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Wrestling Memories: First Edition

Wrestling Memories
First Edition
Written By:
Bob Colling

Everyone has memories about their wrestling experiences. Those memories may be good ones and they very well could be awful ones. For me, they are a mix between good and awful. They are also random memories. So, I have decided to go back and talk about some of the experiences I have had in the past and maybe there will be some humor involved with these. If you are interested in people’s stories, then you will enjoy these.

The very first pay per view I ever purchased was WrestleMania XIV (14). I was nine years old. At first I didn’t believe I was going to get it. You see, my parents weren’t big fans of how the WWF had changed their programming. It was all about sex and over the top angles that weren’t fit for a nine year old. It wasn’t until a half hour before the show did my father come outside to tell me to come inside so that I wouldn’t miss the show. It took me all of three seconds to run into the house and ditch my best friend, at the time, to watch the show. You may be wondering that it was WrestleMania XIV that caused that friendship to end, but it wasn’t so don’t worry.

I plopped down on the couch to watch the event. First it was the pre-show which saw LOD 2000 win a battle royal. At least I believe it was a pre-show. Even when I was 9 I didn’t care for LOD. In a year’s time they went from being one of my favorite tag teams to just another team.

I’m not going to go through every match because I can’t remember what I was thinking for all of them. Owen Hart had to have been one of my favorite wrestlers in 1998. I despised Hunter Hearst Helmsley because he relied on Chyna to win a lot of his matches. When I heard of the stipulation that Chyna would be handcuffed to Sgt. Slaughter at ringside, I knew Slaughter would screw up and Chyna would help out HHH. Sure enough that happened and I was angry about that.

Ken Shamrock made me believe he was the toughest son of a bitch on the planet. I believe it was the week before the show when the Rock hit him with a steel chair right in the face. At the time, I didn’t like the Rock. He was really arrogant and I just found him annoying. So, when Shamrock had him in the ankle lock I was freaking out with happiness. However, Shamrock wouldn’t let go and the decision was reversed which was ridiculous! At least he got some level of payback by attacking Rock as he was on a stretcher, if I remember correctly.

I had never heard of Cactus Jack until this event. My parents rarely ever allowed me to watch RAW, thus watching the pay per view was a real treat. I instantly enjoyed the dumpster match between the WWF World Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws and Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk). Some of the spots that Jack and Charlie did were quite remarkable and shocked me. You got to love violence, right?

Leading into the event I was convinced that Kane was going to destroy the Undertaker. He wore a mask and was taller than the Undertaker. Kane also never felt pain that I remember seeing. Although Kane ended up losing the match, I was still scared of the guy. It took several tombstone pile drivers to put him away. If you are going to beat a guy, that was the way to do it and keep him looking strong.

The main event was the sole reason I bought this event, though. The few times I snuck in watching RAW I would see the first half hour or so. Usually, those thirty minutes consisted of Austin and whomever he was feuding with. I also hadn’t seen Michaels wrestle in a long time so I figured this would be sweet. Add in Mike Tyson into the mix and this is a star studded main event. When I saw HHH and Chyna come out I figured that Austin was going to lose but I was happily proved wrong and he ended up pinning Michaels to win the WWF World Title! Then, in a swerve I didn’t see coming Tyson knocked Michaels out! That was really cool to see.

This was my first WrestleMania that I purchased on pay per view. The next several years I would be allowed to watch the pay per view since my birthday is in early April. The next edition of Wrestling Memories will be my thoughts on purchasing my first WCW pay per view. It is most likely NOT the event you would have ever thought it would be.

Thanks for reading.

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