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WWF Superstars 9/28/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re in Canada’s capitol, Ottawa and Vince mentions that Savage may or may not be here tonight thanks to being put on probationary status by Tunney.

-Bret Hart vs. The Brooklyn Brawler-

Bret gets a good cheer in his home-country. We have a lock-up to start which leads to Hart shoulderblocking the Brawler down. Hart clotheslines him, blocks a kick with a takedown and stomps Brawler in the gut. Bret talks about defending his new title in a pre-recorded comment as he hits a backbreaker in the ring. He follows with a second-rope elbow, a side-Russian legsweep and finishes with the Sharpshooter at 2:26.

Mean Gene is here with the Update Center and it is brought to us by Toys ‘R’ Us! We re-visit Slaughter’s title loss and Gene has found Slaughter in seclusion. Slaughter agrees with Gene that he got exactly what he deserved. This starts Slaughter’s “I Want My Country back,” promos.

-The Rockers vs. Dwayne Gill & Barry Hardy-

The Rockers are wearing ridiculous hats here. Hey, the only person in this match-up who has never won a WWE title of some sort is Barry Hardy. Jannetty shoulderblocks Hardy and leapfrogs him, but Hardy barely got any air on that flip. Dwayne sneaks in a cheap-shot and Jannetty is double-teamed. Shawn runs in and it’s a double face-plant followed by a double super-kick. Shawn punches at Dwayne in the corner before delivering a weak clothesline. Jannetty gets slammed on top of Gill to finish this at 2:39. The Rockers were almost down by now and it showed.

We recap the Wedding Reception from Hell with Jake Roberts and Undertaker crashing it in a way that would make Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson blush. This was just a set up for the Funeral Parlor with special guest Jake Roberts. Jake has a cobra and a glove on and says that glove will be important to him. NOT AS IMPORTANT AS A COAL MINER’S GLOVE THOUGH!

-Warlord vs. Sonny Blaze –

If you’ve seen one Warlord jobber match you’ve seen them all. It’s a shoulderblock, a gut-wrench suplex, a short-arm clothesline and the full nelson to finish it all at 2:21.

Sean Mooney is here with promo’s! Jim Neidhart starts it off with his yellow, checkered gear. Jimmy Hart follows with the Nasty Boys and they want their gold back.

-Natural Disasters vs. Joe Milano & Martin Roy-

The Legion of Doom call out the Disasters in a pre-match promo. Earthquake pounds at one of the jobbers in the corner as Macho Man Randy Savage returns to the broadcast booth! The match takes a back-seat to the discussion of Macho being back. The Disasters deliver a double avalanche, dump the other jobber and Earthquake ends this with a big butt splash. I always enjoyed the Disasters for some strange reason.

It’s time for Mooney and more promo’s! We start with Big Boss Man and he’s calling out IRS. The Berzerker (and Mr. Fuji) want to take Bret’s IC title.

-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. –

I didn’t catch the jobber’s name. I hate Hacksaw. McMahon does mention Suburban Commando here for the second time. I remember that movie and enjoyed it as a ten-year-old. Hacksaw ends this with a three-point stance clothesline.

It’s back to Sean Mooney who brings us Ted DiBiase (who believes he was screwed out of the Million Dollar Belt) and the Bushwhackers (who say hello to their mother?).

-Ric Flair vs. Jobber-

Ric has the Big Gold Belt here. I loved Flair’s intro music in the WWE (Also Sprach Zarathustra I believe it is called). Flair goes up and smacks Piper in the back of the head a few times to antagonize him before cold-cocking him with the belt. Flair stomps at Piper and tries using the chair but the officials prevent him from doing that. McMahon leaves the announce booth to try and help up Piper. He does but Piper is confused and he whacks McMahon in the back with a chair. This allows Flair to knock out Piper with the same chair. Flair leaves with his belt held high. I guess the match never actually happens. McMahon is stretchered to the back as Piper tries getting to his feet.

Well, that was some ending!

-The Bottom Line-

There was actually a lot to like about this episode. The Hart match wasn’t bad and that ending segment was something else. I loved how Flair was portrayed here. It’s unlike other wrestlers who came in from other promotions. He was already well-defined as a heel and he came in with such an attitude that you just knew you didn’t like him even if you didn’t know his WCW work. Flair definitely made this episode.


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