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WWE RAW 6/20/2011

WWE Monday Night Raw
Baltimore, MD
June 20, 2011
Commentators: Jerry “The King” Lawler & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of

Are you ready for yet another 3 hour RAW? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

The show kicks off with CM Punk’s music, the Straight Edged one makes his way down to the ring. He mocks the hometown crowd, and puts himself over as the greatest wrestler in the world. He says that his victories over Rey Mysterio and John Cena prove that he is the #1 Contender. He asks for the Anonymous GM to make it official. He wants the match at the Money in the Bank PPV in his hometown. He says that he is going to sit in the ring until the proclamation is made.

*GeneralMail Alert
and I quote…

Mr. Punk, I understand your demands and I will certainly take them into consideration. However, right now I will ask you to leave the ring.

I suggest you leave the ring right now.

Punk responds that until he is announced as the #1 Contender for the Championship, he is going to make snow angels in the ring.

I was going to name you the #1 Contender, but I sense some disrespect, so now you will have to earn it. CM Punk v. Alberto Rel Rio will determine the #1 Contender

Punk mocks Del Rio.

Now it will be a Triple Threat Match, CM Punk v. Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio

The RAW music hits, and Punk’s mic is muted. Punk yells at Cole and says that this isn’t right. He begrudgingly limps to the back.

Who will Brie Bella defend her Divas Title against tonight: Eve, Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix? The power is to the people, who will vote via texting


Divas Championship
Brie Bella v. KELLY KELLY

The people have selected the beautiful Kelly Kelly as Brie’s opponent. They lock up, and Brie slides out of the ring. Kelly follows after, but gets knocked off the apron thanks to a Bella distraction. Back inside the ring, Bella stomps on Kelly’s face. She then uses the ropes to apply pressure to her neck. Cover attempt, but Kelly Kelly kicks out. Brie transitions into a camel clutch variant. Kelly gets to her feet, but is chucked back down to the mat. Bella goes right back to the submission hold. Nikki cheers on her sister from the outside. Kelly flips Bella off, and follows with a kick to the leg. She pounds Bella’s face against the mat, and then hits a Thesz press. Cover attempt, but Brie kicks out. Bella hits a neckbreaker, but Kelly kicks out of the cover. Kelly blocks a splash, and botches a roll up. Bella covers by going for a pin, but Kelly finally connects with the roll up, and wins the Divas Championship! This match is over!

Winner via Roll Up: Kelly Kelly

Power to the People, who will Evan Bourne face: Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan or Sin Cara?


Power to the People Choice: MASON RYAN
Evan Bourne v. Mason Ryan

Evan tries to avoid Ryan at first, but is chucked hard into the corner. Bourne apples two dropkicks, but is met with a clothesline. Ryan picks him up and connects with a double back breaker into a overhead release. Ryan kicks Bourne’s back, and then pulls his neck against the bottom rope. Bourne connects with a kick to the gut, and follows up with a series of punches. Evan hits a high knee, but gets lifted up for an overhead slam. Bourne hits a mushroom stomp from the top rope, and goes for a roll up. Mason kicks out. Bourne again heads up on the ropes, but Mason catches him and hits the Book End. This match is over.

Winner via Book End/Rock Bottom/WWE Universe not picking Sin Cara: Mason Ryan

Power to the People: Kane vs. Mark Henry Stipulation: Body Slam Match, Arm Wrestling Match or
Over the Top Rope Match


Mark Henry is in the ring and says that Big Show was punished at last night’s PPV, because he went after Henry. There are two fundamental differences between them. When Show walks the earth, the earth shakes. When Henry walks the earth, all the people shake. Bigger is not always better. It’s just like Henry’s music says – when you are dealing with the World’s Strongest Man, somebody’s going to get their ass kicked.


Power to the People Choice: Arm Wrestling Match
Mark Henry v. Kane

I have to jump to the Results for a moment as my computer needs to be restarted

Kane def. Mark Henry in an Arm Wrestling Contest by Disqualification

After his scary-strong body slam of Big Show at Capitol Punishment the night before – that poor announce table didn’t stand a chance – Mark Henry reupped for more devastation, this time against Show’s former tag team partner, Kane. As designated by the WWE Universe, the two titans clashed in an Arm Wrestling Contest (52%). The contest, which was chosen rather than an Over the Top Rope Match (35%) or a Body Slam Match (13%), showcased some menacing muscle.
In the end, The Big Red Monster would prevail by disqualification when Henry reached across the table and clocked his opponent. Henry then craved a sequel to his earlier slaughter. As he had done the night before with The World’s Largest Athlete, he hoisted up his adversary and hurled him mercilessly through the announce table with The World’s Strongest Slam.

and I’m back!


R-Truth is in the ring and says that the crowd is acting like animals. He yells at the crowd to stop chanting, “WHAT?”. He blames his loss last night on Little Jimmy. Christian’s music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. He says that he understands where Truth is coming from. The people don’t deserve to have the power. He calls the entire gimmick a joke. After so many years in the company he finally became the Champion, only to have the Title taken from him 5 days later because the people decided he should face Orton. Sure, since then he has had his opportunities and setbacks, but that’s not his fault. Christian blames horrible audiences and crowds. He asks Truth to take a look at a photo from last night’s PPV which clearly shows his foot under the rope. Truth concurs. Christian demands one more shot. Truth says that at least Christian has had the Title, last night Truth was screwed by Little Jimmy. Christian asks who the hell is Little Jimmy. Truth says that maybe in Canada they don’t have Little Jimmies, but here in the US they are in full force.

The Miz’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Miz claims that unlike the other two, he has a legitimate gripe. The referee was not impartial. Christian says that Miz’s match doesn’t matter, because it wasn’t a title match. Miz asks Christian how dare you, this turns into a round robin game of how dare you, and really. They begin taunting each other with their opponents names and Truth starts shouting ‘Jimmy’.

Teddy Long’s music hits, and says that they all need to shut up. Tonight will be these three fighting their opponents from last night’s in a huge 6 man tag match. The fans will choose the stipulation.

Power to the People Choice: United States Championship, Kofi vs. Dolph with stipulation of: 2 out of 3 falls, Vickie banned from ringside or submission?


Power to the People Choice: 2 out of 3 Falls
Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler

Kofi kicks Ziggler in the gut and Dolph slides out of the ring. Kofi follows and hits a couple punches and kicks before rolling him back inside. Ziggler kicks him in the gut and follows with an elbow. Kofi responds and begins to work the back of Dolph. Ziggler rolls out of the ring again. Kofi throws him back in and goes for a cover. Dolph kicks out. Kofi hits a vertical suplex and goes for a cover. Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler regains control, but Kofi rolls him up. Ziggler kicks out. Kofi charges at Dolph, but Vickie pulls down on the rope and he crashes to the outside.


Back from the break, we learn that Dolph has actually picked up the first fall.

Fall #1: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler hits a huge running bulldog and goes for the cover. Kofi kicks out. Kofi hits the S.O.S and picks up the second fall!

Fall #2: Kofi Kingston

Kofi is looking for Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler counters into a roll up. Ziggler locks on the Sleeper. Kofi uses his elbow to escape. Kofi blocks a dropkick and wheelbarrows Ziggler into the turnbuckle. Kofi connects with double handed chops, and then hits the dropkick. Kofi hits a foot stomp and goes for the cover. Dolph kicks out. Ziggler goes for a roll up and pulls the tights. Kofi kicks out. Kingston heads to the second turnbuckle and hits the back splash. Ziggler kicks out of the cover. He slides out of the ring and Kofi follows after. He hits the Trouble in Paradise and rolls Dolph into the ring. Cover, but Dolph gets two fingers on the bottom rope. Dolph again heads out of the ring with Kofi. Ziggler uses the microphone to hit Kofi, and is disqualified.

Winner via DQ: Kofi Kingston
Dolph Ziggler retains the Title

After the match, Ziggler rolls Kofi back into the ring. Kofi connects with the Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere, and his music hits.

Power to the People Choice – Rey Mysterio v. Alberto Del Rio v. CM Punk Stipulation: No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere or Submission


Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance, and cuts another promo about his destiny.


Power to the People Choice: Falls Count Anywhere
Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk

Mysterio tries for a couple of roll ups, but to no avail. Del Rio whips him into the ropes, but Rey slides under him and kicks his leg. He hits Punk for good measure and then whips Del Rio at Punk. Rio crashes out of the ring and Punk goes for a cover after a kick. Rey kicks out. Mysterio sets up the 619 but Del Rio runs into the ring to block. Cover attempt, but Rey kicks out. Punk sunset flips over the top rope and powerbombs Del Rio to the outside! Cover attempt, but Rio kicks out.


Back from the break, all three men are in the ring with Punk in control. Del Rio hits a drop arm breaker and goes for the cover. Punk kicks out. Rey flies for a hurricarana from the top rope which sets up Del Rio for the 619. Punk interrupts, but Rey drops him into the position as well. Rey goes for a double, but Punk intercepts and looks for the 619. Del Rio breaks it up and goes for the cross arm submission, that too is broken up.

With bodies strewn across the ring, Punk places Rey on the top turnbuckle. He follows up after, and Del Rio follows as well. This sets up a three man Tower of Doom, and Del Rio goes for the cover. Punk and Rey both kick out. Del Rio ships Punk into the corner and hits a shoulder thrust. He then charges towards Rey in the opposite corner, but his shoulder meets the steel post. Rey heads to the top rope to leap out, but Punk grabs him and throws him into the turnbuckle. Rey kicks him in the face, and then leaps down with a senton. He immediately flies out with a suicide dive on Del Rio.

Mysterio heads back into the ring, but Punk kicks him hard in the gut. Punk heads to the top turnbuckle, but Rey follows after, he looks for a hurricarana, but Punk holds on to the top rope. Rio locks on the cross arm submission, but Punk comes off the top with a leg drop to break the hold. Rio sends Punk out of the ring. Mysterio sets up Rio for the 619, and connects! He heads to the top turnbuckle and connects with the splash! Punk runs into the ring and throws Rey clear to the steel post! He picks up the cover on Del Rio, and this match is over!

Winner via Rey Mysterio doing all the work: CM Punk

After the match, Punk cuts a promo saying that July 17th is the day he will win the WWE Championship. He also says that July 17th is also the date when his WWE contract expires. When the clock strikes midnight he is leaving the company, and he is leaving as Champion.

Power to the People Choice – Cody Rhodes v. Daniel Bryan: Paper Bag Match, No Count Out or Collegiate Rules?


Power to the People Choice: No Count Out
Daniel Bryan v. Cody Rhodes

They head out of the ring, and Bryan gives Rhodes a suplex on the steel ramp. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a missile dropkick and goes for the cover. Rhodes kicks out. Bryan hits an uppercut, and then flips out of Cody’s way. Rhodes connects with a knee to the gut, and follows with a Flash Kick. Cover attempt, but Bryan kicks out. Bryan hits a roll up, and picks up the victory.

Winner via Roll Up: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Ted Dibiase runs down and helps Cody attack Bryan. They lay him out, and then put a paper bag over his head.

Power to the People Choice: Dance Contest with either Lawler, Michael Cole or Booker T


Matt Striker is in the ring with Vickie Guerrero. She says that she has had 15 years of dance training. She is an expert in ballet, jazz and extotic dancing. Her stage name used to be Peaches. She then quotes Sable and begins to dance. It culminates with her kissing Matt Striker.

Michael Cole is the people’s choice, and I’m done recapping this segment.

Michael Cole wins.


Power to the People Choice for the Main Event Stipulation: 20 minute time limit, single fall, or elimination match?

All the competitors make their entrances as we find out that this will be an Elimination Match, and we go to commercial.


Christian, The Miz & R-Truth v. John Cena, Alex Riley & Randy Orton

Orton and Miz are in the center of the ring and Miz gets clobbered at the start. Orton is sent into the corner, but he bounces back with a clothesline. Orton follows with a knee drop and goes for the cover. Miz kicks out. Miz connects with a boot to the skull and then continues with a series of stomps. Christian gets the tag. He continues the stomping, but Orton gets to his feet and throws a couple of punches. Christian hits a knee to the gut and goes for a cover. Orton kicks out. Christian makes sure the ref is distracted so that his corner can get in a couple cheap shots.

Christian hits a neckbreaker and goes for the cover. Orton kicks out. Truth gets the tag, and kicks Orton in the gut. He locks on a headlock. Orton escapes, but Truth tags in Christian who keeps Orton from making the tag. Christian goes for the Killswitch, Orton counters into a RKO attempt, but Christian hits a neckbreaker! Orton is on his knees and Christian is setting up for the spear. Christian charges, but Orton counters into a snap scoop slam!

Orton finally makes it to the corner and tags in Alex Riley. He flies into the ring and takes out Christian. He follows by hitting Miz and Truth off the apron. Miz runs into the ring to attack. Cena comes in for the save, but the referee makes him leave. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Alex Riley, and Christian picks up the pin, giving his team the 3 on 2 advantage.


Back from the break, Orton hits a huge European Uppercut on The Miz. Orton gets to the corner and tags in John Cena! He begins the 5 moves of doom which culminates with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle into an Attitude Adjustment attempt. Miz scurries off and hits a modified neckbreaker. Cena is in the corner, and Miz hits a devastating splash. Miz heads to the top rope and leaps for an axe handle, but Cena counters into an STF! Truth runs in to break the submission.

Christian gets the tag and applies a headlock. Truth gets the tag and holds onto the leg of Cena as he tries to get the tag to Orton. Truth tags in Miz, who keeps Cena from tagging in Orton. He goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Cena counters into the Attitude Adjustment! Christian tries to block it, but Cena hits him with Miz’s feet. The move connects and Miz is eliminated!

Truth is in the ring with an Armenian Stretch on the WWE Champ. Truth tags in Christian. Cena tries for the AA, but Christian rakes the eyes and hits a neckbreaker. Christian heads to the top rope and looks for a splash. Cena rolls out of the way and tags in Orton. Truth gets the tag, but gets met with a scoop slam. Truth is set up on the ropes for the suspended DDT. Orton connects and is looking for the RKO. Christian runs up from behind, but Orton clotheslines him out of the ring. Truth sets up for the heel kick, but Orton hits the RKO! Truth is eliminated! Christian hits the Spear and Orton is eliminated! We are down to Cena and Christian. Christian takes a moment to gloat, but Orton hits him with the RKO. Cena picks up the pin, and this match is over!

Winners via Spear: John Cena, Alex Riley & Randy Orton

After the match, John Cena & Randy Orton celebrate with their Championships.

David’s Thoughts

Great opening segment with CM Punk. They are really running with the whole ostracized from the company angle. Him mentioning the “banned” word wrestler is vital to this angle. It really messes with the mind of the IWC, which I always get a kick out of seeing. Just when the IWC thinks they know what is going on with CM Punk’s contract status, the WWE directly turns that into an angle, while still appealing to the mass crowd. Brilliant.

Congrats to Kelly Kelly on her first Divas Title win. You have to wonder at how little the company must think of the Divas Title if the fans were essentially picking who Bella would drop the belt to tonight. But, on the other hand I don’t mind that result because it added more intrigue to the rest of the night’s voting. It really cemented the whole ‘Power to the People’ motif.

I’ll be damned if 51% of the WWE Universe actually voted for Mason Ryan to face Evan Bourne. I just don’t get that one. Not that high of a percentage for someone that the crowd constantly chants, “Batista” at, no way.

I didn’t see the Mark Henry v. Kane segment so I won’t comment. Stupid computer needed to be restarted.

Fun little in ring segment with Miz/Christian/Truth. True, it may have been a bit corny, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I have no idea why Teddy Long was allowed to set the main event on RAW, but I’ll just go with it.

I’m not keen on the first fall of the Kofi/Dolph match being during the commercial break. They had a solid match with a disappointing ending. For storyline purposes it makes sense, but it was frustrating to watch as a viewer. I’ve never been a fan of the beaten opponent making a comeback and beating down the victor after the match. Makes the match seem pointless at times.

I thought a Triple Threat Match was No Disqualification by default, so I’m puzzled as to why that was a voting option for Punk v. Mysterio v. Del Rio. The match itself was rather spotty, but I have absolutely no problem with that. Honestly, I’ve never understood why people make such a big deal about that style, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes was pretty fast. It was basically a way to show the RAW audience a glimpse of their Smackdown feud.

The dance contest was a waste of time that wouldn’t have happened if RAW wasn’t three hours long. A friend texted me after it and said:
“I’ve done some regretful things in my life… watching that dance off is definitely high on that list”.
I couldn’t agree more.

Usually the poll options seem to be pretty contrived, but tonight there were a lot of very surprising choices from the WWE Universe. Providing of course that they really had full control in making the matches, but I’d like to pretend that the votes weren’t rigged. Does that make me naïve? Probably.

Great main event to end a rather disjointed show. I don’t know exactly where to place my finger on the night’s faults, it just didn’t feel like it ever came together. There were some very solid matches, great mic work from Punk and Henry, plus a Title change. But there were also some pointless segments and idiotic poll options. I’ll give the show a C+ tonight, but it’s a tough one to grade.

This Saturday is CZW’s annual Tournament of Death and I have convinced Smackdown Recapper, Mike Tedesco, to join me for the festivities. If you are going, drop me a line and come say hello to WrestleView’s WWE Recappers at the show!

Next Monday is not just RAW Roulette, it is also the last Monday of the night, which means kayfabe night here in the Recap. Getcha’ Popcorn Ready!


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