) on Anarquia! 1…2…NO Anarquia kicks out! Williams hits a dropkick through the ropes on Hernandez sending him into the ropes. Brits whip Anarquia into the corner and Williams hits a Running Knee Strike and then he tosses Anarquia to the center of the ring and Magnus dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Hernandez breaks it up! Williams tosses Hernandez back out to the floor and then they call for the finish and Williams climbs up top. Magnus lifts Anarquia up and Williams dives off the top for the Diving European Uppercut/Spinebuster! Rosita is out now distracting the referee so he can’t make the count! Hernandez pulls Williams out to the floor and tosses him into the guardrail. He then comes into the ring and Elbow Drops Magnus on the back of the head! Hernandez rolls Anarquia over onto Magnus and Rosita drops down from the apron. 1…2…3!

Winners: Mexican America via pinfall

In the back Bischoff talks to Bully Ray & Gunner and says they are the last guys left and they need them to take Sting out now. He leaves and Gunner says he’s not going to stand around and wait on this. He says they need to go hunt them down. Ray says he’s right behind him but then stops as Gunner leaves.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

A video package runs hyping up Brian Kendrick’s win at Destination X and shows clips of him winning it. Shelley talks about winning Ultimate X and that match is next week. Kendrick says if Shelley were to defeat him then he would be severing Kendrick from his purpose. Shelley says he and Kendrick are friends but Detroit needs heroes and championships.

Also next week is Mickie vs. Velvet for the Knockouts Title, Steiner vs. RVD in the BFG Series, plus a big BFG Series Bonus Match pitting Gunner, AJ Styles, Joe, and Morgan against each other in a LADDER MATCH where the winner will earn 10 points!

Gunner is in the parking lot screaming at the clowns telling them to come get him holding a pipe. Four of them finally come out with bats tapping them against the ground. Gunner talks trash with them as they circle him. He swings at one but he blocks the show with the bat and then all take turns beating the sh!t out of Gunner. One of them tells Gunner to stay down and then they all take their masks off and drop them on Gunner. It’s the Fortune boys! AJ Styles, Daniels, Kazarian, & James Storm! Kazarian says now it’s time to take care of Bully Ray but AJ says he’s already been taken care of. AJ kicks Gunner one more time and then Storm starts kicking the crap out of him before they all finally leave.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————————

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Icon” Sting vs. Mr. Anderson (c)

Jeremy Borash does the Title Boxing-style intros. Anderson hits Sting with a series of rights but Sting shrugs them off and starts going nuts. Pounding the turnbuckles and slapping himself in the face. Anderson bails out of the ring before climbing back in and getting throw into the corner by Sting. Sting nails Anderson with rights and lefts and overhead chops. Sting puts the boots to Anderson and then hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Dropkick. Anderson rolls out to the floor to try and regroup. Anderson gets back on the apron and Sting tries to grab him but Anderson hits him with a shoulder block. Anderson then goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip, but Sting blocks it and then punches Anderson repeatedly. Sting then hits the Stinger Splash and goes for it a second time but Anderson dropkicks him in the knee in midmove! Sting goes crashing out to the floor and then Anderson drags him back in and elbow drops the knee of Sting repeatedly. Anderson locks in a Kneelock and starts punching it repeatedly. Anderson then slams his knee down onto Sting’s injured knee repeatedly. Anderson punches Sting repeatedly in the head and then he locks in the Scorpion Death Lock on Sting! Sting fights it and gets to the ropes to break the hold finally. Anderson grabs Sting and starts stomping on the leg again and then he slams it into the mat. Anderson lays the leg over the ropes and drops down on it with a Cannonball and then he covers him for a nearfall. Anderson grabs the leg and locks in a Half Crab! Sting rolls over and kicks Anderson with the free leg. Sting fights back now with right hands while still selling the leg. Sting hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline followed by another limping clothesline! Sting whips Anderson into the ropes and drops Anderson down onto the ropes and hits Anderson with the Mic Check! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Sting is still selling the knee and Anderson comes back kicking him in it. Anderson then picks Sting up and goes for the Green Bay Plunge but Sting’s legs hit the referee! Sting blocks the move and then shoves Anderson sending him into the referee! Anderson kicks Anderson’s legs out from under him and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Anderson taps! No referee though! Bully Ray runs down and hits Sting in the back with the chain. Ray tells Anderson to finish it. Ray then tells Anderson to hold him for him. Anderson holds Sting and Ray goes to hit him with the chain but the lights go out! When they come back on another clown is in the ring! The clown hits Ray with the bat and then the lights go out again! When they come back on Anderson is left in the ring alone! The clown is on the ramp now looking back at him! Sting goes from out of nowhere and kicks Anderson and then hits the Scorpion Death Drop! The referee slides in, 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW TNA World Champ: Sting via pinfall (Scorpion Death Drop)

The clown on the ramp removes the mask and it’s KURT ANGLE! Angle smiles back at Sting as the show comes to a close.


Tonight was up and down but definitely did not feel like the big show it should have been. That were pushing it much like they pushed “The Whole F’N Show” last year but it didn’t come off like that this year. Some stuff was good, some was okay, some was bad, and there was just way too much thrown at us.

The opening segment was just not very good at all in any way and didn’t make me care about the Main Event.

The 3-Way between Joe, Pope, and Roode was solid stuff but nothing special, I did love the finish though. Really clever finish and Joe continues to lose while Roode finally gets his first points.

I do not care whatsoever about the Devon-Pope stuff. This is two straight feuds that make absolutely no sense for him and it is just pathetic that someone with his talent is being forced to do pretty much nothing. There has been no reason given for the feud or any logic at all, and no one cares! Pope and Joe were able to make chicken salad out of chicken crap at Lockdown with their match but I highly doubt Pope is going to be able to do that with Devon.

I almost puked when Jarrett showed the AAA Title with that sticker over it.

Aries-Moore was a solid match and I usually would have complained about the finish but they needed to establish Aries as a heel especially after everyone was cheering for him at the PPV so I have no problem with it. A Shelley-Aries feud could be fun but I’m really disappointed their giving the title match away next week rather than at Hardcore Justice. After winning a shot in Ultimate X the title shot should be saved for a PPV.

Tara-Madison was solid, really nothing more needs to be said about that.

Brits-MA was pretty good and I was surprised because Hernandez & Anarquia haven’t worked that well together before. I think the Brits should have gotten the shot though but I understand them wanting to have babyface vs. heel at the PPV. I’m assuming MA will take the belts and maybe that leads to a furthering of the feud with the Brits.

What I can say about the clown stuff was that it was nice to see the babyface get over on the heels for once. Fortune being most of the clowns made sense since they told Sting a few months back that they had his back.

Angle having his back, however, made NO SENSE. You can’t say “I would rather face Anderson” and then come back and cost Anderson the match. That’s just stupid. I always HATE seeing Angle and Sting going into that Title Match being buddy-buddy.

Now I’m really going to rant. Why in the hell is Sting champion again?! More so why the hell did they take the belt off of him less than a month ago just to put it right back on him?! Hot shotting the title back and forth over and over is not helping anyone and Anderson looks like crap now. First, Sting is not going to be at ANY live events, so no Champion at those events. That sucks. Anderson will at least be at those events. 2nd, Sting CANNOT have decent matches consistently enough to carry the belt. It’s just ridiculous at this point. Angle needs to get the belt at the PPV and hold it until BFG. Ugh.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Fortune beating up Gunner
Match of the Night: Aries vs. Moore (**)
Overall Grade: D

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