WWF Superstars 2/20/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: San Jose, CA


1.) Razor Ramon defeated Buddy Wayne
2.) Mr. Perfect defeated Bobby Young
3.) Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Earthquake by count-out
4.) Kamala defeated Mike Starr
5.) The Undertaker defeated Raven Clark

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Razor Ramon squashed Buddy Wayne after hitting the Razors Edge. After feuding with Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble, Ramon has been rather quiet since the event.

2. Mean Gene hosts the Update segment giving us an update on Brutus Beefcake. Gene says that Beefcake suffered a fractured nose after being hit with a briefcase in the face. Gene assures us that Beefcake will be back on RAW this coming Monday. Thank goodness because I care so much. What makes this better? Vince McMahon announces that Hulk Hogan will be on RAW!

3. Mr. Perfect picked up an easy win after pinning Bobby Young with the Perfect Plex.

4. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. The Undertaker says on February 26th he is going to lead Yokozuna to deaths door. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels says that Big Bossman is jealous and is a big man always picking on the good guys.

5. The featured bout this week saw Earthquake take on Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow actually took Earthquake down with a back suplex in the early moments after they exchanged a few blows. Bigelow decided to hit a second back suplex but missed a falling head butt. Bigelow avoided a second splash attempt in the corner and Earthquake fell over the top to the floor where he was counted out.

6. Kimchee tried to distract Kamala during his bout but it didn’t work. Kamala maintained his focus to beat Mike Starr following a big splash.

7. Deborah Duggan, Jim Duggan’s wife, talked about her husband. She has been with him for ten years and is now pregnant. She wants Jim to stay home and play with their kids. She doesn’t want her husband to wrestle anymore.

8. Mean Gene hosts the WrestleMania IX Report. He just runs down the card that has been announced thus far.

9. The Undertaker took care of Raven Clark easily after hitting the tombstone pile driver.

10. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center promoting the March 21st Madison Square Garden house show. At the event WWF World Champion Bret Hart teams with Mr. Perfect to take on Lex Luger and Razor Ramon. Luger says he can’t wait to show his dominance against Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect says that Luger and Ramon will find out that he and Bret Hart are the perfect combination.

11. To close the show Doink cuts a promo on Big Bossman saying that he takes things too seriously. Next week will not be a laughing matter. Bossman shares comments saying that he is going to make Doink sad and he will serve nothing but hard time!

Final Thoughts:

I thought the show was quite boring. The featured bout between Bigelow and Earthquake didn’t hold my interest at all. They are really promoting Duggan’s apparent retirement because of Yokozuna. That is the only interesting thing on the show because the curiosity of if Duggan will comeback or not. Of course we all know how that played out, but it is an interesting attempt to make Duggan relevant on television.

Overall, I thought it was a dull show with a lack of angle development or anything new, really. It looks like we are going to be back on a stretch of bad shows for Superstars.

Thanks for reading.

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