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WWF Superstars 2/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: San Jose, CA

1.) Tatanka defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels in a non-title match.
2.) Steiner Brothers defeated Al Burke & Larry Sampson
3.) Lex Luger defeated Larry Ludden
4.) Crush defeated The White Shadow
5.) Giant Gonzales defeated Louie Spicolli, Scott Bazo & Dan Farren by count-out in a handicap match.

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Shawn Michaels is singing his theme music now, which Vince McMahon points out prior to his match against Tatanka. Michaels pisses Tatanka off by slapping him in the face but gets the advantage with a few cheap boots as Tatanka tried to enter the ring after chasing Michaels. Tatanka quickly came back with several chops and clothesline sending Michaels over the top to the floor. Tatanka nearly won following an atomic drop but Michaels kicks out. Tatanka is tossed over the top to the floor by Michaels. Michaels maintains control of the contest with a standing dropkick. Tatanka begins to go on a war path after absorbing several strikes. Tatanka nails Michaels with a few chops before going for a Samoan Drop but Michaels got out of it. Tatanka avoids a super kick and a side suplex to hit the Samoan Drop and pins Michaels! An enjoyable match especially or WWF Superstars. It’s a big win for Tatanka to catapult him into the number one contenders spot.

2. Mr. Fuji talked about what happened last week on the show saying that Yokozuna squashed Jim Duggan and covered his body with the American flag to cover up the carnage. McMahon says that Duggan suffered crack ribs and doesn’t know when he will be returning to the WWF. Lawler rips on Duggan saying that he disgraced his family and the country. Savage defends Duggan believing he should be proud for beating Yokozuna.

3. Rick and Scott Steiner continued their winnings ways by defeating Al Burke and Larry Sampson. Scott pinned Sampson following a double team bulldog off the top rope.

4. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center promoting the February 26th house show. We hear from Mr. Fuji who says that Yokozuna is on a roll since winning the Royal Rumble and doesn’t believe the Undertaker can tombstone him. Paul Bearer shares some comments saying that every person feels pain and Yokozuna will be no different.

5. One of the older vignettes for Mr. Perfect is shown. It’s the one where Perfect throws a football to himself with Steve Jordan of the Minnesota Vikings looking at him.

6. Lex Luger made his in-ring debut this week on Superstars. Luger took several minutes to look at himself in the mirror because he has a great physique, whether that is natural or not who knows. Luger easily wins his first match in the WWF following a running forearm smash.

7. Mean Gene hosts the WrestleMania IX Report. He runs down the card thus far that will see WWF World Champion Bret Hart take on Yokozuna. The Undertaker squares off against Giant Gonzales and Crush will meet Doink the Clown in singles action.

8. Crush made his return to action this week by taking on the White Shadow. Crush made it a successful return by winning with the Kona Vice.

9. It’s time for the pre-tape interview with Brutus Beefcake. Get your Kleenex ready, folks. Beefcake talks about his mom dying, his father dying six months later and then his wife filing for divorce. Beefcake believes there are two reasons that he made it through his parasailing accident. He credits God and Hulk Hogan. This Monday night on RAW he will be in action against WWF World Tag Team Champion Ted DiBiase. Beefcake believes that DiBiase will lose because he is overconfident. Beefcake doesn’t believe Money Inc. could beat a team of God and Hulk Hogan.

10. Giant Gonzales beat his three opponents because they were scared of him. They ran to the backstage area giving Gonzales the count-out victory.

11. We hear from Big Bossman promoting his February 26th match against WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels Bossman has had his eye on Michaels and knows he didn’t win the championship the right way. Bossman says he is going to win the championship and walk away proud.

12. To close the show we hear from Earthquake and Bam-Bam Bigelow regarding their match next week. Bigelow says he will wrestle Earthquake anytime anyplace. Earthquake simply can’t wait for next week.

Final Thoughts:

Well, Tatanka is clearly the next guy in line to feud with Michaels now that Jannetty has fallen off the cliff again. He and Michaels put on a decent little television match, I thought. It’s always good to have a high level match on the B show every once in awhile.

I liked that the show also had Luger’s debut and Crush’s return. Crush made sense because his injury happened on this show, but I actually would’ve thought that Luger would be making his debut on RAW. But, it doesn’t matter I liked that both of them were on here.

Lastly, that Beefcake promo was ridiculous. He is obsessed with Hulk Hogan getting over for himself. I don’t have any interest in Beefcake and I don’t recall ever having interest in the guy.

Overall, I liked the show because there was some angle advancement, a return, a debut and an interview. I’ll give the show a thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.


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