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NWA-TNA Impact 2/18/2006

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Date: February 18th, 2006

From: Orlando, FL

– We opened with a clip from where Monty Brown confronted Larry Zbyszko about challenging Christian for the NWA Title. Zbyszko said he would make the announcement on Impact, which would be this week’s show.

– Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to the show. Tenay gave a brief summary of Christian’s title victory at the PPV. The lights went out and Christian Cage’s music played.

Dave Penzer announced Christian as the brand new NWA Champion. Tenay asked, “Has there ever been a more memorable or more exciting moment in TNA history?” Gee, Tenay, wasn’t Sting’s return to wrestling the most exciting moment in TNA history last month? How quickly we forget.

Christian walked out and said he’s waited a long time to hold the world title. He dedicated his victory to everyone who has been held back. “You’re not big enough, you don’t have the right look, you don’t have ‘it’,” Christian said he has heard throughout his career. He ran off the list of former NWA Champions that preceded him. “My name will forever be linked to those,” he said. Christian said Monty Brown is the number one contender. He announced the match for Destination X. “You are going to face ‘it’,” Christian said. Isn’t “it” the thing on those eBay commercials?

– Jeremy Borash was backstage with Jeff Jarrett and Team Canada. Jarrett said he was screwed by management, Christian, and Earl Hebner at the PPV. He said he would take the negative and turn it into a positive. He announced an eight-man tag match at Destination X. Jarrett said he got rid of Sting. Eric Young whispered that he’s still around. Jarrett was tired of hearing about it and he told Eric to shut up. Jarrett said he would take care of the Jackie Gayda problem and show the videotape on Jackie later in the show. “A viewing party later tonight on Impact,” Borash announced.

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Tenay said the winner of the match would be guaranteed a spot on the upcoming World X Cup when Team TNA faces Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Strong ripped off a chop to the chest on Lethal. He came back with a straight right hand followed by a back elbow. The crowd rallied behind him with a “Let’s go Lethal” chant. Strong dropped Lethal on his back with a German Suplex. They brawled to the apron where Shannon flipped Roderick onto Lethal, who snapped off a huricanrana from the apron to the floor. Nice spot. Shannon followed up with a splash onto Lethal and Strong from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Back in the ring, Strong ripped off a series of chops on Shannon. He hit a back breaker and went for a pin, but Lethal broke it up. Lethal hit a full nelson overhead slam on Strong. He made a quick roll up for the win.

WINNER: Jay Lethal at 3:13. Lethal’s push continues while Strong takes the loss for being late to the PPV. About as good as you’re going to get with only three minutes to work with.

– We saw a video package on Ron Killings similar to the Rhino video packages before he challenged Jarrett for the NWA Title. Killings told us how he used to rap and dance for James Brown while just looking for an opportunity. He said he could have been killed or gone to jail when he got involved with the drug business. All he wanted was direction in life. Absolutely great video package that established the character behind the man. This is where David Sahadi is at his best. Definitely beats a one-minute squash match for getting Killings over.

[Commercial Break. Spike’s idea for going head-to-head against Raw? Pros vs. Joes. Eh.]

– Jeremy Borash was backstage with Kip and B.G. James. Kip said the dynamic duo rides again. Bullet Bob intervened and said all three of them could take on LAX. Kip asked about his knee. Bob said he doesn’t care about his knee or his age. He said he was good to go. B.G. said his mom was going to kill him. Bob can still cut a promo.


La Migra is doing the border patrol gimmick against the Latin American Exchange. LAX scored a quick pin after brief brawling. Konnan used a billy club against La Migra after the match. Konnan took the mic and told Bullet Bob to get a wrestler’s license, take his Geritol, and get ready for a worse trip than to the hospital.

WINNERS: LAX at 1:03. Easily could have accomplished the same goal backstage than spending three minutes in the ring. They could have beat up La Migra backstage as they were preparing for a match with another team. It would have better established the “gang attack” aspect of the team.

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– Borash was backstage with X Division champion Samoa Joe and Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko said the championship committee and management is proud of Joe’s accomplishments in TNA. (So, where’s the money?) Zbyszko said Joe needs to prove himself in the Ultimate X match. Joe wasn’t too pleased with the announcement. He silenced Zbyszko, saying management underestimated his abilities when he showed up on the scene. He said he wasn’t going to play nice with the X Division wrestlers and he’s proven his point so far. Joe asked if the “Living Legend” moniker was accurate. Zbyszko said it was. Joe said, “Maybe it will be just Legend.”


Aries said, “It’s sexy time, baby,” on the way to the ring. Aries jumped Daniels before the opening bell. Daniels came back with a series of blows before hitting a tilt-o-whirl back breaker. He set up for Angel’s Wings, but dropped Aries in position for the Coquina Clutch. Daniels let go of the hold when Joe hit the ring. Daniels dropped Joe with a side kick. He went for a moonsault, but Joe put the X Title in the way. Joe landed a stiff running kick to the head. He set up for the Muscle Buster on a chair, but A.J. Styles ran into the ring and grabbed the chair. He smacked Joe across the back with the chair. Joe turned around and took a chair shot in the face. He rolled to the outside. Styles stared straight ahead scowling. He stared down Daniels then told Daniels, “This wasn’t for you.” He grabbed the X Title and held it in his hands as Joe stumbled up the entrance way.

WINNER: No Contest at 1:42. Good storyline set up for the Ultimate X match. I get the feeling this match won’t be overshadowed by Christian’s title defense at the Destination X PPV.

– We saw a video package on the Ultimate X match.

– Team 3D was walking through the hallway backstage when they encountered Ron Killings. They did the Budweiser “wassup?” greeting that was so five years ago. Brother Ray thanked Killings for looking out for them at the PPV.

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– J.B. was backstage with Jarrett, D’Amore, Eric Young, Gail Kim, and Alex Shelley watching the Jackie video. She stormed in and turned off the video. She wasn’t happy. Jarrett told her that the video could end up on the Internet if she tries to quit and leave because of the tape. She was silent. Jarrett said, “Welcome aboard.” He said Jackie would do whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and wherever he wants. Yikes. Jarrett said he wasn’t going to let her quit like Sting did. Eric Young interrupted and said he feels Sting’s presence. Jarrett grabbed him and told him to shut up about it. D’Amore told Jarrett not to put his hands on a Team Canada member. He turned around and slapped Eric in the face. Jarrett told Shelley to grab his video camera, get on a flight to Los Angeles, and get the dirt on Sting. He wanted to see footage of Sting’s kids, his wife, and the PTA meetings. They left. Gail Kim got in Jackie’s face and said, “We’re going to have a lot of fun.” Jackie wasn’t convinced.

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Roode landed hard right hands on Ray early on. Ray fought back with shots to the stomach. Petey tagged in and applied an armbar. Rey countered it. Devon entered the ring and hit a leg drop as Ray dropped Petey with a side slam. Killings entered and worked on A-1. He hit a spinning leg kick. Roode caught Killings from the apron. Tenay said the NWA Tag Titles would be on the line next week when AMW defends against Ron Killings and Rhino. Team Canada exchanged tags and worked on Killings. He eventually made the hot tag to Devon. The action broke down in the ring. Devon hit the diving head butt on Roode’s crotch. A-1 took a top rope drop kick to the crotch from Killings. They went for the tables on the outside, but Petey and Roode cut them off. Back in the ring, Killings hit the axe kick on A-1 for the victory.

Afterwards, AMW hit the ring and attacked Killings. They tried to handcuff him to the ringpost, but Rhino ran into the ring. He flipped James Storm over the top rope to the outside. Harris turned around and took a gore. Rhino posed for the camera.

WINNERS: Team 3D at 6:41. Formula match featuring Ron Killings. Nothing more to it. The post-match angle was a good lead-in to next week’s tag title match.

– Backstage, J.B. tried to keep pace with Monty Brown as he stormed down the hallway. Borash asked about the title shot against Christian. Brown ignored him. He stopped at Christian’s locker room door and barged in.

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