WWF Superstars 9/7/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Welcome to Superstars from Rochester, New York. Vince McMahon is here with Roddy Piper and Macho Man is still absent, recovering from the events of his wedding reception.

-The Texas Tornado vs. Bubba Monroe-

Piper on Monroe, “Who is that.” The disdain in his voice was obvious and hilarious. Tornado talks about Slaughter in a pre-recorded promo telling Slaughter to stay in seclusion. I assume Sarge will start his “I want my country back” promo’s. Bubba backs Tornado into a corner about 2 minutes in and gets in a cheap shot but that just infuriates Tornado. The discus punch finishes this at 2:22. Kerry was done with the WWE shortly after this and he would be dead 6 months later. He was really in no shape to be wrestling by this point and this match showed.

We have footage of Macho Man’s reception courtesy of Coliseum Home Video. They show the toast, the first dance, the cake-cutting ceremony, tossing the bouquet, and finally opening presents. Liz opens a box with a freakin’ cobra in it and out comes the Undertaker and Jake Roberts to crash the party. It was only Sid Justice’s intervention that chased the dastardly duo away.

-Skinner vs. Scott Summers-

Holy Shit! No one told me that Cyclops wrestled in the WWE! Skinner knees Cyke in the gut and pounds him to the outside. We hear from Skinner and he’s talking about skinning his way to the top of the ladder. The Dragon is the first one on his list. Skinner puts Cyke in between his legs like a piledriver but just falls down. An inverted DDT ends this at 2:09.

We head to Sean Mooney who introduces us to promo’s from the British Bulldogs (who says he’s been hitting the gym hard and he’s ready for the big powerhouses of the WWE, including the Bully) and from the Nasty Boys (who think that Tunney is in on some sort of conspiracy with the Legion of Doom).

-Virgil vs. Duffy-

Virgil shows off his Million Dollar Belt which allows Duffy to attack from behind. Duffy’s dominance in this match is short-lived. Very short-lived. Virgil slugs back and back drops Duffy off the rebound of the corner. He clotheslines Duffy to the outside and follows with a slingshot splash over the top rope. He brings Duffy back into the ring and connects with a side Russian legsweep. Duffy is bodyslammed and falls victim to a swinging neckbreaker before ending this with a Million Dollar Dream at 2:15. That was a spirited little squash match.

Gene-o is at the Update Center and we take a look back at last week’s Superstars with Bobby Heenan and the big NWA title. It ends with Piper spitting on the title and on Heenan. Okerlund says that Hogan takes exception to Flair being the real world champ, too.

-Berzerker vs. Kerry Davis-

Davis doesn’t start this match out well at wall. He literally walks into a big boot. A Samoan Drop follows and that is followed up by a leg drop off the second rope. Berzerker ties up David in the top two ropes and charges with a trio of big boots to the gut. After this decimation the Berzerker drops Davis to the outside where he’s counted out at 2:27.

We’re back with Mooney. We hear from the Rockers, who are still looking for the Tag Team title. They would only be about 3 months away from their break-up that would kick-start Michaels solo career. We hear from Big Bully Busick and his manager Harvey Whippleman.

-The Bushwhackers vs. Dwayne Gill & Barry Hardy-

This should be nothing less than terrible. Piper says that the team of Gill and Hardy make the Bushwhackers look attractive. We hear from the Beverly Brothers and their new manager, The Genius. The Bushwhackers do their usual crap comedy match, tossing the jobbers to the outside and prancing around the ring like idiots. The battering ram and the double knee drop ends this at 3:43. This was painful to watch.

We head to Paul Bearer and the Funeral Parlor. Bearer brings out IRS, who is making his second appearance on this segment. IRS calls out the Big Boss Man. When did those two fight?

We look back at Summerslam and the final moments of the Perfect/Hart IC title match which saw Bret Hart win. The miraculous thing about that match was how Henning worked it with his back in absolutely terrible condition.

-Warlord vs. Mark Thomas-

Warlord is a quintessential powerhouse. He shoulderblocks Thomas and delivers a nice gut-wrench suplex. Vince and Roddy talk IC title dreams for Warlord, and a pre-recorded comment from Warlord and Slick echo that. Warlord dominates and ends with a full nelson at 2:44.

We hear from Mooney and he brings us more promos! We hear from the master of the figure-four leglock, Greg Valentine. He has an open contract but who would want to fight this guy? He talks up the Bully, too. Ted DiBiase (with Sherri) closes up shop and they’re still smarting over losing the Million Dollar Belt. Vince hypes next week’s show; The Undertaker, an interview with Hulk Hogan, IRS, Jim Neidhart in solo action and the Natural Disasters are in action as well as more from the reception.

-The Bottom Line-

This was a harmless episode. The action was hit or miss (Tornado and Bushwhackers didn’t do well) but the rest wasn’t too bad. The interview segments didn’t seem to overwhelm the show like it usually tends to do. Heck, you even get Scott Summers in here, too! It’s a good waste of 45 minutes.

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