WWF Smackdown 8/3/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, August 3rd, 2000

Taped (8/1) from the Jefferson County Civic Center in Brimingham, AL

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis (7/06/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Perry Saturn (7/23/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (6/29/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with highlights of the growing rift between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Raw. We then find Triple H pacing around the parking garage, supposedly waiting for his wife to join him at the building. Trish Status walks up and tries to apologize to him for the way the match on Monday ended claiming she’s embarassed and that she hopes thinks work out between him and Stephanie. Triple H isn’t happy with that and tells Trish that his marital issues are all her fault before asking her to please stay far away from him, starting now.

~ We then go to the intro after which Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Cole announces that tonight The Rock and Kane will team up to take on Chris Benoit and The Big Show.

  • X-Pac (w/Road Dogg) vs. Scotty 2 Hotty (w/Grandmaster Sexay)

So I guess the friendly rivalry continues to see which of the DX’ers can get the more undeserving singles wins. Road Dogg joins the announcers for commentary and Cole tries to get his opinions on Triple H’s current issues. Both men lockup to start and Scotty gets a headlock, X-Pac shoves him away but Scotty hits a shoulderblock. Scotty comes off the ropes and X-Pac leapfrogs over him and hits a hiptoss but Scotty kicks him away in return. Both men kip up but Scotty takes a moment to moonwalk acorss the ropes then decks X-Pac with a right hand. Scotty applies an armwringer then goes into a headlock and X-Pac shoves him away but Scotty rolls over him and hits a superkick. X-Pac rolls out to the floor when Scotty goes for a baseball slide but misses it and X-Pac clotheslines Scotty on the floor. X-Pac gets in his shots before rolling him back in the ring and suplexing him for two. X-Pac applies a chinlock and Scotty reverses it into a headlock but X-Pac counters with a suplex for a near fall. X-Pac rams Scotty into the top turnbuckle but it starts having no effect as Scotty is Hulking Up or something. Scotty then fights back and goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses it but Scotty comes back with a flying forearm. Scotty whips X-Pac into a corner and charges but X-Pac sidesteps and Scotty runs his shoulder into the post. X-Pac chokes Scotty down and goes for the Bronco Buster but misses Scotty and straddles the turnbuckles. Scotty hits the Bulldog then connects with the Worm and covers X-Pac but X-Pac gets his foot on the rope. Scotty learns he didn’t win the match so he works X-Pac over with the count-along punches in a corner but X-Pac interupts that with a shot below the belt then hits the X-Factor for the, *sigh*, pin. (4:12) X-Pac got his win so Road Dogg gets his turn to match it when he takes on Grandmaster Sexay later tonight. **

~ Backstage we find Triple H still waiting in the parking garage when a limosine pulls up and Stephanie climbs out. Triple H is eager to talk but Stephanie isn’t in the mood and tells her husband that she needs some space right now. Triple H keeps trying to get his wife to talk to him but Stephanie insists she needs her space and walks off by herself. We then follow Stephanie as she walks through the building when Kurt Angle comes up wanting to talk with her. Angle tells Stephanie he’s sorry for what she’s going through and offers to be there if she needs anyone to talk to. Stephanie appreciates it then asks Angle where Trish Stratus is and Angle points the way to her lockerroom.

~ Back from break we get footage of the Godfather’s former women once again picketing outside the building in protest of Steven Richards and the Right to Censor.

~ In the arena Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring with Chris Benoit and The Big Show for some promo time. Shane gets on the mic and talks about the balance of power in the WWF shifting in favor of himself after he aligned with the tag team champions, the Olympic hero, the greatest technician and the WWF’s biggest athlete. Shane says together there’s nothing they cannot accomplish and every target they have chosen has been obliterated. Shane mentions their first target was the Undertaker and decides to let Show tell about taking him out in his own words. Show claims Taker is now probably regretting the day he turned his back on him and left him hanging high and dry. Show mentions Taker wanted him to be the biggest, meanest freak and ended getting a taste of that animal last week. Wow, a little history there. Show says when he was at home healing up he kept hearing about how Taker was back and more ferocious than ever. Show decides to show how bad Taker really is by showing clips of Taker getting taken out by him two weeks ago after he outsmarted him before suggesting Taker is more like the American Dumb(*bleep*). Benoit takes over the mic and brags about taking Chris Jericho out while showing his own set of clips from last week. Benoit says Jericho ran his mouth only to find that a chair to the head will shut him up every time, calling it textbook. Shane then says Jeff Hardy was the next victim on Monday and shows Edge & Christian giving him a double chairshot. Shane mentions that tonight Show and Benoit will take on The Rock and Kane who happen to be their next targets. Such a cool stable that was sadly cut short in the next few weeks but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

~ Backstage Trish Stratus is conversing with Test, Albert and Val Venis when Stephanie barges into the room and calls Trish coniving and manipulative and threats to tear her apart if she ever goes near Triple H again. Stephanie points out what Trish did on Monday after she left the building and again warns her to keep away from her husband. Stephanie deaprts and Test says he’s glad he didn’t marry that woman as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Triple H is trying to relax in his lockerroom with a fruit platter when Stephanie comes in telling him they won’t have to worry about Trish anymore. However Stephanie still doesn’t want to talk things out when Harvey Whippleman comes in and tells the Helmsleys that Mick Foley wants to see both of them right away.

  • Eddie Guerrero (w/Chyna) & Rikishi vs. Val Venis (w/Trish Stratus) & Tazz

I guess Eddie and Rikishi still have issues with Val but I don’t know why Tazz is in there since Rikishi has already beaten him convincingly. Val starts off against Eddie and hits a press slam then goes for a whip but Eddie reverses him into a corner and gets in his shots. Eddie goes for a whip, Val reverses but Eddie manages to take him over the ropes. Eddie goes after Val on the floor when Val starts fighting back until Rikishi goes out himself to stop that rally. Eddie and Rikishi whip Val into a clothesline from Chyna and stomp him while each kisses one of Chyna’s hands. Eddie throws Val back in the ring then tags Rikishi when Tazz comes in but Rikishi nails him with some rights and a headbutt. Rikishi clotheslines Tazz and Val then whips Val into a corner and whips Tazz into Val before hitting the running butt splash on both men. Rikishi hits Tazz with a Samoan Drop and Val with a superkick. Eddie then climbs to the top rope and looks at his elbow then hits the Frogsplash (!) on Val for the pin. (2:03) Pretty quick win for the good guys but this marks the first time Eddie used the Frogsplash since injuring his elbow in his debut match in February. Plus he pinned the IC Champion so maybe he should go for that title next.

~ Backstage the Helmsleys meet with Mick Foley who has his office set up on a hot dog stand in the storage area. Foley first reminds Stephanie how she walked out on the mixed tag on Raw and as a result he’s going to fine her. Stephanie claims she had her reasons but Foley threatens to strip her … of the Women’s title if she walks out again. How about making her defend that belt in the first place? Kurt Angle then comes in and says hi to Stephanie but Triple H gets in his face demanding he get away from his wife. Angle insists he and Stephanie are just friends but Triple H isn’t buying it when Foley says he invited Angle to be here. Foley says Angle and Stephanie are going to be more than friends tonight since they’re teaming up with Triple H against the Dudley Boyz and Lita in a no-DQ six-person tag match. Stephanie protests this match but Foley pulls out a gavel to make his decision final as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find Matt Hardy and Lita talking to Jeff, telling him not to come out and be in his corner tonight. Jeff insists he’s fine and feels Matt will need him on his side since Christian will be in Edge’s corner for their match. Matt says he’s taken care of both tag team champions before but can’t handle Jeff taking one more shot to the head. Matt tells Jeff there’s a life after wrestling and he wants him to live to see it then asks Lita to keep Jeff in the back.

  • Edge (w/Christian) vs. Matt Hardy

Matt wants revenge on E&C for the double chairshot Jeff took on Raw and goes right to work on Edge, taking him down and unloading on him then pulling him to the mat by the hair. Matt turns and decks Christian off the apron when Edge charges at him but Matt backdrops him over the ropes. Matt climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying clothesline on E&C before tossing Edge back in the ring. Matt slams Edge to the mat then hops to the middle rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop for a two count. Matt goes for a whip and Edge reverses it when Christian pulls Matt out to the floor but Matt fights him off. However Edge nails Matt with a baseball slide then heads back in the ring while Christian stomps away at Matt. Edge goes out and shoves Matt into the barricade then stomps him in the head and tosses him back in the ring. Matt starts fighting back but Edge quickly stops the rally then pounds Matt down in a corner and chokes him. Edge sets Matt on the top rope then goes up but Matt fights him off and hits a moonsault that gets a two count. Christian slides a chair in the ring and Edge goes to grab it when Matt rolls him up from behind but only gets two. Matt goes for a whip, Edge reverses it and Christian nails Matt from behind and Edge follows up with a flapjack for a two count. Edge climbs to the top rope but Matt cuts him off then goes up and hits a superplex. Both men are down when Jeff Hardy runs down the ramp carrying a ladder and knocks Christian over with it. Matt sets Edge up for the Twist of Fate but lets go as Jeff climbs to the top of the ladder and strikes a pose. However Jeff suddenly gets dizzy and falls off the ladder, landing on the top rope and tumbling in the ring. Matt checks on Jeff when Edge grabs the chair and whacks Matt in the head and there’s the bell for the DQ. (4:36) Edge and Christian depart while asking the fallen Hardys how it feels and the EMTs come out to tend to them. **

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock on teaming with Kane against Big Show and Chris Benoit later tonight. Rock starts with the usual then says he and Benoit have been through some wars but doesn’t feel Benoit is that special. Rock says anyone can be Benoit, from the cameraman to some woman, then asks us if we want Kevin to be Benoit. Rock then turns his back to the camera and obscures our view of Kevin as he does something to Kevin’s mouth. Soon Rock steps aside and forces Kevin to smile as we see one of Kevin’s teeth has been blacked out with a marker. Rock tells “Benoit” to stick his tongue through that goofy gap then takes the mic himself and chases Kevin away. Rock says Show got his attention when he came back before making fun of him with his old chokeslam impression. Rock promises he and Kane are going to beat Benoit and Show up all over Smackdown, if you smell and the rest.

  • The Rock & Kane vs. The Big Show & Chris Benoit (w/Shane McMahon)

After Benoit and Show are out, Kane enters but decides not to wait for Rock and goes after both men himself. Show and Benoit come back and double-team Kane when Rock finally joins the match and evens up the odds. Rock tosses Benoit over the ropes while Kane kicks Show through the ropes and the faces stand tall in the ring while Benoit regroups with Show and Shane on the floor. Benoit slides back in the ring and exchanges shots with Rock then gets the advantage and works Rock over in a corner with chops. Benoit hits a series of knees to the chest and goes for a whip but Rock reverses it and hits a belly-to-belly throw then hits the Smackdown in a corner. Rock goes for a whip but Benoit counters and hits a swinging neckbreaker then tags Show to take over on him. Show pounds on Rock then whips him and Rock comes back with a flying forearm but Show doesn’t go down. Kane tags in and gets in his shots then goes for a whip and Show reverses it but Kane hits a shouldertackle. Kane goes for another whip, Show reverses but Kane comes back with a kick then goes for yet another whip. Show reverses that and Benoit nails Kane in the back so Kane grabs him by the throat and pulls him in the ring. Kane readies for a chokeslam but Show breaks it up and drives Kane in his corner for some shoulderblocks. Benoit tags in and whips Kane into his corner then follows it up with a back suplex that gets him a near fall. Kane starts to fight back but Benoit drives him into his corner where Show gets in a shot then tags himself in. Show kicks Kane down in a corner and whips him into the opposite corner then charges but eats an elbow. Kane bulldogs Show then both men crawl to their corners where Show tags Benoit and Kane tags in Rock. Rock unloads on Benoit and hits a Samoan Drop then tosses him into the ropes and hits a DDT for a near fall. Benoit starts fighting back with kicks but Rock stops that with a Dragon legwhip then slaps on the Sharpshooter. Show tries to come in to make the save and Earl Hebner keeps him out but that allows Shane to come in himself. Rock knocks Shane back through the ropes with one shot but that moment allows Benoit to start fighting back. Benoit tries to get Rock in the Crossface when Rock grabs Benoit for the Rock Bottom but Show breaks it up. Show grabs Rock by the throat for a chokeslam but Kane breaks that up and clotheslines Show over the ropes. Kane then goes after Show on the floor while in the ring Rock whips Benoit and plants him with a spinebuster. Rock then goes for the People’s Elbow but Shane flies in the ring and cuts Rock down with a chair to the head. Benoit then climbs to the top rope and connects with the diving headbutt on Rock to grab the pin for his team. (7:11) Benoit has pinned the WWF Champion so give the man a title shot. I really wanted to like this match and Rock, Benoit and Kane did their part but Show looked really sluggish and unmotivated and that brought it down. **½

Kane and Show are still duking in out on the floor when Shane goes after Kane with the chair and whacks him in the back but it has no effect. Kane takes the chair away and backs Shane up the ramp to the stage but Show runs up and makes the save. Kane wails on Show near the OvalTron screen and kicks him below the belt. Shane attacks from behind but Kane just shrugs off Shane’s blows and turns to go after him while Show removes a large panel from the stage. Kane grabs Shane but Show nails Kane from behind then chokeslams him through the hole he made in the stage! Shane is shocked at what Show just did as we see Kane lying motionless on the concrete floor under the stage. The EMTs come out to load Kane on a stretcher but Kane refuses their help and tries to crawl away himself.

~ Back from break we get replays of Kane becoming the latest victim of Shane’s superfriends after Show chokeslammed him through the stage. Cole reports that Kane is still refusing medical attention backstage.

~ Elsewhere we find Steven Richards leading Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather into the Acolytes’ office and the three of them then proceed to gather up the Acolytes’ playing cards, beer cans and cigars and load them in boxes. Goodfather takes a moment to look at a cigar but Richards tells him it’s wrong and Goodfather breaks it in agreement. Once they empty the filing cabinet Richards places a ‘NO’ sticker on the door saying the APA is closed for business. You can bet Bradshaw and Faarooq won’t be happy with this.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. Perry Saturn (w/Terri Runnels)

This match is only for Blackman’s Hardcore Title; Saturn’s European Title is not on the line. Blackman has a chain around his wrist as he waits for Saturn to come in the ring but then goes out after him and eats a superkick. Saturn hands a fire extinguisher to Terri before Blackman superkicks him in return and Terri sprays Blackman with CO2. Saturn clotheslines Blackman before tossing him in the ring with some plunder. Saturn tosses a trash can at Blackman who catches it then tosses the can back to Saturn and kicks it into him. Saturn rolls out to the apron and Blackman tries to grab him when Terri waffles him with a trash lid. Blackman goes out and grabs Terri by the neck but Saturn climbs to the top rope and takes Blackman out with a plancha for a two count. Saturn fights Blackman up the ramp and hits a jackhammer for a near fall. Suddenly Al Snow runs down the ramp and nails Saturn with Head and Blackman covers him to get the three. (1:40) Snow walks off as Lawler figures he’s making up for costing him and Blackman the tag team match on Raw. Terri then holds the European belt up as if to say Saturn didn’t win but still has his gold, or something. Didn’t really go anywhere plus you shouldn’t job one titleholder to another titleholder. *

~ We then get footage of the Godfather’s former ladies continuing their protest rally from outside the building.

~ Backstage Bradshaw and Faarooq return to their office to find it completely cleaned out, including the file cabinet. Bradshaw quickly realizes the “Ward Cleaver lookin’ guys” did this and declares he and Faarooq a collection agency. The two of them then head out to locate the RTC and reclaim their beer as we go to commercial.

~ Backfrom break we find Triple H talking strategy with Stephanie, feeling the main event will be different since it’s no-DQ. Triple H then tells Stephanie to get changed but Stephanie says she doesn’t feel comfortable undressing in front of him. Stephanie insists Triple H go get changed in another lockerroom and Triple H gets upset as he storms out the door.

~ Out in the arena The Right To Censor make their way to the ring with Richards holding up a black ‘NO’ sign as we then see the Godfather’s former women picketing among the crowd with their signs. Richards gets on the mic to say something but he gets cut off but the Acolytes’ entrance and we have a match.

  • The Acolytes vs. Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather (w/Steven Richards)

So if you have a rematch just days after the original match it usually means the other side is getting their win back. Faarooq goes after Buchanan on the floor and rams him into the steps leaving Bradshaw to handle Goodfather. Goodfather goes for a whip and Bradshaw reverses it but Goodfather comes back and hits a shoulderblock. Bradshaw fights back and clotheslines Goodfather in a corner then whips him and connects with an elbow. Bradshaw whips Goodfather into a corner but Goodfather comes out with a clothesline. Buchanan tags in and gets in his shots then whips Bradshaw but lowers the head and Bradshaw clubs him in the back. Bradshaw whips Buchanan into a corner but Buchanan runs up the ropes and springs off with the clothesline. Faarooq gets the tag and takes it to both RTC’ers then hits Bucnanan with a spinebuster and slams Goodfather. Richards tries to come in and Bradshaw chases him out but doesn’t notice a 2×4 left behind in the ring. Goodfather breaks it over Faarooq’s back and Buchanan follows up with the Axe Kick for the pin. (1:23) As I predicted. The Godfather’s women jeer this outcome while Richards proclaims it to be acceptable. DUD

~ Backstage Road Dogg is conversing with Mideon about his competiton with X-Pac when Triple H barges in the room gripping about Stephanie kicking him out of their lockerroom and having to dress up with everyone else as a result. Road Dogg offers to help Triple H out but first he has his own match to worry about. Mideon then asks Triple H to borrow his toothbrush but Triple H shoots him a look so Mideon realizes now’s not the time and backs away as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get clips of another XFL press conference announcing Birmingham as the latest host city. For those keeping track that makes seven franchises announced so far with one more to be named later.

  • Road Dogg (w/X-Pac) vs. Grandmaster Sexay (w/Scotty 2 Hotty)

Pretty much the same setup as the opener, only now the other half of Too Cool gets to job to the other DX’er. Sexay gets in the first shots on Road Dogg then turns and spits his gum at X-Pac as he joins the commentary. Road Dogg applies a headlock and Sexay shoves him off into the ropes but Road Dogg hits a shoulderblock. Road Dogg comes off the ropes and fakes Sexay out but Sexay busts a move then throws him down to the mat. Sexay goes for a whip, Road Dogg reverses it but Sexay ducks a clothesline and hits his version of the Stroke. Sexay then climbs to the top rope but X-Pac decides to get involved and shoves Sexay off the turnbuckle. Sexay lands on his feet and grabs X-Pac for a shot but misses and X-Pac is able to grab Sexay from behind. X-Pac holds Sexay as Road Dogg moves in but Sexay escapes it and Road Dogg knocks X-Pac off the apron. Sexay then rolls Road Dogg up from behind but only gets a two count when that should been the finish there. Sexay nails Road Dogg with a superkick then climbs to the top rope and connects with the Hip Hop Drop. Sexay covers Road Dogg when X-Pac comes in and Scotty cuts him down but ends up distracting the referee. The referee gets Scotty out but X-Pac nails Sexay with the spinkick and Road Dogg steals the pin. (1:58) Like I said that miscue should have ended it and began the DX split. *

Road Dogg gets his hand raised when X-Pac comes back in the ring and the Too Cool guys double-team him so Road Dogg heads in to even up the odds and the DX’ers take control. Rikishi then runs in to make the save and decks Road Dogg before superkicking X-Pac. Rikishi whips Scotty into a butt bump on X-Pac in a corner and Sexay hits his butt bump on X-Pac then Rikishi moves in for the stinkface but Road Dogg gets him out to safety.

~ Backstage Triple H is getting his elbow taped up when Shane comes in asking him to make nice with Kurt Angle, feeling he can’t beat the Dudleys himself and thus needs to get together with Angle for Stephanie’s sake. Triple H resists at first but grudginly accepts Shane’s logic. Shane brings Angle in and gives them the lowdown then warns them that Stephanie’s safety is paramount and there will be bad things if she goes through a table.

~ Back from break we get the promo from Raw telling the poltiicans about the WWF fans electing the next President. We then get various news footage of The Rock opening yesterday’s session of the Republican National Convention. Cole and Lawler then hype the WWF’s non-partisan campaign to get the viewers involved in the election process.

~ Backstage Kurt Angle tells Triple H about his plan for the match which involves math, that H³ + I³ is greater that D³. Triple H is confused by this until Angle explains that the three H’s plus his three I’s can overcome the Dudleys’ 3D and Triple H calls him an idiot. Angle offers to go a little slower but Triple H says what he wants is him to go away. Angle chastises Triple H for not showing much team spirit as he departs with Triple H glaring after him.

~ The Dudleys and Lita are all shown making their way to the ring for the main event as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get another replay of The Big Show chokeslamming Kane through the stage earlier tonight. Cole says Kane has finally accepted some medical assistance after crawling to the ambulance, or so Cole tells us.

  • Triple H, Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon vs. The Dudley Boyz & LitaNo-Disqualification Match

The Helmsleys come out first but Stephanie walks ahead of Triple H instead of their normal side-by-side and once Angle comes out next the heels have trouble getting on the same page as the faces make thier entrances. Bubba Ray starts against Triple H and has his sights on Stephane which allows Triple H to get the first shots. Triple H works Bubba over in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner and charges but eats a boot. Bubba hops to the top rope and connects with a flying clothesline but Triple H comes back with a neckbreaker. Triple H then smacks Angle to tag him in and Angle has words with him before running right into a powerslam. D’Von tags in and whips Angle into a forearm then goes for a whip but Angle reverses it and hits an elbow. Angle follows up with a cltohesline then has words with Triple H before tagging him in to take over on D’Von. And again I ask why the participants have to tag in and out when it’s a no-DQ match. D’Von fights back and knocks Triple H into a right hand from Bubba and Lita gets in a shot from the apron. Bubba tags in and hits some rights then goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and Angle kicks him from behind. Bubba decks Angle off the aprin but Triple H clotheslines Bubba from brhind then stomps him down in a corner. Earl Hebner then pulls Triple H away forgetting it’s a no-DQ match and Triple H tags Angle in to take over. Angle chokes Bubba with his boot then elbows him in the head but Bubba comes back by raking Angle’s face. Bubba goes for a whip but Angle counters with a belly-to-belly suplex then tags Stephanie, much to her dismay. Angle tells Stephanie to kick Bubba right in the ribs which she does just before Triple H tags himself back in and glares at Angle for putting Stephanie in harm’s way. Triple H goes to whip Bubba when Bubba reverses it but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H continues kicking Bubba down in a corner before tagging Angle in but Bubba fights back and chops Angle in a corner, Bubba goes for a whip and Angle reverses it then lowers the head and Bubba kicks the face but Angle plants him with a German suplex. Both men crawl to their corners and Angle makes the tag to Triple H who then keeps Bubba from making his tag even though D’Von should be able to just come in without a tag because it’s a no-DQ match.

Bubba manages to lunge forward to make the tag to D’Von and D’Von takes it to Triple H with right hands. D’Von whips Triple H and connects with the jumping elbow when Angle comes in but he eats an elbow as well. D’Von whips Angle hits a flying forearm then goes to whip Triple H but Triple H counters and scoops him up. D’Von floats over Triple and hits the Curtain Call but Angle makes the save so Bubba pops him under the ropes. Bubba then slams Triple H and sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the “Wassup” headbutt. Angle comes back in but Bubba slams him to the mat and D’Von hits the “Wassup” headbutt on him as well. Triple H and Angle are both reeling when the Dudleys bring a table in the ring and get it ready for someone. The Dudleys then try to decide which of thier opponents is going through the table then turn toward Stephanie. Stephanie finally realizes what’s happening when Bubba grabs her but Triple H flies in with a shot from behind. D’Von knocks Triple H down and Angle nails D’Von in turn and all four men spill out to the floor to duke it out. Meanwhile Lita reminds us she’s in the match to and takes Stephanie down by the hair then tees off on her before throwing her across the ring. Triple H throws Bubba into the stpes while Lita hits Stephanie with a suplex. Lita then climbs to the top rope and goes for the moonsault but Triple H comes in and pulls Stephanie out of the way. Triple H hits Lita with the Pedigree then lays Stephanie on top of her when D’Von pulls Triple H out to the floor and the two brawl up the ramp. Bubba heads back in and grabs Stephanie by the hair then sets her up for a powerbomb through the table but Angle chopblocks Bubba’s knee for the save and tosses him over the ropes. Stephanie then covers Lita (who’s still out from the Pedigree) and gets the three for her team. (9:15) Decent main event that should have used the no-DQ stipulation better. Plus that sure is a long time for Lita to sell the Pedigree. **½

Angle comes in to celebrate the victory with a jubilant Stephanie and they even share a big hug together. However we also see Triple H watching Angle hugging his wife from the stage and seething at him. Looks like Trish Stratus isn’t the only threat to the Helmsley household as we fade to black.

Conclusion: Pretty much an okay show but not a great one. The Triple H/Stephanie saga once again took center stage but now Kurt Angle was finally brough into it after teasing his “friendship” with Stephanie for the past eight months. The rest of the show was unmemorable with decent in-ring action but very little build toward SummerSlam which has been the recurring theme for almost two weeks now. So not the worst show but leaves you wishing something big would finally happen to set up the second biggest pay-per-view of the year.

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