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WWF Superstars 4/6/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re two weeks removed from Wrestlemania now and we still have the patriotic Hulk opening. McMahon is here with Roddy Piper and the Macho Man. Macho was still playing the heel announcer.

-Big Boss Man vs. Keith Steinborn-

Boss Man stomps at Steinborn as the Mountie and Hart cut a pre-recorded promo on the Boss Man. Boss Man slam ends this at 1:21. ½*

Let’s go to Gene Okerlund. We see Hogan getting attacked by Slaughter and a fireball after Hogan had won the title. That must be where Yokozuna got the idea! Slaughter is standing by with comments.

-The Rockers vs. Jeff Sword & Pez Whatley-

We hear from the Orient Express and Fuji says they don’t like Rock music but chamber music, TORTURE chamber music. Ha, Fuji made a funny! Pez and Jannetty start but nothing in the ring can compete with the ingenuity of Fuji. Pez offers a handshake to Marty but cheapshots him. Pez pounds at him in the corner but a blind charge hits Marty’s boots. Michaels comes in with an axehandle off the top and Sword is tagged in. Sword doesn’t fare too well, taking a flying elbow and a suplex. Sword takes a double super-kick before the Rocker’s end this with a double fist-drop at 3:14. This was pretty fun and I guess it lets us know that the Rockers are also mightier than the Sword. *.

We see another IRS vignette.

We head to the Event Center with Sean Mooney and we get promos from Power & Glory (with Slick) and British Bulldog (with Winston).

-Mr. Perfect vs. Dale Wolfe-

Perfect talks about his potential match-up with British Bulldog. Perfect is hiptossed and bodyslammed and he bails to the outside. Wolfe gets another hiptoss but Perfect is ready with a leg-sweep and goes to work on the leg of Wolfe. Perfect-plex ends this at 2:50. *.

It’s Event Center time! Let’s hear from the Legion of Doom (who have issues with the Nasty Boys) and the Nasty Boys themselves.

-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Brooklyn Brawler-

Hacksaw sends the Brawler to the ropes but he slides to the outside. Hacksaw follows and they slug it out at ringside. We head back in and hear from Col. Mustafa. He speaks Arabic. Hacksaw bodyslams Brawler and the three-point stance clothesline ends this at 1:32. DUD.

We go to the second ever Funeral Parlor with Paul Bearer. There are no guests because no one is man enough to step into the Parlor except the Undertaker. Taker comes out and issues a challenge for the Ultimate Warrior.

-Jake Roberts vs. John Allen-

Allen tries some headlocks but that doesn’t get too far. A high knee gives Roberts control and Roberts tries to bring Allen toward Damien while holding him in an armbar. Allen draws Roberts to the outside and is chased into the ring where he stomps at an incoming Jake. Allen misses a blind charge as Vince McMahon shills a WBF event in India. Jake goes back to the arm. Allen slugs out of an armbar but Jake just fires away with jabs of his own. The short-arm clothesline is the set-up for the DDT and that’s what we are gonna get. This one is over at 3:11. I like how Jake works squash matches. Jake drapes Damien over Allen after the match. *.

Jake celebrates at ringside as the next match is starting. Earthquake comes down the aisle but stops when he sees Jake and the snake. This would set up a little feud between the two that leads to Damien getting squashed by Earthquake. Jake stalks Earthquake with that snake and Earthquake bolts to the back.

We head to clips of the Wrestling Challenge with Heenan and Andre The Giant. Andre turns on Bobby to become face again.

-Ted DiBiase vs. Reno Riggins-

Ted debuts his new valet, Sensational Sherri. Both Piper and Savage bail the announce table in disgust. DiBiase back drops Reno and we hear from Virgil in a pre-recorded promo. If Sherri interferes he will spank her. Okay, there. DiBiase suplexes Reno and powerslams him down. The Million Dollar Dream ends this at 1:29. ¼*.

We head back to the Event Center comments from Tugboat and Bret Hart, who wants the IC title. We close with a line-up for next week.

-The Bottom Line-

Wow, there was an actual angle set up this show! The Jake/Earthquake thing would set up an honest to goodness feud, something that wasn’t always set up on Superstars. To top it off it is a feud that is remembered to this day, mostly because of the snake-squashing by Quake. There also seemed to be a lot more wrestling than normal and it was an entertaining show.


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