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WWF Superstars 9/21/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re still in Rochester with Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper. Vince talks about the Savage Summit in the offices of Jack Tunney. Tunney denied Savage’s request to be reinstated so Savage systematically destroyed the office.

-Sid Justice vs. Kato-

This must be Kato’s JTTS match. Sid mentions smelling a powerbomb and the announcers are confused as to what that could be! Piper even calls Sid an “overnight success.” Kato pushes Sid to the corner on a lock-up and since he’s a heel he doesn’t break clean. Sid just shrugs off Kato’s offense and sends him to the corner. He follows with a shoulderblock splash and chokeslams Kato. Jake Roberts has words for Sid in a pre-taped segment. Meanwhile, Sid has booted Kato to the outside and drops Kato onto the rail. Sid brings Kato back in, boots him in the gut and powerbombs Kato to end this at 1:45.

Mean Gene is here with the Update Center and it is brought to us by Toys ‘R’ Us! Gene visits Macho’s house to interview Randy. He’s upset by Tunney’s decision and he’s pissed that the sparkle in Liz’ eyes are gone.

-Big Bully Busick vs. Phil Apollo-

The Bully steals popcorn from a girl at ringside and then dumps it over her head. He’s a bully! The Bully punches Apollo, which is about the extent of his wrestling ability it seems. Wait, I saw a kick thrown in there, too. The Stump Puller ends this crap at 1:42.

We go to Virgil who is standing with a group of young kids who are fawning over his belt. Virgil tells him to rub his belt and that’s just disturbing.

-Superfly Snuka vs. –

McMahon mentions Slaughter being in solitude. The jobber’s not introduced. The jobber isn’t too bad, grabbing a pair of side headlocks on Snuka. Snuka gets out of it and delivers a very weak clothesline. Snuka leaps out of the way of a charging jobber and rolls him up for the pinfall at 1:49. This was even worse than the previous match.

Sean Mooney is here with promo’s and Jimmy Hart and the Natural Disasters start this off. They want a title shot against the LOD. Bret Hart is next and he says no one will get past the Excellence of Execution.

-Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Durham-

Ted attacks Durham from behind, still pissed about losing the Million Dollar Title. DiBiase clotheslines Durham down and calls out Virgil. Durham really has no shot here. DiBiase drops a suplex before dropping Durham to the outside. Durham is brought back in, is powerslammed and the Million Dollar Dream ends this at 1:55.

It’s time for Mooney and more promo’s! We start with Ricky Steamboat (doing his tough-guy voice in his ridiculous headgear). He also calls out Skinner. We also hear from IRS who calls out the Big Boss Man.

-British Bulldog vs. Chris Duffy-

This is the second time these two have squared off since I’ve been reviewing this on Duffy grabs a side headlock early but ends up running into a backbreaker. Duffy tries bailing to the outside but Bulldog pulls him back in. Bulldog is attacked on the apron but slingshots Duffy to the outside. Bulldog mentions going out to wrestle on a UK tour. Duffy tries a piledriver on Bulldog but Bulldog backdrops out of it. Bulldog suplexes Duffy, whips him to the corner and follows with a clothesline and finally powerslams him to end this at 2:12.

It’s Funeral Parlor time and this is a big one. Paul Bearer introduces Bobby Heenan and THE REAL WORLD’S CHAMPION, Ric Flair! Yes, it’s Ric’s WWE debut. Heenan has the big gold belt, too. Flair calls out Piper and Hulk Hogan. He ends by telling Hogan, “while you were making movies, Thunderlips, I was winning championships.” Flair rules and this promo shows why.

-The Big Boss Man vs. Dwayne Evans-

Dwayne (or Duane) is actually a big guy and I’m surprised Vince didn’t use him at all. Boss Man lays a big boot to Evans before hitting a Sidewalk Slam to end this quickly at 1:02. Well, now we have time for another match.

-The Beverly Brothers vs. Two Jobbers-

The Genius recites a poem before the match. These jobbers weren’t introduced either. Will people mind if I don’t do a play by play here? I don’t like the Beverly’s and I didn’t really care to differentiate between who is who. Their 3D ends this at 2:23.

We hear from Mooney one last time and he brings us more promo’s from the Mountie and Jimmy Hart (still upset about his loss at Summerslam) and The Legion of Doom. Next week looks a lot better than this week. First off, RIC FLAIR! WHOOOOO! We’ll also see Bret Hart, the Natural Disaster and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Jake Roberts will be on the Snake Pit, too. Oh hey, Macho returns, too!

-The Bottom Line-

This was total crap except for the Flair appearance.


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